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there’s no denying that Hearth is a cutie🌸

Hey There, Delilah | 4


a/n: y’all i’m on a rollllllllll but like it’s fine it’s fine i only have two tests tomorrow in my two hardest subjects, and i still have to drive ~back to college which takes a good two hours so like it’s fine i’m fine whatever you know. DAD!SHAWN IS WORTH IT. enjoy dis fluff + lil bit of drama<3

You wake up the next morning alone in Shawn’s bed, neither him nor Delilah in the room. You definitely don’t remember voluntarily getting into Shawn’s bed, seeing as you were never planning on staying the night over here. The last thing you remember is changing Delilah’s diaper at 3 am while Shawn was still asleep on the couch.

You get up and wander around looking for them. They’re not in the master bathroom or in the kitchen, or even in the bonus room that holds all of his guitars, pianos, and recording equipment. You keep moving to the living room, confused to find that they’re not there either, until you look out onto the terrace and find Shawn sitting in a patio chair with his guitar, singing to Delilah who is in her carrier. You slowly open the glass sliding door and step out onto the terrace to greet them.

“Morning,” You say quietly, not wanting to spook either of them, and Shawn stops his playing to turn to you.

“Hey, you’re up,” He replies with a smile, and you come sit in the chair next to him.

“Did she wake up anymore after I fell asleep?” You ask, smiling down at Delilah, who is giggling with joy.

“Just a few times for some milk and then a diaper change and then finally she just woke up for good at around 5 am being kind of fussy. Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, I moved you to the master. The TV was the only thing that would calm her down. I don’t think she likes quiet.”

“Ahh, so that’s how I ended up in your bed.” You say, causing Shawn to let out a laugh.

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KyouHaba Stuff

So I was thinking about one of my OTPs and I came up with shit they’d do ya know?

Okay firstly Kyoutani, contrary to popular belief, is not dumb. In fact he tries extremely hard to stay on top of his work and although he isn’t on top of his grade he isn’t at the bottom either - a good slightly above average but not amazing.

Also Yahaba is not perfect. Tbh he has a little bit of anxiety when it comes to captaincy because he has to fill the shoes of Oikawa and sometimes he has panic attacks. He however is on top of his school work but has a lot of pressure from home and that also triggers his anxiety.

Kyoutani and Yahaba get along pretty well, they have the occasional heated banter but it never crosses the line because Kyou is aware of Yahaba’s anxiety and doesn’t want to trigger it.

They’re not ‘dating’ because Yahaba has a hard time coming to terms with his sexuality since he’s only ever dated girls or looked at girls but his study sessions with Kyou end up with them cuddling and watching super sappy movies (((which Kyou doesn’t necessarily like but tolerated for Yahaba and he soon realised they’re pretty cute))).

Sometimes Kyou, because he was never one for caring about what others thought of him, will peck Yahaba on the cheek at practice and that’s how he starts to become comfortable with the idea of them being in a relationship.

They’re the captain and ace of Seijou and most of their arguments revolve around team strategy. It took a while for Kyou to calm down on court - and by calm I mean he doesn’t hit Kindaichi’s tosses - but now he listens to Yahaba. (((Watari is lowkey glad that it’s calmed down because he was afraid they’d rip each other’s heads off at the beginning what he didn’t know is that those arguments were how Yahaba showed authority over Kyou in terms of his Wolf Pack like view on things)))

Okay but imagine Yahaba going out and buying cute little things like matching key chains and Kyou is like wtf? at first but now he’s oh cute ok and this one time he bought them matching T-Shirts with cats and dogs on them and it almost brought Yahaba to tears because they were hideous and he has a fashion standard to uphold but he saw the adorable earnest in Kyou’s eyes and ended up wearing them to a team outing to which everyone gives them shit for.

And Yahaba accidentally calling Kyou a pet name in the gym and everyone turns to stare at him but he responds normally because he forgot he was in a public place; give it like 30 seconds for the realisation to dawn on them and they look at each other with mortification plastered on their faces while Watari bursts out laughing and the first years giggle but blush also because wtf is happening to their team first IwaOi now this.

One day Yahaba decided to visit Kyou at the pet shelter he works at. He was looking through the dog collars and toys when he comes across one that looks intricately pretty but also confusing to use and Kyou comes up behind him and he’s like ‘oh it’s super easy’ and he puts it around his neck and it was at that moment Yahaba realised he had a kink for collars. ((We don’t kinkshame here))

Yahaba starts stealing Kyou’s home made bentos because he was curious as to what it tasted like since he always had money to buy lunch. But it taste amazing so now the team goes to Kyou’s after practice once a month for dinner - a team tradition.

They go to a theme park once and Yahaba pretends to like roller coasters because he thought Kyou looks like he’d enjoy them. But while they’re getting locked into their seats Kyou quickly confesses he’s terrified and Yahaba instantly regrets his life decisions but as the ride starts he hears Kyou, not yell, but whimper and whine like a dog; and when they get off Kyou leans on him and nuzzles his head into the crook of Yahaba’s shoulder and suddenly he feels extremely blessed.

- Kyou totally does the clichéd ‘throw rocks at Yahaba’s window’ thing
- Yahaba pets Kyou’s head like a puppy and he loves it
- Kyou loves belly rubs like soft gentle rubbing that puts him to sleep
- Yahaba snores a little and he’s always been insecure of it but Kyou thinks it adorable and recorded one time to listen to when he’s feeling down
- Kyou snorts when he laughs and sometimes he ends up sounding like a pug and it compels Yahaba to tackle him and cuddle his head because it’s so fucking cute
- They have weekly study sessions on weekends but they get bored and go out and eventually it turns into their 'date nights’
- Yahaba was preparing himself for completely stupid Kyou on their first study date but was pleasantly surprised when Kyou could keep up for the most part
- Kyou pretending to be dumb and not knowing how to kiss just to watch Yahaba struggle with embarrassment while explaining how to make out
- Their first kiss was a mess because Yahaba accidentally stuck his tongue out and Kyou bit down on it
- They’re super shy with PDA because they’re both guys but sometimes Kyou entwines their hands - he cares less and just really loves Yahaba


Get A Room

Request: Could I get a Peter Parker x reader where they are in a relationship, but it’s like, a normal relationship, not super romantic, but still sweet, where one gets grossed out because the other one drools in their sleep, or one gets mad at the other for touching them with their cold feet, or for wiping their popcorn fingers on them? Just normal things? Thanks! 

Warnings: None…. Maybe something suggestive towards the end… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A/N: So, I might be writing a part two to this: Wait Up!, but in the meantime, you can pretend that this(Get A Room) is a part two to Wait Up!, because I think that would be cute. Oh, and if you do do that, just ignore the fact that I wrote about the reader’s parents. Or just don’t do that at all because wow that got really long and I’m gonna stop talking now bye enjoy the story.


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A weekend at the Avengers tower, what a weekend it will be.
Your parents were out of town for the weekend, and you didn’t want to be alone, so Tony had graciously invited you to the tower.

But, it that obviously wasn’t enough, so you had invited your boyfriend, Peter, over as well.

“Hi!” You jumped on him when you saw him in front of the elevator, “Let me get that for you.” You picked up his backpack.

“Jesus, Pete. What’s in here?!”

“I always bring my pet rock collection with me!” He exclaimed, holding his hands out in defense.

“Wait, seriously?” Your smile dropped.

“No!’ He shook his head.

You giggled, “Whew! Okay, that might have been a deal breaker.” (Tbh a pet rock collection doesn’t sound that bad)

“But, um, will you hold my socks?” He held out his socks to you.

You looked at him, raising your eyebrows, “Fine.” You rolled your eyes.

“Thanks!” He beamed, kissing you on the cheek before reaching inside his bag.
“Alright,” Tony looked at Bruce, “I don’t want them thinking that this is what we do every night.”

He gestured to the empty, quiet room. And then to his beer.

“But, this is what we do every night.” Bruce Shrugged.

“Exactly!- Oh hey guys!” Tony sat up straighter at the sight of you and Peter In the hallway, “We were just gonna… Watch a movie! Right Bruce?”

“Yup.” He answered quickly.

“Okay,” You looked at Peter, “Does that sound good?”

“Yeah!” He smirked at you.

You raised your eyebrows at his expression, nudging him gently with your shoulder, “You’re scaring me, Peter.”

“Alright, I’ll get the others.” Tony stood up and rubbed his hands together.

You heard Natasha’s voice coming from the other side, “What? but we never do stuff on Friday night!”

“Okay, ready?” Steve popped a disk into the million dollar DVD player.


You snuggled closer to Peter, only to be met with his freezing cold feet against your thigh.

“Ew!” You squealed, earning a few glances from the other Avengers, “You’re nasty, Parker.” You pushed his leg away.

He giggled and turned his head to the side, admiring your beauty.

“I can literally feel you staring at me.” You whispered.

“Sorry.” He looked away quickly, “You’re just, so gorgeous. It’s hard not to stare.”

“Peter Parker, if you’re being sarcastic-”

“No! I mean it!” He cut you off immediately, much louder than he had intended.
You blushed, “Okay.”

“Ew!” Peter exclaimed, looking down at his shirt.

“What?” You asked innocently.

“You’re literally rubbing your buttery fingers on me as I speak!”

“Eh, I’ve seen better puns.” You motioned to the words on his shirt.

He sighed, looking at you with his eyebrows furrowed, “Y/N, will you hand me my drink? It’s over there,” He pointed to the table on your left.

You nodded lifting your arms up.

Peter took advantage of the situation, poking your sides with his fingers.

“Peterrrrrrr!” You attempted to pry his hands off of your sides, “No! Stop!” You giggled.

But he wasn’t going to stop, he could watch you smiling for hours and hours.

“Get a room!” Tony yelled, throwing a handful of popcorn on you.

You looked at Peter, smirking, “Don’t think we won’t!”

You poked him, then grabbed his hand and ran off with him.



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Im drawing frisk but its nighttime here so i need a sleep so yeah this is a unfinished sketch/drawing…….imma finish this tomorrow when im done with school…well okay bye!
(I’ll try to make it cute bcause i suck at drawing heads and hair…..i mean all body parts and hair and clothes XD))


@leamoria Ahh they’re really cute already! Thank you so much, friend! :D

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I just wanted to v quickly say how happy I am to get to see all the cuteness that is you and ducky Like as you both grow and find and come out with parts of yourselves you just love each other even harder and it's really beautiful Give him a big ol hug from the internet for us? And he can give one to you ❤❤❤❤

this was so sweet until i was hit with the “and none for gretchen wieners bye” lmao

but yes i’ll hug him tight for all of you 💞


If you’re one of the 2307 people who liked that comment and have been part of that mess, please feel free to unfollow me right now. This has absolutely nothing to do with being “legal” or that Johnny isn’t a minor, but if you’re just stanning him because he’s so “Daddy” then you are not a fan of him at all and it’s really disheartening that most of the “supportive Johnny comments” on Youtube are created by thirsty fans, who absolutely don’t know where the line is.


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Taehyung doing the tall boy thing whenever Jimin needs to whisper something to him, please discuss :3 +bonus: Tae circling his big hand around Jimin's smol wrist

Sorry, it took me so long to answer. Your asks was more than a thank you lol 

1. There’s nothing really to discuss about the “tall guy” thing cause everyone should know about it. Even tho, it’s hella cute. Jungkook does the same thing but then we get Tae pulling this sh*t 

Like boi bye. Jiminie ain’t that short. (And secretly I think Tae wanted this part with Jimin after the 21st century girl choreo lol)

2. I think it’s with any bigger bts member, that they’re fond of Jimin’s size. (Rapmon playing with Jimin’s smol hands in Bon voyage, etc…)

But since Tae’s known Jimin longer, he’s probably grown to fall in love with it since he’s so much bigger than him. Which is why he always gets a kick out comparing hand/pinky sizes with Jimin. + holding his wrist.

I assume you’re talking about this.

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

He just likes how small Jimin is around his hand and Tae grabs it as a replacement for holding his hand. Tae will definitely reach for Jimin’s wrist before grabbing his arm. (Notice how he has a firm grip on his wrist everytime and how he holds Jimin there)

From a more detailed description, it has to do with dominance for the simple fact he likes being bigger than Jimin. Because Jimin does this too, but it’s usuless. (So it seems)

He’s small but it gets his point across. Because as much as some of you guys hate to admit it, Jimin doesn’t let Tae be dominant unless he wants him to.

Exhibit A.

Cmon now, you know he could have got up from that.

But yep, it’s just the greedy fact that he has a kink for being bigger than Jimin. Nothing else:)

(It’ll be great in bed tho *wink*)


What’s this? Numero 6? But trust me this needs to be talked about. I’m a newer fan to K-Pop but NU’EST just snatched me up and went, “You’re our fan now”. And that really is the magic of k-pop and music in general; in one spontaneous swoop I’m instantly a fan–and NU’EST did exactly just that. Kind of like VIXX, I was sure at first that I wasn’t going to be a fan, but never say never. All it takes is that one song to hook you in, and boy did I become hooked. 

NU’EST is really special as an under-appreciated/underrated group that really fell out of radar. Short story: they debuted with a bang and somehow never picked up momentum like other groups that were debuting around the same time (like BTOB, VIXX, EXO, etc). Long story: check out this video. Understanding their story and struggle, makes me believe in them harder. They deserve better and their maximum potential needs to be reached so the world can fall back in love with these 5 talented dorks. I whole-heartedly wish for them to return to their original glory because they deserve it. They’ve shown versatility, perseverance, hard work, and most importantly talent. Bless them.

Bias: Baekho

First of all…just gonna leave this here…

Okay, now that I’ve revealed my thirsty ass, Baekho is a huge part of why I fell in love with Nu’est. The recipe for me to stan a group is as follows: (1) give me that one song that hooks me in and makes me start to listen to other songs, (2) find a song that immediately strikes me as the best thing ever, (3) find my bias. My first exposure to NU’EST was Face (rightfully so) but I wasn’t hooked. It wasn’t until I heard Overcome much later and I was just entranced. Let’s just say Baekho is hot af and is my kind of man. His smile and his laugh are to die for. Oh yeah, and his hair…gurl…one of the big factors of me liking a dude is their hair and his hair is not only the most distinguishing features of his look but also fucking awesome. But then his voice…dear lord…his voice is absolutely glorious…slays me every damn time. A tough guy exterior who’s ultimately seems like a teddy bear underneath, I’m sold. I hope he gets to sing as long as he can ‘cause I love his voice. Baekho is a lot of the man I wish I had in my life lol…

Bias Wrecker: Aron

Here comes to boyfriend type…

Out of the five, he seems like the one who gets the least attention, but hey, that means more Aron to myself ;) . He’s originally from LA and you gotta respect his choice to move to Korea to become the artist he now is and I love hearing him speak english especially when he helps introduces the group. He can rap, although JR is usually the one rapping, and he’s great. He can sing, I love his voice and I squeal and get a little excited whenever I get to hear him sing. He can dance, even though JR steals the spotlight when it comes to his crazy dancing and Ren slays when he does his girl group dancing. Finally, his visual is no joke even against the others how are also handsome af. What his visual appeal to me? Well he’s equal parts cute and sexy (I mean did you see his abs in the Good Bye Bye era…I died). He’s an all-around talented guy and his charm just comes for me and I can’t resist it… It’s a really fine line between my love for both of them because they’re both very much aligned with my kind of guy lol.

TOP 5 Songs:

1. Overcome

2016 was a fucking good year man. I have: Promise (I’ll Be) from 2PM, 1 of 1 and Tell Me What to Do from SHINee, The Eye from INFINITE, Dynamite and Fantasy from VIXX, Ribbon from B2ST/HIGHLIGHT, and now add to that list for me Overcome (and later on Love Paint and Look) from NU’EST. This is everything dammit. This is the song that made me fall in love with NU’EST and made me believe in them hard.

Each member’s voice is highlighted well and the variety among the voices works extremely well together: Baekho covering a strong and powerful lower sound, JR’s rapping covering a gruff lower sound as well, Aron and Ren offer two distinct voices that serve as bridge to Minhyun’s smooth and higher vocals. And let me tell you, I love both Baekho and Aron’s vocals in particular. The music it self switches between three tones: the intense sexy synth of the chorus, the light jazzy beats for the verse, and the softer mellow piano for the ending. This song flew under my radar, but I’m glad I found it because it is some guuud shit right here.

Now for the video/choreography/visuals: sexy af. Knights? Bitch yes. I have Princes for 2PM and now Knights for Nu’est, I’m freaking set. And boy does a knight fit Baekho well (I mean he can wield a sword too lol); I picture Aron more as a prince charming type (considering his outfit in the video), but hell a knight works too. But this hair on Baekho is everything and the subtle blue pushes it beyond perfection. Oh, and that coat on Baekho just….ugh he looks so fucking good. Ren looks fabulous as af with that hair; I personally don’t like androgynous looks, but after getting to know Ren, he pulls it off so well and whether or not he wants that hair (or whether or not you like it) he werks it and deserves major props because his visual is no joke. Minhyun is seducing you with that open shirt and blonde hair and then to top it all of his voice is angelic. JR looks handsome af especially with that greyish-silver hair. The body rolls in the choreography though, talk about icing on the cake. 

NU’EST gave us: sexy choreography, powerful vocals, smooth sound, perfect visuals. The only thing I can criticize is that the video could of been amped up a whole lot further. BUT, Overcome checks off everything I could want from a group. This is a strong comeback that didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

2. Hello?

A ballad? What? Yeah, I don’t really prefer ballad-y types of songs, but this is something special. A complete 180 from what they debuted with, but the composition and performance is just so memorable. What sold me is that move with the tie (what can I say, I like a well dressed man).

The song is very mellow but there’s something about it that just mesmerizing to me. While the style of NU’EST changed for this release, the formula was still there. The song itself is just composed beautifully, everything is smooth and there is enough variety to help keep us entranced and intrigued. Where Minhyun’s sweet voice is the foundation for the typical ballad sound, Baekho provides a contrast that helps add a layer to the vocals of the song. While I find Aron’s raps for the song cheesy, his singing parts make me smile. Ren’s voice especially in that bridge at the end is refreshing to listen too. JR’s rap provides an enormous contrast to the song but at the same time blends so well and I find it extremely pleasant to listen too. This song shows the versatility of NU’EST more than anything and while I prefer their more poppy and upbeat songs, this is a surprise favorite of mine.

3. Love Paint/Look (A Starlight Night)

2016 slayed. Year of Masterpieces. And what do you, NU’EST releases art with Love Paint. The song itself didn’t appeal to me instantly, however it won me over very quickly. Lemme just say that Baekho’s voice in Love Paint is heavenly and I couldn’t resist. The video is extremely aesthetic and nice, but I wish it showed off more of the choreography instead. Everything about this comeback seemed more relaxed especially with the visuals (Baekho’s hair is simply down but that purple though ;) ). Also JR’s rap is really nice with essentially two parts: first mellow and then becomes more fun and active.

Look (A Starlight Night) on the other hand instantly won me over. It feels very jazzy and there a subtle retro vibe going on that’s really nice. While the video is just a simple choreography video, you get to see some nice footwork from the boys. Imagine if they had some kind of starlight backdrop behind them…oh my god it would so beautiful. The only thing I will say, is that I don’t like Baekho’s hairstyle (because I don’t care for that look in particular on any guy). However, yet again, Baekho’s vocals just slay me. 

Canvas and even Q is are both cleverly done albums by NU’EST and deserve a lot of love. NU’EST worked really hard and released some really good music that needs some love.

4. Sleep Talking

Poppy. Colorful. Fun. Sexy. NU’EST returned to their original sound but gave up the angsty look from something more typical pop (and my kind of pop lol). I mean, this is classic k-pop no? Baekho looks mighty fine in fabulous pink hair and looking sexy in his tank top or sleeveless tiger jacket. Minhyun is wearing that green shirt with a stupid cut out in the back giving his fans some skin. Ren is still slaying you with his blond hair. Aron and JR look like the stylists vomited all the patterns over them lol. The dancing is catchy, fun, and has a hint of sexy (see gif). The mood of the song is upbeat and fun and is infectiously happy. And I’m always for music that naturally puts a smile on your face.

5. Face/Action

The song that started it all. Now don’t hurt me, but I actually don’t like this song. BUT I don’t have to love this song to appreciate how good it actually is. There is a reason this debut was so successful and legendary. Let’s check off the list: solid choreography, obligatory dub-step dance break, powerful vocals from Baekho (his vocals strong from debut like gurl…) and Minhyun, catchy beat and sound, strong visuals, and add to that a relatable and appealing concept. If this is what we had to begin with, imagine how much more they still have to offer. STAN TALENT. STAN NU’EST.

These boys comeback not too long afterwards to give you another does of legendary. It’s the same formula as before, but it’s more of my taste (minus the dubstep dance break which feels random but you know, it was a thing). While, NU’EST didn’t keep their initial gritty concept, they showed off many sides to them that I think deserves some merit. Finally,  One thing I’d like to point out is this

bless you Baekho…bless you…

Honorable Mention:

Good Bye Bye

This is the culmination of everything they’ve done before. Let’s mash together the softer side of Hello with the formula of Action/Face (with a dub-step breakdown that I don’t care much for–the vocals during that part though are everything) and add a touch of sexy like Sleep Talking. NU’EST’s visual game stepped up really hard with this song: Aron really came for me this time (have you seen his abs I mean…c’mon…it’s just deadly), Minhyun looks handsome af, Ren is serving you masculine and abs (Ren fans must of been slayed so hard lol), JR in blonde…dear god, and Baekho’s relaxed orange hair is refreshing. The vocals from each member are much stronger (and in just about two years). Minhyun’s vocals really got to shine here. In general they showed off an extremely strong comeback. So please…let’s love NU’EST! ;)

Matchmaking cat

@lolakinsart, I am your backup Santa for @voltron-ss. So when you said fluffy shklance, I thought. I was going to do a YouTuber au, but it was Lance filming a video and it just seemed so long winded. It was a lot of talking and not a lot of shklance interaction, though Lance did mention his amazing boyfriends a lot. So I decided to pull from the story of how Lance met Keith in that universe and do this instead. Hope you like it and it’s somewhat fluffy for you.

Lance blinked down at the black cat that stood near the animal shelter he worked at. The cat had short hair and was long. His knowledge of cats wanted to say it was a Burmese, but that didn’t seem right. The cat had on a purple harness and a chequered collar but no tags were hanging from it.

“Where did you come from?” he asked. The cat just blinked and jumped up, Lance scrambling to catch her. All the movement made Blue meow from her carrier that was hanging from his shoulder. Seeing that he had cats to deal with, he pulled open the door and went inside. Allura was sitting behind the front desk and looked up when he walked in.

“Lance, hello. Who’s this?”

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hey so today i learned about an animal called the BINTURONG (also called bearcat) and if you’ve never heard of it either here are some things to know

first of all, they look like little old men

sometimes they have EAR TUFTS

they live in forests in southeast asia ranging from eastern india and southwestern china all the way out to indonesia and parts of the philippines although sadly they are classified as a vulnerable species due to habitat loss

they are omnivores but they really seem to enjoy figs and bananas

they seem pretty chill and friendly

lastly baby binturongs look like this

i hope your day is better knowing about a cute animal ok bye

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You look like a angel yet at the same time I definitely see that Jew in you because of nose but I think your beautiful don't tell my dad ok bye ❤️

Thank you? I’m not really sure how to take that nose comment but i used to really dislike my nose. Now I see it as cute and it doesn’t take away from my beauty, but adds to it. It’s part of who I am.


anemoia - n. nostalgia for a time you’ve never known
a look on some of the firsts in Jonghyun and Taemin’s relationship

this is actually a backstory/companion for nine days

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“Every meeting leads to a parting, Nate. It`s the circle of life. Our good-byes were fated since the moment we met.”

“But…but I`m not ready…”

Okay, when I started the game I thought it would be cute and silly. It was, too, but I haven`t thought I would cry at the end of it…

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AWWWW THE NEW PAGES WERE SO CUTE AND ADORABLE AND I WISH LULU COULD SPEAK. I just wanna wrap you up, put you in a blanket, and protect you from all harm!! Really can wait to see how this all turns out!! Bye!!


Soulmate AU - A Michael Clifford imagine

Michael was always complemented on his green eyes, and hair color, always telling him how amazing his hair looked in blue, green, galaxy colors, or even red, the color it was supposed to be now. However, when Michael looked in the mirror all he saw was various shades of gray, he didn’t see the colors of red, or blue, or any color they named, all he saw was a light shade of gray for what he thought was red, and a dark shade of grey for he guessed was blue, and other shades for colors he was told about.

He wanted to see colors for his whole life, but the only way that he would be able to see colors would be something that sounds so simple, but was so difficult to do.

He would have to find his soulmate.

That’s how things were in his world; people were born with a soulmate, a person who is essentially their perfect match, the missing puzzle piece to their hearts. And each person was given one of four ways to find their soulmate. Some people would born with birthmark that would be an exact match to their soulmate, each pair of birthmarks unique and one of a kind. Some would be able to share each other’s pain, which would explain why a few of his friends would wake up with mysterious bruises on their skin, or mysteriously feel so sad that they just felt like crying for no reason then their other half feeling devastated. Some would have dreams of their other half, but they could never speak to each other in hopes of finding their location, just a simple image vision of the person of their dreams. And some were like Michael, born without the ability to see colors, until they gazed into their soulmate’s eyes that would instantly fill their life with colors.

Michael felt like he got the worst one of the four, all his friends could see color expect for him, and the few that were born with colorblindness, had already found their soulmate, leaving him the one colorblind on of his group of friends. But he knew that he would find her, he just had to, not because he wanted to see the colors, but rather because he wanted to feel what that love felt like. He remembered asking his parents that if they were each other’s soulmates, and they told him that they were. They told him that they met each other one day when they were walking through the beach, they were a bit older than him, and his mum literally bumped into him, and as his dad would help her back on her feet, he gazed into her eyes and like a firework, color just exploded everywhere.

Suddenly everything was filled with color they have never seen before, and years later here they were, with Michael as their son, proof of their love. Michael knew that when he saw his parents, they were meant for each other, he saw it in the glances that they gave each other, the smiles that they sent to each other, they were soulmates, a love so pure and plenty, that it would never fade, each day feeling just as in love as the day that they met.

And this was what Michael wanted, he wanted to feel that love that he saw not only in his parents but everyone who found their soulmate, he could care less about seeing the whole rainbow spectrum if it meant that he could hold the person that he would be destined to be with for the rest of his life.

But so far that idea was something that seemed unattainable to him, because he still had no idea where he would find her. She could very much have been in another country for all he knew, or maybe the person that he was destined to be with didn’t care about the whole soulmate thing, and was instead living her life with someone else, some that wasn’t him, seeing as how there were couples who were not each other’s soulmate, living happy lives together, but deep down Michael knew that their love wasn’t as pure and true like the ones shared with soulmates. But maybe his soulmate had found someone who could make her happy like he would be able to.

No, he had to shake that idea out of his head, he just had to believe that she was out there waiting for him, looking for him, just as Michael was looking for the girl that he was destined to be with. She was meant for him, and he was meant for her, it was that simple, people weren’t born with a soulmate to be with someone else, that wasn’t how it worked.

Michael got up for another day, each day waking up with a dull look to it, so lacking of color, so plain, but in the back of his mind he knew that this was temporary, this was just a chapter in his life that would soon come to a close. He could feel it, he knew that he would find the one that he was destined for, he would find her and then this dull grey life would be over and in its place would be the beautiful colored world that he would share with her for the first time, as well as many firsts as well.

Michael had honestly never even kissed a girl; he was saving his first kiss for her. He did have girlfriends, but when they would want a kiss… he would just kiss their cheek and that was it. He felt that he needed to share his first kiss with her, because according to his friends who could see color, girls blush when they kiss someone they like, their cheeks begin to turn pink, and he wanted to know what that looked like, and he wanted to see his first blush on the his destined girl’s face.

He got up from bed and dressed as he casually went out like he usually does. He told his friends that he would meet them at their house since they usually play video games, and other things like practicing their music. He was walking through the park like he usually does eager to get to his hands on the controller to basically dominate in whatever video game they were going to play, confident that he would be amazing.

Michael noticed that there were more people today in the park than usual, since usually the park was quite empty but today there were plenty of people out taking in the warmth of the sun. Michael kept looking everywhere, making sure that he wouldn’t be bumping into anyone, not wanting to be rude.

He looked over at the benches and noticed one couple sitting on their holding hands, as he stared at them his smile became soft and gentle, because on their intertwined hands was there matching birthmark. They were each other’s soulmates, giving him even more encouragement that he would find his, because even though it sounded difficult…he just knows that it has to happen, soulmates would find each other each day…so why couldn’t he.

He looked forward noticing more people passing by, him looking at just about everyone that passed by smiling at just about everyone, something changed, that made him stop in his tracks.

He started seeing colors.

His green eyes widened, everything was so different, and it was like he was seeing the world for the first time. The shades of grey were now shades of the colors he had been told about growing up, but he still couldn’t name any just a few basic ones. He noticed how there were so many shades of hair color, some dark and others light, and the people were also different shades as well. The leaves were green, something that he had been told in school, and he was now able to see that, he looked up and noticed that the sky was blue, something else he was told, but it wasn’t just blue it was colored with many shades of blue. Michael was overwhelmed, his smile stretching across his face at seeing the world differently.

But what was making Michael’s heart race was that he found his soulmate, he found the person that would complete the missing puzzle piece of his heart, the way he would complete theirs. He would have never had guessed that he would meet his soulmate as something so random, but then again how else was he supposed to meet them. He was ecstatic, he found the one person he was meant to love and love him unconditionally in return.

He knew that he was someone that he had passed, and he hoped that whoever they were would also be behind him, taking in the new world.

But as Michael turned around, there was no one there, who had the same amazed look as him, just people walking by getting to their destination. He had found his soulmate, his color vision was proof of that, but he let them get away, he had let his true love walk away.

But why would she walk away?

Michael knew he had to find her, he had to find his soulmate.


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Genre: Fluff/Angst

College AU

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 997

A/N: Here is part 4~ Thank you guys so much for reading! I really hope you all are enjoying this series! ♥

-Admin Snow

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Covert Series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

October 18, 2019

I’ve gone insane. Completely and utterly insane.

“Y/N, calm down.”

“What do you mean ‘calm down’?! You calm down!” Taehyung blinked up at me from his spot on my bed, a little taken aback by my lash out. Closing my eyes for a second, I stopped myself from continuing my previous action of pacing back and forth along the expanse of my bedroom. I gestured for him to scoot over. As soon as he did he patted the empty space and I slumped down next to him. “I’m sorry. I’m just still a little mad.”

“I know, but I still don’t get why you had to overreact like that.” He says with a small chuckle, obviously entertained. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“What do you mean? I didn’t over react.” I counter, but as soon as the words left my lips he abruptly sat up on his elbows and stared down at me with wide eyes.

“You kissed me.” We both fell silent for a few seconds.

“I see your point.” Thinking back to it, I don’t know why I kissed Tae. All my mind was focusing on in that moment was showing Jungkook how much I really was over him. Or well, how much I wanted him to believe I was over him.

“We can do it again if you want.” Taehyung teased trying to lighten the mood. Closing his eyes and puckering his lips, he slowly inched forward. Cringing, I push his face away causing him to whine loudly and fall back on to the bed.

“Shut up.” I tell him as I sat up on the bed. I let my head fall back on to the headboard and tilted my vision towards the ceiling, silently hoping I could find some kind of reassurance hidden in the paint above. “It’s just… It’s Jungkook.” I didn’t realize how hurt my tone had sounded until I saw Taehyung frown at my words.

“Y/N, that was years ago.” He placed a comforting hand on my own, sitting up as well.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t make it any easier.” I reply. “I wish I could hate him…” I mumble, more to myself than anything, feeling as if saying it out loud would make it in anyway true, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

“Don’t tell me you still have feelings for him!” Taehyung’s brows furrowed in irritation.

“No! I mean, yeah, but… maybe? I don’t know.” I say, letting my head fall into my hands. I felt like screaming.

“He’s a douchebag.” Tae reasoned, arms now crossed over his chest, pouting.

I pulled my hands away from my face, but let my eyes remain down. “He didn’t used to be.”

If I had looked up I would have noticed the way Taehyung had clenched his jaw in anger, but instead all I saw were his fists clench, knuckles slowly bleeding white. “That was before he became a jerk and broke your heart.”

Ironically, I laughed. “Yeah, you’re right.”

March 24, 2010

“Y/N.” Throwing the backpack over my shoulder, I turned in the direction the soft voice had come from. At the realization of who it was, my lips couldn’t help but pull into a smile.

“Hey, Jungkookie. How was class?” Together, we began to walk out of the nearly-empty school building.

“It was okay.” He says softly. I hum in response and give him a smile to which he shyly looked away from. Jungkook and I had started talking to each other not too long ago. He was new here and painfully shy, and as is usual for a new student, he had no friends to speak of.

We had only begun talking due to a project we were assigned to with one another. It took a lot to get him to talk to me, but in the end, we still managed to ace the project. We walked in silence for a few seconds before he cleared his throat. I looked towards him but he kept his vision to the side, avoiding any kind of eye contact. “Um…Y/N, I was wondering if you wanted to get some ice-cream or something. It’s really hot outside and stuff and maybe if you’re not busy or something. I’m sorry, you probably are busy, forget it, maybe some other time.” His voice was so soft, if I hadn’t been standing right next to him I would have missed his rambling, to be honest all I really understood was the first part. He began walking a bit faster after saying a quick “bye”, not even looking back. Picking up my own pace, I grabbed onto his hand before he could fall out of my reach. Startled, he looked back at me, big eyes wide and jumping back and forth from our joined hands to my smiling face.

“I’d love some ice-cream.” The smile he had given me in that moment reminded me faintly of a cute little bunny. I felt the heat creep up my cheeks but I fought it back.

“Oh, okay.” He says but didn’t make a move, just standing there and smiling wide. His cute actions always managed to make me smile and laugh.

“Come on Jungkook.” Smiling fondly, I pulled him towards the exit. Quietly, he followed behind me. I didn’t realize until we got to the parlor that we had walked all the way there, hand-in-hand.

Almost 5 years later, I had confessed to him. Only to be painfully rejected. I don’t blame him, we hadn’t spoken since that year of middle school. From afar, I watched as he began making more friends, getting into sports, and suddenly he was one of the most popular guys in high school. All the while I stayed the same. I was honestly surprised when he did remember my name. It filled me with a sense of hope that maybe that year we spent as friends meant something to him, just as it did for me. It turned out I was wrong.