this panel is a gem

So, my last piece for this Lapidot week 4 ! :) 

Day 7 (June 24th): Past/Present/Future

I really love how things evolved between Peridot and Lapis, to see all the progress they have made (even if it’s off screen and due to that a lot of people find it rushed). 
Hope they’ll continue like this ! :) And I can’t wait to see their fusion ! (Yeah I still believe we will see it ! x) )




pearls like omfg i literally just detangled you yesterday??? HOW DID YOU MANAGE THIS? and jaspers just   ┐( ̄~ ̄ ) ┌


I remembered that I forgot to post this here when I made this a month ago.

Basically, here’s who I think Peridot’s corrupted gem ‘friend’ is.

I’m thinking of making more corrupted gem theories when I get ideas.

Misha’s TorCon Panel

After musing about what he’s allowed to share, all the times the producers have called him up to chastise him, and all the times he’s had to apologize for things he’s said in panels, Misha gifted us with this gem: it’s Dean who pulls the sheet over his head on the table and that Dean is “visibly upset” as he does so. 

This is also the scene in which Misha was having heart palpitations because he was laying prone, under a sheet, trying not to breath, and Jensen was “delighting in the fact that he could just… slap [him] on the balls.”

Also: Misha thinks it’s unrealistic that the boys drive a 40+ year old car across the country. What should they drive instead? Something that gets great gas mileage. A Honda Civic.


Some people might be worried about Lars getting picked on or something Cus he’s pink now. But I don’t think he has to worry too much about that.

**Fluorite couldn’t fit through the door but don’t worry she’s glaring through the window.

Hohokam rock art at the South Mountain Preserve, Phoenix, Arizona.

This is not the most dramatic petroglyph panel on South Mountain, but it is still a little gem. On any rock, around any bend on any trail, you might find a few images, chipped and scraped into the rock varnish. They are ubiquitous but hidden - and a small reward for paying close attention to one’s surroundings.