this part always made me laugh

I wasn’t looking of anything when I met you. If anything I was over the thought of falling for someone. I had finally gotten over someone and the thought of being flooded with emotions each day again was exhausting.

But we practically stumbled on top of one another. Our paths could have crossed, but instead they collided. And the night we met was like coming up for air after drowning in my own tears. You made me laugh, and you told me stories about your life and for that night I was just happy to be me. It was an odd feeling, to be so happy and free.

Things didn’t work out, and maybe it was for the best. This way you can always be the guy that never hurt me, the one that let me listen and laugh for a night. And I am grateful for you and the part you played in realising I deserved better than those I had met before you.

—  To the one that came out of no where, but was exactly what I needed.

i feel i have been ghostwriting myself. like i walk my body through the world and let none of it in. the other day my teacher asked us “are you happy with who you are?” and i couldn’t think of what words to fill in. the good girl i’m supposed to be would laugh lightly, of course i’m happy, i’m always happy. but some little part of me wonders how long it’s been since i was really behind the wheel. since i did anything that actually made me feel. 

fics are my absolute favorite type of fanwork, and i’ve been meaning to compile a list of my favorite macdennis fics for a while now. i recently hit 1000 followers here (which is absolutely wild, thank you so, so much ♥ ), so i figured this was as good a time as any to do this. here are some of my favorite macdennis fics, in no particular order. if you read any of these, this is an open invitation to come cry with me over how freakin good these are:

The Inevitable by runningwafers (explicit, 11k words) | Mac is in a lot of denial. This is a story about what happens when he finally snaps. [This one is an absolute treasure. Everyone is written impeccably in-character and there are parts that genuinely made me laugh out loud. The ending is near and dear to my heart.]

each the other’s world entire by quixoti (explicit, 13k words) | Mac and Dennis survive each other. Mac and Dennis will always survive each other. [This one follows Mac and Dennis from high school onwards, and it’s heart-achingly good. The references to direct scenes from the show are so spot on.]

we sinners bend by infinitevariety (explicit, 64k words) | Mac and Dennis have been sleeping on Dee’s floor for months. Something’s got to give. [A long one but a damn good one. Also, it’s a classic, so go read it now.]

Mac and Dennis Conduct an Experiment by pavonine (explicit, 36k words) | Dennis convinces Mac that the only surefire way to prove his straightness is to sexually experiment with another man. Of course that man happens to be Dennis. Of course Mac buys into this as a reasonable plan of action. Of course it backfires on them both. [Another classic. There’s so much to love about this one, but I’m especially fond of the dialogue.]

you’re the one i wanna watch this ship go down with by lagaudiere (mature, 4k words) | Not dying on a Christian cruise ship sometimes means having to face hard truths about yourself. Mac’s never been very good at that. [Good cavity-inducing fluff, complete with a great dancing scene.]

thick thighs make a dick rise by reflektions (explicit, 6k words) | In which Dennis does drag for the first time and Mac’s dick has an existential crisis. [DENNIS DOES DRAG. I don’t need to say anything more.]

the spell that you’ve created by peskyfeelings (mature, 7k words) | Mac is in bed but he can’t find sleep, because Dennis Reynolds lit a match and it’s still burning him up. [Internally tortured Mac and manipulative Dennis strike again, but this is a fresh and well-written take on it.] 

the day you move (i’m probably gonna explode) by sinnabar (explicit, 7k words) | He could maybe get addicted to this, if he let himself. Or: five times Mac and Dennis toed the line between friends and lovers, and one time they crossed it for good. [A good old 5+1.]

remember the things that make you feel by blackmountainbones (explicit, 9k words) | AU: Dennis Reynolds is a heroin addicted prostitute and Mac is one of his johns. [AKA the AU that tore my goddamn heart into a million pieces. This one will ruin your life, but you should read it anyway.]

Mac’s Day Out by adrianicsea (gen, 1k words) |  With $14 to his name after paying arbitration fees, Mac celebrates his first full day out of the closet. [This one’s not macdennis, but it’s short and sweet. I wanted to include an s12 fic on this list, and this one’s my favorite.] 

Is this an analysis? I don’t even know

Caspar: This is my friend Joseph Sugg

Joe: Don’t you say roommate anymore? Say roommate, for old times’ sake

Caspar: *laughs while crying inside*

Look at them I’m crying I can’t

Joe: Where are we going?

Joe’s excitement though and look at Caspar look at him just rip my goddamn heart out why don’t you

I can’t with them fuck this

Joe: I know you’ve got a toaster because when you moved in I had to help you set it up


Joe: Come here

The way Caspar looks at him I can’t

Caspar: Bullshit! You wouldn’t have said a year

He knows oh my

I can’t even

Caspar: It’s something very special, not many people in the world have it

Joe: A Caspar Lee book?

Look how he made Caspar laugh aww

Caspar: I feel like you take condoms everywhere, cause you always think you’re gonna get lucky

Well in that case it doesn’t seem so unlikely Caspar

Look at their happy faces <333

That was the best part though :’D

I don’t think I can come up with an appropriate caption for this

Carrying on with the bloopers

Caspar: Come a bit closer

Joe: Baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover

Why what a well fitting song Joe

Just stop will you

Caspar is just so fascinated by every word Joe says why does this hurt so much


Can I just say I missed this

talk about you (like you put the stars in the sky)

(written for @ransomweek and also @hoenursey bc i promised i would)

“We’re gonna die,” Nursey says, clinging to Ransom’s hand as they make their way up the trail. “Babe. We’re literally gonna die.”

Ransom laughs. “We’re not gonna die, Derek.”

He doesn’t need to turn around to know that Nursey’s making a face at his back. “You only call me Derek when we’re in bed or you’ve convinced me to do something terrible.”

“That is–” Ransom thinks about it. “Huh. Goddamn, bro, you’re right.”

There’s a sudden scramble and a yelp, and Nursey’s grip on Ransom’s hand jerks. Random turns in time to catch him by the elbow as he slips. “I told you,” Nursey whines, letting Ransom help him back up. “We’re gonna die. What the fuck made you think hiking at night was a good idea?”

Random grins, leaning forward. There’s enough moonlight trickling through the trees for him to find Nursey’s nose, and he plants a kiss on it. “The fact that I’ve done this with my dad and sisters since I was a kid,” he says, “and I wanted to show my city boyfriend the view.”

“It’s dark,” Nursey protests, letting Ransom start tugging him gently up the trail again. “How’re we supposed to see anything?”

“Baby, you know what night vision is. Now you’re whining just to whine.”

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Remember that time I made an Ereri fic like no other? It is a Titan Eren x Godzilla fic, and it’s called Weapons of Mass Dickstruction.

The fic’s summary is “His hands say murder, but his eyes say love”.

The fic is 13 words long, and the entire fic says: 

Nope. This is too fucked up, even for me. Sorry, can’t do it. 

That’s all fine and dandy…but the best part are the comments. I still get them from time to time, and they always make me laugh so. fucking. hard.

The last one kills me every time. 

I had one that was deleted once that said “Yep, Thomas. This is the low you hit. It’s a Wednesday. A Wednesday morning. And this is what you decided to read. You deserve everything this fic has to offer.”

Spirit in the House - Chap 3/10

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 1,652

Warnings: Mention of Car Accident, Coma, Language

A/n: I’m so excited to share this story. Hope you’ll like it :)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

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Bucky gestured to the sofa in front of the television, allowing Pietro and Wanda to take a seat. He looked around quickly, but you were not there.

“I don’t feel anything.” Wanda said, closing her eyes to focus. “You sure there’s a spirit?”

Bucky mumbled a ‘yes’, his eyes still roaming about the room. Pietro put his feet on the coffee table and you suddenly appeared next to Bucky. Wanda tensed immediately.

“Tell him to take his dirty feet off my table.” You snarled, looking at Pietro. “Who are these people?”

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Goodbye, SourceFed.

I honestly don’t really know where to start.

Five years of this amazing channel that I was obsessed with from the beginning. I was one of the people that were subbed before the channel actually started. So many hosts have come and gone, the channel went through so many changes, and I’ve come so accustomed to having them around that I just sort of expected them to always be around. I know that’s not a realistic thing to think- but when something becomes so trusted and present, you let your guard down and don’t expect this sort of thing to happen. 

Well, here we are.

Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of my all time favorite channel. To everyone that made me laugh and cry. To everyone who made me feel good when I couldn’t do that for myself.

Thank you.

I could never put into words what you all actually mean to me.

and thank you to everyone here at the Nerd Herd! I’ve made wonderful friends here and I’ve had so much fun running this blog for all 5,300 of you. I know I’ve been kinda quiet, but I never lost love for you. It’s been a pleasure.

That’s not to say that the Nerd Herd is going anywhere. At least, not right now. As long as there’s fans of SourceFed out there that keep the spirit alive, I’ll be here too.

Even having written all that, I still can’t believe we have to say goodbye.

Goodbye, SourceFed.

goodbye (kind of)

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been fed up with the phandom since I joined this god awful place. I’m sure people have wanted me to leave anyway, so here you go.

I wonder what dan and phil really think of you all. Surely they must know all the dumb and disrespectful shit that goes on if they lurk as much as they say they do. Then again, i wonder… if they know how bad it is here, why haven’t they said anything? Why can’t they put their audience in check? I know everything is mostly light hearted and fun but it’s not fun for me anymore. The only people who think the phandom is a peaceful utopia are the ones causing the problems. Some people are too blind to see it and some people might even try to argue with me on this post. Go ahead, I’ll leave the phandom with a fight. One last round for all the wonderful times.

You don’t ship phan? You’re homophobic and you don’t belong here. Also you just want dan to yourself and youre labeling him as straight and (if you’re lgbt+) you’re faking your own sexuality to prove a point.

You write dan/phil x reader? You’re a cringey laughing stock. You’re also homophobic. You’re also a straight white girl.

It doesn’t help that dan and phil subtly use Phan™ to make their income. There’s nothing wrong with that, but i feel like it’s driven some people in the phandom to be entitled and rude and put them on a high horse. It just normalises their invasive behavior. It feeds their fantasies to the point where they become tinhats instead of shippers. To be honest, im fucking tired of it. Not of dan and phil per se, of their audience for being so dimwitted they can’t see the obvious fan service. Look on the bright side: two already successful, rich men are being more successful and rich.

Never have I met an audience more entitled and more bratty than this one. I can’t help but feel like dan and phil did have something to do with this, seeing as they never addressed the problems within their community. (I mean, dan tried to in 2012, but that year doesn’t exist!1!!1 meanwhile 2009 is hard hitting proof. seriously get over yourself.) It’s hard work, and I’m sure in Dan’s cynical eyes theres nothing that can be done about it, but it is possible. Look at jacksepticeye’s community. When do you ever hear about drama going on there? Do you see any type of hierarchy going on there? Now look at that phandom. I mean, throwing a fit because they slept on separate floors on tour?? Get over yourself. Accusing them of queerbaiting because they act like actual friends and roommates on camera?? Come ON. Sending hate to their friends? Are you really going to stoop that low, all in the name of a fictional ship? Even worse, when popular blogs send their followers on rampages when someone goes against the norm (the norm being shipping phan and constantly overanalyzing their every move.) It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, I could go on forever about the bad stuff in this place. I’d like to mention some of the good as well. I’ve come across plenty of wonderful people who have complimented me on my writing, people who have backed me up in the ‘not-shipping-phan’ thing. I technically got in my first relationship through this fandom. I have internet friends that I never want to let go of. I’ll always remember the people who sent me kind words when I went on hiatus.

Dan and Phil are a significant part of my life. They’ve gotten me through some tough shit, they’ve made me smile. I looked at their first book on the day it was released and was glad i didn’t kill myself. Dan made me feel less alone and more comfortable with my cynicism. Phil has calmed me and made me smile when i felt like the crying would never end.

But at the same time, they’re so aggravating! Why can’t they tell their audience to cool it? Sure, people will send sarcastically rude things to Dan and everyone will laugh and have a good time. But what about when people stalk their personal lives? What if either of them has a significant other and the phandom goes into a frenzy?

That’s honestly what’s kept me here for this long. There has always been a part of me that just hopes that they’ll acknowledge phan, or come forward with a significant other. I wanted to stick around to see that. But I’ve taken the phandom’s shit for a bit too long, and I’ve seen the phandom tear my friends to pieces. I cant take it anymore.

Sidenote: this blog isn’t going to deactivate. I’ll leave it up solely for the people who read my writing (if y'all are still out there lmao.) And I’ll probably talk about me and my girlfriend here, should i find the need. I probably won’t reblog Dan and Phil anymore. Not that it matters, I’ve been losing followers anyway. If anyone cares here are my main, jse, and aesthetic blogs. You can find me there.

Anyway congratu-fucking-lations, phannies. You win.

Faking It- Adrinette Month Day Eleven

The worst part is that sometimes, it almost feels real.

He’ll look at her, as the cameras flash, and kiss her cheek, and he’ll feel her blush beneath his lips, and it will feel like she actually loves him back. Not just as a friend, or someone to ward off the fans, but as a real boyfriend. That always ends in him feeling everything crash down, as soon as he remembers, or as soon as she reminds him.

“Whoo! They really ate that up, didn’t they?” she laughs, on the roof that night. “The kiss was a nice touch, Chaton, really made it look realistic.”

“Thanks,” he smiles up at her, hiding the way it stung him to hear. “You did great too. I could almost think you were actually in love with me. You’re a great actress, my Lady.”

She grins at him. “Well, at least the creepy propositions have gone down for the most part… at least, on my end. You?”

“Yeah, me too,” he nods. It’s true. The fans that used to bug them constantly have, generally, ceased to do so. He’s not sure the toll on his emotions is quite worth it, but if it makes Ladybug happy, then he’ll comply. He’ll continue the farce of a relationship that he desperately wishes were real.

“Something wrong?” she asks. “You don’t seem yourself, are you okay?”

He puts on the practiced smile, and her eyes widen, instantly streaked with worry. That was not the reaction he was going for. She stands up from her perch, coming up close to him. He steps back, and her eyes narrow further. “Yes?”

“That smile is definitely not real. It’s an insult to me. I have a friend who uses the exact same one, and you can’t fool me with it. What happened?” she demands, grabbing his hand. “Tell me. Maybe I can help.”

“I don’t think you can…” he lets the smile drop. “It’s my own fault. I don’t want to bother you with it, it would only upset you, and then everything would be even worse.”

She sighs, shaking her head. “Chat, no. You’re my friend, you’re allowed to tell me things, especially if something’s bothering you. I promise, you won’t upset me.”

He cringes away. “You don’t know that.”

“Yes I do. Chat, I really care about you…”

There it is. The words that are true, and he’s so glad they’re true, but… don’t mean what he wants them to. He can’t keep himself from cringing away, leaving her hurt, confused. “I… I can’t.”

“Chat, you have to let me-”

“I don’t have to do anything,” he crosses his arms, looking up. “I can’t tell you, because then you’ll either get mad or feel guilty and I don’t want either of those things to happen, I just want things to be normal, but… but it’s hard to let things be normal when you know you can…”

“Can what?” she looks very hurt and a little alarmed at this point. “Chat, please-”

He cuts her off again, this time by pressing his lips to hers. Her lips are soft, and warm, and so, so still… Not kissing him back, even a bit. He steps away. “When you know you can kiss the girl you love, but only when the cameras are flashing. When everyone’s talking about the romance you know will never be real.”

She gasps slightly, shaking her head. “Love…?”


She slowly closes her eyes, and seems to crumple. “Oh my god… Chat, I had no idea, I swear I would never have suggested faking a relationship if it had even crossed my mind…”

“It’s not a big deal. It’s kinda hard, sometimes, but it’s not that big a deal.”

“If it’s hurting you, then yes, it is a ‘big deal,’ Chat!” She stands up straight, looking him in the eye. “Listen, I… I may not… return your feelings, but you’re still my best friend, Chat. Knowing this doesn’t change that for me.”

He breaks his gaze away from hers. “Thank you…” he can’t let himself cry. Not in front of her. Not over something like this. He knew she’d reject him, when it came down to it. He shouldn’t feel this hurt…

Then her arms are around him, and he can’t hold back anymore. “Let it out…” she murmurs, as he sobs into her shoulder.

The news of the “Break Up” fills the tabloids the next day.

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gif by: @/olisan

REQUEST:  do you think you can write one more where the reader and chris and flirty best friends with benefits

REQUESTED BY: anonymus

PAIRING: Christoffer Schistad x reader

WARNINGS: sex language


– Oh my God, Christoffer Schistad!

Another day at the Nissan, another day of first year girls worshipping her best friend. It was typical, y/n was quite used to the fact that girls were practically drooling while looking at him. She laughed and shook her head looking at William, he shrugged while the two girls went toward Chris. He was well aware of the fact that they were totally mesmerized by him, so he flirted with them both and then went to her table and sit.

– Busy night about to come?

Asked Jacob while Chris was sitting next to y/n. She was always welcomed at the Penetrators’ table, being Chris and William’s best friend she was almost part of the group.

– Probably.

Chris said and the boys cheered, he smiled and started to drink his Coca-Cola.

– I like the blonde one.

Y/n said while looking at the two girls who just flirted with her best friend, he nodded.

– I think the ginger one will drive me insane.

He said and Jacob gave him five; she laughed and shook her head.

–Yeah, like no one else does!

Y/n said and opened a bottle of water; Chris looked at her and lifted the eyebrows while smirking. Just another normal day at the Nissen.

SUNDAY, 11:00 P.M.

– Y/n, It’s me!

Chris said from the other side of the door; she opened and smiled when he showed her the donuts he had brought her.

– I adore you!

She said and hugged him. She took the donuts box while he sat on the couch. Sunday was their day, they used to spend it together.

– So, how were the girls?

She asked sitting next to him and biting a donut, he shrugged.

– Nothing compared to you.

He said and she laughed. Chris and y/n were friends with benefits. No one knew but they started to fuck each other some months before. It all started during a Penetrators party at Jacob’s…

– I bet y/n is the best kisser in the whole Nissen.

Said Julian looking at her, she shrugged and opened a beer.

– You are probably right.

She said taking a shot, Chris smiled.

– Prove me.

He teased her thinking that she was not going to take him seriously. Y/n simply stood up from the couch, grabbed his face with both of her hands and crushed her lips against his. He remained so surprised that he couldn’t move for some seconds, then he pulled her closer and kissed her back. That kiss, accompanied by the screams and the whistles of the other boys, made them realize how much they craved each other. At the end of the party, he drove her home and decided to stay for the night. The rest, is history.

– Really?

She asked moving on him; he grabbed her by her hips and touched her butt while she was caressing the back of his neck.

– Absolutely.

He confirmed kissing her neck. She brushed her hair behind her ear and let him give her a love bite.

– You’re telling me that just to please me.

She teased him while removing her own shirt. Chris blew on the already red mark on y/n’s neck and gave her a kiss on the left collarbone.

– I’m telling you that because it’s true.

He said making her want more. She rubbed her body on his, already feeling his hard on pressing against her inner thighs.

– Schistad, shut up and fuck me.

She said; his eyes lighted up in lust while he took her and gently laid her down on the couch, he moved on her body and looked at her in the eyes.

– As you wish.

MONDAY, 9:00 P.M.

– Where is y/n?

Chris asked to William, he pointed at her. She was at the other side of the hallway, and she was talking to Jonas. Chris looked at her and saw her laugh while she was touching his shoulder; he knew her best friend, she was flirting and he was totally keen on her. Who wouldn’t have been? She was beautiful, smart, she was sarcastic and hot as hell.

– It looks like someone will have a busy night.

Said Theo when y/n joined them near William’s locker; she smiled and looked at him.

– Actually, he asked me on a date.

She said while blushing a little. Chris bit his lower lip and almost dropped his book.

– What? And you said yes? He is a first year!

He said, she looked at him in confusion; he was definitely overreacting.

– I find him cute.

She just said and he nodded.
Chris didn’t know what was happening, but he suddenly felt a rush of rage; he didn’t like the fact that she was going on a date with him and he didn’t know why.


– So, how did it go?

William asked sitting next to his best friend on the couch. Y/n shrugged while zapping and looking at the tv.

– He is lovely.

She said drinking her cappuccino. Chris looked away and swallowed a curse while William was asking her about the date. Chris heard almost nothing of what his best friend was saying, he was so mad and bothered that felt the necessity to stand up and go in the kitchen. Y/n stopped talking and looked at him in confusion, she thought he was listening but, apparently, she was wrong. William’s eyes meet hers and they understood each other, as always.

– Chris, wait, I want a snack.

Said William and y/n nodded making him understand that he needed to talk with Chris and figure out what was going on.

– What’s wrong with you?

William asked looking at him, he almost jumped out of his skin.

– What do you mean?

He asked, half confused and half scared.

– You said not even a word, you looked like you weren’t even listening. She’s our best friend and she seems to like that guy, at least you could pretend you care.

William reproached his best friend and he felt like he had stabbed him I the stomach. It was true, he was not being supportive, he was being an asshole and she was not even making him feel bad for it.

– I’m sorry, you are alright.

He apologized and looked away, he couldn’t bear the disappointment in William’s eyes.

– Would you explain me why?

He asked crossing his arms, Chris bit his lower lip and desperately run a hand through his hair. William was his best friend since always, he was his brother, he could trust him and he needed to get rid of that secret.

– I think I am jealous.

He admitted and blushed. William opened his mouth and looked at him in shock.

– Shit, you like her! I knew that, God!

He said and smiled, Chris was confused.

– Was it that fucking obvious?!

He asked opening his arms, his best friend bursting out laughing.

– To me, it was! You two are always flirting, you look at each other like you could undress the other with one look. I know the both of you, I remember the way you guys kissed at Jacobs’. Please, all the references and the dirty jokes, not to mention the amount of time you two spend together alone, if you guys are not fuckfriends then I am the Queen of England.

He explained and Chris almost chocked with his own saliva: William was impossible to fool, he knew them both too damn well.

– You need to tell her, mate.

William concluded and Chris sighed. He wanted to, really, but he was scared.

– What if I screw up our friendship?

He asked to his best friend. William put a hand on his left shoulder and looked at him.

– Chris, there is this chance, I will be honest. If you tell her and she’s not into you, then you’ll lose her for a while, but she will come back, she cares about you too much to let you go. If you don’t tell her, if you don’t take the risk, you’ll have to watch y/n being with someone else and I think this would totally destroy you.

William said. Chris nodded, his best friend knew how to use the words, he was his rational part, it had always been like this.

– Guys, are you two having an affair without including me?

Y/n voice made them both jump out of their skin. She was standing on the kitchen’s door with her arms crossed and she looked amused.

– I was telling Chris that, since when he practically finished all the cookies, I’m going to buy some. Plus, we would never have an affair without involving you.

William said; Y/n laughed looking at him while he was grabbing his jacket. Chris opened his eyes looking at William and he winked to his best friend.

– Y/n, do you want something?

William asked on the door, she frowned while thinking.

– Pancakes!

She enthusiastically said while searching for money in her pockets. William stopped her and gave her a peck on her cheek, she smiled and hugged him before he left Chris’ house.

– So, you were saying about Jonas?

Chris asked sitting on the couch, she shrugged sitting next to him.

– You don’t have to pretend you care. I know you don’t like Jonas because of Eva’s situation of the first semester.

She said and Chris shook his head.

– It’s not this. I want to know if he makes you happy.

He said surprising her. Chris was not the sentimental kind of person, it was rare that he talked about feeling so openly and directly. This was not his style and, even if she knew he wanted the best for her, that was the first time he spontaneously said to her.

– Too soon to say it.

She confessed and looked at him, he nodded.

– I just want you to be happy, you know that.

He said and she smiled looking at him. He was one of the most important person of her life, there were no doubts about that.

– Jacob asked me if we had sex already!

She said and laughed. Jacob was like this and that thing was supposed to make him laugh, instead he froze. Just the thought that someone could touch her in the way he did made him cringe.

– You can’t have sex with him.

The sentence just came out and he regretted in the exact moment he said it.

– What do you mean? You can have sex with the whole school but I can’t have sex with someone who’s not you, right?

She asked. Her voice was full of rage and disappointment. Of course she was mad, she thought he was being selfish from the sexual prospective, she couldn’t imagine he was being jealous.

– That’s not what I meant..

He said but she was already grabbing her jacket. He stood up and sighed.

– You are such an asshole, Chris. I don’t know what is going on with you, but please, get over it. I can’t bear your constant depressed attitude of this last two days.

She said while putting the jacket on and going toward the door. Chris bit his lower lip and rolled his eyes, screw everything, he was not letting her go.

– Y/n!

He called her and, in the moment when she turned around, he kissed her. She froze for a second, before realizing he was kissing her and not because they were having sex. This kiss was totally different from any other happened between them. This was sweet, patient, this was delicate and Chris was caressing her face while she was closing her eyes and getting involved. There was no rush, no aggressiveness, the kiss was taking its own time because it was intense, it was real and they were just discovering something new. For the first time, she felt something more than a passion, something more than a physical desire. She was kissing Christoffer, her best friend, and she was feeling love. She opened her lips and let his tongue in while hugging him and getting closer to his body. He gave her a last quick kiss and smiled on her lips.

– I was not being an asshole, I was just jealous.

He confessed and touched her hips. She crossed her hands behind his shoulder and laughed.

– I get that, Chris.

She joked and he nodded, his checks turning red.

– So, you like me.

She said moving a lock of his hair from his eyes, he shrugged.

– It seems so.

He admitted and she smiled.

– It seems that I like you back.

She admitted and bit her lower lip. His eyes lighted up while he was looking at her. A series of emotions crossed his face: doubt, surprise and then the realization.

– Really?

He asked in surprise, she laughed and caressed his check.

– Absolutely.

She said and he kissed her again. She could sense his smile on her lips and she realized she hadn’t felt so happy in a long time.

– So, we have to tell William.

She said and Chris lifted his eyebrows.

– Uhm.. he knows.

He said and looked at his best friend. She seemed confused at first, then she connected all of the dots.

– That bastard! That’s why you guys spent a lifetime talking in the kitchen and then he left.

She said laughing and Chris joined her while caressing her back.

– What are you going to say to Jonas?

Chris asked curious and looked at her. She caressed the back of his neck and shrugged.

– That I have feelings for my fuckfriend.

BTS  reacting to their s/o being extremely pale and is bullied therefore in her/his hometown

It wasn’t easy to write this reaction but we tried our best. So we hope you like it.

And also both of us were shocked that people are still that retarded to bully others because of their skin colour. Stay strong and never let others define you. I’m always so angry when I hear that people just can’t shut the fuck up. 


You never told anyone about your insecurities. You always wanted to be seen as a strong person and nothing could bring you down. However it happened that one day your walls broke. Jin walked with you through the streets and placed both of you at a bench near the playground. Suddenly a child walked to you and asked about your visible veins. You tried to stop the tears, which formed in your eyes from falling and explained that you simple had a very thin and pale skin. The child simply nodded before returning to it’s friends. You watched it with glazed eyes and tears rolled  down your cheeks. Jin immediately reacted and hid your face in his chest. He waited until you were ready to tell him about your reasons.

“It’s ok jagi”

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Suga and you always understand each other without words. But there was one thing he never understood: whenever he said something about your pale skin you seemed to freeze before changing the topic immediately. Like today when both of you were shopping. You tried a midnight-blue dress and he told you how well it fit’s to your pale skin. Your smile disappeared and you turned around with no words to change back in your normal clothes. You leaved the shop, he followed you. When you wanted to wipe away the falling tears, he grapped your wrist and drew you to a bench. He wiped your tears away and forced you to finally tell him whats wrong. He observed you exactly as you told him that you learnt to hate your pale skin through bullying in your home country. He understood you and hugged you tight until your tears dried up.

“You are beautiful.”

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Namjoon was one of the most understanding persons you knew. You were able to tell him everything and he would never judge you or force you to do something. So it’s no surprise that he also knew about your biggest insecurity. You told him about that a long time ago and he understood you but also told you how beautiful you were. You often tried to cover most of your body with clothes, no matter how hot it was outside. You tried to stop this habit for him, but it was really hard. When he saw how uncomfortable you were, sitting infront of the small café he pulled you on his lap while hugging you and kissing your neck.

“If you’re not okay I can give you my coat. You don’t need to change for me. I just want you to be happy.”

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Hoseok really was your hope. You barely smiled ever before you met him and now one look and his positive aura would envelop you. But even his optimism couldn’t take the insecurities from you, which seemed to get worse and worse. Vou casually talked about your past a long time ago with him, but you didn’t thought that he really payed attention in this moment. 

You were out with friends when somehow the topic ‘skin colours’ popped up. Your whole body tensed up and you mentally prepared yourself for a hard conversation. But there was no need. As soon as they started to speak about it, they were stopped by Hoseok who started to complain about the warm weather, which already lasted for the last two weeks. You gzed at him thankfully and smiled about your cute boyfriend. On your way home you asked him how he did know and he simply hugged you while smiling.

“I pay attention to everything you say jagi. And I think your beautiful. Whoever told you other is just pitiful since he will never be able to see how amazing you are.”

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In things like insecurities, Jimin would be the most understanding out of all members since he fights them every day again. But you didn’t wanted to bother him with your problems too, So he never knew about your problems. Until one evening. 

You sat on the couch and watched TV while cuddling. Suddenly he started to kiss your skin and you flinched. He stared in your face, a big question mark formed on his face. You told him that you simply didn’t liked that, but he knew that there was more. But he also didn’t wanted to force you, since he knew he wouldn’t want that too.

“You can tell me everything. You know that, do you?”

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Tae was your sunshine, he made you laugh and he made you happy. He was too pure for the world and you always felt like you need to protect him from the bad world. 

Concealing your past was part of it. Until that day Tae entered your apartment, nearly jumping on you with his boxy smile on his face. He had the day off and decided to go swimming with you. You didn’t wanted to make him sad, so you agreed. You were okay until you arrived at the lake. Obviously many people had the same idea. Taehyung already changed in his bathing trunks. You told him to go in, but he hesitated. He knew you to well. He knew that you wouldn’t follow him, so he walked back to you and hugged you. He asked why you wouldn’t come in and you said that you weren’t  comfortable with showing your body or your skin. He hugged you even tighter while peppering your whole body with kisses.

“My jagi should never be sad. I won’t allow that.”

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You and Jungkook stopped at a game store during your shopping trip. He wanted to buy this new game Tae told him about and since you were strongly against a new reason for him to come home late, you waited outside the shop. You enjoyed the last sun rays of this warm summer day when suddenly a little old grandma disturbed your moment of silence. She just stood in front of you and watched you before she said:”Yes enjoy it. You need it child you look so ill with your veins visible. I can recommend you a-” 

“I’m sorry but my girl is more than beautiful and doesn’t need any help.”

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Ship it - Jared Padalecki x Reader

Title: Ship it

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: YN plays the younger Winchester since season 1 and always had a huge fanbase. Her and Jared fall in love , got married and have kids and the fans are just crazy over them that gives Wincest a whole new meaning? &  jared/reader and she’s an actress on the show since the beginning. They’re married for 5yrs and its also her birthday while they’re at a con and during hers and J2’s panel she tells jared she’s pregn

Originally posted by the-winchester-cult

“Because it is just no Winchesters panel without all three of us here!” Jensen grinned as Jared brought a chair for you to sit next to him.You kissed his cheek and he gave you and adorable dimpled smile as he sat next to you and the entire crowd awed.

“A kiss to the birthday girl!” Jensen said with a wide smile through the microphone as the crowd cheered all the more and you laughed shyly. You heard many happy birthdays and giggled as you saw the smile also on your husband’s face as he took your hand and kissed the top of it.

“Kinda feeling old now.” you chuckled as they laughed “And I am the youngest Winchester huh?”

“But now that we are talking about it-” Jensen looked at Jared for a moment with a mischievous grin “You all Wincest shippers must be going crazy huh?” and the crowd sheered as you and Jared laughed.

“Although I- I don’t take part in this shipping contests-” you spoke through your microphone “I gotta say I have never shipped Jared more with anyone else.”

“Of course!” Jensen exclaimed as Jared chuckled, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

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Soul mate - An Emmett Cullen imagine

A/N: Wow! This took a while to complete, but I really wanted this one to be something special!I really hope you guys like this Emmett x Reader, I took 3 different requests and fit them all in together. Tell me how you like it! Requests: (#1)Could you please write an imagine on what it would be like to be mated to Emmett if the reader was really shy and/or socially awkward? How would Emmett act about it? (#2) For the Emmett Cullen request, maybe something were the reader is very tiny and shy so he constantly flirts with her to get a reaction out of her? (#3)Maybe an Emmett imagine where you’re new and mike won’t leave you alone and mike starts being really creepy and Emmett comes to your rescue         ________________________________________________

      When you’re a new student at a school you should expect to get attention. This is especially true in high school, when you think about it most of these people have known each other since they were in elementary school, so when someone new comes into the mix it is exciting. It had been a busy two weeks since I started my junior year at Forks public high school, the attention I received the first few days had worn off and I was no longer news. Except to Mike Newton.

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BYSOTI(D) prompt: Vitya is waxing poetic about the gloriousness of Yuuri's ass (to Chris). If this is in person, Yuuri walks in; if not, Victor accidentally sends his soliloquy to him instead of Chris. Ideally before they get together xD

And then he was stretching, and the way that his pants drew taut across his ass…  I just can’t handle it sometimes.  Why does he have to be so hot?  And cute.  And hot.  And cute.  I can’t even pick one.

Yuuri blinked at the message.  This… this wasn’t the sort of thing that Viktor would send to him.  It wasn’t the sort of thing that Yuuri wanted Viktor to send.  He really really really didn’t want to hear about Viktor’s conquests or who he thought was hot.

It was uncomfortable.

It made him want what he couldn’t have.

He much preferred Viktor up on his pedestal as the best skater.  The one to beat.  The one to strive to be just as good as.

(And a friend, but right now…)

Also, you probably didn't mean to send this to me.  It was for Chris, right?

The part that sucked the most was knowing that Viktor would just laugh off sending the message to the wrong person before asking if Yuuri wanted all the details even knowing that Yuuri would threaten to not talk to him if he did that.

It was always all fun and games with Viktor.



One second you’re regaling me with the discussion of how great Yuuri’s ass looked in the practice video the JSF posted on their website and the next you’re cursing.  Came too soon?

I accidentally sent the message to Yuuri.

Well, that’s one way to tell the boy you’d like to do him every which way and then take him to the altar.

Chris!  I’m serious!  What the fuck am I supposed to do?!
Wait… he… he doesn’t realise I’m talking about him.  I didn’t actually mention his name.
What do I do?  He asked who I was talking about!

Hmmm.  Just listen to me for a minute here.  I have a crazy idea.  You like crazy ideas.

I’ll take any idea!

TELL HIM THAT IT WAS ABOUT HIM.  Then arrange to meet up somewhere.  Give in to your hormones for a sex filled weekend.  Propose or something a few weeks later and then, here’s the really crazy part, BE HAPPY (And maybe don’t tell me about all the sex you’re having because then I might have to kill you.)

That is the worst plan in the history of plans!
I’ll… I’ll just make something up.  Maybe say I was talking about the ice dancer you have the hots for.




HAHAHA!  You’re right!  I was talking with Chris about this Swiss ice dancer!  Maybe you’ve seen him skate?

Ah.  Yes.  Chris has pointed him out before.  He’s all right, I suppose.  Not really my type.
Um… I need to go.  Enjoy talking with Chris about your hot ice dancer!

Yuuri pressed the power button on his phone until the phone shut all the way off.  He didn’t want to see anything more about hot ice dancer whoever for the rest of the night.  He needed to study.  And then he’d go out and… do something.  Something so he wouldn’t have to think.

That was a solid plan.


I think he’s upset with me.

Should have gone with my plan…

Glide (Mulligan x Reader)

Words: 1200+

Request: Mulligan x reader Superhero!AU? 

Warnings: Cursing

A/N: i had fun writing this friend, im glad you gave me this prompt! Thank you! although i am not sure now you wanted it, i hope i interpreted it correctly!

Part 2

You assumed you were the only one who had superpowers. You were adopted, you didn’t have any relatives that you knew. And whenever you tried to find out who your parents were, the adoption agency refused to give you any information. You never told any of your friends about the power that you had, and you kept it to yourself. Well except for that one time. 

You quickly erased that thought from your head.

“Y/N, where’s the document for Washington? He needs it right now.” Laurens said, peeking into your office. You nodded, telling him that you’ll be right out. You watched him close the door, and levitated the papers, glancing through for the file. Once you found it, you grabbed it with your hand, walking out in the hallway on the way to Mr. Washington’s office.

You were able to levitate objects with your mind, well mostly your mind. There was some hand movement that was needed, but besides that, yes, your mind. There were some other things you could do, but all of it was less important. Not anything worth mentioning. 

You walked past Mulligan’s office, seeing him being scowled at by Hamilton. You hesitated, looking at the papers in your hand. Hamilton seemed made at the Irishman, and you could tell Mulligan was getting more and more furious by the second. You walked into the room, knocking on the door once. They both looked at you, Hamilton’s face quite red.

“Hey Ham, what’s up? Why are you yelling at Herc?” You asked, mildly concerned at the throbbing veins on his face. He placed his hand on his forehead, showing you the plans in his hands.

“The design for this coat is too expensive to make. Using cotton would be better than buying the stuffing that Mulligan wants. And he won’t change his stance on it, no matter how much I talk to him.” Hamilton explained, and you held in your laughter at his hands on his hips. You glanced over the plans once, and nodded.

“Herc’s plan makes sense, Ham. The stuffing is much more softer and fixes the problem that customers complained about. I know your head of accounting and all, but using these materials make more sense. Herc’s head of design, he knows what he’s talking about.” You replied, giving Herc a smile. Hamilton sighed.

“But Y/N…”

“Sorry Ham man, no can do.” He frowned, and Herc laughed, looking at the two of you.

“Stop calling me that.”

“I’ll see you later, I have to go see Washington.” Hamilton sighed, walking out of Herc’s office. Once he was out of view, you turned to Herc. He had his arms across his chest, staring at you. “What?”

“You didn’t agree with Hamilton? Why not?”

“And why are you questioning me?” You asked, leaning against the door frame. He shrugged, standing up out of his chair. As he walked slowly around the room, you watched him, taking in his massive figure. He was tall and brawny, different from anyone else in the office. He touched a mannequin that rested next to his desk, glancing at you.

“Because you always take Hamilton’s side with everyone else but me.” He grinned, winking at you. You were a very loud person, but at this moment, you were lost for words.

“No, I, no.” You said, stuttering. He laughed, shaking his head. You smiled, looking down at the gray carpet.

You couldn’t lie, Mulligan was attractive. Immensely attractive, in both physical appearance and personality. He was the only reason you smiled while you were in here. He made you laugh, he was kind, and there were endless conversations between the two of you. Every day, he was the most interesting part of it.

“Y/N!” You heard Washington’s booming voice through the office, and instantly remembered that you had the files he needed. As you waved goodbye to Herc, he walked over to you, touching your arm.

“Hey, before you go, do you want to get some dinner with me later? It’s on me.” He said, nervousness in his eyes. You bit your lip.

You tried not to get attached to people, that’s why you had few friends. This power, this thing that you had, it wasn’t ordinary. The last time you told someone about you, they freaked, calling the police on you. Of course, they could not prove what you did, but it did cause too much trouble. You eventually moved away from that neighborhood, in a completely different state. You considered his dark brown eyes, and saw nothing but innocence. You nodded.

“I won’t turn down free food.” You said, smiling at him. He let out a breath, his anxiety swept away. You quickly went to Washington’s office, not wanting him to wait any longer.


Later that night, you and Mulligan were walking together, enjoying the cool temperature. The two of you had dinner at his restaurant, both of your underdressed. He did not seem to care, walking in there with his hand in yours. It made you blush, and thankfully, the lights were dim, hiding the red color on your face. He let you pick anything on the menu, and you noticed that they did not show the prices. He calmed your questioning gaze, telling you that he was friends with the owner. After he convinced you that it was not expensive, you picked a meal from the menu. It was excellent, and he was pleased that you enjoyed it as well.

Your arm was wrapped in his, and you two walked slowly in a park, talking about anything and everything.

“Do you remember when Thomas brought his special mac and cheese for everyone?” Mulligan said, and you laughed, remembering it clearly.

The smell permeated every wall, stinking up the whole office space. Thomas had a cheesy (pun intended) grin on his face, showing everyone his masterpiece. Hamilton looked like he was about to puke, quickly moving away from the monstrosity that was the food. Everyone else, besides Madison, were saying the most vulgar things imaginable. Even Washington, with his calm demeanor, told Thomas to get rid of the food or else he’d fire him. It was the funniest incident that happened in a while, and you could have sworn that you smell the delicacy whenever you walk into the break room.

“Don’t remind me, it was horrible. How could Madison even stand in the same room for so long.” You mumbled, and Herc rolled his eyes at you.

“The things you do for the one’s you love.” You raised your eyebrow.

“You think Madison likes Jefferson?”

“Well, it seems pretty obvious to me. I see the hearts in his eyes when he looks at him. I cannot wait until the day Jefferson notices,” he smiled, “Puppy love.” You laughed. The two of you walked in the crosswalk, continuing to talk.

“You’re such a-” The loud noise of a horn distracted you, and you quickly turned towards the sound. A tractor trailer was speeding towards the both of you, trying to slow down. He was only a few feet away when you held up your hands, closing your eyes.

After a few seconds of silence, you peeked through one of your lids. The truck was above you, floating in the air. You let out a deep breath, placing it down on the ground. The man in the truck was unconscious, probably passed out from shock. You felt a drip of blood leak out of your nose, and touched it.

That never happened before.

You turned back, forgetting that Mulligan was standing there. His eyes were wide open, staring at you. Your heart dropped, looking at his demeanor. He was undoubtedly afraid, frozen in the spot on the street.