this page is so fascinating


“You do something? They come after you? Just tell me. Tell me the truth. I’ll help you. I’ll help you figure it out. Just tell me the truth. Tell me for Maria. Tell me for Lisa. Tell me for Frank Jr.

What happened? Please, we’ll figure it out, but if you kill him you will never know!

Frank! Listen to me. Frank! You do this, and you are the monster that they say you are, do you hear me? You do this and I am done! That’s it. You’re dead to me, do you hear me?

“I’m already dead.”

DAREDEVIL, The Dark at the End of the Tunnel.

Day 1: THIGNS' So I don't fucking know what I'm supposed to do with this shit so

I am not sure where to start so I literally google Romantically Apcalyptic

there is a man in a siperweb

I think maybe these butts are spoilers so I scroll on by

I get distracted for a while noticing that the top bar has a ragged edge. FASCINATING

*~*~*~*~*~*~PAGE #1~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
oh kay so fun facts first: I’ve been thoroughly spoiled as to certain facts about the main character. This whole mysterious scientist lone survivor biz would be way juicer if I didn’t already know this guy is a doof in scruffy headgear

wait no never mind

he literally falls over

alright, I’m in.

wow, I actually did not know the lyrics to Alouette?

what the fuck is this font and how dare they? this is gong to take me fifteen million years to read through isn’t it
Bourbon? yes
Job opportunity? Is the fuchsia important?
What if I don’t want the makeover??

oh fuck me christ there are words here, ,aren’t there FUCK THAT IS SO MANY WORDS

I see a play button

my partner is remarkably recallcitrant about suggesting whether or not I press it


Things About That Giant Wall Of Text

  • emotive goggles sound cool
  • I wish he would call that weirdo Gov'nuh
  • okay so officially ungendered person ALRIGHT PRONOUNS GO
  • Oh Snippy you and I share a feeling right at the end there. What *have* I gotten myself into?

Misread Of The Day:

“…the gray, thick, gassy storm clouds…”

So here’s a page I’ve been staring at in fascination since ANSWERS came out a week ago.

I dunno if this is general knowledge already, but it seems when Baby Titan Eren ate Grisha, he went from a 4m class to a 15m class. In other words, when you eat a shifter, you take their size. Eren is 15m simply because Grisha was 15m. 

So Armin may turn out to be a 60m titan just from eating Bertl, regardless of the serum he was injected with…? Perhaps this is what Erwin meant when he said the new shifter would inherit attributes and shit