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FT Fluff Week Day 7 (Sorry, late.)

Prompt: Serendipity

Summary: AU. Lucy’s life takes an unexpected turn when her wedding day does not turn out so well.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Rating: T for language and a few (really mild) references to sexual themes.

Spoilers: Nope.


It was supposed to be one of the big milestones of Lucy’s life.

Everything was all planned. The cake was finished, the caterers had been called, the tuxes and dresses had been paid for, and every decoration was in place. It was Lucy’s wedding day: the day that she and her fiancee, Dan Straight, would be bound in matrimony. Lucy had mixed feelings about it, honestly. She was already having doubts about her life up until now. Dan was much older than her, and he seemed to be much more infatuated with her than she was with him.

She couldn’t blame this all on her father, no matter what. Sure, he’d been the one that had introduced Lucy to Dan, and had suggested that she date him instead of this hot guy at her school. She was the one who listened to him, after all, and she was the one who had accepted Dan’s proposal.

Things just didn’t feel right. They say that love should make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Every kiss should have fireworks, every time you touch you should feel the connection, you should get butterflies in your stomach when nearby. Those feelings did not describe how Lucy felt.

With a sigh, she looks down at her feet. The poofy white wedding dress covers her white heels, the wide skirt feeling overly large. This dress was insanely uncomfortable… With a sigh, she decides to take a small walk outside the church. She really needs some fresh air.

The gardens outside are in full bloom. Bright shades of red, blue, yellow, pink, and purple greet her eyes, along with the rich green color of the foliage. She watches a tiny pink butterfly flit from flower to flower, its wings beating slowly. This peace is suddenly interrupted by the sound of a familiar feminine voice, “But will we be alone?”

“Don’t you worry, Angie-poo,” Dan’s voice replies. Lucy’s heart stops. “We’ll have plenty of time to ourselves after I move in with Lulu. I’ll keep on lying about having a job and come see you~ We can meet in my old house and go even further than two nights ago~”

Angel’s giggle that followed afterwards, along with the husky tone of voice Dan was using, broke Lucy’s heart in two. Dan…was cheating?! She had always wondered why he never paid for their dates: he never had money to begin with! Instead of having a job, he went around sleeping with women!

Tears sting her eyes as she runs back into the church. There she undresses, throwing the gown to the floor as she pulls on her t-shirt, skirt, and boots. She was so done with him. Sure, she was heartbroken, but at the same time…she wasn’t.

She storms out of the church in a huff, making sure to slam all the doors. On her way out, she tears off her engagement ring and leaves it by the men’s dressing room with a note that read, “Give it to the girl you’re doing instead.” Lucy didn’t care if she sounded like a bitch, she was so done with this man… Forever.

Lucy ran as fast as she could back towards her house. She had no car, as Dan had driven her here. She would’ve stolen his car, but he had the keys, and Lucy really didn’t want to go to jail today. Or ever, for that matter.

Wiping tears from her eyes, Lucy stops for a breather by an alleyway (in retrospect, it wasn’t really the best idea…). With a sigh, she gazes outward at the street. Not many cars came by her, but that was understandable. There were two ways to get to Lucy’s house: the fast way, or the long way. She took the long way, simply because she knew no one would follow her. The main reason, though, wasn’t because of the distance, it was because of the neighborhood. This part of Magnolia was the ghetto.

“Whatcha doin’, Blondie?” a creepy voice says from behind her. A shiver goes up Lucy’s spine at the man’s voice. A muscular, broad-shouldered man with lots of piercings and long black hair steps in front of her. His red eyes study her fairly short skirt. Oh…no… She was in trouble now. “You do realize that you’re in gang territory, right?”

Lucy swallows, about to answer, when another voice cuts in with, “Yeah, it’s gang territory, alright. However, it is not Phantom Lord gang territory.” A shadow of another person is cast upon the sidewalk. “Get outta here, Blacksteel. My gang’s still pissed off at ya for attacking one of our girls.”

“It was harmless fun,” Blacksteel snorts. “All I did was scare her a little.”

“By beating her senseless?” growls the other man. “Seriously, fuck off. I’ve already kicked your ass once, and I don’t have the patience to do it again.”

“You’re such a spoilsport, Salamander,” snaps Blacksteel. “All I did was-”

“SHUT UP!” Salamander shouts, and he leaps out of the alleyway and punches Blacksteel right in the jaw. Lucy’s jaw drops at the sight of him. He’s much shorter than Blacksteel, but definitely has strength, as Blacksteel lurches backwards as Salamander’s fist hits him.

“Fine!” Blacksteel shouts, rubbing his chin. “I’ll leave you alone for now! But just so you’re aware, Fairy Tail is not safe in these parts. You’ve always been little arrogant shitheads, and someday, that’s gonna come back to bite you.”

“Get lost,” Salamander snarls. Blacksteel then slinks off down the street, obviously pissed off. Salamander turns to look at her. “Hey, there. You okay?”

Lucy looks him up and down. Considering that he was in a gang in the ghetto, he had surprisingly nice clothing. His shirt was a bright red color, and over it he wore an unzipped black leather jacket. On the bottom he wore a pair of dark colored jeans and fairly scuffed up black shoes. His pink hair (yes, it was actually pink) was styled in wild spikes, although each one seemed to be gelled in a certain way. He stood confidently, his hands in his pockets as he studied her face.

“Y-Yes, I’m alright,” she stammers. “Thank you…he was scaring me.”

“That’s Blacksteel,” Salamander sighs. “He’s a prick who loves screwing with other gangs. He beat up quite a few gang members from various gangs last week, such as Lamia Scale and Cait Shelter. Us, too,” he replies, his expression grave.

“Is his real name Blacksteel?” Lucy asks him, a little confused.

“It’s kind of like a codename,” he replies. “We don’t want our real names getting out to the general public, because then the cops will have something to go by. They don’t like all the crimes we commit.”

“Who would?” Lucy answers immediately without thinking.

Salamander’s eyes narrow. “Look, most of the things we do aren’t for fun, okay? We do it because we’re starving, and no one wants workers from the ghetto when they can have normal city folk. There’s kids in our gang, and we need to support them too.”

Lucy’s jaw drops, “There’s kids in your gang?!”

“Well, yeah,” he admits. “We’re not like most other gangs. Everyone in our gang is an orphan, or has no place to go. We’re more like a family than a gang.” His cheeks suddenly turn pink as he rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. “And I can’t believe I just told a random person I just met all of this.”

Lucy smiles, “It’s okay, I won’t tell.” His shoulders sag in relief. “I’m Lucy, by the way. Nice to meet you, Salamander.”

“Oh, what the hell,” he groans. “I’ve told you so much already, you might as well know my real name. I’m Natsu.”

Surprised, Lucy feels her heart flutter. He’s the nicest gang member she’s ever met… “Well then, nice to meet you, Natsu.”

“Same,” he replies, flashing a grin. “Hey, uh, do you want me to walk you home? That way nobody else tries to hurt you…or worse.” Lucy opens her mouth to answer him, but he carries on. “Sabertooth has been brutal lately too. White Dragon and Shadow have been pissing me off.”

“Err…” Lucy doesn’t even bother to ask about the codenames, completely confused. “Well, uh, sure. It’d be great to have some company. I’ve had a really crazy horrible day.”

Natsu beams, “Alright!” Together they begin walking down the sidewalk. Now that Natsu was out of the shadows, Lucy could see his face a bit better. She blushes despite herself. She knows in that moment that she definitely has a weird taste in men…because this guy was really hot.

She coughs awkwardly. “Um…my house is this way.” She points to a street to her left with a slight wave her hand.

He stares at her. “Of course it is, weirdo. The other streets lead into gang territory or further into the ghetto. There’s no way you’d live there with clothes and makeup like that.”

Lucy feels her face flush. “W-Well, normally my makeup isn’t like this… You see…I…” She turns away from him. “I kind of just ran away from my own wedding.” Natsu chokes on his spit. Lucy quickly tries to explain, “I-It was for a good reason! I found out my fiancee didn’t actually have a job! Instead he’d go out and lie with other women!”

“Damn!” Natsu swears furiously. “If I knew that guy, I’d beat him up for you! He sounds like a total-”

Lucy cuts him off, “It’s okay, Natsu, calm down. I never really loved him anyways… I don’t even really know what love is, actually… It’s always been a mystery to me.”

“I don’t understand it either,” Natsu replies sheepishly, blushing slightly.

“R-Really?” Lucy blurts. “It seems like you would’ve had a girlfriend since you’re so attractive!” Natsu’s face turns bright red.

“Uh-uh-uh-” Natsu stammers, embarrassed. “W-Well, n-no…”

“Uh, well, I-this is my house,” Lucy finally says, walking up my walk. “Um…maybe I’ll see you again…”

“Soon,” he suddenly replies. “I’ll see you soon, Lucy.”


Four months later, Lucy hoists her bag up on her shoulder as she walks out of the grocery store. She can still smell the freshly cooked muffins in her bag. The scent makes Lucy feel warm and happy.

“C'mon, Angie-poo,” a familiar voice says, “we’re going to-” Dan stops short when he spots Lucy. “Oh, Lulu!” gasps Dan. “I haven’t seen you since the wedding! Where did you go?!”

“Leave me alone, cheater,” she snaps, turning away slightly.

“Oh, but Lulu-”

Dan is violently interrupted by a shout of, “Leave her alone!” A group of five people walk up to Lucy, Dan, and Angel. Natsu leads the group, and he is followed by a redhead, a young blue-haired girl, a little light blue-haired boy, and a shirtless dark-haired boy.

Dan’s face turns white. “A…a gang?!”

“We’re Fairy Tail,” the redhead says darkly. “My name is Titania.”

“I’m Freeze.”

“I’m Rain Woman!”

“I am Bookworm!”

“I’m Fish!”

“And I’m Salamander,” Natsu says darkly. He steps towards Dan. “No need to introduce yourself. I know who you are. You’re the bastard that hurt Lucy… I’ll never forgive you!”

“Natsu!” Lucy shouts, stepping in front of him. “Stop. It’s okay.” Even though Lucy could see that Natsu is seething, there was no way she was going to let him take his anger out on Dan. She turns back to her ex, her eyes narrowed. “Look, Dan. We’re through. Get your ass out of here. I don’t ever want to see you again.”

Everyone’s jaws drop. They couldn’t believe that Lucy had just snapped like that. Speechless, Dan slowly steers Angel away from Lucy and the member of the Fairy Tail gang. Lucy turns back to her friends. “Sorry, guys,” she sighs, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

“Sorry?!” laughs Freeze.

“No, that was kickass, Luce!” Natsu grins. “All the more reason to give you this.” He pulls something out of his jacket pocket. “That’s why we’re even out here. Erza, oops, I mean, Titania, saw you going to the store, so we came after ya.”

The item he places in her hand is cool and smooth. Very slowly Lucy opens her hand. A gasp escapes her throat at the sight of the pink Fairy Tail symbol necklace. “You…you didn’t…”

“You’re now an honorary member of our gang,” Natsu says to her, placing a hand on her shoulder. “You wear this, the other gangs won’t touch ya. They’ll see that you’re under our wing, and they’ll either be friendly or leave you alone.”

“You want me…to be an honorary member?” Lucy whispers, tears of joy in her eyes.

“Aye!” Fish cheers.

Lucy breaks down into happy tears, throwing her arms around Natsu’s neck. “Oh, thank you thank you thank you! It’s so great to know that I have friends!”

“No problem,” Natsu grins. “Now, you can come hang out with us at our hideout. Dontcha worry, it’s not scary. Everyone’s super friendly.”

Lucy pulls away, gently pressing her forehead against his. “Natsu…” she whispers.

His cheeks turn pink, “Eh? What?”

Very slowly, she leans a tiny bit closer to Natsu. Behind him, his fellow gang members’ eyes widen in shock. Lucy closes her own eyes, slowly shortening the distance between them. Right as she’s about to close the gap, Natsu’s hands suddenly find the back of her head, and then he’s slamming his lips into hers. The kiss was forceful at first, but slowly turned soft, warm, and gentle. Lucy felt like she was going to explode.

She didn’t know how long they kissed for. The only thing she knew was that they kissed more than once, stopping only for small bursts of air. Behind them, their friends were watching, dumbstruck and embarrassed.

Sure, this wasn’t like the cliche love story. She had been through a failed engagement, disobeyed her father, and met and befriended a gang. And now, here she was, kissing a long-time member of the infamous Fairy Tail in front of a discount grocery store. But to Lucy, it really didn’t matter. This was her story…

All it had taken was a little Serendipity, and she finally found her way.