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omg im freaking out the teacher in this class literally said “if u expect to get good grades all the time don’t be surprised if you get less than perfect on these first assignments” and i was like ok yeah of course he’s a tough grader i’m totally prepared for that whatever i don’t wanna ace this i just wanna pass and learn. and then i got a b- on my treatment and MY LIFE HAS NOT KNOWN PEACE 

(hi. this is the racing thoughts speaking. halfway through writing the above paragraph, i realized b- is actually not the worst grade, and some people, such as myself from high school, would consider current me a little bitch for complaining about a relatively harmless grade in the grand scheme of things. i’d just like to say that we are all irreplaceable human souls with our own understanding of what it means to suffer.)

Can’t we just agree that @ocean-sunrise is so amazing, and that she is a person who puts Sweetness into existence and that we are all grateful to the Lord that she is alive and well and amongst us still?


ANYWAY here’s my powerpoint! sorry if it’s worded weirdly or redundant at times, when making power points i usually make the speaking part the most important LOL

this was done a few semesters back but i’m still really proud of it! it was really hard to not go on too many tangents bc there’s so much to talk abt when it comes to racism in this shoW

can u believe steifvater thought it was a good idea for her one poc character to make offensive jokes abt being korean and also for her token gay couple to make racist inside jokes abt him no offense but henry cheng deserved better and his whole internalised racism written by a white woman was unnecessary

Bite Me (Part 1)

a/n: Yoo hoo its me again. So I started writing this fic but it got so long that I realised that it would have to have more than one part so lol.

Warnings: Bad language, but no actual smut… Yet ;)

Summary: When Carl Grimes shows up at the sanctuary you know it’s going to be a productive day. But you didn’t realise that Negan, your father, would be so fond of him. When Negan takes Carl home you decide to join them. Not for a road trip, but because you wanted to see Carl a little bit more than you had. Of course you couldn’t do that because of your father.

Don’t be afraid to request anything. You can always message me because I’ll always answer!! xo

Your father walks in and takes your comic out of your hands and throws it behind his shoulder.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” He says as his eyebrows raise. You scowl.

“Well you obviously didn’t look very far since I’m sat on your bed.” You say, your voice laced with as much sarcasm as possible. He tilts his head and lets out a chuckle as he moves over to the seat to grab his jacket and slide it on smoothly.

“Don’t smart mouth me.” He whispers. Just then you both hear the sounds of gunshots from outside and you scamper to your feet to follow your father out the door and down the hallway. You notice as you follow your father how he picks up Lucille as he’s walking and straightens himself up and shakes his head a little.

As you leave the hall you see a couple of saviours surrounding Dwight, who is aiming a gun at Carl Grimes’ head. You look at him led on the floor and then Negan starts whistling. You roll your eyes as soon as he starts the tune. You thought their whistling thing was so stupid.

You look at Carl and he looks at you for a second but then looks at Negan. You concentrate on the scene going on in front of you as Negan starts talking to Carl. You drown out their conversation as you notice the 2 dead bodies and then you feel your body heat up a little as it starts to tremble slightly with fear.

You fear for Carl’s life. You hardly know him, but the thought of Negan, your father, killing him makes your knees weak. The thought of him killing a pretty and innocent boy makes you angry. You lean against the wall and fold your arms over your chest as you snap back to reality.

“C'mon kid, I’ll show you around.” Negan says as his hand is held out to Carl. Carl ignores the hand and stands, brushing the dirt off of him. Negan looks at him and then gestures for Carl to walk in first. The both walk in together and you trail behind your dad as he trails behind Carl.

He takes him to the one room your hate. The room filled with his wives and you snarl to yourself a little as you lean against the door frame again, your arms folded against your chest.

“Ladies, don’t mind the kid.” He says before leaning in closer to Carl to whisper something that is inaudible to you and the wives. You grow bored so you walk over to the bar, grab a cup and pour yourself a drink and then come back over to stand against the door frame again.

“Can I talk to you for a minute, dear wife.” He says to Sherry as he points to the bar. He walk over there with her and you focus on Carl. He continues to look around the room in confusion until his eyes focus on you. You take a sip of your drink as you keep your eyes locked on his one eye.

He looks you up and down and you smirk a little and that’s when he looks away from you and watches Negan and Sherry. Instead of staying and having your father not pay attention to you, you decide to go back to his room and continue to read your comic.

10-15 minutes later you hear footsteps in the hall outside of Negans room. Him and Carl stop outside and look at you led on his bed. He gestures for Carl to enter his room and then he follows. You notice that Carl isn’t wearing his bandage so you take a moment to examine his eye but when Carl catches you looking he goes red and looks down to the floor.

“We’re going for a ride. Please don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone. And please don’t give Dwight or Simon any shit like last time.” He says and walks into his bathroom ans you jump up from the bed and throw on your jacket and boots. Carl watches you.

“What are you doing?” He whispers and you smile.

“He speaks.” You mutter and he shrugs. Negan returns and then stops to tilt his head.

“Like I said, no shit this time.” He walks towards the door and you huff loudly.

“There won’t be shit this time because I’m coming.” You sigh and Negan turns on his heel and laughs a little.

“You most certainly are fucking not.” He says and you huff and walk past him and out the door.

“C'mon on then.” You say and Negan shakes his head in disapproval.

You climb into the truck and it’s a tight fit. Negan sits against the door and then Carl sits next to Negan, and you sit next to Carl as one of Negan’s saviours drives the truck. While your father acts like a prick towards Daryl you place a hand on Carl’s thigh and he jumps a little. You act as innocent as possible as you remove your hand. The truck starts moving and you are on your way.

“How rude have I been. Carl, this is (Y/n), my daughter.” He says as his hand points to me. Carl’s head turns to look at you in surprise and you roll your eyes as you look away.

“Bite me.” You whisper to yourself so only you could hear.

When you all arrive you climb out of the truck and watch as Negan looks around. He walks with Carl and you start to walk away but then get stopped.

“Where are you going?” Arat holds your arm and you tilt your head.

“To look around.” You say cockily. She smirks and you scowl at her and tug your arm free to rest your hands on your hips.

“I’ve been told that you should stay with your father or me for the time that we’re here.” She says and you cross your arms.

“Well my father seems to be more interested in Carl than his own daughter, so bite me.” You say as you saunter off. You can feel Arats eye on you as you walk the way your father went and then you hear her footsteps behind you, along with other saviours. You enter a house with your father and Carl and you assume that it’s Carl’s house.

You examine the room and you immediately take a liking to it. What you would do to have an actual house and not some place where you’re one of the only girls. Sure you liked the power that you had but it was solely because you are Negans daughter.

Negan does anything he can think off to be smug. He takes his shoes off, runs the taps. You sit on the couch as they enter the room and walk upstairs. You follow as he walks into a room. You assume it’s Carl’s room because of the dart board and the holes surrounding it because of each time he missed. You also notice how the room is hardly empty and your heart swells with guilt. The saviours must have taken half of their stuff and it filled you with anger.

Negan shoots a dart at the board and makes a bulls eye and you roll your eyes because of how smug he looks as he smirks and pulls his fist down. This was going to be a long day.

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holy crap thank you as a korean i literally rolled my eyes so far back reading that anons message LMAO english is literally a universal language like if u dont know a certain language then you speak english its legit everywhere whereas korean is a minor language and used by non koreans mainly to accesorize the language and sound cute or whatever so yes it is infact That Deep so @ last anon 꺼지라 ㅋ 너희 같은 해외 팬들이 제일 짜증난다니까^^

akshakdjj when i saw your ask for the first time i caught the korean part first so i was all shocked like why do you speak informally to me?? but i read it again and saw the “@ anon” part lol. my native language is somewhat not widely known too so i get frustrated when people (or some movies) use it carelessly without proper knowledge, and also it bothers me when people add random english words mid-sentence while talking in my native lang too 👀 (why isn’t there any eyes rolling emoticon…)

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I had a bit of a thing with a guy a few months ago. We were very good friends and we cuddled a lot, went on a date, and made out a bit. He was the unfortunate victim of my "I knew I was ace, but it turns out I'm REALLY ace" panic. (1/2)

And I broke it off with him. We are still very close friends, but the most physical contact I get from him now is like bro hugs (with the back pat and everything). (Oops I lied, there’s 3 parts lol. 2/3) 
The thing is I still experience very strong sensual attraction to him. Just like his smell, and cuddling him and stuff, but i can’t get that anymore and it sucks. (3/3) 

I had a very similar experience with a male friend also, though we never dated, and he broke the friendship off. Personally, I don’t see any reason why friends can’t cuddle & be intimate (though kissing for me is out of the subject), but I can understand if the situation you’re in leaves cuddling kind of awkward.

You seem like you want to keep each other in your lives, so I would definitely open communication about this. You could also possibly try dating again if he is willing to respect your boundaries as an ace. 

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The plan goes like this. They go on vacation. That's the plan. Dazai Osamu is a man on a mission. He will get that vacation with Chuuya. No Mori. No Dostoyevsky. Just them. What about the kids? Don't worry Kunikida exist. (this part is short lol. think of it as an intermission. the ride isn't over)

DUDE u seriously need to post this on ao3 so I can create 10000000 accs so I can give u 10000000 kudos

anyway YES! DAZAI planning to get back with chuuya~ awoo~ atsushi and akutagawa knows the plan! poor kuni is forced to take care of the kids while their parents are fu— FUN! HAVING FUN! kunikida be like “ya better pay me later dazai! taking care of kids isnt free!”

ok but what happened to fyodor ,also where is oda?


part 2/? of our med au!!!

also pls check out citras art for this too!! its in her twitter moments here!! :))

idk about them but the way i memorize it is repeatedly banging my head against the wall until it retains in my mind