this panel was too awesome to pass up

Here is my full report of what happened during the autographs session :)

First, let me just say that they’re all absolutely GORGEOUS! I know we’ve all said that they’re one of the most good-looking cast on TV, but I assure you that you do not realise just how true it is until you meet them all (well, almost all of them. Looking at you Mr. Amell ! ;) ). And they’re all so sweet, so smiley, really, trully adorable and we can tell they genuinely enjoy being there.

OK, moving on!

I started with Willa. Manon (wittyfelicity) was in front of me and she made her sign the 3x20 script. She asked her if she could try to make Stephen’s signature too and she did it! So I was all (jokingly): “That’s a fellony!” ^^

When it was my turn to be in front of her, we greeted each other and she was all smiley. She’s so pretty up close (sorry for repeating myself). And the thing that struck me was how deep her voice was. It’s much lower than in the show. But in a very feminine, sexy way. I looove her voice! She told me that she’s having a great time, that she misses wearing her costume (which I told her looks totally badass and she agreed) and that there are very exciting stuff coming next for her character. Then, before I left, she said: “Nice shirt, by the way” (I was wearing my “Poach Eggs Not Elephants” tanktop). I said: “Yeah, thank you. Represent!”. Then she said: “Yeah, represent.” She was smiling all the time and she was so nice. I loved her!

Then I went on to Danielle. We greeted each other, “how are you?”, etc… Then I said that I was very excited about seeing her back as Killer Frost, and she said that she was too, if that is ever going to happen (my guess is yes ;) ). Then I said that Rick and her were so adorable and funny during their panel and she said: “Yeah, we have fun together”. I thanked her and wished her a good evening. She was also smiling all the time. And I could tell she’s really grateful to everyone for their kind words.

Next was Rick. Boy, is that man beautiful! He has the gentlest eyes and he was smiling all the time. After we greeted each other, he said he was very good and enjoying himself very much. I asked him: “So, is Eddie really dead or are you messing with us?” He said that apparently he was really dead. They haven’t told him if he’ll be back yet. So I said: “Well, whatever happens, you’ll be trully missed because Eddie is just (both hands on my heart) such a good man”. And he smiled at me, so happy about that, and he said: “Thank you so much, that means a lot to me”. Then he high-fived me and wished me a good night. He also noticed my shirt and said: “Nice shirt.” Once again, I said: “Yeah, Represent.” And he was all: “Represent, baby.” Cutie!

Mr. Ramsey was next. I said: “Hello again”, and he was still very smooth with his “Bonjour”. I said: “I’m so excited about season 4 and the H.I.V.E storyline. Do you know a bit about it?” After finishing to sign my poster, he just laid back in his chair, hands on his head, just chilling ^^. David: “I know there’s gonna be a costume of some kind.” I was all: “Yeah, I’ve heard. But it has to stay simple and subtle because you’re Diggle.” David: “Yeah, absolutely.” Me: “Diggle doesn’t need a costume, he’s perfect the way he is and he’s as much a superhero as the rest of them anyway.” David: “I absolutely agree.” Apart from that, he said that he’s really enjoying himself during this convention. Also, the writers haven’t told them much about next season yet. They’re much more in the dark compared to the previous seasons. Anyway he’s looking forward to everything. I wished him a good night and thanked him for coming all the way out here. David: “Our pleasure”. He is so handsome! The scruff looks so damn good! There’s a very attractive vibe that’s coming out of him :p

And finally………. EMILY! I’m using CAPS because seriously this woman… I mean, I have no words to fully describe her perfection. She’s the most wonderful, the cutest, the nicest, the most amazing woman I’ve ever seen! (but yes, I am biased since I love her so much) I tried my best to fully enjoy my time with her and I’m gonna try to remember everything I told her and everything she told me (having this goddess in front of you is kindda unsettling so you have to compose yourself). But I stayed cool and I managed to form words in front of her and actually make her understand me so that’s what matters. Anyway, I’ll just cut to the chase ^^

I greeted her, she asked how I was and I asked her back. She was very good. I started with: “So, I have a few things to tell you.” Emily: “Go for it. Tell me everything.” She finished signing and she looked at me (Lord, have mercy!). Me: “You must have heard it a hundred times but I’m gonna say it anyway: You-are-amazing.” Emily: “Awww!” (she hid her face in her arms, she was so touched). Me: “I love you so much. You are my favorite character. I mean, I love absolutely everyone here, you’re all so sweet and wonderful, but you… (she didn’t leave my gaze and she had the biggest smile on her face) You light up the show. Felicity is absolutely awesome.” I finished my compliments filled monologue and she said: “Thank you so much, that’s so nice of you.”

I went on: “I was livetweeting the panel and apparently you have some pretty passionate Brazilian fans who asked me to pass on their love for you so there you go.” She smiled and she said: “Yeah, I feel like Brazil is so warm.” Today was very hot too so I said: “It’s very hot here as well!” Emily: “Sooo hot!”. Then she noticed my shirt and she was all: “I love your shirt, by the way.” Me: “Right? I mean, who doesn’t love elephants?” Emily: “And Paul’s face. He asked me if I wanted one of his shirts and I was all…” She acted that she basically took the shirt from Paul’s hands and wore it right away like “Don’t be ridiculous, of course I want your shirt!” Emily: “I wanna wear him everyday.” Me: “That’s a pretty handsome face to have on your shirt.” Emily: “Yeah, totally.”

Next I said: “I was really sorry that your panel with Colton got cut short earlier.” She was all: “Really? It was?” Cutiepie didn’t even notice it ^^. Me: “Yeah, that was too bad.” Emily: “But I feel like we occupied the time pretty well. We gave quite the performance.” Me: “Oh yeah, you were amazing, definetely. I feel like everytime it’s the two of you, you’re just very natural and fun. It’s like we’re not even here!” She laughed and said that they do have fun.

And finally I said: “I was sorry to hear that you’re lactose intolerant.” Emily: “Yeah… But I’m just intolerant so I can still eat dairy filled products.” Me: “Well, with this weather, if you want to enjoy a really good icecream, you can go to the Île Saint Louis where Notre Dame is and go to Bertillon. They have lots of delicious sorbets too. Best icecream in Paris, I swear.” She was so cute repeating the name “Bertillon”, I could’ve died… Emily: “OK, cool, thank you.”

I thanked her again for coming. I said seeing her was amazing, that they needed to enjoy the city, and that I was looking forward to tomorrow’s panel of David and her and also my picture with Colton and her. She said: “Yeah, cool, definetely. See you tomorrow. Thank you.”

She was smiling the whole time. She looked so beautiful! Trully angelic. And she really listens. You can tell she enjoys spending time with each fan. You can see on her face that she really appreciates all the love we have for her.

So there you have it. I am still utterly star-strucked. She really seems like a warm person. Her presence is very exciting but also soothing. That’s why I said that I really wish I knew her in real life because she seems like that kind of people who just brightens your life :)

OK, I’m done with my full report of the autographs session. I’ll get back to you if something else comes to mind. Tomorrow I’ll try to buy an extra for Colton’s autograph because I reaaaally wanna talk to him too now (the autographs are the only time where they really let you converse with the cast).

This whole first day was absolutely awesome, amazing, surreal, really an experience I would recommend because it’s worth it.

I’m gonna post some more pictures now and try to upload the audio of Emton singing “Summer Nights” (that woman can sing like a goddess! They both should start a band!) ^^

Tomorrow will come some more livetweeting and pictures for y'all! Thank you for reading! :D