this part made me cry omfg

Let’s talk about Undertale!

On J’s prompting, I finished the pacifist run of Undertale.  I needed his prompting, because I was at a part that’s super difficult, and honestly kinda creepy.

Anyway.  I finished it.

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OMFG.  Every damn emotion that could have possibly happened, did happen.  And there was much ugly crying.  J just kept the kleenex coming and gave me lots of snuggles, as one should when one’s significant other’s heart is being DESTROYED by a video game.  (In the good way, of course)

I keep remembering stuff and crying again!! (or laughing, or getting angry, or getting scared…)


To Aika, should I be saying congratulations on graduating. Or maybe it should be thanks for the hard work. I don’t really know. The answer to your worries was to graduate so it’s a new start, so should I congratulate you? In the 2006 8th Generation audition, I couldn’t believe it when you were chosen from 6,833 applicants.

If you had not spent these past 6 years as part of Morning Musume, I’m sure you would have missed out on many wonderful experiences. Fun things, things that made you happy, difficult things, sad things, and I’m sure you had plenty of frustrating things. You who hates to lose never told me about your problems.

Your unwillingness to show your weak side to other people is just like me. But all the things you experienced will become very useful in your long life ahead of you. And above all you will walk away with the strong love and amazing relationships you have built with the fans, your members, and the staff which are unbreakable.

Don’t ever forget your gratitude and I want you to know you are loved wherever you go. And as your mother, I want to thank you for being born on January 12th, 1993 at 11:41am and this feeling will never change. On the 18th at the Budokan you will have your last concert as part of Morning Musume so please make it an unforgettable memory with your members, staff and fans.

Love, Mom

I’m a dumbass lol I was trying to convince my brother to watch Your Lie In April because he refuses to watch it as he has heard it made a lot of people cry and he is afraid of the feels haha. So I went and searched up a few scenes that don’t spoil the story but show a bit of it and he kicked me out of his room and I ended up watching the last episode thinking I’ll just re watch that part… Worst mistake omfg I didn’t know how to explain to my mother why I was suddenly crying and feeling like I was drowing hahahahaha :’) that anime seriously messed me up especially when I relate to it so much as I’m a violinist as well and I know how painful it is when you can’t play anymore aaahh… But I’ll definetly get my brother to watch it eventually 👀