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there’s no denying that Hearth is a cutie🌸

KyouHaba Stuff

So I was thinking about one of my OTPs and I came up with shit they’d do ya know?

Okay firstly Kyoutani, contrary to popular belief, is not dumb. In fact he tries extremely hard to stay on top of his work and although he isn’t on top of his grade he isn’t at the bottom either - a good slightly above average but not amazing.

Also Yahaba is not perfect. Tbh he has a little bit of anxiety when it comes to captaincy because he has to fill the shoes of Oikawa and sometimes he has panic attacks. He however is on top of his school work but has a lot of pressure from home and that also triggers his anxiety.

Kyoutani and Yahaba get along pretty well, they have the occasional heated banter but it never crosses the line because Kyou is aware of Yahaba’s anxiety and doesn’t want to trigger it.

They’re not ‘dating’ because Yahaba has a hard time coming to terms with his sexuality since he’s only ever dated girls or looked at girls but his study sessions with Kyou end up with them cuddling and watching super sappy movies (((which Kyou doesn’t necessarily like but tolerated for Yahaba and he soon realised they’re pretty cute))).

Sometimes Kyou, because he was never one for caring about what others thought of him, will peck Yahaba on the cheek at practice and that’s how he starts to become comfortable with the idea of them being in a relationship.

They’re the captain and ace of Seijou and most of their arguments revolve around team strategy. It took a while for Kyou to calm down on court - and by calm I mean he doesn’t hit Kindaichi’s tosses - but now he listens to Yahaba. (((Watari is lowkey glad that it’s calmed down because he was afraid they’d rip each other’s heads off at the beginning what he didn’t know is that those arguments were how Yahaba showed authority over Kyou in terms of his Wolf Pack like view on things)))

Okay but imagine Yahaba going out and buying cute little things like matching key chains and Kyou is like wtf? at first but now he’s oh cute ok and this one time he bought them matching T-Shirts with cats and dogs on them and it almost brought Yahaba to tears because they were hideous and he has a fashion standard to uphold but he saw the adorable earnest in Kyou’s eyes and ended up wearing them to a team outing to which everyone gives them shit for.

And Yahaba accidentally calling Kyou a pet name in the gym and everyone turns to stare at him but he responds normally because he forgot he was in a public place; give it like 30 seconds for the realisation to dawn on them and they look at each other with mortification plastered on their faces while Watari bursts out laughing and the first years giggle but blush also because wtf is happening to their team first IwaOi now this.

One day Yahaba decided to visit Kyou at the pet shelter he works at. He was looking through the dog collars and toys when he comes across one that looks intricately pretty but also confusing to use and Kyou comes up behind him and he’s like ‘oh it’s super easy’ and he puts it around his neck and it was at that moment Yahaba realised he had a kink for collars. ((We don’t kinkshame here))

Yahaba starts stealing Kyou’s home made bentos because he was curious as to what it tasted like since he always had money to buy lunch. But it taste amazing so now the team goes to Kyou’s after practice once a month for dinner - a team tradition.

They go to a theme park once and Yahaba pretends to like roller coasters because he thought Kyou looks like he’d enjoy them. But while they’re getting locked into their seats Kyou quickly confesses he’s terrified and Yahaba instantly regrets his life decisions but as the ride starts he hears Kyou, not yell, but whimper and whine like a dog; and when they get off Kyou leans on him and nuzzles his head into the crook of Yahaba’s shoulder and suddenly he feels extremely blessed.

- Kyou totally does the clichéd ‘throw rocks at Yahaba’s window’ thing
- Yahaba pets Kyou’s head like a puppy and he loves it
- Kyou loves belly rubs like soft gentle rubbing that puts him to sleep
- Yahaba snores a little and he’s always been insecure of it but Kyou thinks it adorable and recorded one time to listen to when he’s feeling down
- Kyou snorts when he laughs and sometimes he ends up sounding like a pug and it compels Yahaba to tackle him and cuddle his head because it’s so fucking cute
- They have weekly study sessions on weekends but they get bored and go out and eventually it turns into their 'date nights’
- Yahaba was preparing himself for completely stupid Kyou on their first study date but was pleasantly surprised when Kyou could keep up for the most part
- Kyou pretending to be dumb and not knowing how to kiss just to watch Yahaba struggle with embarrassment while explaining how to make out
- Their first kiss was a mess because Yahaba accidentally stuck his tongue out and Kyou bit down on it
- They’re super shy with PDA because they’re both guys but sometimes Kyou entwines their hands - he cares less and just really loves Yahaba


yildiz-blackthorne  asked:

Taehyung doing the tall boy thing whenever Jimin needs to whisper something to him, please discuss :3 +bonus: Tae circling his big hand around Jimin's smol wrist

Sorry, it took me so long to answer. Your asks was more than a thank you lol 

1. There’s nothing really to discuss about the “tall guy” thing cause everyone should know about it. Even tho, it’s hella cute. Jungkook does the same thing but then we get Tae pulling this sh*t 

Like boi bye. Jiminie ain’t that short. (And secretly I think Tae wanted this part with Jimin after the 21st century girl choreo lol)

2. I think it’s with any bigger bts member, that they’re fond of Jimin’s size. (Rapmon playing with Jimin’s smol hands in Bon voyage, etc…)

But since Tae’s known Jimin longer, he’s probably grown to fall in love with it since he’s so much bigger than him. Which is why he always gets a kick out comparing hand/pinky sizes with Jimin. + holding his wrist.

I assume you’re talking about this.

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

He just likes how small Jimin is around his hand and Tae grabs it as a replacement for holding his hand. Tae will definitely reach for Jimin’s wrist before grabbing his arm. (Notice how he has a firm grip on his wrist everytime and how he holds Jimin there)

From a more detailed description, it has to do with dominance for the simple fact he likes being bigger than Jimin. Because Jimin does this too, but it’s usuless. (So it seems)

He’s small but it gets his point across. Because as much as some of you guys hate to admit it, Jimin doesn’t let Tae be dominant unless he wants him to.

Exhibit A.

Cmon now, you know he could have got up from that.

But yep, it’s just the greedy fact that he has a kink for being bigger than Jimin. Nothing else:)

(It’ll be great in bed tho *wink*)

Matchmaking cat

@lolakinsart, I am your backup Santa for @voltron-ss. So when you said fluffy shklance, I thought. I was going to do a YouTuber au, but it was Lance filming a video and it just seemed so long winded. It was a lot of talking and not a lot of shklance interaction, though Lance did mention his amazing boyfriends a lot. So I decided to pull from the story of how Lance met Keith in that universe and do this instead. Hope you like it and it’s somewhat fluffy for you.

Lance blinked down at the black cat that stood near the animal shelter he worked at. The cat had short hair and was long. His knowledge of cats wanted to say it was a Burmese, but that didn’t seem right. The cat had on a purple harness and a chequered collar but no tags were hanging from it.

“Where did you come from?” he asked. The cat just blinked and jumped up, Lance scrambling to catch her. All the movement made Blue meow from her carrier that was hanging from his shoulder. Seeing that he had cats to deal with, he pulled open the door and went inside. Allura was sitting behind the front desk and looked up when he walked in.

“Lance, hello. Who’s this?”

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buy-bye-bi  asked:

sorry I'm sending a lot of asks bc you said girls and I'm love girls so I also really love momo x mei? like momo making little parts for mei's inventions and shit like that'd be cute

ashgskj I’ve thought about this so much like, what if Mei constantly appears in 1-A with everything exploding around her and people screaming and she has half of her face covered in oil and her hair is partially on fire and she’s just like “hey Momo can you make me a new screwdriver the last one you made exploded!”

and Momo is like “…how do you make a screwdriver explode…. that’s doesn’t appear in the encyclopedia”

hey so today i learned about an animal called the BINTURONG (also called bearcat) and if you’ve never heard of it either here are some things to know

first of all, they look like little old men

sometimes they have EAR TUFTS

they live in forests in southeast asia ranging from eastern india and southwestern china all the way out to indonesia and parts of the philippines although sadly they are classified as a vulnerable species due to habitat loss

they are omnivores but they really seem to enjoy figs and bananas

they seem pretty chill and friendly

lastly baby binturongs look like this

i hope your day is better knowing about a cute animal ok bye

“Every meeting leads to a parting, Nate. It`s the circle of life. Our good-byes were fated since the moment we met.”

“But…but I`m not ready…”

Okay, when I started the game I thought it would be cute and silly. It was, too, but I haven`t thought I would cry at the end of it…

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Okay. The fact that u all (admins and other ppl who send in asks) seem like you're all friends is really cute in my opinion. Just wanted to say that. Kay bye 👋🏻 imma hide now.


Aggressive and to the point, nice -Admin B


(look what I found! the second part-never-finished of my one- shot How To Crush and it’s actually cute but well, probs never gonna go further than this bye.)


Tooru was sitting in a small table, his knees almost brushing his chin. The table was pink, extremely pink, and he was drinking coffee out of a plastic cup that was empty. How was he drinking anything out of an empty cup, Tooru didn’t know, but he did know he was drinking something from somewhere, so that was it.

He didn’t find weird either that who was giving him conversation were a bunch of stuffed animals. It was a nice conversation, really.

“I think chocolate is the best meal one could have,” said a blue elephant.

“But, is chocolate even a meal? I don’t think chocolate is from this world.”

“Are you from this world, Tooru?”

Tooru watched the bear with a frown. “I think so. Why?”

“Aliens are watching us,” the elephant whispered and Tooru felt excitement crawling inside him.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering how it took you to learn all of Seventeen names. Because personally I'm trying to get into them and finding it very difficult except for Vernon, Woozi and Jeonghan

*I am so sorry it took me this long to answer OTL* 

Helllllo and welcome to the carat life! Luckily (or rather unluckily) I got it into Seventeen when I went on winter break so I had a whole month to get to know them with zero distractions. (Also my friend kinda got me into them but that’s a completely different story). So for me, the best way to get to know people is usually through watching shows and luckily, seventeen has seventeen project! if you haven’t watched it yet, go here for all the episodes with subs! I would also recommend watching weekly idol if you don’t have the time to watch the entirety of seventeen project.

Ok so I’m just gonna give a small run down of each of the members and how i recognized them.

S Coups aka Seungcheol is pretty easily recognizable because of his droopy puppy dog eyes  ©

But don’t be mistaken because he is also the thickest out of all them and holy fuck he is hot af, especially when he is sweaty :))))))   ©

(don’t worry that’s not all sweat :)))))) its mostly water)

Moving on to seventeen’s self proclaimed angel Jeonghan. If you don’t know, Jeonghan was born on 10.04.95 and in Korean, 1004 (cheonsa) means angel. Since you can already recognize him I’ll just leave this here and move on :D 

Next up we have Joshua aka Hong Jisoo aka dangerous church oppa. This kid is very easily recognizable because of dat aegyosal (the gigantic bags under his eyes) and kitten lips. He also has a very soft looking nose :3  ©

Isn’t he just the cutest???? and his side profile is fucking amazing like holy shit look at this perfection  ©

Also reasons why he is dangerous (at least one of my number reasons) is when he wears earrings. OMFG he used to wear earrings all the time predebut and those just get me but he has worn earrings (I’m not counting his cartilage which he wears all the time btw) twice so far since predebut and that was during DK’s graduation and their Andromeda/V app broadcast. I will now proceed to spam you with Joshua wearing earrings and killing us all because of it.

Lol so if you are still alive after seeing all that, next up is Jun, who is one of the two Chinese members. A lot of times, people say that Jun looks similar to Super Junior’s Heechul which I can kinda see but you can judge for yourself.

But besides that, I’d say Jun has sharper features. (tbh he kinda reminds me of a mouse…idk why) He is very handsome © :))))))) 

So when I first watched weekly idol the first (and only person) that really stuck to me was Hoshi because of his “what time is it?” “10:10!” introduction LOL

look at how cute he is!!! this was the moment that dragged me into seventeen OTL. but yeah Hoshi is really easy because of his eyes. if you see someone with 10:10 eyes, that’s Hoshi (btw if you didn’t know, 10:10 because his eyes are like the angle of 10:10 on an analog clock) but do not be fooled, when this kid performs, holy shit he is hot as hell

Next up we have Wonwoo who is a gorgeous being and was the second person who caught my eye within Seventeen. He kinda looks like a fox and his eyes are kinda small but at the same time not and he is just walking perfection.  ©

The worst part is, you think he looks cute here, but the minute he puts on eyeliner, say good bye to everything you hold dear because holy jesus christ he looks hella fine with smokey eyeliner.  ©

This was the day where Jeon Wonwoo made everyone and their grandmas swerve lanes

Hopefully you haven’t died yet because trust doesn’t get better :))))

After that hot mess comes Woozi, Seventeen’s self proclaimed producer. Isn’t he so smol and cute??

But do not let his looks deceive you because he can and will fuck you up if needed. He is really the devil’s incarnate tbh.  ©

Lol just kidding he’s still cute when he is angry ahahaha…or am I??? I guess you will find out once you get deeper into the fandom :DDDD

Next up we have DK or Dokyum who is a literal ball of sunshine. He lights up my world like nobody else!~ LOL but actually though have you seen this kid smile? There is no other smile that is this bright so it’ll be super easy for you to remember him.  ©

Do you see how bright he is? Let’s watch it in gif format now!!

But be warned, this kid can go from sunshine to sexyshine in .01 seconds. Just look at him here, you would never believe he is the bright sunshine shown above.  ©

omfg Seokmin plzzzzzz. but yeah i hope you can recognize him at least by smile if not anything :)))))

Next up we have Kim fucking Mingyu who’s looks and personalities do not match at fucking all. While he seems to look like a tall hot model…

He’s actually just a gigantic wolf puppy (please observe his teeth, they are kinda pointy like a wolf hehehe)

Tbqh, I actually had the hardest time trying to remember his face out of everyone. In fact I only started remembering him after I learned everyone else and his face was the only one I couldn’t if you have issues trying to remember, it’s okay! You aren’t the only one haha~ Here, have some slightly sweaty Mingyu, maybe it’ll help you remember more :))))))  ©

Okay moving on to china line part 2~ The8 or Minghao looks like an actual puppy because his eyes are so big and for the most part he is a quiet kid. But be warned, he knows martial arts and is savage af. I’m not sure what the best way to describe him is though…I guess he has large almond eyes and cute round nose.  ©

he is so precious omfg  ©

Okay final three! First of the maknae line is Seventeen’s resident diva from Jeju, Boo Seungkwan! He is very easy to remember because he has a rounder kind of face (but he’s not fat, it’s just the shape of his face) Just look at this cutie ©

he is so beautiful, just look at him! (those moles omfg)  ©

diva boo judging you~  ©

Since you already know what Vernon looks like, I’ll just let you know a few things you should know about him.. As you might already know, Vernon is a halfie. His mom is white and his dad is Korean. He was born in NYC, but he moved to Korea when he was 5 so he’s actually very Korean if that makes sense. Most people expect him to be more American because he does appear more Caucasian and are very surprised when they see how cultured in Korean he is. Well that’s cause he pretty much grew up in Korea so despite his appearance, he’s about as Korean as the rest of the Korean members who were born and raised there. So yeahhhh, I’ll just leave some very nice pictures of him for you to appreciate :D  ©  ©

Okay last but not least is our precious maknae Dino~~~ (Be warned I have lots of feels for him that I shouldn’t be having considering our age gap but I can’t help it because he is so fucking talented and not enough people appreciate him and I should probably stop ranting now)

Dino has a very strong facial structure and if you see him during mansae era, he’s the one with the terrible fringe hair cut OTL But now that his hair has grown back, he looks much better (cuter and hotter gg me)  ©

just look at how strong his jawline is (i’d say its kinda squarish)

even tho Hoshi is the performance unit leader, I would have to say that Dino is the best dancer because boi he can dance so well and his facials are amazing like holy shit. this video is what made me realize how talented he is and made him my bias wrecker OTL

omfg he just wrecks my list so hard i’m crying. here have some more dancing dino

just to make you feel better, have some cutie chan~

Okay well I really I hope this helps anon! (Again I’m sorry this took so long, finding the right pictures was a longer process than I had expected OTL) If you are looking to find videos to watch, I am going to subtly link my playlist which I have added a bunch of my favorite videos of them :D

Also, Seventeen does have an ongoing reality show, so go here to watch it subbed! (Only four episodes are out right now and only three are subbed)

Please let me know if you have any more questions and thanks again for asking!!

Soulmate AU - A Michael Clifford imagine

Michael was always complemented on his green eyes, and hair color, always telling him how amazing his hair looked in blue, green, galaxy colors, or even red, the color it was supposed to be now. However, when Michael looked in the mirror all he saw was various shades of gray, he didn’t see the colors of red, or blue, or any color they named, all he saw was a light shade of gray for what he thought was red, and a dark shade of grey for he guessed was blue, and other shades for colors he was told about.

He wanted to see colors for his whole life, but the only way that he would be able to see colors would be something that sounds so simple, but was so difficult to do.

He would have to find his soulmate.

That’s how things were in his world; people were born with a soulmate, a person who is essentially their perfect match, the missing puzzle piece to their hearts. And each person was given one of four ways to find their soulmate. Some people would born with birthmark that would be an exact match to their soulmate, each pair of birthmarks unique and one of a kind. Some would be able to share each other’s pain, which would explain why a few of his friends would wake up with mysterious bruises on their skin, or mysteriously feel so sad that they just felt like crying for no reason then their other half feeling devastated. Some would have dreams of their other half, but they could never speak to each other in hopes of finding their location, just a simple image vision of the person of their dreams. And some were like Michael, born without the ability to see colors, until they gazed into their soulmate’s eyes that would instantly fill their life with colors.

Michael felt like he got the worst one of the four, all his friends could see color expect for him, and the few that were born with colorblindness, had already found their soulmate, leaving him the one colorblind on of his group of friends. But he knew that he would find her, he just had to, not because he wanted to see the colors, but rather because he wanted to feel what that love felt like. He remembered asking his parents that if they were each other’s soulmates, and they told him that they were. They told him that they met each other one day when they were walking through the beach, they were a bit older than him, and his mum literally bumped into him, and as his dad would help her back on her feet, he gazed into her eyes and like a firework, color just exploded everywhere.

Suddenly everything was filled with color they have never seen before, and years later here they were, with Michael as their son, proof of their love. Michael knew that when he saw his parents, they were meant for each other, he saw it in the glances that they gave each other, the smiles that they sent to each other, they were soulmates, a love so pure and plenty, that it would never fade, each day feeling just as in love as the day that they met.

And this was what Michael wanted, he wanted to feel that love that he saw not only in his parents but everyone who found their soulmate, he could care less about seeing the whole rainbow spectrum if it meant that he could hold the person that he would be destined to be with for the rest of his life.

But so far that idea was something that seemed unattainable to him, because he still had no idea where he would find her. She could very much have been in another country for all he knew, or maybe the person that he was destined to be with didn’t care about the whole soulmate thing, and was instead living her life with someone else, some that wasn’t him, seeing as how there were couples who were not each other’s soulmate, living happy lives together, but deep down Michael knew that their love wasn’t as pure and true like the ones shared with soulmates. But maybe his soulmate had found someone who could make her happy like he would be able to.

No, he had to shake that idea out of his head, he just had to believe that she was out there waiting for him, looking for him, just as Michael was looking for the girl that he was destined to be with. She was meant for him, and he was meant for her, it was that simple, people weren’t born with a soulmate to be with someone else, that wasn’t how it worked.

Michael got up for another day, each day waking up with a dull look to it, so lacking of color, so plain, but in the back of his mind he knew that this was temporary, this was just a chapter in his life that would soon come to a close. He could feel it, he knew that he would find the one that he was destined for, he would find her and then this dull grey life would be over and in its place would be the beautiful colored world that he would share with her for the first time, as well as many firsts as well.

Michael had honestly never even kissed a girl; he was saving his first kiss for her. He did have girlfriends, but when they would want a kiss… he would just kiss their cheek and that was it. He felt that he needed to share his first kiss with her, because according to his friends who could see color, girls blush when they kiss someone they like, their cheeks begin to turn pink, and he wanted to know what that looked like, and he wanted to see his first blush on the his destined girl’s face.

He got up from bed and dressed as he casually went out like he usually does. He told his friends that he would meet them at their house since they usually play video games, and other things like practicing their music. He was walking through the park like he usually does eager to get to his hands on the controller to basically dominate in whatever video game they were going to play, confident that he would be amazing.

Michael noticed that there were more people today in the park than usual, since usually the park was quite empty but today there were plenty of people out taking in the warmth of the sun. Michael kept looking everywhere, making sure that he wouldn’t be bumping into anyone, not wanting to be rude.

He looked over at the benches and noticed one couple sitting on their holding hands, as he stared at them his smile became soft and gentle, because on their intertwined hands was there matching birthmark. They were each other’s soulmates, giving him even more encouragement that he would find his, because even though it sounded difficult…he just knows that it has to happen, soulmates would find each other each day…so why couldn’t he.

He looked forward noticing more people passing by, him looking at just about everyone that passed by smiling at just about everyone, something changed, that made him stop in his tracks.

He started seeing colors.

His green eyes widened, everything was so different, and it was like he was seeing the world for the first time. The shades of grey were now shades of the colors he had been told about growing up, but he still couldn’t name any just a few basic ones. He noticed how there were so many shades of hair color, some dark and others light, and the people were also different shades as well. The leaves were green, something that he had been told in school, and he was now able to see that, he looked up and noticed that the sky was blue, something else he was told, but it wasn’t just blue it was colored with many shades of blue. Michael was overwhelmed, his smile stretching across his face at seeing the world differently.

But what was making Michael’s heart race was that he found his soulmate, he found the person that would complete the missing puzzle piece of his heart, the way he would complete theirs. He would have never had guessed that he would meet his soulmate as something so random, but then again how else was he supposed to meet them. He was ecstatic, he found the one person he was meant to love and love him unconditionally in return.

He knew that he was someone that he had passed, and he hoped that whoever they were would also be behind him, taking in the new world.

But as Michael turned around, there was no one there, who had the same amazed look as him, just people walking by getting to their destination. He had found his soulmate, his color vision was proof of that, but he let them get away, he had let his true love walk away.

But why would she walk away?

Michael knew he had to find her, he had to find his soulmate.


Do I continue it? Please let me know!!!




Also I am continuing the prince series, but first I am working on ghost Calum part 4 since people have been asking for that, A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR THAT!!!




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Genre: Fluff/Angst

College AU

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 997

A/N: Here is part 4~ Thank you guys so much for reading! I really hope you all are enjoying this series! ♥

-Admin Snow

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Covert Series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

October 18, 2019

I’ve gone insane. Completely and utterly insane.

“Y/N, calm down.”

“What do you mean ‘calm down’?! You calm down!” Taehyung blinked up at me from his spot on my bed, a little taken aback by my lash out. Closing my eyes for a second, I stopped myself from continuing my previous action of pacing back and forth along the expanse of my bedroom. I gestured for him to scoot over. As soon as he did he patted the empty space and I slumped down next to him. “I’m sorry. I’m just still a little mad.”

“I know, but I still don’t get why you had to overreact like that.” He says with a small chuckle, obviously entertained. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“What do you mean? I didn’t over react.” I counter, but as soon as the words left my lips he abruptly sat up on his elbows and stared down at me with wide eyes.

“You kissed me.” We both fell silent for a few seconds.

“I see your point.” Thinking back to it, I don’t know why I kissed Tae. All my mind was focusing on in that moment was showing Jungkook how much I really was over him. Or well, how much I wanted him to believe I was over him.

“We can do it again if you want.” Taehyung teased trying to lighten the mood. Closing his eyes and puckering his lips, he slowly inched forward. Cringing, I push his face away causing him to whine loudly and fall back on to the bed.

“Shut up.” I tell him as I sat up on the bed. I let my head fall back on to the headboard and tilted my vision towards the ceiling, silently hoping I could find some kind of reassurance hidden in the paint above. “It’s just… It’s Jungkook.” I didn’t realize how hurt my tone had sounded until I saw Taehyung frown at my words.

“Y/N, that was years ago.” He placed a comforting hand on my own, sitting up as well.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t make it any easier.” I reply. “I wish I could hate him…” I mumble, more to myself than anything, feeling as if saying it out loud would make it in anyway true, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

“Don’t tell me you still have feelings for him!” Taehyung’s brows furrowed in irritation.

“No! I mean, yeah, but… maybe? I don’t know.” I say, letting my head fall into my hands. I felt like screaming.

“He’s a douchebag.” Tae reasoned, arms now crossed over his chest, pouting.

I pulled my hands away from my face, but let my eyes remain down. “He didn’t used to be.”

If I had looked up I would have noticed the way Taehyung had clenched his jaw in anger, but instead all I saw were his fists clench, knuckles slowly bleeding white. “That was before he became a jerk and broke your heart.”

Ironically, I laughed. “Yeah, you’re right.”

March 24, 2010

“Y/N.” Throwing the backpack over my shoulder, I turned in the direction the soft voice had come from. At the realization of who it was, my lips couldn’t help but pull into a smile.

“Hey, Jungkookie. How was class?” Together, we began to walk out of the nearly-empty school building.

“It was okay.” He says softly. I hum in response and give him a smile to which he shyly looked away from. Jungkook and I had started talking to each other not too long ago. He was new here and painfully shy, and as is usual for a new student, he had no friends to speak of.

We had only begun talking due to a project we were assigned to with one another. It took a lot to get him to talk to me, but in the end, we still managed to ace the project. We walked in silence for a few seconds before he cleared his throat. I looked towards him but he kept his vision to the side, avoiding any kind of eye contact. “Um…Y/N, I was wondering if you wanted to get some ice-cream or something. It’s really hot outside and stuff and maybe if you’re not busy or something. I’m sorry, you probably are busy, forget it, maybe some other time.” His voice was so soft, if I hadn’t been standing right next to him I would have missed his rambling, to be honest all I really understood was the first part. He began walking a bit faster after saying a quick “bye”, not even looking back. Picking up my own pace, I grabbed onto his hand before he could fall out of my reach. Startled, he looked back at me, big eyes wide and jumping back and forth from our joined hands to my smiling face.

“I’d love some ice-cream.” The smile he had given me in that moment reminded me faintly of a cute little bunny. I felt the heat creep up my cheeks but I fought it back.

“Oh, okay.” He says but didn’t make a move, just standing there and smiling wide. His cute actions always managed to make me smile and laugh.

“Come on Jungkook.” Smiling fondly, I pulled him towards the exit. Quietly, he followed behind me. I didn’t realize until we got to the parlor that we had walked all the way there, hand-in-hand.

Almost 5 years later, I had confessed to him. Only to be painfully rejected. I don’t blame him, we hadn’t spoken since that year of middle school. From afar, I watched as he began making more friends, getting into sports, and suddenly he was one of the most popular guys in high school. All the while I stayed the same. I was honestly surprised when he did remember my name. It filled me with a sense of hope that maybe that year we spent as friends meant something to him, just as it did for me. It turned out I was wrong.

Class Project ft. Bobby: Part I
(Part II: Here(Part III: Here )

“Alright class, today I will assign your guys partners. The machine randomized you guys into pairs, I will hear no complaining about how I purposely put you with him or her. You are to work with your partner on the semester project. This will be half of your grade, be responsible.” Your teacher lectured the class. 

Mr. Lee went on and on with the partners and your mind blanked out until you hear your name 
“Miss ______, please pay attention. Your partner is Jiwon" 
Your eyes widened as soon as you heard his name. 
You looked over at Bobby, and of course he was smirking. 
You hated him with your guts, he was apart of the group iKON, they were one of the popular groups in the school. You hated Bobby out of all the boys the most, he was rude and cocky, you hated his aura.
*Why? why? why? WHHHHY? Of course Mr. Lee picked you and bobby to be together, bullshit that the computer randomized this and put you two together* 

You stood up, "But Mr. L-”
“I said no complaining Miss ________" You huffed and sat back down unwillingly.
Your whole day was ruined now. 
The bell rang and you were got up and gathered your belongings, you felt someone next to you. You close your eyes and took a deep breath. 
"What do you want” You say, never looking up, still packing your stuff. 
“I just came to talk to my partner about the project.” Bobby says, you can practically hear him cockily smirk.
“Look, I’ll just do it and you can put your name on it.” you said putting on your backpack and attempting to walk away. 
He grabs your wrist. “No no, we’re working on it together. Partner.” He emphasized that last word and it made you cringed. 
*I hate Mr.Lee so much right now* 
You freed your wrist from his grip and tried to walk off, but he grabs it again. “Meet me in the library tomorrow. Partner. 
You rolled your eyes and walked away. 

"What are the chances of you and the guy you hate the most being partners” Hayi said 
“Who knows, you guys may end up liking each other” Suhyun jokes 
“Yah, maknae watch what you say. You guys are the worst friends ever” You say pouting. 
“Unnie, why don’t you just tell him you’ll work on it by yourself?” Suhyun suggests sipping on her lemonade.
“I tried, he just wants to work on it together to get on my nerves. stupid little brat” You say crushed your empty cup. 
“_______, I think he likes you. If he didn’t why would he try to pass off a free A?” Hayi says taking the poor crushed plastic cup out of your hand. 
“Stop saying that!  I’m already stressed out enough without you guys’ illogical reasoning. I’m screwed.” You whined. 

You were walking home and you saw a moving truck outside your house. Walking closer you saw that it was the neighboring house. 

“________, the new neighbors invited us for dinner tomorrow tonight, Don’t make any plans" 
Your mom says as soon as you step foot in the house. 
"They just moved in from jeju, and they have a son your age…” Your moms words went in one ear and out the other. You were too tired to listen so you went up to your room as she was still rambling random facts about the new neighbors.

You dropped your bag on the floor and laid on your bed, aimlessly scrolling through your phone. 
*bzzz~* You got a message from an unsaved number
“Hello partner" 
*Just ignore it ______ Just ignore him* 
"It says you read my texts partner” 
“My dear partner?”
“You don’t think I won’t stop texting you?" 

Your phone was blowing up from his texts 
You finally picked it up again 
"Leave me alone. How did you even get my number?” You replied 
“It’s a secret. So partner, are we gonna hang out tomorrow? 
"Why would I hang out with you.”
“Because you’re my partner" 
"Stop calling me that!”
“Why? What do you want me to call you? Babe?”
You face reddened at his text 
*what the heck, is this idiot really making me blush?* 
“How about you don’t call me anything at all. Don’t even text me. :-)" 
"Aww Partner, you’re so cute when you try to be mean. So are we working on the project idea tomorrow? Meet me in the library after school”
“Actually, I have plans tomorrow. Don’t text me again. Bye.”
You turned off your phone. 

This was a request from someone, and i liked the idea so much i decided to make it a series ^~^ 
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Without the 2nd male, I can’t release the 2nd part.
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K-Pop Fan Life Struggles ~ Part 3
  • Bias: *posts sexy selca*
  • Me: Mmm, yeah, that's a good one~
  • Bias: *posts cute selca*
  • Me: Um
  • Me: Excuse me
Prince of Stride Alternative Fan Meeting 2016 - 6/19 Night Session Fanreport

Again, I’m super sorry for the delay of this fanreport! I apologize if I mix up details from the afternoon session and night session together!  My memory is a bit fuzzy already but I will do my best! Remember, my Japanese isn’t the best and this isn’t beta-ed as usual! Sorta picture heavy.

So I went to both the afternoon and night session! I went to the afternoon session with Emi ( @emii-suterii ). She wrote a fanreport on the afternoon session so you can read it HERE. And since she did one on the afternoon session, I will just do a fanreport on the night session! They’re both pretty much different! :3

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GIF reaction please beautiful people!! <3 <3 How about Yoongi, Hoseok, Jungkook and Taehyung to seeing you sing their part in Run using a Ketchup bottle as a mic and your cat in your other arm?( IM SORRY I DID THIS TODAY I AM ASHAMED) thank you!!!

Suga/Yoongi : *judges you really really hard, and tries not to laugh even tho he wants to lol*

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J-Hope/Hoseok : “*joins you and sings in a cute voice* Don’t tell me bye bye~”

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Jungkook : *hides somewhere, gives you this look before filming the whole thing, he will definitely never let you forget this lmao*

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V/Taehyung : “*with a weird accent* Dasi run run run~”

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