this part is so gorgeous


So I’m just in love with @mnstrcndy’s art. They are the background god and everything they make looks so amazing. I also love the way they draw Frisk, Sans, and all the other characters. I wanted to put a bunch of their backgrounds together in one post (but they didn’t all fit), so this is part ½.
Again, I own nothing. All of these gorgeous works of art belong to @mnstrcndy, so check out their blog for more.


✨💞💘💓💖💗💕💘💓💞 cutest hob!!! is cute!!!! 💞💘💓💖💕💗💖💘💓💞💗💕✨

I am beyond happy that this is actually a thing TTuTT I fell in love with this game after seeing some gif sets of it and had followed it since, and am so happy it got funded on kickstarter ;u; The visuals and designs are absolutely gorgeous, and for this piece I really wanted to draw the character with the features they had for him. I wasn’t sure about his colors but I did my best with what I saw with the screenshots LOL. The part in the trailer with the parrots was so gorgeous that I wanted to draw a few flying around the main character <3 Painted them as macaws ;u; Cannot wait to get my hands on this game for real <33

Also, their kickstarter is still going for just a few more days, please help in getting them to meet more goals! ;u;

Do not repost or remove the caption please, reblogs are fine ^^


Thomas, listen to me. I’ve known Minho for as long as I can remember. So, if there is anyway we could help him, trust me, I would be up there standing next to you. But this, what you’re talking about? It’s impossible.