this part in the books always makes me cry

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I'm so glad you ship Harry with Cedric!! All of my friends say I'm crazy when I say I ship it

Omg, but Hedric is so wonderful though!!!! Cedric would be the perfect first boyfriend for Harry- he’d be so patient and gentle and would be such a wonderful source of support for Harry as he came to terms with his sexuality and came out to his friends. And Cedric would pick wildflower bouquets for Harry (I think he’d have a language of flowers book and pick ones that are symbolic) and they’d go on picnics by the lake and talk about their fears for the upcoming tasks and Cedric would always walk him back to Gryffindor and gently kiss him in front of the portrait and they’d just be so fucking sweet :)

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That one part at 1:45 on the video when they announce the book and dans voice breaks a little and Phil turns to look at him so adoringly and making sure dans alright and then proceeds a jump cut and Phil telling Dan to stop before everyone starts crying still gets me to this day two years later. Dan really is a sentimental little shit.

interesting that you conclude that dan is a sentimental shit from this, bc really i feel like dan is being sentimental left and right about everything always, but this little exchange is so special in that it’s such a rare example of phil being a sentimental shit in view of all of us, with no reservations or insecurity. he’s openly admitting that the idea of this great sprawling history he has with dan, everything that they’ve created together and accomplished, the sheer unlikelihood and rareness of their story, all of it makes him emotional to the point of crying. it’s a little moment but one that i think about a lot because it felt so important to hear phil affirm his own emotional response to all of it that way. as much as we, the audience, like to think about how rare and beautiful their story and success is, it’s always something special to catch glimpses of these moments where they acknowledge that beauty themselves. ahhh ik the book announcement was controversial and made some people unhappy but you can just tell that they really were so invested in commemorating everything they’ve built together. it’s v beautiful to think about :) 

(watch the video here

Okay so, I have been waiting for the new IT movie for probably over a decade (whenever they first started rumors of remaking it), so the fact that part 1 is coming on September 8th gives me massive feels. The original TV movie is one of my all time favorite movies, and I have probably seen it hundreds of times since I was like three.

I had it taped, and watching it was always an awesome experience because not only did I have the movie, but all these nostalgic commercials from 1990. God, I wish I still had that tape!!!

Anyway, I love the movie and the book. I am a sucker for camaraderie stories. And the fact that Finn Wolfhard is in it makes me want to cry because he was so great in Stranger Things.

I really, really hope the movie translates well onto screen (because let’s face it, as terrifying as the TV movie was, the ending was awful). I also hope the new Pennywise lives up to Tim Curry’s portrayal. I really don’t think anyone could top that performance.

Ugh, I cannot wait!!! Five more months!



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Bucky Barnes x Reader: “If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.” 

Warnings: Fluff. Asshole boyfriend. Food mention.

Word count: 1,107

“Hey, Y/N,” Bucky says, stepping into your kitchen, his arms laden with groceries; even though your cold has been letting up the last few days, he had offered up his help in any way he could, assuring you that he was by your side until you made a full recovery. He settles the bags onto the table in front of you before he starts unpacking them.

“Hey, Buck,” you reply with a sigh.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, pausing in his endeavor. “Why do you look so upset?”

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reasons why Night Watch is my favorite pterry book

It’s a book about revolutions for people who don’t like revolution books.

It’s a book about time travel for people who don’t like time travel books — it’s the only time travel book where the hero doesn’t decide that it’s best to not meddle with the past for the sake of saving the future. Instead, Vimes learns to sacrifice the future.

It positively portrays sex workers — not only were they not tragic or over-sexualized, they were revolutionaries fighting for a cause.

It deals with police brutality and government corruption in a smart, original way.

It doesn’t have any messages about how the plucky underdog will always win if they try hard enough — its message isn’t that clear cut, because real life isn’t that clear cut. It talks about sacrifice and loyalty and power and struggle, and it feels raw and real, and it isn’t nice about it.

I know everyone likes to quote How do they rise up? but the part that makes me cry is when Vimes looks up, knowing he can’t win, and sees that overhead the lilacs were in bloom.

No other Discworld book made me cry.

…and while it did make me cry, it was also completely fucking hilarious, like every other thing pterry has written.

Sir Terry Pratchett, only you could have written this book. Thank you.


“Harvey might not have a genius memory but he can remember verbatim Mike’s opinion on the subject: how many hundreds of things had to happen to get us into the same room – Grammy’s suddenly needing more care, Trevor offering me the deal and me saying yes for the first time, his suppliers choosing that deal to betray him, the pool being closed, me reading that book in elementary school, Rick Sorkin never showing, Donna letting me into that room. And that’s just on my side – Jessica had to promote you on that day and book that particular room at that particular hotel on that particular day…”

- From this lovely fanfic love will come through (it’s just waiting for you)  by @tattooedsiren 

I love this part so much I had to make some gif’s and we all know they were always meant to be.

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Name: Grace

Nickname: Gracie (but everyone I know calls me Grass… I don’t know why. Please stop this nightmare. Literally I just respond to Grass now)

Birth Month: August

Height: 5′ 9′’

Ethnicity: White (I am very pale but during the summer I unnaturally get super tan without going outside because I’m part Cuban)

Orientation: Straight?? (?????)

Favorite Vegetable: Potato (I don’t care what you say, it is a vegetable and I will stuff my face with deadly amounts of carbs until I die)

Favorite Book: It’s impossible to pick, but the Percy Jackson series and the Michael Vey Series never get old and always make me laugh and cry.

Favorite Season: Fall 

Favorite Scent: Anything sweet like baked desserts 

Favorite Animals: I love cats (even though I’m allergic)

Favorite Beverage: Sprite, cream soda, root beer, Shirley temples and water

Average Hours of Sleep: 5-6 (and I’m suffering)

Favorite Fictional Characters: Also an impossible to answer question. It depends what phase I’m in, whether it be a musical or book. Like right now I love Michael Mell, Evan Hansen, and Connor Murphy. But Percy Jackson, Michael Vey, and everyone in the warrior series (Yes I like the cat books. I was a child once) will always have a place in my heart.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 3 (I like to be warm, but I hate my room when it its hot, so I have my fan on high all the time. It’s easier to be cold than hot, because then I can snuggle, but when I’m hot I’ll just suffer)

Dream Trip: Broadway or Europe

Blog Created: My blog just turned 3 (Oh god)

Number of Followers: 127 (which is amazing so thank you all for following this shit storm)

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I've got it booked marked!! You did NOT fail, give it time my love, I for one personally can NOT do WIPs so I wait until all chapters are listed, but I have you on my subscription page!!

;w; ♥

Sometimes I tell myself I don’t want to read WIPs because what if there’s a sudden plot twist that I’m super uncomfortable with? I always worry about that which makes me a terrible, terrible reader. (Because I suck at reviewing when I don’t know if I can commit to the story. I suck. I’m part of the problem I’m always crying about.)

Buuuuut, the second chapter will go up later today. I’m tempted to just say “whatever” and upload it now because I doubt waiting until the US is awake would bring in more readers.

Why you should all read the Skulduggery Pleasant Series by Derek Landy

Okay you sorry lot, sit down and shut up. You are all about to get EDUCATED on the magical world of Skulduggery Pleasant. 

((So I am currently suffering through some terrible “the skulduggery pleasant series is over, I have read every book, short story and companion novel, my life is over why” feels and I think the way to make me feel better is to make everyone else suffer the same feels as me. So here you go.))

Learning Objectives for today: 

  • Learn about the Skulduggery Pleasant series
  • Go out and buy the Skulduggery Pleasant Series
  • Read the Skulduggery Pleasant Series 

What is the Skulduggery Pleasant Series all about?

“Stephanie’s uncle Gordon is a writer of horror fiction. But when he dies and leaves her his estate, Stephanie learns that while he may have written horror, it certainly wasn’t fiction. Pursued by evil forces intent on recovering a mysterious key, Stephanie finds help from an unusual source - the wisecracking skeleton of a dead wizard.”- Goodreads

The main protagonist is a girl called Valkyrie Cain who mistakenly discovers she has magic, she is mentored by a living skeleton called Skulduggery Pleasant. They are a crime fighting duo who save the world on multiple occasions. 

There’s nine regular books, plus a short-story collection and a spin-off.

The world-building is magnificent (and one of the things I love so much about it), almost every character is likable, the twist are mind-blowing, and you will bawl your eyes out or want to fling the book into a corner on multiple occasions.

There are a lot of strong female characters, even though not always in the traditional sense, many characters are very much queer (it’s only hinted at in the earlier books, but as the series goes on, it’s heavily implied, and the author himself has confirmed the “queerness” of many characters).

Also, the titular character is a skeleton who likes nice suits, fights with magic and drives in a Bentley. What more do you need?!

I’d recommend it if you like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and/or the Mortal Instruments. Or action in general.- kitsunetook

“Her parents wanted her to find her own way in life. That’s what they’d said countless times in the past. Of course, they’d been referring to school subjects and college applications and job prospects. Presumably, at no stage did they factor living skeletons and magic underworlds into their considerations. If they had, their advice would probably have been very different.”

What does the Skulduggery Pleasant Series mean to me?

I started reading the Skulduggery Pleasant series when I was 11 when I was going through a really traumatic period of my life. Not great things were happening in my life at that time and I had to move away from home to stay with foster parents. The people I was staying with had a son who had the book and I read it.  I literally relied on Valkyrie’s strength to help me to get through this time. I really found a lot of solace in Valkyrie as she was strong and fierce and indestructible. And I got through it, with Val and Skulduggery by my side.Since then, every year a new book comes out and every year I am the same age as Valkyrie. I have spent the past seven years of my life with Valkyrie, Skulduggery and all the rest. I really feel like Valkyrie is a close friend and the parallels I draw from her life and mine have really helped me with teenage struggles. Whilst she was fighting soul snatching remnants I was fighting nasty girls at school etc. It cannot be understated that the series has played a massive part in my adolescence and has literally saved my life. Thank you Derek Landy for creating this magical place, it will live on inside me for as long as I live! Until the very end.. 

I first read this book seven years ago when I was twelve: when the protagonist, Valkyrie Cain was also twelve. At the time I first met Valkyrie/Stephanie I was going through I very troubled time in my life and was staying with a foster family, their son lent me the book and I found great solace in it. If Valkyrie could cope with such a big change in her life so could I. Every year when a new book came out I grew a year older with her, and she has been a huge comfort in my adolescence. The end of the series has marked the end of an era, the end of my teenage years, and the beginning of adulthood!

Why should you read it?

  • Because it is quite literally THE best series ever, yes that’s better than Harry Potter.
  • SP has the best written female protagonist of ANY book I’ve ever read, all the other characters are also amazing! You find yourself becoming attached to psychopaths and murderers. 
  • The story world is epic, magic, richly detailed and literally awesome in every way. 
  • With a lot of middle grade/ YA fantasy it can seem like a simple good vs bad battle but it is anything but that, each character is complex and has good and bad points.
  • The writing is amazing, with serious poetic bits that make you cry and then parts where the sarcasm levels are through the roof and you are literally LOL’ing at a book by yourself.
  • The story line is always fast paced and exciting, just so good in every way.

I have never met another person who has read the series and gone “meh it was alright” it’s always “OMFG THOSE BOOKS ARE MY LIFE” and I think that sums up just how good the books are.

I might host a read-a-long at some stage this summer if it is something people would be interested in, let me know!


The Selection series has been with me for only three years, and they’re very special. Actually, they’re a helluva lot. These are the books I always get back to when things aren’t quite nice, when real life strikes me hard. They are the ones that always put a smile on my face, no matter how sad they make me feel when I get to the end, or how much I cry for the characters. It is all part of the journey, and when I think about them, it’s smiling. They’re like my best friends, and I’m very grateful for them. Kiera Cass, I appreciate you.

Why   /part 2/

Part one

I didn’t know what to expect upon first meeting Soryu. Initially, I thought he was scary, and cold. Well, I know now to never judge a book by its cover. Soryu is, or was, the perfect man for me. I loved waking up to see his face and cooking him omelets in the morning. Just spending a few minutes or sometimes hours chatting away and never getting bored. Seeing him smile…makes my heart cry out in joy. He never proposed, but I always guessed it was right around the corner. Until…he started acting weird. It was little things at first, like forgetting to say ‘I love you’ when we parted ways or not helping me here and there when I needed it. But then he would be away from home over a few days unexpectedly and never explain why. I always assumed that it was because of work. Then I felt his love disappear. The way he looks at me, it doesn’t look like a look of love. Before, I could see his eyes light up and his entire face would just glow. Now, he just gives me these dull expressions. I thought I was just imagining it, so I ignored it. He stopped saying ‘I love you’ completely, even after I’d say it, he’d just smile and/or nod. It felt fake, forced. I figured that we just weren’t having enough sex, but anytime we did it he just seemed…bored. No matter what I tried or how often I tried, I just couldn’t get that spark from him. I was scared I was losing him…scared that one day he’d go out and tell me that he doesn’t love me and never did. By that point, I was just waiting for my heart to be broken, hoping that maybe I was wrong and misinterpreting all the signs. The thing about hope is…sometimes it’s suffocating, paralyzing even. You hang on to this one believe, not realizing that the cold hard truth would be better. The longer you hold onto hope, the more it’ll hurt when it’s gone. I stayed hopeful for too long. I’m too optimistic, I really should’ve known better.

A couple days ago, I was working a night shift with Chisato. I wasn’t really focused on work, too busy worrying about Soryu and hanging on hope. She noticed my behavior quickly, and told me to go ahead home. I really didn’t want to, who lets their emotions get in front of their job? Reluctantly, I went back to our place. I didn’t expect him to be home, and I most certainly did not expect him to be on our bed, dancing in the sheets with some chick. They didn’t notice me, or they seemed like they didn’t. But to be fair, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t make my presence known. I was just so surprised I could barely breathe. The girl he was with…was absolutely beautiful. Strawberry blonde hair and baby blue eyes, he looked completely enthralled by her beauty. After I had gotten a good look at my replacement, I knew I no longer was needed. I knew Soryu had found someone special to him, and it wasn’t me. I left silently, not wanting to disturb the lovebirds. 

After that it’s…kinda all just a big blur. I remember walking around the area feeling numb. I somehow ran into Baba and next thing I know I’m wrapped in a blanket being consulted by him and Ota. I didn’t tell them the full story, just how I was feeling and why I didn’t want to go back home. Ota generously gave me his bed to sleep in and Baba got me some food. Don’t know where he got it from, but I remember it tasting really good. They kept saying Soryu was ‘gonna get it’ when they saw him again, but I’m pretty sure I convinced them to not be so hasty. Even though I was an emotional wreck at the time, they stayed with me. Those guys…they really are my best friends. I never knew they cared so much, it made me feel so happy. Up until now, I’ve just been hoping back and forth between Ota’s and Baba’s place. I even spent a day with Mamoru when those two were busy. I know Mamoru doesn’t know what happened, but he was being less rude to me that day. I guess…they’re all like my overprotective brothers. Now, I’ve finally decided to officially move on. I was planning on taking all my stuff out of our room and going back to my old place. Baba had informed me that Soryu would be gone for a while so this would be a good time to get everything together. But once I entered this room for the first time I…froze. I sat on the same bed they made love in, that we used to make love in, and cried. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I just stared in that mirror and became lost in my own thoughts. I kept asking myself…Why? Out of all the questions I had, that one was the most important. Why did he do it? Then…you showed up and here I am, telling you how hell has been.

I tried to smile at my little joke at the end, but instead I ended up sighing as I snuggled up closer to Eisuke. He squeezed me a little tighter and wiped some of the tears spilling from my eyes. Eisuke really is nice…I used to think the bidders were all cold hearted jerks, but they’re all really caring. He kissed the top of my head and instead of pulling away, I looked up at him.

“Thank you…for being here and listening” I whispered. He smiled at me, with a real genuine smile, not his usual overconfident smirk. We stared at each other for a while, then I noticed his face slowly get closer to mine. ‘Is…is he going to kiss me?’ He is…isn’t he? ‘Did I want to kiss him?’ Despite what my mind said, I leaned in closer and closed my eyes.

Suddenly, before our lips connected, I heard the door fly open. Out of instinct, I opened my eyes and attempted to jump up, but Eisuke kept a firm grip on my waist. I was just about to scold him when I heard a voice say my name at the door. My heart stopped.

“Soryu…” I whispered, searching his face for any emotion. He appeared cold and serious standing at the door frame, just like the first time we meet.

“Soryu” Eisuke said, spitting out venom and angrily glaring at his friend.

“…Eisuke” Soryu said. He looked so intimidating, it sent shivers down my spine. Where was my kind, sweet, loving, and loyal Soryu? I want him back…I desperately want him back. I felt Eisuke leave my side and walk up to him.

“Eisuke…!” I whisper shouted. The last thing I needed right now was for the two of them to fight. I couldn’t forgive myself if I was the reason they were no longer friends.

“Now, now…” Eisuke said in an even voice. “Soryu and I just need to talk…” Before I could protest further he grabbed Soryu by the collar and threw him back, exiting the room and closed the door behind him. Once again, I was left in the darkness.

Please don’t expect part 3(if I’m even doing a part three) to be out as fast as this was…

Livid, adj.

Fuck you for cheating on me. Fuck you for reducing it to the word cheating . As if this were a card game, and you sneaked a look at my hand. Who came up with the term cheating, anyway? A cheater, I imagine. Someone who thought liar was too harsh. Someone who thought devastator was too emotional. The same person who thought, oops, he’d gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Fuck you. This isn’t about slipping yourself an extra twenty dollars of Monopoly money. These are our lives. You went and broke our lives. You are so much worse than a cheater. You killed something. And you killed it when its back was turned
—  A Lover’s Dictionary - David Levithan,
Something Different *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Requested by @mrs–rogers
Summary: Insecurities, Steve helping you and getting the Avengers to prove you are important to them.
Warnings: Swearing, body shaming, self-loathing and hate, fluff and love
Admins Note: Sorry this took so long to get up, I had to refine it (probably still need to edit it). Hope you like it, let me know what you think.

You weren’t anything special, not to you anyway, you didn’t see anyone important when looking in the mirror. Yes, you are an Avenger but there are much more important faces in the squad, people that if they died whole nations would mourn for them but for you? 

No one would bat an eyelid for you because you have no emotional or physical impact on anyone. You deemed yourself useless, there’s someone always better and you were waiting for the Avengers to realise that, you enjoyed your time with them while it lasted and you would be upset to go but you’d understand. 

You weren’t physical attractive or to you anyway, you saw an average looking person, who had minor fighting skills; compared to Natasha, you were mediocre, she was badass and intimidatingly pretty. You didn’t stand out in a crowd, you blended in so well that you even found yourself boring, uninteresting and pathetic. 

You’re different, you’d rather be sat reading and watching TV than doing anything productive, you hate conflict and thrive off social media sites; you actually have a few friends on the Internet, you’d consider those people the closest to you- without including the Avengers. Yeah, you are different and sometimes that’s not entirely a good thing, it can make people dislike you for having another opinion. 

Although you saw yourself as different, useless and unattractive; Steve and the other Avengers saw you as unique, you weren’t afraid of conflict that you hated it, you still got the job done.., perfectly well, almost or if not as perfect as Steve does the job. You had a different fighting technique to them all, it was graceful, elegant and but at the same time clumsy, Steve didn’t know how those things go together but they did when it came to you; you are gracefully clumsy as he describes you. 

So, Steve has a difficult time understanding why you are so shy, insecure and not confident like how he imagines you should be, he believes you should be bold and outright but instead, you are reserved and paranoid. 
You obviously have the biggest crush on Steve, he’s like the perfect man, gentlemen. For obvious reasons you never said anything because you felt as though he deserved someone better, someone pretty and smart, who is outgoing and energetic as he is. 

Steve and the Avengers had talked, about you and decided that it was time to tell you how they felt, truly about you and all that you do and your place in the team. You followed Wanda through the halls to the common room, where everyone sat or stood to wait for you, a small frown edged its way up on your face and you sat beside Bruce and Wanda. Tony coughed earning your attention, you looked at him as he smiled at you, it was welcoming and warm: Something was up with these guys.

“(Y/N)” He begins “We all know how you really feel about yourself, outside and inside, so we each have something we’d like to say to you” you nodded slowly at him “first off I would like to say that I am so happy we recruited you, I mean I have never met someone so interested in the technology of the suit; despite not knowing a single thing about technology” you chuckled, that was true, you had no idea what Tony would say but it still interested you. 

“You help out an awful lot, within the tower on missions and with us, all…  emotional” he sighs “you were the person I confided in about my anxiety, panic attacks and general mental breakdown moments, you listened and comforted me in ways I could never repay you for; so please don’t feel like you aren’t part of the team” you nodded slowly, feeling a little emotion just from Tony’s speech, you’d have to listen to everyone else also: you weren’t going to make it through without crying. 

“Tony’s right” Bruce said from beside you “you just have this calming energy or whatever around you, it’s always good for me to be around people with good aura, you have that; a sense of calm and silence, its what I need in this hectic world” you smile watery “also I like the times we read together, just sat in silence reading a good book with some coffee and tea, it’s lovely and I have never met someone that even the HULK likes… truly; we both know he’d never harm you” he nudged, you grinned, and nodded allowing the tears to cascade to go down your cheeks. 

You are hilarious” Natasha quipped loudly “Unintentionally but still, hilarious and you are badass, it’s like you go from this quiet girl around here but out on the field… you transform and its amazing to see” everyone nodded “your fighting skills are… different, but they work for you like everyone here we all have our own styles, so don’t feel like you are doing wrong; you are doing right by you” Natasha smiled at the end, Wanda nodded in agreement, adding in how graceful you are when fighting. 

“What do you call her, Steve?” Tony asked nudging him, you looked at Steve who had his arm crossed, smiling wide as you took in everyone’s words.

“Gracefully clumsy” he shrugs, that was true, you fell and stumbled daily even on the field which isn’t great but you couldn’t help it “you stumble and fall, you stutter when put on the spot and you somehow still don’t see how amazing you are” he smiled and you blushed brightly “you are unique like everyone here, you play a role, a part in our lives; you worked your way into our hearts and we all love having you around” he tells you sternly but gently, everyone nodded in agreement 

“You are important to this time, you make us a family, make us feel human… also you don’t laugh at me when I ask a question about modern day culture” you chuckled lightly “so, grateful for that by the way. You don’t judge anyone around, you are everyone’s biggest fan but you are your worst critic without being your biggest fan, and you judge yourself” he frowns slightly “so we’ve all decided to be your biggest fan, every day we are gonna spend reminding you that you are amazing, beautiful and a good person” you nodded slowly, holding back the tears. 

After everyone spent some time calming you, and just telling you how needed you are, you felt exhausted the emotions you didn’t think you’d feel had come up. You excused yourself to go to sleep early, as you walked down the hall you could hear Steve calling for you gently, you turned and looked at him with a tired expression but a smile still settled on your face. 

“Um, (Y/N) I wanted to say something else but to you in private” he admitted, he looked nervous as he shifted uncomfortably on his feet, you nodded signalling for him to continue “um, just I-I think you a-are really pretty and I’d like to m-maybe go out sometime, for like dinner or something” you blinked a couple times at him “if you wanted- I don’t want to make things awkward for us, especially if you don’t feel the same way, you know what pretend what I said didn’t happen” he rushed and you slowly smiled but still frowned.

“Wait… you like me?” you asked and he nodded “like-like me?” you asked, he chuckled lightly at that and he nodded slowly, looking at you for a reaction. 

“Um, are you sure?” you asked with a frown, not fully realising that he had just asked you out but more so that he actually liked you enough to ask you out, he nodded with a frown also “I don’t understand” you mumbled.

Well, I really like-like you and I would like to take you out sometime” he clarified “but for some reason you don’t understand” he chuckled “you’ve made me feel welcome in this time, you’ve made it feel like home despite me being so far from it and during that time… that home feeling” he stopped and looked at you “has somehow transferred onto you, you feel like home to me and you are different to my old home, you are something different in general” he shrugged “and now I am standing here telling you,  you are just staring at me with wide eyes, so…” he smiled nervously. 

Um, I like-like you too” you mutter “I just never thought that… this would happen” you mumble and he grinned, which made you smile brightly “so, I guess I’ll go out with you” he smiled and nodded “I’m free tomorrow evening and I like ice cream” he nods.

“I know the perfect place” he smiled before leaning down and kissing your cheek softly before leaving down the hall to gush to Sam about what just happened, he looked back to see you smiling bashfully with a small smile.

(Hopefully you enjoyed this. Remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

I know this might seem exaggerate to most of you, but The Foxhole Court changed me as a person. I find myself crying again for everything it’s making me feel. It suddenly became a very important part of my life, it caught me off guard, it gave me hope, it made me make plans for my future (I’m getting informed on how to become a foster mother when I have a house of my own). It inspired me in ways no other book ever could. It made me understand so many things about people, about friendship, about loyalty, about family. It made me question things I never even thought about. 

It is now - and probably always will be - a very important part of me. And I’m so grateful I had the chance to read it. I feel honoured. I’ll never forget it. 

Thank you @korakos. I’m surely not the first to thank you and I won’t be the last. And I’m sorry I don’t have enough words to express how seriously honoured I feel. Thank you for sharing the Foxes with us. Thank you for broadening my views. I’ll tresure it forever. Thank you!

ok Beyond the Shadows has gotten me into SUCH a platonic!Climon mood!!!! im so excited about how it’s being depicted in the show so here are some headcanons about pre-tmi climon

  • Baby Simon and Clary, about 5 years old, literally always pretending that they’re superheroes. Clary is always Wonder Woman and Simon likes to be Spider-Man. Every other parent in the park knows them as the kids who run around with their colorful little velcro-on capes around their necks and throw temper tantrums if someone refers to them as anything other than their superhero aliases.
  • They grow up a few blocks away from each other and they frequent each other’s houses. They both have matching bikes (Ninja Turtle bikes!!!) and they’d ride them to each other’s houses or meet at the park like every day.
  • Jocelyn has her special little way of always getting Simon and Clary in the same class in elementary school. The teachers all go with it because everyone remembers the time Clary Fray wrote a threatening letter to her teacher demanding that Simon be put in her class on the chalkboard in purple glitter glue.
  • Simon’s dad dies when he’s 12. He starts spending almost every day at Clary’s house because he can’t stand to be around his mom and his sister when they’re sad and crying every day. Clary does a great job of being comforting and also giving him space. She asks her mom to cook Simon’s favorite meals but they maintain normal conversation while he listens to music and reads with a book in his lap under the table. 
  • Around 8th grade, Clary starts having trouble with math and it completely stresses her out. She’s never really had problems in class before and she’s so confused when she can’t get above a C on every test. Simon notices how upset she is over it and decides to research all these little studying tips to help her. He makes flash cards for her, highlights parts in his math book for her, and when she makes her first A on a test he buys her ice-cream.
  • Sometimes they both call each other at random times and literally just  frantically talk/cry about whichever TV show or book they’re enjoying. They try to watch things at the same time, and when one of their favorite characters die they literally throw the biggest fits bc they’re NERDS
  • They always know how to cheer each other up, obv. When Clary is having a bad day, Simon will just get her sketchbook for her and he’ll sit in a ridiculous pose and say “draw me, Fray” and she’s always laughing a minute later. Simon can always be cheered up with little simple gestures. She can go pick up his favorite meal from a deli down the street or come over with new music downloaded on her phone and he’ll be much happier.

emeraldincandescent  asked:

I'm... not really sure how you posting a free book online = fanfiction, (or why people think fanfic is bad, because fanfic is AWESOME,) but I'm sorry that people have been being horrible to you. You're my favorite author, and it makes me so sad that people are mean to you. I hope you don't stop writing. I love The Turn of the Story, and I love Wings in the Morning, and I'm (finally!) about to start Unmade, which I'm sure will be delightful and heartwrenching. So thank you so, so much.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I too am sad people are horrible, and I am very glad you like my writing. I will not stop writing ever, I promise you that, because writing is my one true love. (And I never have to text writing, which is awesome. However, writing also never takes out the trash. God writing, I’m so mad at you.)

I did think I could use this (very lovely) ask as a jumping off point for another… point I’d like to make.

People often respond to these kinds of posts from myself and others with ‘so sorry this is happening to you, people outside fandom don’t understand fanfiction is awesome’ and ‘calling your books fanfiction isn’t insulting, because fanfiction is awesome’ and ‘do you not think fanfiction is awesome?’

I think fanfiction can be awesome. I don’t at all want to put fanfiction down, make anyone think I think badly of it, make anyone feel bad for writing or reading it. However, I also think fanfiction is a community comprised mainly of girls, and thus unconsciously the work within it as seen as less worthy because it’s by girls… and I think the people within that community think that way, as well as the people without.

Nobody from outside fandom has ever called my books fanfiction, though they have decided my books must be crappy because I used to write fanfiction. (I do realise that if I was more popular, I’d get more of this. Which is the catch-22 of women’s success: popularity is awesome, but holy hell do people [inside and outside fandom] dislike seeing women’s success and holy hell will they attack successful women. Popularity is awesome, being attacked is not awesome.)

As it is, however, only people from within fandom do this: people who like fanfiction, and who often liked *my* fanfiction. 

It is very hard to accept this, and it is super weird and contradictory, but it is true. Is it a sense I think too much of myself? Is it unconscious dislike of themselves and their own work? Is it a Groucho Marx deal of not thinking a club that lets you join could be a worthwhile club? Every explanation I can think up is really horrible, and makes me feel really sad for us all.

It’s part of the system of sexism: if you can get women to attack other women, to put them down and stop them succeeding, then the dudes’ work is done for them—they can float on doing their own thing with fewer obstacles in the path of their work.

Very few people are consciously saying ‘women suck and people from this women’s community I’m part of suck and their work is lesser and I hate them and I’m gonna get them’—this is all unconscious, but it is happening: this call is coming from within the building.

Saying something is ‘like fanfiction’ is almost exclusively said about women’s work. (Like the description ‘Mary Sue’ is used sneeringly about women characters, largely in women’s work, who are ‘too awesome.’ And that, too, comes from fanfiction.)

I actually have a list of reviews in which women’s writing is sneeringly called ‘like fanfiction’ but it occurred to me I’d then be sharing a ton of (I think) unfair criticism of women’s work and that would be awful of me. I’m already risking my own work getting more flak: I don’t want to drag any more women into this.

(Women creators get plenty of horrors already. Another thing that happened to me on Christmas Eve was a friend, not at all associated with fandom incidentally, telling me about the death threat she’d received on twitter that day. How jolly.)

Thus, I’m just asking you guys to think back on work discussed that way: how often work is described as ‘like fanfiction’ as a compliment, how often the work thus described is written by men. 

Inherent in fanfiction, of course, is also the fact people writing it don’t own the characters or the world. Which is neutral to say about fanfiction: hey, I wrote fanfiction about Draco Malfoy. I don’t own him, I didn’t create him. (I don’t want him.) It’s not neutral, again, to say about women’s books. I wrote books about Kami Glass. I do own her. I do want her. She’s mine: Elliot Schafer is mine, Nick Ryves is mine, Mae Crawford is mine, Cynthia Davies is mine. (And hey, I’ll share them if you want: happy you’d like to. But saying they’re some other characters, someone else’s characters… not an okay thing to do, not a neutral thing to do. There are many discussions to be had about influences, and influences on worlds and characters, and the way men can be influenced and they’re joining the conversation, but if women are influenced they’re writing fanfiction/ripping someone off/both. I think knowing and speculating on writers’ influences is super interesting, but it’s also potentially harmful, done this way. It’s denying the fact a woman, in this case me, can be a creator, by saying they didn’t create.)

Even though I think fanfiction is totally fine, it’s used as a gendered insult so much that it’s not a neutral thing to say to someone, and I think there needs to be acknowledgement of that, and of the different treatment meted out to male creators and female creators—especially, let me add, male creators who are fandom adjacent, and female creators from fandom.

Fandom is very keen on guys outside fandom being close to fandom, or approving of fandom, or saying girl nerdiness is great: fandom valorises those guys. Their approval is seen as worth something, and their work accepted as obviously worth a lot. Fandom is not at all keen on women, particularly women who come from within fandom. (Again, I’m not linking to any dissing of lady colleagues, but THINK of women known to come from fandom and the things said about them.)

Here is an example of different stuff that comes from a boy’s association with fandom and a girl’s. (Again, I can only use myself, because I will not drag other women into this.) Lev Grossman in 2011 wrote an article on fanfiction in TIME, and there was an inset included of (I think?) the top ten most popular/beloved fanfiction. One piece on my fanfiction was included on the inset.

The whole internet fell on my head, that summer. I was writing Unspoken (my fourth book, the start of a new series I was really excited about). I had not yet written a free book online like a big stupidface: I thought the worst of the fandom crap I get was over. Then suddenly every day, emails arrived saying ‘where can we get that fanfiction.’ When I nicely responded that I’d taken it down, they responded with ‘bitch,’ ‘I’ll kill you’ and ‘who do you think you are.’ I lost patience and began responding with ‘good news: you can read my writing by buying my books or taking them out at the library (libraries: people can still get my work free!).’ They did not wish to do that. They were extremely angry I had made the suggestion. (My writing might be good, and people might want to read it? THE VERY IDEA. Who did I think I was x 10000!) One guy wrote me many long, condescending emails on how my fanfiction might, MIGHT persuade him to read my books, why couldn’t I see he knew better, why couldn’t I just give him what he wanted! The death threats and explanations of how worthless my books were (honestly, I prefer the death threats) redoubled. Every day I sat crying angrily in a house in France, and my friends pressed me to their bosoms. (It wasn’t a total loss, as summers go: the France and the bosoms part were great.)

Lev Grossman got to write an article in TIME (hey, always an awesome career boost). I got a summer of hatemail (hey, sucks psychologically and shockingly hearing ‘nobody wants to read your books’ every day makes it much harder to write). Lev Grossman got articles and posts written about how great he was, he really gets fandom, he understands us. I got, well, you all know what I got. Wasn’t fun.

None of this is Lev Grossman’s fault (I hear he’s a very nice guy). None of this is any particular woman in fandom’s fault, either, even if that woman has thoughtlessly participated in this kind of behaviour (lifting up guys as more worthy, putting down another woman’s work). Like I said in the interview o’doom, we have all done gross stuff.

It is just a crappy system, which is really hard on women and really hard on female creators, and we’re all born into the system, learn behaviours from it, and often fall back into those patterns even though many of us genuinely believe, say, that women are equal and their work is of equal worth… we still fall down when it comes to valorising specific guys, and pulling down specific girls.

The system is the reason guys who write YA get more attention: guys who wrote stories spinning off from Harry Potter’s success got more attention: guys who write anything get more praise and less criticism.

Fandom is a sub-system within the larger system of media, and I often hear it doesn’t display the same problems.

I would really like that to be true. I think there are a lot of people in fandom who are hoping for it to be true and trying to make it true. Currently it’s not true. In order to proceed towards making it true, I’d say to fandom: Encourage your girls, encourage their writing, stop putting it down, stop saying girls’ work is always this one thing and this one thing is bad. Being a girl, using your voice, making it heard, is hard enough. Girls’ communities should not make it harder.

TLDR: I don’t mean at all to bag on fanfiction when I talk about this and I very much hope nobody takes it that way: I am bagging on sexism, and the way it is displayed within and without fandom.

(I am sorry to have spun off wildly from your kind ask, lovely asker, and I hope it was okay.)

Goodbye to Glee from me.

As I write this, Glee has just wrapped filming for the very last time. My heart is broken and I have cried more than I ever thought possible. While I do think it was right for the show to end now, parting is still such sweet sorrow, isn’t it? 
Reading all the tweets from the cast and crew, as well as my friends that I have met through our love of this show, really brought it home for me. I will miss Glee immeasurably. What is more, they (the cast and crew) will never know just how much they have done for me. 

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