this part is just pretty okay idk

homestuck is great cause there’s not just stellar lgbt+ representation, but there’s so many different approaches to sexuality.

  • Rose is obviously not straight, and never really has any deep soul-searching or personal arc related to that. She just is, and everyone (including her) just accepts that and moves on.
  • On the flip side, Dave’s entire personal arc is directly related to compulsory heterosexuality and internalized homophobia. He goes on a serious journey to discover who he’s attracted to and what that means to him.
  • Meanwhile Jake is generally questioning, and even at the end (pre-credits, idk about after) has no real idea what his sexuality is. and the best part is, he’s pretty much okay with that.
  • And Dirk is 100% only attracted to men, and (being dirk) has clearly thought about it before, but is really hesitant to deal with labels. he just dates who he likes and that’s about it.
  • Finally there’s Roxy, who is basically attracted to everyone and mostly seems like she just doesn’t care about defining what that means.

I could go on, but I really love how it showcases how different everyone is and that there’s no real ‘right’ way to do sexuality. It’s ultimately just whatever makes you happy.

Voltron Headcanons

So I really love my boy Matthew Holt so here are some headcanons:

-Once Matt gets back, and he’s all settled in, the team constantly gets him and Pidge confused in passing

-Pidge uses this to their advantage to get out of training occasionally

-Matt doesn’t mind, since he really wants to continue learning how to fight(He learned a lot from fighting in the rebellion but not enough to beat any of the paladins in a fight just yet)

-The team figures it out pretty fast

-after a while, Matt just becomes part of the team training sessions

-Allura finds some old Altean weapons in the castle for him to use(Idk how they survived the test of time, it’s alien okay)

-Both Coran and Allura teach him what they can about the fighting style and he’s actually a pretty fast learner

-Pidge’s green shirt was definitely Matt’s and he’ll sometimes steal it back

-they’ve had a fight about who’s it is now

“Katie it’s too big on you give it back”

“Fight me brother it’s comfortable”

-Pidge will lovingly call him Matty and the whole team picks up on it(Shiro thinks it’s hilarious)

-Matt will curse in other alien languages that are completely unknown to the team

-Allura knows them though and looks at him sternly when he says something extremely vulgar

-He’ll tell tales of his escape and the rebellion at night

-He tries to avoid ones that are too death-defying for Pidge’s sake

-Matt loves helping Hunk cook

-Lance takes one look at Matt’s skin and rushes that boy to his room for a full out spa day

-It becomes their weekly thing

-They somehow convince Keith to join them one day

-Keith eats the extra cucumbers

-Matt is really confused when the team calls Katie Pidge, but starts using it as well after a while

-but in tender moments/stressed situations he will still call them Katie

This got a little longer than I thought but yeah I can’t wait for Rebel Matt to come back and kick ass

I gave you parts of me that I never even gave myself.
—  r.s.
uncommon alliances: part zero

summary: a prequel to “uncommon alliances”. a look into the relationships between the younger twin weasleys, harry and ginny, hermione and ron, and the trio of pureblood slytherin girls that take a chance on a gryffindor.

word count: ~5800

a/n: okay i told everyone i would post this so here it is. the prequel, nearly 6000 words worth of… is this a character study? relationship study? idk man i just had fun writing this. keep in mind most of this was written before the actual “uncommon alliances”. it’s pretty much just snapshots of scenes between the reader and her old and new friends alike, as well as a teeny bit of foreshadowing to her relationship with draco. (if ppl want, i’ll probably write more weasley!reader x draco) it’s okay if you don’t read it (it’s so dreadfully long), i pretty much just posted it for myself because it made me happy to write. thanks for reading and supporting!

part one

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Jared x Reader: Part I

(Part II and Part III)

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x reader

Warning(s): Implied death of Gen and sad!Jared… Like, Jared being sad would make me sad, but other than that, I think it’s good! (Like, literally. This is super chill, and there’s not even a kiss. Nooo! lol [Reader and Jared aren’t a couple yet.] But maybe I’ll write a part 2. idk) (Okay, like two/three cuss words?, but yeah.) 

Summary: It’s been exactly two years since Gen died in a car accident, which makes it’s a pretty hard day for Jared, but he still keeps going with his panels. 

Word count: 1388 (Whew! Ended up a little longer than I really expected!)

A/N: I just really want to make sure people don’t think that I don’t like Genevieve Cortese/Padalecki. I think her and Jared are a freaking adorable couple, and she’s awesome! This just popped into my head Tuesday morning, so I wanted to write it. (Not to mention all the JIBcon 8 panels I’ve been watching… lol) Hope you guys like it!
(Picture credit goes to @polystyrenejen on Twitter!)

I watched Jared answering questions up on stage from the side door. He’d been doing pretty well all of today, trying to act like he wasn’t struggling with what day it was. He was more quiet and down when he wasn’t around fans, but he smiled and laughed during photo ops and autographs and his panel with Misha had gone well. The fact that most of the fans knew what day it was, was helpful too, since they were being a little more sensitive.

This was his last thing for today, his solo panel.

I was about to head back to the green room, when I heard somebody ask, “What’s your favorite season and why?”

I stopped, knowing what the answer usually was. Season four. The season he met Genevieve in. But today was a bad day to ask that. A really bad day. I turned around to look at him.

Jared froze for a second before swallowing hard. “Um… Uh, probably season four.”

Okay, let it go. You got a partial answer.

“Why?” the fan repeated.

Oh, God, please no…

Jared bit his lip, looking up at the high ceiling for a second, and glanced back. “I, um, it’s the season where I, uh, met-” his voice broke “-Gen.”

The person asking the question looked genuinely confused, as if they weren’t sure why Jared was getting emotional. They were either new and hadn’t had the chance to find out anything about our cast yet or they really just didn’t know much about Jared in general.

I walked up to Ashlyn, the woman who made sure the cast left their panels on time and whispered to her, “Can I crash his panel for the last few minutes?” 

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reduxrose  asked:

bro more vampire trimberly headcanons! Also maybe the rest of their coven aka the boys like how they're bat forms look like, what powers they have. I imagine Trini doesn't like being seen as the smallest vampire in the area lmao.


-First thing first, Trini doesn’t mind being the smallest. She’s learned to accept it and uses it to her advantage. Sometimes they still tease her about it but she’s just like “lmao who’s the one who was able to bite three people last night”

-for the most part, in their bat forms they all look pretty similar except that they all have like highlights of their respective ranger color or a tint idk the word I’m thinking of but you can definitely see their different colors. Oh and their eyes sometimes glow their colors as well

-Trini and Kim are literally the worst™ the boys are constantly telling them to get a room or pretending to vomit whenever they do something coupley (including when they’re innocently watching the great British baking show and cuddled up on the couch)

-They all live together (obviously) and have a HUGE backyard and Zack’s constantly back there playing with some stray dogs and he LOVES them all so much he’s got separate little buckets for all of their toys and he constantly lets them into the house. The first few times he did it Kim was unsure because she’s never had a dog as a vampire but they all grow to love their pups

-Jason will blast his music through the house for hours. Their neighbors think they don’t sleep for days at a time. (Not that they’re wrong)

-Also Kim had bit them all in different times to save them. Jason was the first she bit, then Zack. Then Billy and Trini. Billy and Trini are closest in terms of when they were bit.

-Two words: nerf battles. They love them. They’ll waste money in those little vests and all of those extra styrofoam bullets just to have one of their “grand battles” as Zack puts it. They do it boys vs girls and the girls usually win so one night Zack decides to switch it up and make Jason and Kim a team and he’s a team with Billy and Trini. Jason gets shot first because he’s distracted by Billy. Zack yells at Trini when they end up losing because Kim asked for a kiss.

-Kim constantly meet new vampires who go to her for help and it just breaks her heart that the person who bit them just left them to fend for themselves. Her and Jason work a buddy system and they help vampires who need help getting adjusted to everything

-also Billy loves to hear Kim’s stories and so every Friday night she tells him some.

-Trini and Kim are known as that couple. They’ll be chilling with all of their other vampire friends and they’re all lowkey jealous of how happy Kim and Trini are.

-oH AND they’re known for having a really good haunted house every single year on Halloween and they just love it so much. All the kids always come to their house for a good scare and they have so much fun with it

just.... i need another rant post about Good Game

-@discourse, hey, I know it’s not perfect, but for what it is, I’m freakin loving it.

-The second episode A Plot was obviously funky and I really wish they didn’t go there writing-wise. The title scared the heck out of me when I first read it. But that’s its own thing and I guess it’s a part of the Esports experience the writers wanted to tell so I’m not gonna shit on the show in general just for that. Upon re-watch I realized that the overall point is actually pretty okay, but I knew it was gonna piss people off. I wasn’t into it the first time but really liked it the second? idk. Take it or leave it. Just don’t give up hope because the next episode’s great. 

-I will say that Kamal still wins 0.5 redemption points for me at the end of 2. I get that it’s about him being the kid of the team but like if it’s going to keep going in this format of addressing one character’s baggage at a time then this was a bad example to start with. 

-B Plot, however, super rad.

-ok moving on

-you fuckers were right about the bong and i dont think thatll ever not be weird to watch

-I could’ve sworn to heck that Ashlex would’ve been endgame from hints in Episodes 1 and 2?? But now I have no idea??

-honestly boy thinks its a date and shows up in the Frenchiest hobo garb he’s got what a spiffy floof

-I’m still waiting on the inevitable Rylex roommate origin story. You can’t tell me they’re not going to give us these married idiots out of the void and expect we won’t want that sick fluffy backstory. They hired a young Ryland actor. Just. Give it to us.

-Can I…….protect Sam forever

-Honestly! If you’re doing that formulaic writing then episode 3 is how you do it! You introduce a bunch of assholes who hate each other and by the end your audience just wants to hug all of them! Let me hug Sam!!!!

-”I signed it from both of us” jesus christ are you hearing this

-Tinder guy

anonymous asked:

Your blog is so cute??? But also I was wondering if I could recommend some punk bands!!! (Preferably not super loud ones though bc I get migraines really bad and idk if that would affect it) but anyway thanks! I love your blog!!

okay some of these are pretty slow as far as “punk” goes (a few of them are more alternative than punk but ye) 

Mal Blum ! Super cool and i’m actually in love with them tbh. (A+ for them beign a super cool nonbinary pal) 

Just Nick . Kinda quiet folk punk! some songs have louder parts, but just listening with a bit of a lower volume helps with him 

Kimya Dawson . She’s literally the reason I’m into folk punk and i love her with my entire soul 

One Night Stand In South Dakota . Theyre a bit louder but they have this one song called Heterosexuality is a Social Construct and its my fave 

Daddy Issues . Super cool music with a super cool girl singer and super cool unknown sexuality 

          y’all   ,,,   y’all helped me reach  300+  followers  !!  i’m highkey  SHOOKETH  bc my dumbass compulsively made this blog on april 4th.  that’s right,  april fourth;  i’ve only had this blog for less than four weeks,  and you guys helped me get there.  for that,  this is a shoutout for all of you.  if you’re on this post,  i’m sending you lotsa love   (   and prayin’ for your finals grades,  since i know it’s this time of the year  ).  

                                     &&.  MY MAIN BITCHES !!
                            aka: my right hand babes,  my go-tos,  my fuckin’ coven of baes  !!

            @leftown  /  @typesfast​  lee  ,,,  u get the first thank u here bc we jumped into these blogs together and ur basically my cheerleader  ;)  and i’m yours  !!  we probably judge each other a bit for our  Life Decisions  in the early am’s,  but that’s okay  !!  here’s to a million more group chats,  impulsively making blogs,  and long nights of forcing each other to watch shows.  also to yelling  ICB  (  but we can  )  @  each other.

             @vanityriot  wtf i’m still lowkey  Raged  we didn’t know each other were on our respective blogs like  ,,,  yikes @ us  !!  catch us at our worst.  ur on here bc ur the eva to my noora,  period.  somehow we always end up playing the witch and the kid on the sports team.  idk how we do it.  lets just assume we’re soulmates and move on,  yes  !!  here’s to more drunk calls,  filipino food picture sharing,  present sharing  and  …  more nights of forcing each other to watch shows ;) 

          @usurpcd  moana  !!  i’m still waiting for proof that ur moana what the actual  Fuck  naomi  !??!!?!??!  anyways i’m glad u jumped into the gay with me.  more gay from us 2k17  !!  here’s to making new verses every other day,  plotting things and spamming each other with pretty girls in texts,  complaining about work,  and bugging each other to watch things  !!  

            @foodfanatic  /  @valediltorian  /  @r218  i want you to know i almost tagged just  ‘cosbo’.  i was gonna start with saying  ‘okay listen up bitch’  but apparently fate had other plans.  anyways  ,,,  listen up bitch  !!  start locking ur doors,  tell me about dallas,  texas,  maybe one day actually  REPLY IC TO ONE OF OUR THREADS ON JUGHEAD,  and i expect messages from u every morning.  it’s a part of my daily routine bc idk how u stay up as late as i do and still wake up early.  also ur middle finger looks like jughead’s nose,  good day.

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hs au cas being secretly in love with dean winchester, the talented boy from his fine arts class

cas pining after dean for ages, watching the way the boy sticks his tongue out in concentration as he sketches… the way he always seems to have charcoal smeared on one of his expertly sculpted cheekbones…

but cas is shy… and he knows that beautiful boys like dean will never be interested in strange, sweater vest-wearing guys like him…

dean belongs with the cool, edgy artists.

but no matter how many times cas tells himself that dean will never want him, he can’t seem to stop watching the way dean’s cheeks flush as he’s telling outrageous stories to the girls that constantly gather around him… the way his freckles look when the sun reflects off his bright skin…

he’s just hopelessly in love with a beautiful boy.

their junior year comes so quickly, and cas still hasn’t worked up the courage to talk to dean.

then one day, as cas struggles to remove his backpack from a too-narrow locker, a hand appears beside his and helps him pull the stubborn bag free.

cas’ eyes widen when he realizes the hand belongs to dean, who is standing there, cheeks flushed a beautiful shade of pink as he mumbles a stuttered “h-hey… cas.”

“you know my name?” cas stares at dean, unblinking.

“yeah…” dean stares back, looking slightly dazed. “so, uh… I think you left a sheet of paper on your desk in the art room”

he walks away before cas can say anything in response, and cas can’t help but feel slightly putout as he makes his way to the art room.

sure enough, there’s a paper on his desk. it’s addressed to him, with several attempts to spell his full name crossed out at the top.

check yes or no:
do you want to come to prom with me? (hint: my name is dean winchester and I’ve had a crush on you since freshman year so please check yes)
yes [ ]
no [ ]

cas doesn’t “check yes.”

he sprints through the school building and out to the parking lot where he spots dean walking towards a shiny black car.

and when cas catches up to him, he grabs dean’s shoulder and spins him around…

and then cas kisses him, hard and rough and inexperienced, right up against his pretty black car.

and dean kisses him back until they’re breaking apart and gasping for breath, eyes wide and dark… cheeks flushed as they stare at each other’s parted lips.

“that’s a pretty enthusiastic ‘yes,’ cas” dean whispers.

“I don’t do things halfway.” cas responds, just to see dean blush that much more.

anonymous asked:

I honestly think they're using the fanservice to be touchy feely w each other cuz I'm pretty sure during photoshoot they're not telling 'em to be THAT close. In all these SP pics they're more than close, sitting on each other lap, an arm here, a leg there. What is the world is going on. And I agree with the other anon, I also think Bang PD is a part of LGBQ.

honestly tha’ts a good point. like the staff coulda been like, “okay, jimin, jungkook. fans really like you two. so be a lil touchy feely” and jikook were like “oh touchy feely you say???? okay let me just be AS GAY AS POSSIBLE!!” (i’m joking, but like let’s be real lol). like, i get fan service, i do, and i can see why people think jikook is fan service. but let’s not forget that jikook are close. and i mean, idk if bang pd is part of the lgbtq+ community, but it’d be pretty freaking rad if he were. 

family dinner aww but okay like look at beka though 

just like looking at his fork wondering if this is what the world is like where the people are *part of your world plays* i mean what 

wondering if this fork would be good to style his hair 

or like this food is pretty damn good i wonder if yuri thinks the same

hey are u sad??? here are some funny band videos to cheer u up !!!

fall out boy


my chemical romance

panic! at the disco

pierce the veil

of mice & men

all time low

twenty one pilots

a day to remember

the brobecks

the academy is…

this took a rlly long time so it would be cool if you reblogged or added more vids bc i feel like im missing a lot of paramore, mcr, om&m, and atl but i cant think of what exactly. enjoy some laughter pals.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to get something off of my chest if that's okay. So I've come to terms with the fact that I'm pretty sure I'm asexual. My problem now is that I'm afraid to tell ppl bc they might be mean to me... as far as my romantic attraction goes, I'm straight and I feel like people might think I'm only labeling as ace to be part of the LGBT community (which isn't true bc I don't consider myself LGBT anyway bc Im still pretty much straight). Sorry this is confusing idk what to do :/

Sometimes people can be weird about asexuality, but overall I think you’ll be ok.
As long as you don’t step on anyone’s toes so to speak and respect other people’s spaces.
Hopefully if you give respect you’ll get respect back.

I experienced no sexual attraction or desire to be with people physically for most of high school. Like you, I still identified as straight at the time, so trying to become part of LGBT+ groups never really even crossed my mind. It was 5 years ago I started identifying as ace, so I didn’t know much about any related to this subject in general. This was a couple of years ago so people didn’t really talk about asexuality or know what it was. I didn’t identify as an ace until someone explained it to me and I was like “oh!!! I didn’t know that was a thing!”

I later realized that I was not asexual and was basically forcing myself to suppress any feelings of sexuality due to upbringing and pressure in my community.
However I still feel for you and the awkwardness and discomfort talking about asexuality to others can bring.
I want you to know I was teased and a few boys said no one would want to be with me because I wouldn’t “put out.” For the most part though everything was fine, I was not harassed, and I didn’t experience any serious traumatic events.


anonymous asked:

To Mod Wesley: you describing yourself as the ultimate label hoarding queer made my day bc I have so many labels and I'm pretty self conscious about it, but you gave me some new perspective, like idk, you just sounded badass when you said that and okay I'm rambling I'm not good at talking just know you made me feel better and now I kinda feel like part of a cool club okay bye *hides*

sdfljkghsdfdfh’gljh’gjklsdfghjkdlfghfkdjlghdlk this is the best and sweetest message I have ever gotten !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so so glad my self identifying (with multiple labels as well as just calling myself “the ultimate label hoarding queer”) has helped you feel better and maybe a little less self conscious about using so lots of labels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so so so so wonderful and honestly I’m so so so so honored and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are 10000% allowed to use all the labels you want and like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like we *are* part of a cool club !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s cool to label (or for some people not label, but in this case it’s label) your identity and experiences in the ways that are comfortable and useful to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it’s cool to respect how other people choose to label (or not label) themselves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sfkjghsgjlksdfjgahdfhfkljghsdkl’jdhgkljfdghklfdjg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Also just on a side note, the whole “I’m rambling I’m not good at talking” thing is super duper relatable……… if you couldn’t tell by looking at my response to this ask……………. but I promise, you’re doing great !!!!)


Okay, so I’m kind of super duper excited and flustered about this message so I apologize for my prior response not making a ton of sense ?? But basically I’m super super excited for you and super super honored to have been able to help you feel better & to have been able to help give you some new perspective in how you view your identities !!!! 

Also, I don’t actually know a whole lot about “cool” or “badass” in terms of how it’s traditionally used, but I do know 1000% that it’s cool and badass to respect how other people identify and it’s cool and badass to use labels in ways that are comfortable and make sense to you !!!! Therefore, you’re definitely part of a cool n badass club !!!!! 

(dfkjghsflghdlgadh’jkl I still don’t actually know if I’m making sense)

In summation, you’re wonderful and excellent and good and I’m super super happy for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜

Mod Wesley (sdsfjkghsdfjl’kghdl I got so flustered I forgot to sign it when I first posted it Jeez Wes)

magnolia-chico  asked:

Do you know any good inukag fanfics where inuyasha can't control his jealousy? I LOVE your blog btw❤️

Originally posted by inukagstuff

Wow like one of my favorite tropes ever. Gosh. There are so many I don’t know where to begin. Hmm I’m not sure what constitutes as ‘can’t control his jealousy’ but I do know of fics where he is jealous!!

What am I Supposed to Say? by Ai2000 is a cute oneshot!


Jealous by Ayster I know I know  but because you asked for jealous Inuyasha this fic just popped up in my head. I mean I know it’s popular and stuff. VERY NSFW and very OOC IMO. I still enjoy it a lot!~

Finders Keepers by RainFlame this is an adorable oneshot. I just LOVE Inuyasha jealous over Kagome’s attention in general. What a needy guy XD

TouchofPixieDust is QUEEN of making me feel the torment Inuyasha goes through when even another guy looks her way. And how his low self esteem is his own worst enemy sometimes. 
I Don’t Belong Here it’s a small moment in this oneshot. But it’s powerful IMO. At least to me. She only says it in passing but Inuyasha has selective hearing and that’s all he cares about. 
Mirror Images and Touching Mirror Images Inuyasha is at an all time low for his self esteem. Well he has the resignation that Kagome has to go back and yet he gets to angry and then very sulky. AAH it’s hard to explain without fangirling and telling you all my feelings. Inuyasha’s part is pretty subtle but they are moments that stand out to me and I LIVE for them. 
Kagome’s Baby LOL just read the first few chapters after Kagome announces to the group she’s having a baby and it’s not hers. He’s about to kill someone. (it’s not what you think this fic XD) 
Mine First IDK what it’s about a needy Inuyasha that’s so Kagome-centeric but it has me so weak. 
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Okay but when he finds out what the game means he’s so worried. 
A Moments Hesitation please oh god. When Inuyasha decides to take a step back in her life and then he thinks over how he doesn’t deserves her yet he can’t live without seeing her everyday. He stomach churns at the thought of her being with someone else yet…he doesn’t deserve that life. It hurts so goooood.
(Is it obvious I’m deep in love with this author? Cause she can do no wrong and her stuff is gold. All of it. Now I could keep going cause talking about her fics never gets old to me but this list is getting long XD) 

Give Me Love - an InuKagAU by EnelyaTheSmall the whole plot is set into motion because of his jealousy. 

A Sealed Fate by ajoy3 is one of my favorite fics and because there’s another guy involved Inuyasha doesn’t take it well. I suggest reading it cause it makes my heart hurt and yet I’ve never loved more. 

He’s My Girl by Karaumea makes me laugh because he gets so jealous and there’s nothing he can do about it but try to make the other guy look bad. 

And thank you!! I’m so glad you like my blog! I’m so honored aufha;skghljg

yes okay, i have to admit for a little while i was stuck on what exactly hed look like either but seeing as its been like more than a week and i still havent updated the fic i finally settled on a look

there he is!!!  yes its a standard superhero suit (which ill be explaining more in the next part) with pretty much just a jacket over it because Josh gets cold sometimes idk wouldnt you let him live

its honestly a wonder tyler hast realized its josh yet i mean seriously theyre best friends that mask doesnt even cover half his face

theyve kissed for god’s sake honestly these losers are hopeless.

(also note: i know i said in the first fic that his ensemble included a cape but since that was supposed to be a one shot i just pictured a standard hero outfit, for the sake of continuity though the suit does come with a cape josh just chooses not to wear it cause he thinks its tacky)

anyway the next part should be coming soon and ive gotta warn you its not very kind to josh so i hope those of you keeping up with the –> FIC <– enjoy this little bit of cute before the storm. im going to bed 

caven---malore  asked:

Okay so, Anatole is pretty much in Poland all alone for the most part during the war (modern au btw) and it's just him, no vassily, no dolokhov, no helene. But none of them really know what happened those months (maybe years Idk how long Anatole spends there ill update after I get there in w&p) bc it's just so,,,,traumatic he doesn't want to talk about it but over the years they all get hints of what went on