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this 7-year-old character is a really ambiguous mirror atm but if they’re us (which i think they are, at least in some part) it’s so cute that S is like “they are…. children…. teeny children…”


Part 2

Summary: You are single in Valentines Day just like in the past one year so your best friend, Natasha gave you a ticket to Tenerife. But you’re not going alone
Words count:1400
Warnings: fluff, fun, cute Bucky 

part 1

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I woke up to my alarm. For a few minutes I’m just lying in the bed and trying to wake up (like really). I stretched until I’m in a really weird position. I am lying on my stomach my right leg ir on the floor and the other is next to my torso. One of my hand is under my head while the other one is holding onto the bed frame. 

Suddenly someone is knocking on the door and I wasn’t waken up enough to realize who was it. So I just easily tell him to get in. As Bucky step in he started laughing.“I see you are comfortable, but in one hour we should go” 

He still laughing when I realize who was it. I quickly try to look less horrible but it didn’t really work. As I try to lie on my back, but I lost my balances and fall down. Bucky stopped laughing and run to me.

“(Y/N) are you alright?”

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Right? ...Right. (Jisung x Male!Reader)

Scenario: Part two of Cute or Cool! Jisung has been talking about this one cafe for weeks and you two decide it’s good enough for your first date. Everything is going smoothly until some unexpected guests show up.

Word Count: 2261

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You fixed your scarf over your mouth and tucked your chin deeper into the warmth. At this point you weren’t sure if you were hiding your face from the cold or the embarrassment. You were on your first date with your newly appointed boyfriend, Park Jisung. He was holding your hand in his, dragging you off to a new cafe he talked nonstop about during your lunch breaks. You two spent every lunch together but this one was different. This one was on a Sunday.

You squeezed Jisung’s hand, still unsure if this was all a dream. When he squeezed your hand back and shot you a smile you felt your heart swell with love and you pushed your face further into your scarf.  

“We’re here!” Jisung exclaimed, stopping in front of a small yet cozy building. The windows were decorated with cute drawings of flowers and coffee cups. “Isn’t it nice? Come on, I’ll show you my favourite spot!”

You followed Jisung into the cafe, eyes wide in awe as you took in your surroundings. The interior was soft and pastel, the lamps and ceiling lights were shaped like, large, fluffy clouds, and the smell, oh wow, the smell was captivating. From the soft waft of cake to the deep roast of coffee you enjoyed every bit of it. Jisung led you by the hand to a table near the windows, sitting across from you as you traced the drawings lightly with your finger. You took care not to damage the art.

When you came back to your senses, Jisung was smiling at you from over the table. The corners of his eyes were creased and he seemed as if he was glowing in happiness. You couldn’t recall just how long you had zoned out for and felt the heat creep up your spine. You hid your hands in your lap and kicked your feet to distract yourself.

“This place is nice..” You said, just above a whisper. You couldn’t quite place why you felt so shy. Maybe it was because of the new atmosphere and your gushing feelings.

“Right? Renjun hyung showed it to us! We come here every chance we get, it’s NCT’s favourite spot!” Jisung rambled, smiling all the while. He reached out and coaxed your hand into his, interlacing your fingers. “I’m really happy I got to share it with you.”

You smiled widely, not just physically but from deep within as well. You were truly in love with him. From his childish smile to his sudden growth spurts that made you almost fearful, you loved it all.

You leaned closer, finding a sudden burst of confidence. “Jisung, I… I-!”

“Jisung?!” You heard a muffled voice say. You both looked towards the source of the noise and Jisung quickly let go of your hands at the sight of his hyung. Or… Hyungs.
The smile on Jisung’s face was gone, replaced by a panicked, confused grimace. He watched as the entirety of NCT Dream entered the cafe, all eyes on Jisung’s plus one.

They crowded around the table, Haechan sliding in beside Jisung to wrap an arm around his shoulder and ruffle his hair. “So~? Who’s your friend?”

“N-No one…” Jisung mumbled, pushing Haechan’s hand away from him. He fixed his hair and avoided eye contact. “What are you guys doing here?”

“You said you were busy with studies so we came to get you some snacks…” Renjun said, fiddling with the hem of his sweater.

“Studies?” You asked, looking at Jisung in question. “You told them you were studying today?” You couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt. Why did he need to lie?

Jisung looked away, fidgeting in his seat. Any other moment you would have found it absolutely adorable but right now you needed answers. The others clearly had a similar goal. All eyes were on Jisung, awaiting his answer.  

“Jisung, what’s going on?” Jeno asked, arms crossed over his broad chest.

“If you wanted to hang out alone with a friend you could have just told us.” Chenle added.

Haechan hugged Jisung tight again, ignoring his weak flails and pushes to get him away. “Yeah, dude! So are you going to introduce us to him or…?”

Jisung looked at you briefly before looking down into his lap. As he spoke it seemed like he was in pain as he tried to get the words out. “Guys… This is… My hyung… and b-boyfriend…”

Mark was the first to react, his mouth falling open in shock. “What?! Boyfriend?!”

The cafe went silent and the group of students could feel all eyes on them. Mark bowed and apologised under his breath before sliding into the seat next to Haechan and Jisung.

“Boyfriend?” He said again, quieter this time. “As in… Dating?”

Haechan’s eyebrows flew into his hairline. “You’re on a date?”

“With your boyfriend?” Mark finished.

Jisung could only nod and look over to you nervously. He mouthed an apology as Chenle boldly slipped down beside you, pulling Renjun down with him.

“So you’re gay?” Chenle asked.

Jisung sputtered and you weren’t sure if you were supposed to answer that. From the look on his face, you guessed it was best to stay quiet. You tucked your chin into your scarf and looked out the window.

“Chenle, who taught you that word?!” Renjun’s large eyes were even larger, his eyebrows creased into a look of concern.

“Haechan hyung. We were suspecting someone in NCT was gay but I never imagined it to be Jisung.” Chenle pouted and placed his chin in his hands. “My bets were on Ten hyung.”

“I was betting on Doyoung hyung.” Haechan confessed.

Mark gave them both a look of disbelief. “You guys aren’t phased by this at all? Not even a little? Jisung has a boyfriend! A-And they’re on a date!”

Jisung blinked rapidly and wiggled his mouth in some weird anxiety-fueled fidget. You blindly felt around under the table until you could feel his cold, sweaty hands brush against yours. When you grabbed his long fingers he looked at you, a small twinge of adoration seeping through the worry and fear smeared across his face.

Chenle made a face. “Yeah but he’s happy, right?”

Renjun and the others nodded in agreement. “If he’s happy, there’s no problem, right?”

Mark locked eyes with you, worrying his bottom lip. You could feel him looking through you with those big, eager eyes. He was scanning you, reading every little movement you made. You flashed an awkward smile and he looked surprised before returning the smile.

“…Right.” He said with slight hesitance. “Right.”

“So, you guys are totally okay with me liking guys?” Jisung asked. You could feel his hands shaking from beneath the table.

“Yeah, dude! You’re our maknae on top, if you’re happy, we’re happy!” Haechan had a serious yet playful look on. He gave Jisung one last hug before slamming two hands down onto the small, wooden table. “That being said and done, I think we should get going.”

“Yes, we should.” Mark agreed, shimmying his way out of the small booth.

Haechan followed and Renjun got up after them, skipping off with Jeno and Chenle to get something quick off the cloud themed menus before leaving.

You looked at Jisung and he looked at you. You both sat there, emotionless before perking up and trying your best to contain your squeals.

Jisung’s eyes read of something along the lines of ‘they accepted me!’ and ‘I am so sorry I lied about us.’

You hoped he was able to read the soft message in your eyes of ‘It’s okay.’ If not, the circles you rubbed into his hand and the soft smile you sent him should have done the trick.

As if by some twisted luck, prying you from your moment once again, Chenle was leaning over the seat of the booth, whispering into your ear in a teasing voice.

“If you ever want to see Jisung’s baby photos, I’ve got connections.”

Side Story: Pillow Talk II

A/N: This is a combo. This is the fluffy, cute part. Second part is coming soon.


Zelda cleaned her face, brushed her hair and changed into a delicate nightie and robe, trying to look subtly more attractive.

She calmly awaited for Link to arrive while writing on her diary, smiling to herself as she recalled the events of the day.

The ink on the paper hadn’t even dried when a knock on the mirror door made her sprint quickly to open it.

The man on the other side brought a smile to her lips.

‘Hello again, love’, Link greeted her with a chaste kiss.

‘Hello’, she meekly answered, cheeks already rosier than usual. ‘You look like yourself again’.

‘Yeah, the stubble was good for keepin’ warm, but it’s kinda annoying’.

‘You looked good’, Zelda patted his cheek, ‘But I like you better like this. Come with me’.

She lead him by the hand to the fireplace and they sat close to the fire. A tray full of treats and a teapot was served on a low table. Zelda served some tea for both of them. She silently sipped her tea while Link gobbled down a cinnamon roll and a slice of lemon cake, certainly amused of her beloved’s appetite.

‘I didn’t realize I had a serious case of the munchies’, he said once done, ‘I missed this’.

‘Likewise’. She wiped a crumb stuck on his cheek. ‘You owe me an explanation’.

‘Oh, right’, he remembered, ‘Nayru’s Love’.

Zelda nodded.

‘Long story short: lightning fell on a tree on top of a mountain wall. The tree collapsed. I was helpin’ out some rookies on the rear move a cart that was stuck in the snow. Part of the timber, and a shitload of snow and rocks fell upon us’ , he roughly narrated. ‘By all accounts, we should’ve died. Period’.

‘Goddesses’, Zelda whimpered.

‘But we didn’t… thanks to you, and the spell you taught me when you went with me to Ordon to meet Rusl and them folks’, he clarified, ‘so don’t be all pouty, love. It’s over, I’m here with you, and…’ - he lifted her by the waist, sitting her on his lap, to her surprise - ‘you are mine… I never thought you would reciprocate my feelings, and here we are, all happy and cuddly’.

'You are right’, Zelda rested her head on his shoulder. ‘which reminds me I should start teaching you magic’- she sat up straight- 'give me your hands, please’.

‘Zelda, you’re killing me’, he said, with a disapproving look. 'and the mood’. He put his hands to his sides, palms facing up.

‘It will be short’. Her fingers entwined with his, and both closed their eyes to resonate their triforces.

It was a completely new feeling compared to that first time in Ordon. Their thoughts, experiences, and feelings during the last months were very different from their first try. They were laughing at the exchange of each other’s memories, surrounded by the golden light.

'You actually liked me watchin’ your cleavage in Ordon!’, Link gasped, ‘cheeky! I’ve never forgotten ‘bout that darn mole!’

'I shall not delve into the details of your dirty thoughts about me’. She chuckled,already flushed. 'But I feel quite flattered’.

Well, that’s a surprise, Link thought, letting go of her hands, uselessly trying to hide what Zelda had already seen.

‘You do not have to feel bad, it is natural’, she laughed, caressing his cheek, ‘sooner or later we will be physically intimate’.

Link realized he could have freaked out at her affirmation, but she was actually right, and kept calm.

‘For your enlightenment, I have lived for almost twenty-one years surrounded by gossipy ladies’, Zelda tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, ‘I have heard more things about intercourse than I would like to’.

‘I have seen goats mate’.

‘Now you are killing me!’ -her eyes widened- ‘we should go back to your magic lesson’.

‘We should go back to this!’, and he interrupted her with a full kiss on the lips.

That was something Zelda could agree with.


this post is one part selfie without makeup for validation one part selfie to show off my new haircut that i love and one part complaining about my song im doing on the violin bc it is not super fun but i like it so yeah

behindthebook  asked:

The imagine you wrote about Betty being undercover and in -scandalous- clothes was so cute! Can I please ask for a part two?

Oh my goodness absolutely, I’ve actually gotten a few messages asking about doing a part two! I’ll for sure do that!

Wild saturday night

Thanks Heidi @quadsasaurus-rex for tagging me for this wild thing 😁 and of course you should tell us 15 random facts of yourself too!
1. I am 188cm tall
2. I have started doing sports in 2006
3. I already had a burn out, it teached me alot about life
4. I always had a hate love with going out, if i was at home I wanted to be out, if I was out I wanted to be at home
5. I have 5 cockatiels
6. My favourite writer was David Gemmell
7. I have seen the Harry Potter films over 20 times
8. Same goes with Lord of the Rings
9. I am afraid of hights, thats one part why I stopped climbing after 8 years
10. I make cute models of old barns
11. I am a gamer since before there was windows
12. The only bone I ever broke was my head
13. Currently i am saving for a new bathroom
14. I am fitter than ever in my life
15. I sleep in a waterbed

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