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Not really an ask, but I was reading a book about famous gangsters last night, and in Meyer's section of the book, they brought up that he and Teddy had a Shih Tzu, which I thought was neat since I had always pictured him as more of a cat person/someone who didn't like pets. I'd known beforehand that Charlie had dogs, and now I can't get the picture out of my head of Meyer coming home one day and finding Charlie with a puppy, like "Hey, I found this little guy on the street, so can we keep him?"

it’s funny because while charlie was definitely A Dog Person, it kind of seems like meyer wasn’t, and it was just THAT ONE DOG that he liked—anna bought sandi and the boys a fox terrier while they were living in manhattan and according to sandi meyer hated that dog, and he wasn’t fond of tiger, the dog teddy had when they got together who preceeded bruzzer.

charlie is absolutely the kind of dog person who was like “oh my god a dog i’m gonna steal it” at every dog he walked past on the street, which means meyer has to be like “……….if there aren’t missing posters of this dog up and down the street in the next week, sure, we can keep it.” and every fucking time it is a stolen missing dog.

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meyer & 13

13. Nickname headcanon
he calls charlie shaynkeit sometimes. mostly in bed. charlie doesn’t have a specific nickname for him aside from “little meyer/little addin’ machine” etc. though in modern au the first time charlie absentmindedly calls him “babe” they both freeze and go red. which definitely doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen again.

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your fae au is really interesting (and if i get any deeper into it i know i'm gonna fall down this rabbit hole) BUT with that aside, how do you imagine meyer and charlie in that universe, like what would they be for lack of a better word and what do the fae look like?

ahhhhhhhh i am. really excited that you like this au because it’s been a while since i rambled about it but i love it sO MUCH

and. okay so.

fae au is a really sloppy amalgam of a metric fuckton of other universes that involve urban fantasy and fairies. the biggest influence is the tv version of “jonathan strange and mr. norrell,” so if you’ve seen that a lot of elements of that universe are involved. a couple other things that i’ve sort of… pulled aesthetics from, for the fae side of it specifically, include “war for the oaks,” holly black’s “tithe” series, aaandthe”courtofthornsandroses”books /sweats in general, fae au is set in the canon timeframe, so charlie is essentially visually the same as in boardwalk, as are the other characters who stay human [which is… most of them. ar’s human, masseria, torrio, nucky et al are human, margaret’s human, gillian and jimmy are human, the two older capones are human]. a lot of the human characters do magic, but most varieties of magic don’t alter your physical appearance beyond temporary glamours, so the humans mostly look the same to other humans at least but that’s a plot point shhh

as for the appearance of the fae characters, it varies. in general, they all have glamours while in The Human World because there are not-great things that can happen to fae just wandering around with humans—most fae have a superiority complex, though, so there’s not too many that spend long amounts of time in human domains. but so while they’re in new york/chicago/atlantic city they look like they do in boardwalk—if anyone realizes a faerie in the human world is not human it’s more because they act not-human than because they don’t look human. in their own domains, though, they range from slightly not human [meyer] to DEFINITELY TOTALLY NOT HUMAN [owen, who is a púca]. in meyer’s case specifically, he’s mostly visually the same as his glamour, but there are like. a few details about his appearance that are just off enough to be unsettling if you’re paying attention, like his irises are black instead of very dark brown and wider than human irises, and i toy with the idea of his teeth being sharper than they should be, but i’m not 100% sold on that. other than that he looks mostly human, no wings or anything like that. [benny’s teeth are definitely sharper than a human’s. benny also lets his glamour slide more than most other fairies do when he’s on the human side of things, because fuck rules etc, and also usually because if he lets it slip it’s because whoever sees it slip is about to be super duper dead.]

SO. YEAH. meyer looks 100% the same when he’s in the human world, and probably 90% the same in faerie realms? maybe 85%? i haven’t settled on everything about the appearance yet but the irises are a definite thing.