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Casually sharing that I myself might not go back to pokemon go but- We recently moved houses and my mum really loves this new house because its right next to a pokestop and she just plays pokemon go while cooking hahaha. A part of me imagined her looking at houses back then while playing pokemon go to see which one has a pokestop

Honestly, that’s probably something I would do if I was searching for a house.

Longing (a Walking Dead ficlet, Caryl).

Don’t mind me.  I’m just working out some Caryl feels by reimagining that second hug/their goodbye. 

Supposed she’d called out his name, one last time. 

You know he’d come back, right?  Whatever.  Put on Shae’s shipper goggles and bask in the loving angst, hahaha.

Part of my Say the Word collection.  Spoilers, I guess. 

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hope you had a nice day so far~  here have some smol Shiro :>

cuz.. I still can’t believe Shiro’s SIX YEARS OLD HAHA


precious unicorn strikes again… + a regretful(?) jongdae lmao