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You're always creating cool iwaoi content for us fans (and showing us your cute face)~ Now a good question is...what would you like to see more of in the fandom? What's your ideal iwaoi fic/comic? Just curious~

thank you!! for that well, iwaoi gets mischaracterized a whole lot, worse than any pair in hq. so yeah, i’d like to see deep, strong, in-character oikawa and less mean and less tsundere iwachan i guess? often times iwaizumi ends up being too mean and oikawa too shallow. for fics, it really bothers me when it has like ‘western’ elements to it?? i cant explain it, but when i see anime characters driving cars at 18, using red cups and house parties, paying in dollars, going to summer camp, wearing shoes inside the house etc etc im like w h u t those things dont exist in asia bruh. so yeah when a fic (that’s based an anime or a show located in asia) has these ‘western’ elements i get super turned off

  *Guess who fell face first into rare pair hell? Here is a Boombox fic to kick off the end of my writing hiatus. I’ve never written slash fanfiction and I’m aromantic as fuck so this was an experience.*

  Most of the Overwatch members had at least tried to befriend the Junkers when they’d first arrived, and had been met with limited success. Roadhog wasn’t much for conversation, and Junkrat could be a bit overwhelming, to put it nicely.

  So everyone, including the Junkers, had been rather shocked when their last teammate arrived and was able to become friends with the wild pair. Though if anyone could do it, it was Lúcio. The Brazilian was just such a kind person it was hard to dislike him. Unless you were Symmetra, but that’s a different story.

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what if like…after spending a long time with the sole survivor, x6 starts to really want his ears pierced like. he sees sole with their ears pierced and he think its a good look and ends up admiring their ear rings both on and off their person cuz sole has several pairs. eventually he musters up enough courage to ask sole if he can also wear ear rings like hes been fighting himself over it for a while now if it was proper to ask, but sole just smiles and helps pierce his ears that night and offers x6 choice of whatever pair of ear rings he wants from their collection. he ends up with a pair of gemstone studs and he cant help the little smile on his lips when he touches them and aaaaaaa

I’m so bummed about my awful haircut that I ordered a pair of new jorts & one of those cute red-sleeved baseball shirts


So I started working on this little project forever ago! I was expecting to have finished this sooner but I just started a new job so things have been pretty busy. I wanted to draw a bunch of my favourite snk pairings in cute summery outfits being cute! I hope I have succeeded! I hope you guys like this!

why r straight fandom people either “i dont ship any gay pairings but omg look at this cute m/f couple <333 those gays arent real sweatie ur reading into it too much. pewey 4 life” acting like we dont exist / invalidating us, or “i love the gays! look at all these sexy gay guy pairings! omg can any show be more gay than sherlock? destiel 4 life! i love my gays!!” fetishizing gay ppl. like why cant straights just act like normal people

AN: Thank youuuuuuuuuu anon for requesting this super cute imagine! I hope you like it! *I do not own the gif, found on google ((but oh my god he is so fReakING CuTE I cANT dEAL wITh IT)). Kindly ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader ((Okay, so the anon didn’t ask for a particular pairing, so naturally I just went for Pietro because I have an unhealthy amount of love for him))

Prompt: I know it says requests are closed right now but can you do a skinny dipping with avengers? Love the Nat fic btw!

((It’s probably going to be on the shorter side (it’s really late and I’m tired), I still hope you like it!))


“Too Cold To Skinny Dip ”

There was absolutely no way. Not a chance.

Even though the dark night sky was stretched out far above you, the shine from the moon and the stars was enough to make you stay on the sidelines.

You could see the silhouette of several of your team members jump into the lake, and you were so very thankful that you were sitting at a safe distance from them. Maybe, just maybe, they would forget that you were there and leave you alone…


God, no

Pietro zoomed over to you with his clothes still on (thank god). “Are you going to join everyone in the lake.”

He shook your head. “I didn’t bring a bathing suit.”

You looked around and was horrified to discover that you were the only one who wasn’t in the lake. Or, as it seemed, other than Pietro you were also the only other person who was still wearing clothes.

“So?” Pietro questioned, tugging his shirt off. You blushed, yet he couldn’t see it. “Neither did anyone else.”

“I’m not skinny dipping, Pietro!”

He unbuckled his jeans then tugged them down. You could see the outline of his now almost-fully bare frame, and you swallowed.

God, even in the dark he is still so attractive!

He reached up and ran his fingers through his hair.

Scratch that. He’s always attractive, ESSPECIALLY in the dark.

“Y/N!” You heard Tony call from the waters, almost mockingly. “Are you going to be sitting alone this whole time, or join your teammates?”

“Leave me alone, Stark!” You shouted back, only earning a number of laughs from the lake.

“Why won’t you go in? I can go in with you, if that would make you more comfortable.” Pietro said in a softer tone, seeing that you didn’t like being made fun of. You weren’t overly insecure about your body, but you weren’t exactly willing to jump into a lake naked with an entire group of people either.

“No offense, but I think walking in with someone would make it worse.” You grumbled while pulling at the hem of your shirt nervously.

You heard him sigh, then come up and sit next to you. The moonlight reflected on him just right, allowing you to see his nicely toned body and beautifully colored skin. The only thing he had on was his blue boxers. You swallowed.

“Why won’t you go in?” He asked, repeating his question from before.

“Because, I don’t really love the idea of everyone seeing me in my birthday suit.”

“Why?” Pietro asked, baffled. “You are gorgeous!”

You felt a blush spread from your neck up to your cheeks.

“Come on.” Pietro said, standing suddenly in front of you, taking your hands in his. “We’re going in.”

“No, Pietro–”

Please?” Pietro looked at you with the largest eyes you had ever seen, you could practically see the stars twinkle in them.

Your hormones were rioting against you and your brain melted into mush.

“Well, I, uh…” One look in Pietro’s eyes made you crumble. You sighed in defeat. "Fine.“

Pietro scooped you up in his arms and ran you over to the tree that was closest to the lake shore. "Change behind here, okay?”

You nodded silently. You gingerly slipped your clothes off and folded them neatly, placing them on the grass beneath your toes. You gathered up as much pride as you could get and called upon every ounce of courage that you had.

You saw that everyone else was splashing around and jumping in and out of the lake, making the situation a little more casual than you had thought.

You quickly made your way to the waters and slipped in, finding immediate comfort when the waters covered everything from right above your breasts down.

You saw Pietro zoom from behind the trees a ways away and jump into the lake, which was followed by many ripples of water making its way over to you. You squeaked because of how cold it was.

“Is that Y/N?” Tony said from a few feet away. You could hear the smile in his voice.

“Oh, lay off Stark.” Pietro said, coming between you two. “Let her skinny dip in peace.”

You shivered as a breeze came by, lifting your wet hair from your shoulders. You crossed your arms over your chest to try to keep warm. "It was a bad idea to come in here, it’s freezing!“

"I could warm you up…” Pietro said flirtatiously, and you rolled your eyes, though secretly the idea appealed to you.

“Not in a million years, Speedy.”

“Do you want to get out and get dried off?” Pietro asked, genuinely concerned about your chattering teeth.

“Y-yeah.” You muttered. “I feel guilty, you spent all this time convincing me to get in–”

“Forget about it.” Pietro said, smiling. “I don’t want you getting sick.”

You bit your lip. “Okay, but how do I get out of here and to my clothes without anyone seeing me naked?”

Pietro looked at you confused, but you just pointed to where your clothes were by the tree. Steve and Bruce were already dried off and dressed, they were talking right next t the stack of clothes.

“Oh.” Pietro said. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll get them.”

Pietro ran fast enough that no one saw him in his nude form and snatched your clothes and a towel then brought it to you.

He reappeared in front of you a moment later, fully clothes and holding what you needed in his hands.

Smiling gratefully at him, you said, “You’re going to have to turn around now, okay?”

He just nodded and turned his back towards you with his arms crossed over his muscular chest. He looked like your own personal body guard.

You wrapped the towel around yourself and stepped out of the water. You felt a little more at ease about changing because you knew that Pietro was watching out for your and anyone who may come along.

The first thing you did was drop the towel at your feet, then you clipped on your bra and slipped on your underwear. Almost out of instinct, you looked over your shoulder at the tall white-haired Avenger, and you let out an audible gasp when you saw his blue eyes scanning your form up and down. You knew it was dark, but from where you both were it was clear enough with the stars and moon shinning down for him to see you in full detail.

He spun around and began to whistle as if he hadn’t seen anything.

((I’m sorry, I know I’ve been saying this a lot, but I’m not sure if I like hoe this one turned out. It’s really late and I am so tired XD I really hope you all liked it, tell me what you think!))

Daddy 5SOS (Preference)

Request : I was having major daddy!5sos feels and was basically thinking about them having little cute moments with their kids. like, their son or daughter gets into your make up and wants to make daddy look like a princess, punk rock (bc their kids would SO know what that means lol), etc. it’s a lame idea maybe but it’s kinda cute.

Pairing- Reader/5SOS

Rating- PG

Song to listen to while reading this : Sunday Morning x Maroon 5

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“ASHTON !” A fan yelled.

Ashton turned around, stopping for pictures with a few girls.

“How’s Y/N and Anna?” One girl asked.

“Their both great. Thanks for asking, Anna turns one tomorrow so I’m doing a bit of shopping.” He spoke.

“She’s so cute.” Another girl said.

“I cant take too much credit, she looks just like her mother.” Ashton said.

“That tweet yesterday about her getting into the cabinets of your flat, made me laugh so hard!” A girl giggled.

“Oh my God, no she scared me. I didn’t know what the hell she was doing and my wife was acting all casual like no she does this all the time.” He said.

“Meanwhile I’m completely unaware of what’s happening. Anna’s raiding the cabinets of seasings, pretending she’s a chef and then locks herself inside.” He giggled.

“Yeah since she learned how to walk about two months ago, she cant seem to sit down.” He smiled.

“You want anymore kids?” A fan asked.

“Uh, Y/N and I always talked about having more. Maybe in the future, I’ve always wanted a boy. Someone to protect Anna when I’m not there, y'know?” He questioned.



“So Calum how’s the family?” Ryan Secrest asked.

“Great.” Calum said, the corners of his mouth raising immediately.

“Second baby on the way correct?” He asked.

“Correct.” Calum grinned.

“Now how old is your son? Is it Calum Jr?" Ryan questioned.

"Yeah, just turned three.” He said.

“Now I know your wife Y/N is due any day now, how excited are you? I heard she’s having a girl!” Ryan spoke.

“Extremely happy. CJ is aswell, he’s already so impatient. He came home from Ashton’s flat one day and he asked if we had the baby without him and it was cute. He’s just excited to be a big brother.” Calum smiled.

“You cant deny that it was adorable though.” Michael pointed out.

“What do you think his most recent cutest moment was?” Ryan asked.

“Most recent? Uhm, well this morning before I left, Y/N was in my arms and CJ woke us up. He said he missed us and he got in the bed with us and rubbed Y/N’s bump with one hand, tracing my tattoo of his name with the other hand.” Calum said, tearing up.

“That’s so cute.” Ryan smiled.

Calum got emotional and the boys patted his back.

“We all have kids now, so our emotions flare up from time to time.” Luke laughed.



You were gone paying bills, leaving your five year old daughter alone with her father, your husband, Luke Hemmings.

Luke was quietly strumming his guitar, in bed, when your daughter walked in.

“Daddy can you play dress up with me?” Your daughter asked.

“Are you kidding, you don’t even have to ask princess.” He said, putting his instrument away and getting out of bed.

“Can we go to mommy’s make up room?”

“Promise you wont tell?” He questioned, raising his eyebrow.

She held out her pinky, and he wrapped his around hers.

They found their way to your make up room and Luke took a seat on the floor.

Your daughter took your make up bag off of your vanity and sat on Luke’s lap, beginning to paint his face.

“How do I look princess?” He asked.

“Pretty.” She giggled.

He started to say “I’m not pretty, daddy’s punk rock remember?” but he didn’t.

“Thank you for making me look pretty.” He smiled, kissing her cheek with red lipstick on.

“Daddy stop!” She giggled.

He just grabbed her and continued to tackle her with kisses.



“Daddy?” Michael’s son asked.

“Yeah Jack?” He questioned back.

“Can I make you punk rock?” Jackson asked.

“Of course you can.” Michael said, causing his son to run off.

Jackson was four years old and very energetic. He gets it from his father. You were in the kitchen making dinner.

“I’m back!” Jackson smirked, with black nail polish in his hand.

“Very punk rock.” Michael grinned, giving him a thumbs up.

Jackson painted Michael’s fingernails and once he was done he painted his own.

“Daddy how’d you marry mommy?” Jackson asked.

“Well son, it all started when I became punk rock.” Michael spoke, laughing a little.


A/N : I tried my best ! Hope you all liked it. I’m still taking requests (: Feedback please xx

the fact that the majority of the fandom dismisses/forgets about the friendship between nepeta and terezi or consider it as a cute f/f pairing in order to pit them as rivals over karkat’s love or to make nepeta heartbroken in a million unrequited katnep sadstuck is rly gross

everyone to lavi at one point probably:

why are you so beautiful but also so tragic and im not just talking about your life story i mean your choice of clothing lavi its summer why are you wearing so many layers a t-shirt and a pair of shorts is all you need get rid of the scar- ffs what do you need a sweater fo- no, it’s not cute at all that bear is terrifying. god, i do NOT hate the bears, yes im aware that some are going, no i didnt know that, ok my mistake, alright alright the bear is cute ok, no you still cant wear it. no bandannas either lavi