this part made me cry a lot lmao


When Misako tries to wrap the shoot up even though Shuta’s turn hasn’t happened yet.

Hanamiya headcanons

((Because although I hate the guy, a lot of you don’t and well.. it’s only fair. Plus his history is something I sometimes think about. Me and @kurokonoaskuburogu were somewhat talking about it earlier lmao.))

  • As a genius, Hanamiya got picked on during elementary school. Apparently, he was too nerdy to be part of any group, so he was an awkward lonely outcast.
  • His father died when he was young, and this made his attitude towards people change. His mentality became; ‘good people get hurt, so I’ll become a bad guy who inflicts the pain.’
  • For a while, he’d always cry when his mother did, because he didn’t know how he can help. ((Usually his father did the comforting))
  • He’d always carry around a teddy bear his parents got him for a birthday present, until a couple bullies took it and ripped the head off. ((He then took their favourite possessions and threw them in the river))
  • He never trusted anyone aside from his mother.
  • It wasn’t until he met his team at Kirisaki Daichi that he’d started to somewhat ‘trust’ again. However, this trust stemmed from their mentality that hurting people was ‘good’.
  • Every year, Hanamiya and his mother would visit their father’s grave on special holidays (Not just the anniversary) and he’d always wonder if he was proud of who he is now.

Lemme update y'all on my life real quick ! First of all, I am currently in a place where I was able to wake up one morning and be like “ima buy myself a fuckin iPhone 7 plus bc why not” and I didn’t go broke after!!! Although rn things are a little weird I’m in between jobs so I gotta stop eating out so I can pay bills for the next month:/ BUT that leads me to my next point, i fuckin quit my miserable ass job and the worst part is that I loved the job itself but management??? They fuckin sucked and THIRTEEN people quit recently bc of them lmfao (also as soon as I quit my coworkers/friends kicked me out the group chat so that sucked lmao) but yeah I never left at my scheduled time which made me go overtime a lot and I got in trouble for it??? When I would literally cry wanting to go home lmao and I never got my breaks til the last hour of a full shift and my supervisor was always in my business like that shit was just miserable but it’s ok bc I moved on and got a job at a brand new restaurant opening in Valencia :-) and in the meantime I get to work at universal studios til it opens! It’s also gonna be open from 4pm-2am so I won’t get scheduled before the sun rises everyday lmao so yea things are hella looking up. Also w my new job I get to keep my piercings in and not cover tattoos and have my nails done and at my old job we weren’t allowed to have anything and I worked so much so I felt like not myself u know I kept my piercings out 90% of the time and I only wore my uniform when I went out so I just felt gross and confined but now I get to wear and do whatever I want and I get to finally experiment w myself :-) anyways moral of the story is I’m financially stable, I quit my job for a new one and I’m happy. PS. I’m in college too. Being an adult is strange as fuck but I’m really shaping myself into a beautiful and stable human being

Cursed Child Opinions and that

 (okay so like, ik this has been done already, but like, i enjoy hearing other opinions on the play and, OH BOY do i have opinions on this play, and i have a very long train journey to fill (how very jk rowling of me). this is going to be very messy, but here goes:)

things i liked:

-albus and scorpius being devoted best friends because honestly i have been waiting years for this.

-scorpius malfoy being kind and caring and swee and an actual angel child.

-scorpius malfoy being a huge fucking nerd.

-just scorpius malfoy in general. he was your favorite character, don’t lie to yourself.

-hermione being minister for magic because YES this brave, intelligent, caring witch is such a capable leader and honestly a queen. also!!! a muggleborn! this goes to show that some things really have changed!

-ron and hermione being the granger-weasleys because they are both proud of their families and where they came from and want their children to recognise both sides of their heritage. 

-also, although i haven’t seen actually seen the play (curse my broke ass self) BLACK HERMIONE. representation is just oh so important, and ik noma dumezweni played her excellently.

-ron and hermione still being very much in love and happy (long live my first ever ship)

-ron wanting to renew their vows even after all this time what a sweetheart.

-just ron being a little ray of sunshine for everyone throughout the play, giving his family funny little gifts from the shop (also ron working at W.W.W!!!)

-the trolley witch scene because i did not see that coming and because finding out fred and george and the fucking marauders tried to get off the train gives me all sorts of life.

-and even though he’s a bit of a dick to his little brother i love that james potter the second is so much the embodiment of james potter the first, i like to think he is the BANE of mcgonagall’s existence.

-minerva mcgonagall, headmistress of hogwarts, still being an absolute bamf. i mean, she scolded the minister for magic, could anyone else get away with that? i think not.  

-mcgonagall deciding not to see albus and scorpius together under the invisibility cloak because she is literally the biggest g.

-ginny weasley still being the mix of fierce and kind that we loved in the books, and being a good mum.

-ginny and draco having a moment of understanding because tbh i always wanted the two of them to be bro s.

-draco malfoy, who is v cool and collected in public, and certainly in front of harry, storming to harry’s house without embarrassment to demand why harry would hurt his son. he might not be thrilled with scorpius’ choice of friend, and he 100% is not thrilled with harry but draco will be damned if he lets his wonderful son loose anymone else he loves. 

-sorry wow i just love scorpius so very much. so does albus.

-draco and the trio bonding over parenthood is just pretty lit tbh.

-hagrid going to collect baby harry. literally the only part of the play that made me cry.

-harry regularly visiting cedric’s grave, like damn this was the one of the only things in the play that resonated as harry behavior to me.

-harry and albus becoming closer at the end of the play…things between them getting better…i think??? lmao i hate pigeons too i feel ur pain, harry.

things i did not like:

lmao time for a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath.

-some of the charecterisation was honestly laughable, like there were just so many lines that just would not have been said by certain characters. i have a lot to say here, so i’m gonna split this up by character - there are a few - and hope i don’t forget anyone:

harry potter: okay so this one is pretty obvious to anyone who has read the play, so i won’t say too much here but, really?! really???? harry potter, the boy who lived, lived because he was protected by love from his parents, who learnt to value love more than anything else, who named his child after two people who he greatly respected despite being so aware of their flaws, who knows exactly what it feels like to grow up feeling alone, would certainly have tried so much harder to make sure his child knew he was loved and grew up happy. harry potter would never have kept albus from his best and only friend, and oh my god he would not have been so rude to mcgonagall he would have to be out of his mind. ginny was right when she said that harry had one of the greatest hearts in the wizarding world, i truly don’t believe that even in anger he would say something so hurtful to his son. okay wow i have said way too much here, moving on…

rose granger-weasley: we don’t really have anything from the book series to compare her to but like, her parents. i find it difficult to believe that ron and hermione would raise their child to be, at times, so downright rude.if there is one thing that hermione granger preaches, it is forgiveness. i mean, you know what she said on the platform, she didnt want rose to hate scorpius at all. and even if she really did hate scorpius so strongly (how tho??? he is so precious) i don’t believe any member of the weasley family would ostracize a family member, especially one that had previously been a close friend. it just wouldn’t happen.

hermione granger-weasley: i am so 100% behind the idea that she is minister for magic, but what i hate is the fact that in a universe where she is not married to ron she looses that ambition??? and becomes spiteful and mean? hermione granger, smartest witch of her age, is brilliant to the core, and although she loves ron dearly, she does not need him - or anyone - to succeed. also like, hiding the time-turner in her book case, ffs, as if.

cedric diggory: so tbf he’s not really alive enough for heavy character analysis but, cedric diggory, clever and talented and so very hufflepuff became a death eater and killed neville just because he lost the triwizard tournament? fuck outta here.

severus snape: i refuse to believe he would’ve been so noble following lily’s death. like yes he said he would protect harry, but once harry passed away and there was no trace of lily left i don’t think he would’ve been so devoted top the cause. then again, this may just be me, i’m not a huge snape fan.

draco malfoy: tbh i’m just mad about the ponytail.

-the fact that delphi exists. just delphi in general, she’s a bit of a shitty character, at no point did i even want to care about her. and HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! at what point was bellatrix pregnant what is this bs??? where has she been for about twenty years? and most importantly, i rlly don’t think voldermort would do something as human as having sex, not even to continue his blood line. why would he need a child, he didn’t believe he would die??

-also like any hint of delphi/albus because, come on, there’s a ten year age difference. also scorpius and albus are meant to be.

-the fact that werewolves are still associated with voldermort makes me so sad. like i really thought things would’ve gotten better for people with lycanthropy. (remus is probably mad af up in heaven my poor bby)

-astoria being dead. like i get it, plot and everything, but ffs let draco and scorpius have some of kind of happiness. also, the death of a malfoy would 100% have been big news, that nearly all of hogwarts would have been aware of, but did they give scorp a break? no??

-ginny, who grew up in the weasley household not letting her children have sweets. i mean,  no way would molly let her get away with that, or any of her siblings (apart from percy…i bet this was percy’s idea) 

-and, speaking of the weasley family, where tf were they all??? like, emphasis is put on the fact that none of the rest of albus’ family are in slytherin, but where actually are they all??? like it is literally canon that there are dozens of cousins all of similar ages, but literally none are mentioned but rose, not even hugo???

-and my boi teddy lupin was fuckin nowhere to seen. tbh this may have been for the best

-that total bullshit harry pulled on mcgonagall, telling her that since she had no children she didn’t understand??? saying minerva mcgonagall doesn’t understand children is about as correct as saying harry understands albus tbh. also, harry clearly has forgotten that pretty much every parental figure he’s ever had (bar the weasleys) was childless. i mean, hagrid, remus, sirius…he named his child after albus dumbledore ffs.

-and like okay this may just be a personal thing but where TF was the G A Y????like fr, we get two characters, who find themselves in a lot of romantic tropes (separated by family who dislike each other, doing something that scares them to help the other person, being each other’s only friends i mean for fuck’s sake)

-and like okay i would probably be less mad if it wasn’t for the romantic plot lines they did go with. albus gets the hots for some twenty year old he’s known for a few days who also turns out to be THE CHILD OF VOLDERMORT. and scorpius is in love with a girl who has literally said a nice word to him ever?? like literally, i think the closest she ever came to it was teling him that he had a nose.



-honestly ffs.

pls message me if u want to talk about cursed child or anything i clearly have way too many feelins oops


2013, the year of the selfie. the year i also:

  • took 10 months off uni to try and sort my health out
  • got a new job
  • learnt how to windsurf
  • went to my 13th music festival
  • went back to uni
  • discovered a love for longboarding
  • became addicted to buying makeup
  • continued to cry about sherlock
  • took part in my first ever gishwhes!!!
  • lost my dog of 15 years
  • met lots of amazing people and continued to build relationships with other friends (this is a genuine achievement for me lmao)

thank you to everyone who made this year doable, it has been a fairly up and down one, and idk where i’d be without you guys. you all mean more to me than i could put into words (because i’m shit with words) and love you all lots<333