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Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader/Reader x OC

Warnings: Reaction to mental breakdown 

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Leather (pt. v)

part i // part ii // part iii // part iv

SUMMARY: (Sweet Pea x Reader series) The only times the Serpents and Ghoulies meet are in three ways: street races, gang fights, or in the hallways of Southside High. Surprisingly, there’s a new face in town, and they grab the attention of a certain gang.

WORD COUNT: 244 words


NOTES: part five! how would you guys like a playlist to go with this series?? reply to this post to tell me! @penisprkr

He sees her the next day at school. Not in class, or in the lunchroom, but at her locker in a crowded hallway. Riley stands in front of the open and beat up metal locker as she slides textbooks into it. She reaches the top and grabs her earbuds, and Sweet Pea takes this moment to walk across the traffic in the hall to her.

She shuts her locker as he gets to her, and she smiles softly up at him. “Hey, leather, what brings you to my trashy school abode?”

He laughs slightly, looking around. “Just wanted to see how hell was treating you.”

Riley sighs, and shoves her earbuds into her pocket. “As good as you’d expect it to,” she answers with a shrug. “The guys kind of have me under lock-and-key right now, wanna make sure I’m not how some snake earns their stripes or something.” He nods, watching her. “Say, you’re quite ballsy for talking to me right now. Any of the guys could be watching-”

“What are they gonna do?” he asks. “This is my house.”

She laughs, pulling the straps of her backpack on her shoulders down. “I like the confidence, leather. Keep it up, and you’ll seem invincible.” He smiles down at her, and it’s a sight she’s glad to have caught it before he walks back down the hall. She turns, watching him go, and shakes her head to herself for getting herself in this situation.

Part of Me 

Sansa closed her eyes and steeled herself for what was about to come. Slowly, she turned around to face him. She let her eyes rove over his face. A face she knew by heart. A face she couldn’t forget even if she wanted to. It was the face she looked into every day for the past four years. Except for the eyes. Blue eyes met deep grey.

“Jon,” she breathed.

won’t you come home

Pairings: Julian/Asra, Julian/Asra/MC, background Nadia/Portia

Content Warnings: Off-screen major character death, brief descriptions of old age, mild coarse language, angst

Word Count: 3999

Author’s Note: This was supposed to be a vampire au but, boy howdy, that didn’t happen. Anyway, have a very drawn out hurt/comfort fic with a big, fat happy ending!

Forty years ago, Julian once again faced down death.

A witch sacrificed herself for him. For all the lives in Vesuvia.

He’s an old man now. He’s lived a long life. But it was a longer life than he’d wanted, if he was honest.

In the end, he’d gotten almost everything he wanted.



It was hard to look into the white flames, to see past them and glimpse the bodies inside the burning sigil chalked onto the floor. It was impossible to see beyond it, to find Pasha and Nadia. To know whether they were safe pushed up against Lucio’s bed, Nadia using her back to shield Pasha from the inferno.

Asra kept Julian standing, even though their bodies threatened to buckle under the weight of the magic. He watched the fire with his hand knotted in Julian’s bloodied jacket, eyes shining with tears, mouth moving in prayer. He’d said, once, that being loved by Eustacia was the same as being loved by a god. He wasn’t wrong.


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Take It All Back

Part Nineteen

Summary: While everyone is on him to face his feelings over Journey, Jensen is adamant that their relationship is a thing of the past. 
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Macy)
Word Count: 1830
Warnings: None? 


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Patient Zero (Part III)

Originally posted by protectlenaluthor

A/N: Sooo hellooo everyone, how ya doing little beautiful people? I know I missed last saturday’s update but I had a good excuse for that, one that made me very happy and sad… but here I’m now posting this last part of this fic.I admit it was difficult to write this part, I wasn’t really satisfied with anything i wrote at first but i made myself do it and I believe it’s good stuff…i think…

But please, as always, let me know what you think about it. Remeber to hit it for comments, request and ask :D I hope you enjoyed the story and that you enjoy this finale.

Lena Luthor x  Zombie!Reader//Word Count: 2,754

00:00. Play.

00:01. [Y/N]: …here, this is for prosperity [Smiling] Say cheese!
         [Lena]: [Smiling] Wait, you’re recording! [Laughing]
         [Y/N]: [Loud laughter] Oh, sorry. Just let me- [Camera shaking and focusing on the floor]
         [Lena]: No, no. Leave it! [Camera focusing on Lena] It works for prosperity either way.

Her voice was more of a whisper, lost among the sound of strident alarms. Her heart was pounding so hard, she could hear the beating in her hears. She looked at you, at your factions, your famished figure. There was barely a shadow of who you were hiding behind bloodshot eyes and, as if a faint moment of recognition passed between you two, you stopped hitting the glass doors. She saw you there, a smiling face and bright eyes, as if you had never changed.

For a moment, she saw her friend and she wanted so desperately to make that moment last. She knew someone was calling her name but it was like a distant sound. She then saw you turning, to follow the path the others had taken, and disappeared. Moments later everything was quiet again.

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Physical Attraction

[Physical Attraction; Sebastian Michaelis x Chubby Reader] PART 3

“Another marriage proposal, declined! [Y/N], what are we supposed to do with you!?” Your mother’s shrill voice called angrily.

You stood ashamed, within your father’s headquarters. He watched you carefully from behind his large desk, obvious annoyance running through his [E/C] orbs. Your mother paced back and forth through the office, disappointed in you.

“I-I’m sorry.” You whispered softly.

The anger radiating off your parents body was extremely present. You couldn’t look either of them straight in the eye.

“[Y/N], I work hard to find wonderful and wealthy men for you.” Your father began “I need you to meet me halfway, at least try and make them like you”

Your eyes stared intensely at the polished floor. You were only being yourself, if a man couldn’t find it in himself to love you for you then what good is Marriage. You would be a un-happy and miserable, not to mention; most men run away when they take a look at your figure.

“I-I’ll try harder, promise” You tried to reassure them.

Your mother’s sharp eyes peered into the depths of your soul.

“You said that last time!” She sighed placing her manicured hands against her forehead. “Why can’t you be more like your sister, Ivana?” She questioned.

That really hurt. Its not like you intentionally try and run the men away. Not everyone could be as wonderfully perfect as Ivana.

Your mother’s eyes ran over your figure, disgust running through her [E/C] eyes.

“What have I told you about your eating habits!? You’re still as big as you were before you started this diet!” She huffed “At this rate, you’ll never find a decent man to love you”

As she spoke, your heart was breaking in two. You knew you messed up, yet, you didn’t realize that your simple mistake would result in making your parents this angry.

“I-I can lose the weight! I just request a bit of time–” You began. Your father cut you completely off.

“Don’t you see? We’re running out of time, [Y/N]” He spoke firmly. “I cannot continue to try and scrap together men for you”

The room began to darking just slightly, due to the cloudy sky.

“Ivana already has a betrothed–” Your mother began.

This time you cut her off, getting annoyed with her attitude. “Stop comparing me to Ivana! I’m nothing like her!” You shouted breathlessly.

The duo looked taken back, you’ve never raised your voice at them. Yet, your mother was never one to give up an argument.

“You’re right–” She spoke “You’re nothing like Ivana, you’re a disgrace to our family name!” She snapped “You’re a unattractive cow, with no future. And that’s all you’ll ever be.” Her eyes glared daggers into your forehead.

“[M/N], That’s enough!” Your father shouted.

“No, [D/N], she needs to hear the truth! Nobody wants a women like her, she might as well leave!” Your mother argued.

Dead. That’s exactly how you felt inside, tears began to roll down your chubby cheeks. Your hands clenched together, you couldn’t do this anymore.

“If that’s how you truly feel–” You stuttered due to your overflowing tears “Then you can consider me gone” Your heels clicked against the ground as you ran out of the room and down the hall.

“[Y/N], Wait!” Your father yelled. Getting out of his seat running towards the door “Damn it, [M/N]!” He exclaimed angrily towards his wife, chasing after his daughter.

You didn’t bother collecting any of your belongings, as you rushed down the elegant staircase and past the many large rooms in this Mansion. The feeling of complete betrayal coursing through your vains; how could your own family see you like that? It hurt so damn much.

You rushed passed Lockhart, he was clearly confused.

“Lady [Y/N], where are you headed?” He questioned.

Ignoring his soft call, you ran out of the [L/N] Manor entirely. This was it, you certainly weren’t coming back. Clearly, you weren’t wanted there.

Heavy rain poured over the city of London, the sun was completely hidden amongst the grey clouds. Your lovely house dress becoming wildly soaked along with your once curled hair.

You sat quietly upon a large bench, in front of a small Coffee shop. The gust of wind sending chills down your spine. Oh, how you wished to get Hyperthermia; maybe that would save you from all of this pain and heart-ache. You pulled on the small cardigan that you wore, trying to take in its warmth.

There weren’t many people out and about on this dreadful day, though, those who were out paid you no mind and went on with their daily life. Your breathing was heavy and coming out in small puffs of smoke.

Your drenched [H/C] hair danced gracefully alongside the wind. The only warmth you were receiving litteraly came from your body fat. Guess there are perks to being slightly larger than most. Take that Mom!! The small wind turned into a more heavy gust, making you shiver as the rain poured down harder.

“Sebastian! There’s a young maiden sitting there.” A young monotone voice called. “She’s completely drenched, come”

“Yes, My Lord” That velvety voice spoke smoothly. The sound of footprints stopped directly in front of your figure. The puffiness of your eye’s made it harder to see the citizens who decided to stop in front of you.

“Are you lost?” A voice questioned. You nodded your head hesitately, standing up. A bit wobbly, you felt dizzy.

“P-pease, could you escort m-me–?” You paused. Dizziness beginning to overcome your entire being.

“Sebastian! Catch her!”

That being the last thing you heard before blacking out completely.


The harsh pounding against your forehead brought you immense pain. It felt horrible, like a hammer was being knocked against your head.

Your breathing was irregular and deranged. It took a minute before you were able to completely open your eyes; them adjusting to the dim light.

You didn’t feel wet anymore, on the contrary, you felt extremely warm. Your eyes wondering the finely designed ceiling of someone’s home.

She’s beginning to come to, My Lord" A deep voice called.

“I am well aware, Sebastian”

You felt hot, very hot. Like a ball of fire has covered you in its burning flames.

Suddenly, your [E/C] eyes came in contact with a pair of navy blue eye’s; one being covered by a black eye patch. He looked young, no older than thirteen at least. He had black natural hair, unparted.

“I don’t know if you remember me, [Y/N]” He began “But, I am Ciel Phantomhive owner of the Funtom Corporation, I believe you attended one of my parties, no?” He questioned.

You didn’t speak, your voice felt hoarse and rough. Instead you simply nodded your head, answering his question non-verbally.

“I assume you’ve already meet my Butler, Sebastian?” He questioned referring to the male standing behind him.

Your eyes widden slightly, as you looked into the deep red eyes of Sebastian. No-matter what the circumstance, you two always seemed to find one another. It made your heart race, how does this keep happening? It’s like he’s everywhere you go! Not that you minded or anything.

You nodded slightly, watching them both.

“How’d you end up on the streets of London, Lady [Y/N]?” He questioned. You were going to answer, but your throat hurt to much.

“It seems, Lady [Y/N] had a family dispute about her weight causing her to storm off in anger” Sebastian answered.

“I don’t see what the problem is, your weight should have anything to do with your personality or performance as a human being” Ciel commented confused.

What Ciel said was extremely sweet, even if he didn’t mean it as a compliment. Yet, one thing kept ringing through your mind.

How the hell, did Sebastian know about all of that? I don’t recall telling him a single thing..’

Pain from your throbbing forehead causing you to squeeze your eyes shut in agony.

Ciel watched you carefully, placing a hand on your forehead. His small palm felt completely cold against your skin, it was nice.

“Sebastian, she’s burning up” He replied.

Sebastian removed his left hand glove, placing the back of his hand against your pounding forehead. Now, his hand was freezing cold. You sighed softly.

“It seems as if she’s caught a terrible fever, Young Master” Sebastian replied. His eyes fixated on your ghostly skin and sick looking expressions.

“Sebastian, is there still a extra sleeping chamber down the hall?” He questioned eyeing his butler.

“I believe so, My Lord” He answered.

“Excellent” He spoke firmly “[Y/N], I have decided to let you stay in my Manor–” He began “That is, of course, until you request to leave. I could use the extra company and assistance around this place” He finished.

Your almond shaped eyes widdening slightly. It wasn’t a secret that you were in complete shock at the sudden proposal.

“Well, do you expect my proposal?” He questioned.

You took a moment to think, if you say “No” you would have to return home or live on the streets of London. If you say “Yes.” You would be living under the Phantomhive Manor as what you would call a “Maid”

You’re actually wanted here! Welp, you’ve made up your mind. Your head nodded swiftly, as you tryed to ignore the pain.

“Brilliant” He mumbled “Welcome to the Phantomhive Manor, [Y/N]” the boy stood up beginning to walk out of the room.

“Sebastian, you’re to help bring her back to her normal health” He demanded.

Sebastian bowed respectfully “Of course” He replied. Before the boy disappeared into the hall. Leaving you all alone with this handsome butler you seemed to keep running into.

His gorgeous eye’s found yours once again, his lips curving into a smile.

“We meet again, Mi'lady” He teased. Walking over rubbing his long delicate fingers down your cheeks, making you heat up. Every time you meet, he makes it seems as if he’s actually Into You.

“Please excuse me, as I go gather up medical supplies for you” He began to walk off, with the little voice you had you called out his name.

“S-S-Sebastian!” You coughed.

He looked back, eyes closed with a bright smile.

“Yes, darling?” He questioned.

You began to close your eyes, getting extremely tired all of a sudden.

“Thank you.” You replied dozing off completely.

“Of course, my Kitten”

xenos (part four); mike wheeler

Originally posted by jeffz-rodrigues

pairing: OC x Mike Wheeler

word count: 2,636 words

warnings: obvious swearing, spoilers of the first season of stranger things, missing kid, storm

tagging: @ri-verdale

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part four: the vanishing of will byers

In the afternoon on Monday, November seventh, Vanessa walked home by herself. She didn’t have a last class and Jonathan had after school Photography Club, but she didn’t tell Jonathan she was going to leave early.

    Before she trudged her way home that quiet afternoon, she stopped by the Hawkins Middle School where their classes already let out (the middle school started earlier than the high school, and was only walking distance between each other). She went around to the bike racks where she saw the one she was looking for.

    “Mike!” she called out, immediately drawing his attention and stopped him from getting his bike. He strained his eyes through the sunlight to see who had called his name, his face blushing when he noticed who it was.

    “O-Oh, hi, Vanessa. W-What are you doing here?” he asked, looking back and forth between his shoes and her eyes. Vanessa walked up to him until he was near pressed against the side of the building, but not close enough that gave weird glances at the two.

    “You were close friends with Will, closer than Dustin or Lucas?” Vanessa asked, playing with the straps of her backpack. Mike nodded his head. “Do you remember what he said to you last night? Before he left to go home, Mike.”

    Mike let out a small sigh, “He just talked about our campaign last night. D-Dungeons and Dragons.”

    “I know what a campaign is, Mike. What did he say?”

    “He-he was talking about the game. The Demogorgon, I summoned it and-and Will had the option to either cast a Protection spell or Fireball him. He went for the Fireball and lost. It got him.”

    “It … got him? The Demogorgon?”

    Mike nodded, “Yeah. He didn’t roll a high enough number. It took him under.”

    “Hey,” Vanessa touched Mike’s hand, suddenly realising something. “What if last night … it really did get him? I mean, isn’t that like the biggest boss?”

    “Y-Yeah, but, the Demogorgon’s only a part of the game–”

    Vanessa interrupted him, “But what if it’s not? Was Will in class today?” Mike shook his head, looking down. “Look, I know what I’m saying is crazy, but I don’t just think he ran away, or ditched even. Maybe someone took him.”

    “Or something …” Mike realised, looking up into Vanessa’s eyes.

    “Where does Will keep his walkie-talkie? Did he ever tell you?” Vanessa asked. Mike shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever, I’ll look for it on my own. Do you use yours?”

    “Y-Yeah, but why do you want to know–”

    “I need to talk to you. To Dustin. To Lucas. I’m with you guys now. I have to find my brother; you have to find your friend. Help me find Will, Mike.”

    “I know. I want to help. S-Stay on channel six, it’s the one we use to talk through. Use it when you’re ready to do anything.”

    Vanessa smiled. “Thanks, Mike.” She kissed his cheek; he spluttered on his words. “Alright, I gotta go before Jonathan gets out. If he gets ahold of you, don’t tell him where I am. I don’t want him to worry.”

    “Do you … do you want me to take you home?” Mike asked, pointing over to his bike that was still locked to the rack. Vanessa wiggled her mouth back and forth in thought, smirking when she came up with an answer.

    “Do you want to take me home?” Mike gulped at her comeback, biting his lips together to hold back from saying yes. Vanessa giggled and walked over to his bike. “I’d love to, just don’t lose balance.”

    “Alright. Yeah, I’ll take you.” he blushed, quickly unlocking his bike and hopping onto the seat, holding it steady for Vanessa to get on. She sat on the back of it and wrapped her arms lightly around Mike’s torso.

    “I feel like E.T. in that one scene, y’know?” Vanessa asked, reminiscing on the famous movie that came out just a year prior. Mike cleared his throat and started on their ride to Vanessa’s house.

They made it to her house safe and sound, with no sign of Jonathan or Joyce there. It was completely quiet, making Mike feel more reluctant to leave Vanessa there by herself.

    “Are you sure you don’t wanna come over to my place? I don’t really think it’s safe to stay here alone and–”

    Vanessa turned to him and smiled. “I’m fine, Mike. I’ll be okay. I’ll copy you over the walkie when I find it.”

    Mike smiled, “O-Okay. See you.”

    Mike got a head start on his bike and left in the direction they came from, leaving Vanessa to do her investigation in Will’s room. It was hard to stay in there knowing that he didn’t sleep in his bed the night before, but she could only push through her pain and keep searching around for the walkie-talkie, and anything that’d give the inclination of his disappearance.

    She couldn’t find any clues, but somewhere along the way from the walkie-talkie under his bed. She switched the channel to six, pulled open the antenna and turned on the walkie. The channel was full of empty static, but stopped the moment she held the mic button and spoke, “Hello? Anyone there?” Came the static again.

    She called again, “Hello? This is Vanessa calling from the Byers house, is anyone on? Mike? Dustin? Lucas? Over.”

    A voice called back. It wasn’t one that she could recognise at first, it was too quiet and mumbled for her to hear anything coherent. “Hello? You guys there? Over.”

    “ … elp … anessa … mom … nathan … ple . . se.”

    Vanessa held the walkie back up to her mouth, eyes wider than ever before in her life. Quietly, she asked, “Will?”

    “Hello? Vanessa? Is that you? Can you read me? Over.” It was Mike. Vanessa’s heart sunk to her stomach. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Did she even hear it right? Maybe it was just part of her subconscious, waiting for an answer from Will, to tell her he was alright, that he was okay.

    Vanessa drowned out her thoughts and responded, “Yeah. I’m here. Over.”

    Mike let out a sigh of relief over the walkie, “Okay, good. I’m gonna call in Lucas and Dustin, just keep on standby. Over.” And the static remained. The voice she thought she heard earlier wasn’t there anymore, leading her to believe that it was just her mind playing tricks on her.

    The house phone rang in the other room. Vanessa kept the walkie-talkie close by her, holding it in her hand as she made her way out of the room and into the living room where the phone was. Timidly, she answered, “Hello?”

    “Vanessa, is that you? Why are you at home?” Jonathan’s voice sounded hushed but concerned, wondering where his baby sister could’ve gone without his knowledge. “Are you okay?”

    “Yeah, uhm, Jonathan, I’m-I’m okay.” she said, not lying but not telling the full truth either. A part of her was okay, physically that is, but her brain felt fried over the day she’s had so far. It was exhausting and she just wanted to know where her little brother could’ve gone off to. Somewhere in her just wished he was safe. It was all she wanted, if she couldn’t see him.

    “You sure? I’ll come home right now if you need me to.”

    “I said I’m fine. Go to your club Jonathan, I have something to do right now.”

    Jonathan was silent for a moment. “Okay.”

    “Bye, Jonathan.” Vanessa said and hung up the phone before hearing Jonathan’s goodbye. She pushed her hair back into a ponytail and waited for the walkie-talkie to go back on again, hoping Mike would have some plan when he called back.

    Boy, was this going to be a long night.

She waited for a full hour until the boys copied her into the call, Lucas sounding reluctant to talk whenever Vanessa added something to the conversation. He had nothing against her, but he just didn’t feel right around her, like she was a grown-up and they were just a couple of kids (Mike and Lucas); he thought Vanessa was going to adult them in the plan.

    She didn’t, though, much to the Lucas’s surprise, and instead devised an almost perfect plan to sneak out in the midst of the night and search around where Will went missing, a plan that the three all agreed upon. Lucas added that Will had taken a different route, a “shortcut” as Will called it just moments prior to his disappearance.

    “Maybe his going missing thing happened because he went that other path. You and Dustin rode together on the main street, but Will took that turn. Maybe there was a reason for that, or something there that caused him to just … vanish. Over.”

    “I’m with Vanessa, like Will did last night. He could’ve cast Protection, but he chose Fireball instead.”

    “So, what does that have to do with anything?” Lucas interjected.

    “What I’m saying is,” Mike emphasized, “He could’ve played safe, but he didn’t. He put himself in danger to help the party. Over.”

    “Both of you, meet me in ten. Over and out.”

    The audio cut out and Vanessa was left in the dark, not knowing where to meet when Lucas said to “meet him at ten”. Mike’s voice rang back on the walkie.

    “Vanessa, you still there? Over.”

    “Yeah, I’m still here. Where are we meeting? Over.”

    “I’ll meet you at your house, no one’s there yet, right? Over.”

    “It’s still just me. I’ll see you in a few I guess. Over and out.”

    Vanessa still wondered why no one was home yet. She’d at least think her mom would be back or the police would come for some sort of investigation, but nothing. It was only seven at night, but she still wondered.

    Jonathan’s club meetings didn’t end until super late anyway, but he’d be coming home any minute. Vanessa dumped her school books out of her backpack and shoved her walkie-talkie in it. She tossed on one of Jonathan’s jackets (noticing how notably large it was on her) and waited outside of her house by her bike, turning on the light in the front to signal anyone passing by.

    Mike’s bike came into view a few moments later, with his cheeks visibly red even in the nighttime, showing how exerted he was from biking.

    “R-Ready?” he asked, stuttering from his exhaustion and not his embarrassment, which was a first for him, but Vanessa never noticed it personally.

    “When you are.”

    Mike nodded his head, “Okay, just– follow me.” And off they went into the night.

They caught up with Lucas and Dustin, who seemed to be informed of the plan by Lucas. All four of their bikes had their lights on, and only turned them off when Dustin and Lucas led the group to the shortcut Will went through that night before everything happened.

    “We’re going … in there? The middle of the fucking woods?” Vanessa asked, hesitant to go into the woods late at night. She hadn’t thought about bringing a flashlight, so she wasn’t feeling as willing as she was to find Will earlier today. Maybe with better, more useful supplies, she might’ve been.

    “If you wanna find Will or not, yeah. Or stay here if you want, just stay on channel six and call if anything happens on your end.” Mike said, begrudgingly kicking out his bike stand and ducking under the caution roadsign, clicking on his flashlight just as Lucas followed suit.

    Dustin and Vanessa looked at each other, making wide-eyed faces at one another before Dustin turned on his flashlight and pulled Vanessa with him into the woods. “Hey, w-wait up you guys!” he called, ducking under the sign and Vanessa doing whatever he did. The others weren’t far ahead and it was easy to catch up to them.

    Dustin stopped to raise his hand and motion to the sky, “You feel that guys?” Just as he said that, thunder crackled into the night sky, making the jump in surprise. Mike shook his head and kept walking.

    “We have to keep going, you coming or what?”

    Vanessa stepped forward, gaining a bit of confidence as she did so, “Yeah. I have to. For Will.”

    Lucas scoffed, moving up to follow her suit. “We gotta, he’s our friend. I’m in.”

    “Well I guess I have to, too. Sure. Don’t mind the thunder blasting shit around us.” Dustin complained, but the three knew that he wanted to help find Will just as much as them, maybe all for different reasons. Either way, they were determined to find the missing boy, even if it ended up killing them.

    Well, maybe not kill them, they very much liked living, but it’s a metaphor, not literally willing to die.

    Mike nodded, biting down on his bottom lip, “Alright, let’s go.”

“Will!” Mike shouted over the rain, pointing his light every which way.

    “Will!” Vanessa called out too, leaning closer to Mike’s flashlight to see through the dark trees.

    Lucas let out another, “Byers!” But to no avail. If Will was close, he’d have heard the group by now, by not a peep under the rain could be heard by any of the four.

    Thunder rumbled louder and louder then stopped and was gone just as quickly as it came, only to start back up again.

    “I’ve got your X-Men 134!” Dustin said, and still nothing came of it. They had been searching for roughly twenty minutes, far enough into the woods that was questionable why Will would’ve been so deep into the woods.

    “Guys, I-I really think we should go back.” Dustin admitted, not liking the looks of their odds if they were to run into something and they couldn’t defend themselves against. Mike scoffed at him.

    “If you wanna go home, go home Dustin. We don’t have time for this,” he said, trudging into the muddy ground ahead of him.

    “Yeah, go be a baby somewhere else. We’re finding Will!” Lucas chimed in, flashing his light towards the sound of rustling in some bushes.

    “Guys, don’t be so harsh on Dustin. I want nothing more than to find Will too, but in the middle of the night? Covered in mud and rainwater?” Vanessa defended, still sticking close to Mike. “We don’t have any weapons, what do you suppose we do if something’s out here and we can’t defend ourselves?”

    “You wanted to do this in the first place! We’re out here because of you!” Lucas shouted, pointing the light into her face. Vanessa squinted and adjusted her eyes to the light, but it was hard to.

    “You even said yourself, you have to do this. For Will. Remember saying that?”

    Vanessa made an angry face at Lucas, this close (this close) to punching him in the face. Her nails dug into her palms, drawing blood. She let go of her fists, looking slightly down at her hands before looking back up at Lucas with an infuriated expression.

    “Who’s to say you guys wouldn’t have gone out here anyway without me–”

    “Guys, shut up. Shut up.” Mike said calmly, seemingly more interested in something out ahead of them.

    “No! Who even invited you here? None of us agreed to have you here–”

    Mike shouted, “Shut up, Lucas! Listen.”

   The four listened to the rustling in the bushes, the trees? They couldn’t really tell where the noise was coming from exactly. It was coming in all directions, causing the boys to shine their flashlights at all different angles.

    Suddenly, an indescribable screech sounded off in the distance, making the hairs on the backs of their necks stand on end. Vanessa held onto Mike’s arm, looking for some sort of comfort. Then, just out of the bushes … was a girl.

anonymous asked:

hi, i was wondering if you could help me. im trying to find a blog, they posted a steve harrington multi-part fic about the reader being hoppers niece and her coming to live w hopper to help him take care of eleven. in the fic, eleven goes by jane around hopper and the reader but the kids call her el and one day steve comes over to pick up the reader to hang out but hopper has the talk w him. if you or any of your followers could help my thirsty ass out, id really appreciate it xoxo

I haven’t personally heard of it, but I’ll definitely broadcast this out to my followers. If anyone knows what this is, send me an ask, respond to the post, or do whatever. Let’s help anon out :) <3

Yay, someone found the fic!

Love Triangle (Part 3/??)

Summary: You are feeling lost right now, it seems everything you have done in the past has come back to haunt you and you are starting to regret everything.  Steve offers you advice and some time to clear your thoughts.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter

Warnings: Maybe swearing, but otherwise none

Word Count: 1,198

A/N: This part is kind of boring and I’m sorry about that, hopefully things will heat up a little next time! Hope you guys are enjoying this series so far, I’m really enjoying writing it! 

Part 1 // Part 2

You don’t think things could have gotten any more awkward than they did after finally looking Bucky in the eyes.  Part of you wishes that you hadn’t done it, but it was too late to do that now.  It was done and now you weren’t sure what to think.  You had never seen him take off so fast.  After putting Emma to bed you decided to call Steve, big brother always knew what to do.

“I did it, I looked at him.”

“Um, what?” Steve says, not understanding your statement.

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Toby’s escape

You got the news early in the morning. The bastard escaped.slaughtered many guards and inmates. You hopelessly curled up in your bed knowing you couldn’t escape the psycho.

Hours passed, your mind still racing. You didn’t want to give up, but Toby was too much. Always ahead, always finding ways out. Always finding you.

A hand grips your shouder suddenly, shaking you out of your thoughts,and you freeze. No noise came from you, but fear and trepidation covered your expression.

You saw a blood covered, messy haired, deranged looking Toby, and you wanted to crumble and fall apart.

“Baby. I made it. I escaped just like I told you I would!” he said with a giddy tone. You turn to try and force him off but he pinned you under his legs, eyes raking over your form as you squirm and struggle.

“You feeling frisky too? Oh I knew you missed my touch” he purrs, licking up your neck, making you sob and shiver. “Get off me! I hate you I hate you!” You wail and cry, but he ignores them.

Toby began to tear off your clothes with a wicked grin, nails digging into your skin as the fabric shredded. his eyes had a devilish tone as he stared into your eyes. “I know baby, I fucked up. But I’ll make it up to you. And it’s a win win you see? Because I’ve been thinking about that body ever since they caught me and locked me up”. His cold hands roam your body and cause you to bite your lip, not wanting to give him the satisfaction that he made you almost want this.

He caresses your breats gently with his fingers, emitting soft gasps of unwanted but undeniable pleasure each time he flicks one of your nipples, tugging softly then roughly each time you gave no response. “Oh god yes baby, make those pretty sounds for me”.

“Fuck you” you snarl out, face hot and tinted pink. With a mischievous grin, He leans down and starts to suckle on the cute nubs while he lets his hands roam, his legs pinning you down with ease each time you tried to thrust him off.

His ice cold hand roams over your pussy-lips, slowly teasing you, diving deeper into your folds to arouse and expose your clit. That bastard knew you well.

You grit your teeth trying to hold in moans, feeling his teeth nip and tug on your pink, sore nipples. “Baby I missed this. So fuckin’ much” he murmurs, biting harshly into your shoulder.

He strokes and teases around your sensitive Button, letting his fingers explore. At this point You’re reluctantly aching for attention and he obliges it, dipping his fingers into the tight walls, pumping them vigorously.

Your sex quivers as the sudden pleasure overwhelms you, robbing you of muscle control, your passage rippling and contracting around Tobys fingers.

You softly gasp as you arch your hips, hating the fact this maniac caught you and made you a weak mess.

He pulls back and sucks on his own juice covered fingers. “You missed me too. I know you did. Now let’s head home so I can worship you properly”.

Before another protest could leave your mouth, he hit your temple and knocked you out, blackness being the only comfort for a few short hours.

(Hope this is ok, been a little busy with cooking ^-^ )


some of my favourite moments from S21E02 (cause trust me there’s even more than this) contains spoilers for the episode obviously so if you haven’t watched it yet go do that now!!!


The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part One 

Korra: @dahlialiketheflower

Asami: @phantompromise