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Inexorable (2)

Plot: How does is feel to be arranged to be married to a cocky, arrogant Mafia leader? Once you look at his face, you think you’re lucky, but then he opens his mouth.

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, (eventual) smut, Mafia au!

Notes: Welp, since so many of you asked for it, here is a part two!! There are two other stories which need a continuation as well, so I might keep requests closed for a while.. Sorry about that. I hope you don’t mind. Feel free to ask me questions, though! Ya’ll are so nice to me! 2,053 Words

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (FINAL)

The ride to the vacation home wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Your husband actually gave you the space you needed. There were brief glares exchanged between the two of you, a whole lot of drinking, and forced slumber – it was a 3 hour ride, after all. 

When the both of you had finally reached, the luggage was taken out by the bodyguards who had come along, and brought to your huge master bedroom. It was twice the size of your father’s office – if not, bigger – the bed was king-sized, and adorned with silk sheets. The walk-in wardrobe was already stacked with clothes for both sexes, making you wonder why you had even brought luggage in the first place.

“Too small, honestly,” Jungkook commented, plopping down on the couch by the fireplace. “My room is bigger than this.”

There he was, ruining the moment again. It was a good thing you were too exhausted to fight with him; but that didn’t mask over the fact that you still wanted to knock him out.


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Top Ten Awesome Fanfics *

* yep, not “all-time favourite”, because I cannot choose in all objectivity only ten fics. This list is a list of ten fics* chosen in my five main fandoms that I love and feel like they should be read, but it could have been ten others … It’s very hard to choose. One day I’ll do a real masterpost fic rec …
* yes, I’ve cheated. There are waaaaay more than just ten fics here … Sorry not sorry.

The lovely @justkeeponthegrass had a brillant idea : to make a collection of our favourite fanfics to show writers just how much we appreciate, respect and admire their work. I personally owe a great deal to fanfic writers, especially in the Merlin fandom, for they helped me get through a very hard period of my life. Fanfic writers have been and are constant companions of my life, whether I’m sad, happy, tired or feeling excited, they always deliver, they are amazing people who do an amazing work just because they like it. I admire the hell out of any of you, and the following ten titles, plus the special and honorable mentions, are me trying to tell you how much you mean. Very, very long post incoming …

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Dean Winchester x Reader

3150 Words

Story Summary: Dean and Y/N have been friends for as long as he can remember. Slowly, his feelings start to change, but he’s afraid to act on them.

A/N: This is a request from @saveprettydays. Hope it’s what you wanted. It’s also for @winchesterprincessbride and her follower celebration challenge. My Gif is located in the story!! 

There was never a time I could remember Y/N not being in my life. From the time we were teenagers, trying to survive a world that often left us to ourselves, she had been the constant in my life.

Even more constant than Sam. While he went away to college, she was there. By my side, both of us hunting without our parents. She was the best friend I could have ever asked for, even if it did sound cheesy.

Here it was, years later, and Y/N was still by my side. Even through the troubles of finding my Dad, and even when I went to Hell, Y/N had never given up on me. She moved in with us when we found the bunker, both of us falling in love with the place.

She was currently sprawled in one of the arm chairs, her eyes closed as the book threatened to fall from her hands. She was wearing one of my flannel shirts she had stolen from me, along with a pair of cut off shorts, showcasing her lean legs. She was beautiful, and I often found myself having to tear my gaze away from her. She was my friend, and had been for years. But a part of me, a part I kept trying to ignore, wanted things to move beyond friends.

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occasionally (lets be real more than occasionally) there’ll be a part of an episode that just blows me away, where im just really in awe of griffin’s storytelling and acting capabilities. there were many lines in this episode that really struck me but you know what my favorite one was? it was john’s line, and it was so… cold, and calculating, and menacing, and it literally gave me chills. 

‘i feel… sad.’

Truth or Dare

Summary: Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, and Y/N are spending the night at Y/N’s house. Kevin suggests Truth or Dare at some point and they all decide to play. Shenanigans ensue and eventually certain feelings are shared, but will they be taken seriously or laughed off? Possible angst.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader (maybe)

Multi-fic: Yes? I’m splitting this up into a couple chapters so *finger-guns*

A/N: First Riverdale fic so sorry if anyone here sounds a bit OOC. Also, I don’t really write so *shrugs* be nice please. I had this idea just pop up and HAD to write it.

This was a horrible idea. Truly horrible. It hadn’t even been a half hour into the game before people started getting crazy and clothes were lost. It had started out as a simple sleep over. I just wanted all my friends to be in one place for once without someone trying to rip another’s throat out. My parents had left for the weekend so we were all situated in the living room, Cheryl and I sat in the loveseat, Betty, Veronica, and Archie were on the couch, Jughead was on the recliner (legs crossed and on his laptop), and Kevin was perched on the coffee table between the couch and recliner.

Within ten minutes of the game starting Veronica had dared Betty to keep her shirt off for the rest of the night, Kevin had dared Archie to take his pants off, Cheryl dared me to lose my shirt, Betty (with a face so red you’d think she would’ve passed out) had dared V to ditch her dress, I got Kev to take his shirt off, and Archie got Jug to lose his shirt. Jug had just dared Archie to not be an idiot for the rest of the night, which made everyone laugh. Everyone except Cheryl was somewhat nude and embarrassed.

“Y/N,” Kevin called my name. “Yes,” I answered, staring right at him, trying to be cocky. “Truth… or dare?” He asked, a twinkle in his eye. Everyone stared at me as I debated my choices. I decided I didn’t trust that twinkle, and no matter what choice I made I’d be in trouble. “Truth.” I sighed. Kevin’s face almost split in two at my answer, his grin enormous. I tried not to gulp in fear. “I want you to tell everyone here what you really, truly think about them. ‘Fuck,’ I thought. ‘Not good.’ I looked him dead in the eye as I said fine, and re-positioned myself on the couch. I took a deep breath before looking at him and speaking. “You’re first then hun,” I said as a small smile grew on my face.

“Kevin, I love you, and I mean that in the most platonic way possible. You were the first friend I made here, and my best friend, and I’ll never forget the way you introduced yourself,” “Oh god Y/N please no!” Kevin cried, a blush creeping up on his face. “Y/N yes,” I mocked. “It adds to the story. Anyways, we were five, I had just moved to town the day before. I was walking through the park when all of a sudden I see this kid come running towards me at full speed, only to fall flat on his face three feet away,” Everyone started laughing while Kevin’s face grew redder. “Y/N!!!” He wailed. “Hush!” I said, still chuckling. “I ran over to him to help but he just sprung up and grabbed my hand and started shaking it. ‘Hi, my name’s Kevin, what’s your name? Wanna play!?’ I mocked in a little kid’s voice. Kevin hit me with a pillow. “I didn’t sound like that!” “Kevin shut up or she’ll never finish.” Cheryl spoke. “Yeah,” Archie spoke up. “I kinda wanna hear what Y/N has to say about me too some time tonight.”

Kevin made a zipping motion with his hands over his mouth before sitting back down, playfully glaring at me as well. “I told him my name and he said it was very pretty, and then he asked me if I liked boys, girls, or both. I was really confused at the time but Kevin just repeated it and told me he only liked boys ‘There’s a word for that you know, it’s called gay, and that’s what I am, so are you gay too?’ I just shook my head and said I didn’t like anyone.” I gave a light chuckle. “Kev gave me a weird look before he shrugged and said that was fine, and to come to him if anyone was being mean to me about not liking boys or girls. I knew at that moment we were going to be best friends,” Betty and Ronnie “Aww-ed”, Cheryl rolled her eyes, but I could see the smile in them, Archie smiled and Jug gave a smirk. 

“You’ve always been there for me Kev, every time I needed you, and I feel honored every time you come to me because you need someone. You pushed me out of my comfort zone so many times, and for the most part you knew when to back off. You’re so sassy and confident and I’m so jealous you have the confidence to be who you are. You always try to look on the bright side of things and keep everyone in a cheery mood. You’re amazing and wonderful and I never wanna let you go.”

I paused to look at Kevin, his eyes were watering up and I could tell he was trying very hard not to cry right then and there. “You mean the goddamn world to me Kev, you’re the twin brother I wish I always had. I’d crawl on broken glass for you. I’ll always be here for you whenever you need someone to vent to, or if you ever need someone to have your back in a fight.” We smirked at each other, my eyes starting to water up as well. “I love you Kevin Keller, with every fiber of my being, and I’ll be damned before I let anyone hurt you.” As soon as I had finished Kevin jumped at me, a couple tears streaming down his face and falling on my shirt as he nearly squeezed the life out of me. I hugged him back immediately and held him just as tightly, a few tears of my own falling as well. “Oh, I love you too Y/N! You’ve always been like a sister to me. I swear you mean the world to me too!” 

He kissed me on the cheek as we pulled away. When I looked around I saw that everyone had gotten misty-eyed, even Jughead, who was trying (and failing) to make it look like he hadn’t been paying attention the whole time. Kevin eventually made his way back to the coffee table, wiping his eyes before looking straight at me. “I swear to god Y/N if the rest of your speeches go anything like this I’m grounding you.” Everyone laughed while I looked around the room, trying to see who I would talk about next.

A.N.: Okay! First part is up! Let me know what you guys think and who Y/N should talk about next *wink* Also if you wanna be tagged that’s more than fine just let me know please!

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“It is curious to find the wolf as a character in children’s literature, for all wolves in literature are creations of adult minds, that is, of adult fears, adult fantasies, adult allegories, and adult perversions.” Of Wolves and Men

all six stark children are born with the ability to become wargs and were each bonded to a direwolf but its the youngest, arya bran and rickon, who most fully embrace their gifts. i think theres a lot of factors that go into this but chief among them is social conventions. the older three, robb jon and sansa, are more bound by their roles as king lord commander and lady respectively. they believe they have to act a certain way and in doing so reject their wolves. they also buy into societies fears of wolves; they’re dangerous, people are afraid of them  and they dont belong among men. the core of their identities is in direct contrast with the wolf within and something is always lost as a result:

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Audrey ain’t shit, but she’s honestly one of  the funniest character on TV right now.

*sees Sidney’s body

Audrey: I’m not American, I’m not used to this carnage

*sees Shelby’s body*

Audrey: I feel like a part me died with her

*Sees Dominic’s Body*

Audrey: He was such a great scene partner, Gave me so much to work with

* is about to die *

Audrey: I had so many good performances left in me

Sarah Paulson should honestly submit in the comedy category for the Emmy’s

Dance With Me

Anon said: omgosh a taeyong au where both of you are the “leaders” of a dance crew and oo there’s such so much sexual tension 👀 a make out sesh would be great hoho thank u!!

You hate Lee Taeyong because Lee Taeyong thinks his dance crew is better than yours, and Lee Taeyong is stupidly hot when he dances, and Lee Taeyong has a face you want to kiss and Lee Taeyong stole your heart in 3 seconds and you should hate him but you don’t. You’re ridiculously in love with him.

I feel like this is not what you asked for but… here this is anyways…? this gave me so many step up vibes and now i want to go watch the whole series. Enjoy!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Spoilers, obviously.

Guardians of the Galaxy continues to be the best of the marvel lineup in many categories.  The action was well paced, well choreographed; the dialogue was snappy, cackle-loudly-funny.  But the best part?

Oh my god, these weirdos, they…will actually talk about their feelings?

No no no, none of this angsty repressive bs like the rest of the mcu superheroes.

Yondu? Yondu is Peter’s dad.  100%.  The guy raised him, protected him, gave his life for him.  So his dad.  And…both of them acknowledged it out loud.  Amazing.  I love it.  I love it I love it I love it I love it give me more please.

Gamora and Nebula? Have a real fucked up relationship, but…they talked about it.  Out loud.  After beating the shit out of each other, and saving each other’s lives multiple times.  

They are a family, a family that loves each other, that will forgive each other.

And I think it’d kinda cool.  And sweet.  It’s a breath of fresh air in this universe.

My favorite parts:

The Watchers cameo + Stan Lee cameo– but, um, crying over this part because (i didn’t catch this at first but then I thought about it and it was like OH FUCK because) the watchers, okay, they almost never interfere in anything; theirs is to simply watch, observe, know, all of the most crucial moments in Marvel history.  In their first bit, they’re sitting around Stan Lee, listening to him tell stories.  Watching him.  But in the second bit? They’re walking away from him.  And do you know what he says? I’m crying over fucking Stan Lee guys, because as they’re walking away from him, he says “But wait! I’ve still got more stories to tell!”  When you get it, please come find me and cry with me over this.

Also, the second, the very second Ego says that he’s the one who put a tumor in Peter’s mom’s head, Peter pulls out his pistols and starts shooting the shit out of him.  Zero hesitation.  Just blam! instant swiss god.

Also also, I love how they were all baby groot’s parents.  Peter tells him to put his seatbelt on, Gamora waves to him, they all try to protect him, and at the end they all pass him around ‘cause he wants to be held by all of them and he FALLS ASLEEP ON DRAX’S SHOULDER OH MY GOD.

So…yeah.  I really liked this movie, and I wouldn’t mind if Marvel decided to make another one.

I Was Back At Arkham Asylum (part 3) - Jokers Daughter & Jerome

Joker x daughter!reader

Jerome x reader

Warnings: none

a/n: Ok so in this Jerome’s face never got cut off. this is part 3, there will be 10. i hope you guys enjoy, if you want to be tagged on the tag list for this story just message or ask me.and if you guys have any ideas for more then 1 part stories or imagines that you want me to write go ahead and request. if you want to request a one-shot then go to @chloe-skywalker it my other blog and that one i do alot more different things then just stories and imagines, NSFW, headcanons, dating would include. etc etc 

parts: part 1 - part 2

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It’s been a week since I saw my dad, he apparently thought I was joking when I said be good so I can visit him again, well he wasn’t. Now he can’t even call me.

I have been however getting a lot of calls from Jerome. The first time I answered an Arkham number I naturally thought it would have been my dad but no it was Jerome. I was shocked but in a way, I felt happy. Jerome gave me this feeling I had only felt it when crushing on celebrity. So I guess I’m crushing on him but how many times he’s called me I kinda have the right to.

Mom always told me if I feel that feeling but intensified is called love, and when you feel this feeling then you have found your very own puddin.

I don’t know if Jerome is my puddin. But when we talk on the phone it’s like have been super close for years.

Since the time I saw my dad last I had been keepin low but when I found out I couldn’t see my dad because of him beating up guards got himself into solitary. So just to spite him I robbed small things and caused chaos at shops by the GCPD. They never caught me but I knew my dad would hear about it and he would be mad but he should know me better than that and he shouldn’t have gotten himself in trouble where I couldn’t visit him.

Joker’s p.o.v.


I had to spend a week in solitary. Which blowed and I am also pissed that my daughter has been causing chaos. I wanted her to stay low and not give them the chance to arrest her. But I overheard some guards talkin and not only was she causing chaos but she was doing it all by the GCPD. which made me growl every time I heard she did something and it was there. They wouldn’t let me call her at all and no visits. I know that’s what set her off. I was proud of her for what she was doing, but not where she was doing it.

Since I was in solitary I didn’t know if Jerome and my princess had had contact.

They told me today I get to make a call, jet out of solitary and I am allowed to mingle with the other prisoners. And let me tell you if I see that kid and he has plans for my princess that could get her hurt, he’s gonna wish that he never laid his psycho eyes on her.

As they escorted me out of my cell and down they hall and took the cuffs off of me and putting me into the basically giant cage. I looked around for the red-headed psycho. As I sat down at a table I noticed that many people recognized me and moved to the other side of the room. I sat at a table and I noticed the redhead sitting at a table on the way other side of the room he saw me and swung his legs other the bench and made his way towards me and sat down and swung his legs inward and sat in front of me.

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“Joker- or J- what do you want to be called?” he asked excitedly.

“It’s Joker to you Psych” I growled in return.

He crackled like a maniac “I get it short for psycho. That’s a good one Mr.Joker”

I glared and growled this time showing teeth at him. “Fine if we are gonna talk why don’t you tell me what you want with my daughter” I said aggressively.

“Your daughter and I have only met once, trust me I’ll see her soon. Plus I’ve been calling her all week.” he said smiling like he knew he shouldn’t have said the last part.

I reached across the table and grabbed him by those annoying black and white shirts. “Listen here Psych, if you told her to cause all that chaos right by the GCPD then so help me, I will rip out your throat” I growled in his ear.

“She chose doing all the chaos and where she caused it on her own. Me, myself, and I had no part in that, what’s so ever. Plus when I asked her why she was doing it so close she said to spite you.” Jerome said the first part all serious then he decided to use hand movements.

“Thank for confirming that” I said sarcastically.

“No problem” he said back smiling because he knew it was sarcasm.

“So Psych you ended up here after everything you caused” I asked deciding to get to know him a bit.

“For the most part yeah, that and cop’s don’t like me very much-” I cut him off.

“Got it- got it- got it” I said motioning with my hand to stop.

“So! How’d did they get you in here, hm?” he said generally curious.

“Me and my princess were pulling off a heist and I made sure she got out of there when the police came in and a very pissed of Bat, cops shot me with tranks and the Bat brought me here.” I told him gesturing around with my hands to the room.

“Well sucks that you got taken here, but I would have done the same thing for her” Jerome said.

“You just met my daughter and you would if it meant saving her you would come back to, here” I said more as a statement then a question to myself.

“Yes, I’ve have met her once in person I’ve been talking to her on the phone. Liberating.” he said.I had to smirk at that because she was.

After talking to Jerome for a while the kid started to grow on me and dare I say might start liken the kid.  I don’t like the idea of her being by herself but I can’t get out of here yet but…  maybe he can. Get y/n to break him out. Then she won’t be with just Frost she’ll have a friend. And if he likes her as much as it sounds like he does then she’ll be protected.

“Why don’t ya say we get my princess to come down here and make a plan you break you out?” I said to him, and winked.

“Are you serious?you just met me and a few minutes ago you were threatening me. Now you want her to get me out of here?” he said shocked.

“You clearly have some feelings towards my princess, and I might not like it that much but she needs a friend, especially now and I can’t be there but you can they are expecting me to break out any minute but you they won’t. Plus my daughter will probably want to break you out sometime so why not now.” I told him. 

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(pretend hes sitting down and in arkham asylum outfit and there arent people around him)

“I’m in! let’s call your daughter” he said agreeing with me. “I’m growing on you aren’t I”

“Kid, shut up before I change my mind” I wasn’t about to tell him he was right.

part 4

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I need more Chrissy Nedley in S2! I need a fic where she's just totally the #1 Wayhaught shipper and maybe she's the one Nicole calls to help her pick out an engagement ring for Wave

I haven’t really done a Chrissy one, so this was fun! Thank you! Changed it JUST a bit… But I hope it fills the Chrissy need!



Chrissy Nedley never liked Champ. She pretended to, when Waverly was dating him. But once he was gone, she let out an actual sigh of relief. Waverly Earp deserved far better, and Chrissy knew it.

Working at the only coffee shop in town, she had a front-row seat to many of Waverly and Nicole’s “meetings.” She pretended not to notice, for Waverly’s sake, when she caught them grazing each other’s hands, flirtatiously giggling, or, for lack of a better phrase, having eye sex (because they did a whole hell of a lot of that). Waverly would tell her about Nicole when she was ready to, Chrissy was confident about it.

She wasn’t expecting, however, for them to be outed by none other than Champ Hardy himself at the fancy ball, attended by all of Purgatory. Nobody noticed, but she clapped her hands and grinned when Nicole punched him in the face. 

Yeah, she went a little crazy that night from some poison. But ever since that moment, she was their number one “shipper.”

“You are not calling us wayhaught, Chrissy,” Waverly glared at her best friend from across the restaurant table, snugly fitted into Nicole’s side. 

“Oh, I absolutely am. I have been, for a long time now,” her response was far too casual for Waverly’s liking as she simply took a sip of her margarita.

“You’re ridiculous.”

“And you guys are adorable. So you get a ship name.” Chrissy smiled brightly and browsed the menu.


Chrissy offered her advice to Nicole once, when they had their first fight. And Nicole cherished it. It had honestly been her saving grace. So anytime she had no idea what to do where Waverly was concerned, she asked Chrissy. Granted, Nicole had great people reading skills, especially when it came to Waverly, so she read the woman pretty well. But there were some things that she wouldn’t chance. 

The first time she laid eyes on Waverly Earp, Nicole swore to all the powers that be that if she could just love this woman for the rest of her life, she’d do everything humanly possible to never hurt her, to always take care of her. She didn’t even introduce herself to the barmaid until about three weeks later. But there was always something pulling inside of her, something telling her she just needed to be near Waverly, always.

Five months after Waverly stormed into the police station, all courage and passion and honesty, pushing Nicole down onto her boss’ couch, she bought it.

And she held it in her hands now, this beautiful gold ring, staring at it. There was purpose in it, why she chose it.

They had finally figured out how to rid Waverly of the demon that possessed her. She controlled it well, but sometimes it took over and Nicole could see her drift away, like she was lost at sea. When they got her back, Waverly told her the same thing. It felt like she was floating away, but she stayed because Nicole was there, a beacon of light, the lighthouse shining bright from a great distance. No matter how far gone, she could always make out the speck of light.

Nicole chose the Lover’s Knot. Sailors often wore them when they were to be separated from their beloved for long periods of time. Two parallel bands, inseparably interlocked with two overhand knots.

Two. Together. Forever.

Nearly two years after the day she’d bought it, she sat on the couch in Chrissy’s apartment, staring at the ring. Chrissy waited for Nicole to say something, anything. She’d never really seen Nicole this nervous before.

“It has to be perfect…” Nicole whispered.

Chrissy thought for a moment. “Does it?”

Nicole whipped her head up to glare at Chrissy, an obviously confused look on her face.

She held her hands up in defense. “I don’t mean it won’t be perfect. I just mean … I really don’t think you have to sit here planning some big shindig. She’s gunna love whatever you do. So, whatever you do, it’ll be perfect.” She shrugged like it was the easiest thing in the world.

Nicole fell back into the couch, sighing deeply. “Yeah…”


Later that week, Nicole and Waverly laid in bed, Waverly nearing sleep, Nicole staring at the ceiling.

She thought about the first time she saw Waverly, the first time she met her, the first time she spoke after the demon left her, thought of the ring sitting in the drawer in her bedside table. (only recently put there, because Waverly Earp was a godamn snoop)

She was stirred from her thoughts when Waverly moved her head from Nicole’s arm to her chest. She wove her fingers in the long brunette hair.

And something inside her pulled, like it did when she first saw her. Something told her - now.

Nicole thought of Chrissy’s words. Whatever you do, it’ll be perfect. They kept her from completely panicking. 

She carefully leaned over, opened her drawer, and pulled the little wooden box out, laid it beside her.

She rubbed her hands over Waverly’s back gently, barely whispered, “you still awake?”

“What’d you just get? I’m tired.”

Nicole laughed softly. Obviously, she hadn’t been quiet enough. “Can I tell you something?”

Waverly shifted so she could look into Nicole’s eyes. Light from the bathroom, that neither of them wanted to get up to turn off, streamed into the bedroom. “‘Course.” She ran a hand over Nicole’s cheek.

“The first time I saw you, something … pulled. Something inside me, it just told me to be near you. It’s always told me to be near you, never leave you.”

Waverly’s gaze shifted, questioning what Nicole was trying to say.

Nicole turned to her side, and they lay face to face. “And I never want to. I never want to leave, I never wanna be away from you. When you were … I know you were still here, but you’d leave, and I swear my heart never hurt more than when you’d leave.”

Tears started to run down both faces at the memory of the demon. Waverly took Nicole’s hand, kissed her palm, held it tight, reminding them both that she was there.

Nicole reached behind her with her free hand, brought the little box around. The low light made it hard to distinguish what it was exactly. But Nicole opened it, and Waverly gasped. 

“I never wanna leave you, Waverly Earp.” She was interrupted by a kiss, Waverly crying lightly into it, unable to wait until Nicole was finished to contain everything inside of her. But it gave Nicole the courage to continue. “I never wanna leave you, and I never want you to leave me. Will you marry me?” The words barely came out in a whisper, their lips so close together.

Waverly nodded, closed the gap between their lips in emotional passion, overwhelming feelings taking over and pouring out into deep kisses, briefly parting for many quick “yes”s.

Sitting up with their bedside lights on, Waverly admired the ring on her finger. Nicole told her the story, what it meant. She cried even more. She didn’t think there was a more perfect ring in existence.

Nicole held Waverly, her arms wrapped tight around her. “Chrissy was right.” 

Waverly looked questioningly into Nicole’s face again.

“I asked her advice. She said whatever I did would be perfect.”

Waverly laughed. “Yeah, she was right. She is our number one fan…”


The Lover’s Knot Ring

I just have to add … I truly believe what I have written Chrissy saying with all my heart, in terms of a proposal. I think whatever Nicole would choose to do would be sincere and from her heart, therefore a perfect moment. I’ve read a lot of proposal fics that are huge events, and those are great. But I love the intimacy of just the two of them, baring their hearts, and that’s their perfect moment.

I’m a romantic sap…

Match | 1

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Jeon Jungkook wasn’t just a playboy. That term would only loosely describe him. He had girls falling at his feet, but he didn’t notice them. His goal was to get the girls that played hard to get, use them for a temporary fuck, and block their number the second after he left their place for the final time. It gave him a rush to leave girls constantly wondering where they stood with him. They let him do it to them. It’s what made him feel so powerful.

A/N: This is my first ever story on here. This is just one of many parts to this story and I’m fucking ecstatic about it. The chapter isn’t the longest due to it being sort of the intro. The future parts will be longer. I’m dedicating this chapter and kind of the overall story to @blueagust​ she’s an amazing author and inspired me to actually write this overall work. She read over this chapter for me and I can’t thank her enough.

Without further ado, here is ‘Match’

Pairing: Fuckboy!Jungkook X Reader
Genre: ???
Word Count: 1111


You let out a groan at the loud sound of the alarm going off on your phone. You quickly grabbed it off of the table beside your bed and shut it off. Your eyes widened when you noticed the time. 8:09. You immediately rolled out of bed, showering and trying to put yourself together as quickly as you could without looking like you had just been run over by a truck. Running outside, you quickly hailed a cab that just so happened to be stopped at the corner of your apartment building waiting on the red light to turn green.

It had taken her forever to find a job that sounded halfway decent. You had been complaining to your best friend, Mina, about it when Mina had told you that an old friend had opened a bakery in the city and suggested that you apply for a job.

You did so right after your shift was over at the job you had been working at at the time. Within days you had an interview and the next week you were hired. you quit your job the following day feeling nothing but happiness as you did so.

The cab pulled up in front of the cozy looking shop. The windows were big and the sign for the shop was rustic and vintage. You stepped out of the cab and jogged inside before you were late.

“Ah! There you are, Y/N! So glad to see you!.” You instantly knew the voice belonged to Jae, the owner of the shop.

You gave him an apologetic smile and turned your attention to him. “Sorry I was almost late. Getting up this early is somewhat of an adjustment.”  

He waved his hand, “Nonsense. I understand. No worries. Now we should help you get the hang of things. Today you’ll be working the register. It’ll be the easiest. I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to overwork you on your first day.” He gave you a wink and you gave a genuine laugh. Maybe you’d finally found somewhere decent.


An hour had passed and you got the works of almost everything. You had been taken several orders and so far it had been nice. Almost enjoyable, actually. You had just finished taking a customer’s order when the bell on the door made a ‘ding’ sound signaling that someone had just come in. You looked up, expecting to see a customer walk in but nearly choked on air as you noticed it wasn’t. He was wearing the same 'uniform’ you and everyone else here was. A black t-shirt, black jeans, black shoes, and a hat with the logo of the bakery on it. His hair was styled in that effortlessly messy but gorgeous way. His eyes were dark brown, his ears were pierced, and everything about him was near perfection. He radiated cockiness, though. Something that you almost always hated on a guy, but it somehow just made it him even more attractive.

“Jungkook. I see you finally decided to show up.” Jae said, coming out from the kitchen.

The boy named Jungkook shrugged, “You got lucky I guess.” He gave Jae a slight smirk.

Jae pressed his fingers to the bridge of his nose and exhaled. “Just go help Soomi in the kitchen. Please.”

Jungkook grinned, “Aye aye captain.” He walked passed Jae and then turned his attention to you before throwing you a wink. A fucking wink.


You pulled your phone out from your pocket. It was 7:17. You decided to stay later than Jae asked you to so you could help clean up for tomorrow. You had just finished clearing the tables and putting the chairs up. You headed back to the break room to grab your stuff, but looked up when you heard the door to the break room open. Jungkook came striding in.

Your eyes lingered on him a little longer than necessary, but you quickly diverted your attention back to your bag where you were putting your wallet and schedule for the week into the side pocket.

You went to leave, but Jungkook had different plans. He slammed his arm against the wall beside your head.

“Y/N was it?” He smirked. A smirk that made you want to punch him, but at the same time could have had you putty in his hands. That was a new feeling for you. He didn’t need to know that though.

“Yeah. Jungkook was it?” You returned his smirk thinking that mimicking the look he had would surprise him. But it didn’t. As a matter of fact, it only seemed to fuel his ego more.

He went to say something else but the sound from the entrance door of the bakery caught you both off guard. “Kookie!” A shrill female voice called.

He rolled his eyes, not moving from the position he was in. “I’m coming babe!” He called, irritation was clear in his tone.

He returned his gaze back to you. “I’ve got…business to take care of. I hope we end up like this again. Sometime soon.”

You were having none of this bullshit.

“I don’t know what shit you think you’re pulling with me, but it’s not working. You fuck girls for a week. Drop them. Never see them again. It’s a cycle. It makes you feel good knowing you run the show.”  

You leaned in closer, putting your lips right beside his ear and dropping your voice to a low whisper. “I know the cycle. Because I practically invented that shit.”

You pulled back and were taken aback by the expression on his face. His lips no longer held a smirk, they were pulled into a straight line. His eyes weren’t wide, but the shock was evident. You grinned.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, a bottle of Chardonnay and a nice hot bath is calling my name. Have fun with the girl you got out there.”

You glanced once more at his shocked expression with a satisfied look on your face before pushing him out of the way and walking out as if you didn’t have a care in the world.


[!] Update

hi wassup it’s your local farmer issy, I’m here today to say something important, a change to my blog that could be v huge idk (?)

I won’t continue writing, it’s something I have been thinking about for weeks now and I finally came to a resolution, I don’t feel like doing it anymore because it doesn’t feel fun anymore, I have always loved writing, I have done it since I was 13 years old and I’m finally coming to a closure today

Writing has always been a stress releaser for me, like a little scape of reality but it doesn’t feel like that anymore, I started to feel uncomfortable and so pressured because as you may have seen, I was a really slow writer and seeing other writers update so often was really frustrating, how can’t they do it so fast and I can’t? I won’t lie here, the lack of feedback and nice comments has played an important part in this decision, it’s not the same when you feel like no one is really reading your work or enjoying it at all

I think it’s time for me to move on and live a less stressful life, always wondering if the thing I just published was good or always being self conscious that I wasn’t good (I always struggled with some grammar and vocabulary lolol), I will always thank you all for welcoming my trashy writing with open arms, it was my first time writing in english and my first time writing again after two years of not doing it, I improved so much in this year and got to speak way better

This was always a hobby so I knew I would stop at some point, I just wish it had lasted longer but oh whale

I will finish Perfect Man, I will only rush a little bit the ending, and publish the yoongi soulmate au and the Jungkook werewolf au I have been spending so much time in those hell no I’m leaving them like that lol, it will help me to have like a closure ???

My blog will remain exactly the same, I will be shet posting and meme posting like always, I won’t be deleting my works in case I become nostalgic and want to re read something for the sake of old days lolol, I will make a lil post to explain the ending of the insanity called love as I got many asks about it and it doesn’t feel fair to leave it like that bc I’m not going to write the sequel I promised (I’m sorry about that)

So yeah, well, you can unfollow me if you wish, I won’t hold grudges (????), I’ll keep trying to make original content so you won’t get bored of my blog,

Thank you so much for the support you gave me over this year!!!!! I will always cherish it so much in my heart and keep it as a warm memory ❤️

I always wanted to be part of a writer collab omg

Maybe one day I’ll decide to write again but I see that day really far ;u;

Thank you so much for all the support, I love you so much ❤️

I Just Watched Sense8 Twice And Here Are My New Favorite Platonic Pairings...

I. Sun and Lito
1. They didn’t share much in s1 other than Sun’s period pains. But it was so satisfying to see Lito lose his marbles behind a little bloating while Sun just soldiered on. That moment in the mirror when they shared languages set the stage for an interesting dynamic that I should have known I would love.
2. Lito and his drama play perfectly against Sun’s emotional control. She wants to laugh at him so bad, and he just loves a captive audience.
3. Sun will never admit when she needs and deserves a good wallow. She fights to stay on an even keel; Lito, conversely embraces the opportunity to make his feels known to the world. He even forces her to partake, using stuffed kitty cats.

II. Capheus and Sun
1. Capheus is charming enough and all-around sweet enough to realize that without Sun he would be dead many times over. So when he spoke of her using reverent tones (Jean-Claude Korean Lady) in s1 I immediately saw potential for a very special friendship.
2. The Christmas special moment between the two of them illustrated Sun’s softness in a way we don’t see often. It’s almost like the writers gave us a glimpse of Sun’s sweet side, only because it meshes so well with Capheus’s. That smile gave me all the feels.
3. I love how Sun had to come through for Capheus in so many ways last season while he rarely had a chance to pay her back, only to have him play an integral part in her major plot this season. That getaway motorcycle scene was amazing and put them on more equal footing.

III. Lito and Wolfgang
1. This is where two polar opposite characters shown respect and appreciation for their differences with zero judgement. Lito saw Wolfie set out with the intention of killing his cousin and offered no censure. He just helped the man do it. In the same way, Wolfie could not care less that Lito thinks life is a movie. He probably thinks Lito’s hysterical behavior is hilarious. They rock.
2. I love how even a year later, Lito is still showing gratitude for Wolfie helping him beat up Joaquin. Those two have this delicious bond that almost feels like opposites attracting; the actors know exactly how to play it to the best effect.
3. These two are the men most comfortable during, and in the aftermath of the orgy scenes. That shit didn’t phase them at all in s1 as opposed to Will, who freaked out. It speaks to a free spirit that the two share.

IV. Honorable Mentions
1. Riley and Capheus. I love how they have so many conversations about family. Sharing the sad truths bonds characters, and they’ve done that since the beginning.
2. Kala and Sun. The two Asian girls are very like sisters, and it’s possible that the writers did this on purpose. Me likey.
3. Nomi and Will. They handle shit together in a way I find very satisfying. Also, she never judged him for his “little problem” in s2.
4. Nomi and Sun. The running gag of Sun breaking stuff and then breaking that dude’s finger was funny.

i guess i feel this way because i gave up everything i had for you. i emptied myself; i poured myself into you, thinking it was for the benefit of roots. you were merely a drain. you took pieces of me. you left me with absolutely nothing. and i hope when you look in the mirror it upsets you; that you see so many parts of me that you can barely even recognize yourself. and i hope you want to give them back. but as much as you want to, save it. you cannot make up for lost time. you can’t give back what’s already been taken.

“Get Out” is the Horror Movie Black People Have Waited For

HOLY SHIT. Sorry. I’m still in Post-Terrific Flick Syndrome. Corny maybe, but I digress. My heart’s still pumping from what may have just made me believe in horror movies again. As a black woman horror fan, your mind tends to wonder about the fleeting possibilities of having a horror movie speak to you or at least send the message you would love to tell to the white majority- who have gifted us with decades of the black person being the first to go in this popular genre, but have absolutely no idea how we can feel some type of way about it. Get Out is the answer to our prayers. 

From the genius mind of Jordan Peele (aka the second half of comedy duo Key & Peele and my new muse), the psychological thriller tells the story of a black male, Chris (played by Daniel Kaluuya), who reluctantly travels with his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to meet her parents before realizing there’s some deeper shit going on with them and the very few black workers. 

First off, this movie gave me CHILLS. Goosebumps around every corner. I can’t even count the many times I sat throughout the movie with my grandma- yes, my grandma, who also enjoyed it- and felt so uncomfortable all because of the stares and creepy smiles you saw throughout the film. Satire-like truth. 

And the best part? It was all so…familiar. The microaggresions, the suspense, the unspoken fear and anxiety of being an outsider- a black person- surrounded by an ocean of eyes, white faces, all prodding and asking questions, comments that are supposedly supposed to be compliments while all-in all, making you feel like a rare spectacle in their high society zoo. Jordan Peele’s excellent creative work shined out, he definitely put his all into his first piece. It was like a black person’s secret nightmare being held in front of them like a mirror. My eyes never left the screen. And it’s that relevancy that makes this thriller special in a Trump Age. A scary movie about racism that gives white people a taste of their own medicine. This couldn’t have been released at a better time. 

And the music? Flashback to Insidious-level creepy. The violins popped in enough to make you feel the level of creepiness Chris was on in every part of the film. HEART-PUMPING!

Daniel Kaluuya’s Chris and Lil Rel Howery’s Rod were my absolute favorite performances. Rel’s character always came in with the right amount of comedy at the right time, very spot on and another shot out to Jordan Peele for great directing technique. And I gotta give a lil’ praise to Catherine Keener, who in my opinion, was the creepiest of Rose’s parents with her cringing teacup tapping (I can still hear it! That hypnosis scene tho!).

A final shoutout goes to the cinematography for the chilling, almost noir-like lighting with many various shadows, darkness and the dreaded paralysis of the hypnosis scene (Literally. Again, that hypnosis scene ). 

If you have read and are just as excited to see Get Out as I was before this morning, I highly recommend you do so immediately. RIGHT NOW. You may also find yourself in Post-Terrific Flick Syndrome. 

Cause Get Out is THREE SNAPS UP (in a Z Formation). 

[06212017] Collection of tweets after the final episode of Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine

I’m late, but better late than never, right?

A little different from my usual Shoutan translations, but it was something I truly wanted to share (I love the anime after all.) 

*Please take my translations with a grain of salt as I am not a person that is fluent in Japanese nor have taken lessons, etc. before.

Feel free to correct me if you spot any mistakes!

Higasa Akai (Author of Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine manga): “An anime I like is ending, I hate this, it feels so lonely…” I thought of that, but, the feeling of my thankfulness kept growing till now. I’m extremely happy at the fact that a lot of people had gave the wonderful anime “Haine” so much love. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to the people who had taken part [in making the anime] and had watched [the anime]!

Ueda Keisuke (Voice of Heine Wittgenstein): Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine, the last episode had aired.

Thank you so, so much.

Even though there’s still people who has yet to watch it, I hope it’s okay to let me say this now.

For meeting so many people, and for loving [this series], thank you very much.

Ueda Keisuke (Voice of Heine Wittgenstein): I’ve gotten many treasures in this small life of mine. To be given such a painful, happy yet a work filled with various responsibilities, from now onwards I would like to continue proving the fact that there’s nothing wrong with it. Being able to receive love by so many of you, I’m truly happy. To the people who were involved [in the making], and to those who kept on loving Heine. Thank you so, so much

Ueda Keisuke (Voice of Heine Wittgenstein): Next is Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine -The Musical-.

Again, we’ll surely deliver a new, Haine-filled world.

This Haine story is continuing.

I’ll run forwards without stopping, so, please take care of me

Now then, good night ^^

Reply by Asato Yuuya (Voice of Kai von Granzreich): Thank you… Heine-sensei. 
From now onwards, please take care of me too… Haine-sensei (*´ー`*)

Adachi Yuuto (Voice of Bruno von Granzreich):  Thank you to everyone that has watched the final episode of Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine.

Next is the musical.

From now onwards I’ll do my best to play as Bruno wholeheartedly. 

For the support for both the anime and the musical, please take care of us!

Reply by Asato Yuuya (Voice of Kai von Granzreich): Bruno’s a good kid, good night…(n´—`n)

Reply by Adachi Yuuto (Voice of Bruno von Granzreich): Good night, Kai-niisan♪

Asato Yuuya (Voice of Kai von Granzreich): Thank you so much for watching the final episode of Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine!

When I noticed, the tears were already flowing.

It was great!!

I’ll work hard with everyone for the musical.

Everyone… good night(●´ー`●)

The Game is On (Part 6 - Final)

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (AU)

Word Count: 3,423 (not even remotely sorry)

Warnings: cuteness, fluffy, jealousy over Steve not being your boyfriend?

Summary: You and Steve have been together for six years, happily living life in your Brooklyn apartment. On the night of your six-year anniversary, you come home to find a folded note on the table with your name written in Steve’s scripted handwriting. Inside? Instructions to your own personal treasure hunt to find your surprise - and Steve - at the end, and you have 20 minutes to start! The game is on…

A/N: Here it is! The final part to @bionic-buckyb‘s 5K writing challenge! I considered doing an epilogue…but ultimately figured I’d end it here and if an epilogue was requested then I’d do it. But this has been a wonderful story to write, I gave myself many jealous and fluffy feels, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did <3

Also, I cried writing this final chapter because it was so beautiful for me to imagine. So I do not apologize for any feels given, because they’re beautiful!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]

(Your POV)

You stopped outside the doors to your building. Anxiety filling you with dread at the thought of ruining this perfect evening with that stupid envelope.

You twisted your hands around each other nervously, as you mentally prepared yourself to move forward and into the building. One step at a time. Deep breaths, one step at a time. Don’t think about what’s waiting for you, don’t think about telling Steve. Just walk up the stairs and into the building. You’ve done it a million times before, this time is no different.

Your body was moving before your mind realized what was happening, acting on autopilot as you walked up the stairs and straight for your front door. Your heart was in your throat, you felt like you couldn’t breathe as you thought about the fact that the only thing between you and Steve, and how you were about to change his life, was one wooden door. You stood, frozen on the spot, as you willed your body to knock.

Keep reading