this owl was the cutest


Easily the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my life. You’re thinking “yeah, sure, you’ve said that before.”, but seriously, I have never meant it more than this. I mean that is TRULY disturbingly cute. You couldn’t find something cuter in the universe if you were offered a million dollars to find it. Don’t you just hate how these pictures make you feel? It hurts, it’s like someone is twisting your guts around with a gigantic fork, your  head is going to explode & your eyes will pop out of your skull. You know it does. This is how it makes me feel:

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Hiya! I'm a Hufflepuff who has the cutest owl in the school! My wand is made of rowan with a core of dragon heartstring, and I don't have a broom. I don't play Quidditch, and my Patronus is a Blackbird! My favorite class is Care of Magical Creatures, and my favorite teacher is Professor McGongall! I'd absolutely love it if I could become a golden eagle animagus. And honestly, I'd spend most of my time in my common room or in the owlry, giving the owls some nice scritches!

You always had an affinity for creatures, particularly those of the sky. You come from a long line of owl breeders (and Hufflepuffs) who have had their own shop in Diagon Alley as long as anyone can remember. You grew up nursing baby owls while other children were playing with baby dolls and that sharp smell of owl droppings, hay, and feathers made you feel right at home. Many of your fellow students had purchased their owls at your family’s shop so on post day, it was nice to be reunited with some old friends. So when it came time to decide if you wanted to become an Animagus, the choice was all too simple. As an eagle you could finally soar alongside the beautiful winged creatures you had grown up with.  

Happy New Year!!!!


Here’s all my Pokemon that have reached level 100 so far, listed roughly in order of when they reached that level.

A couple of these - namely Stolas and Wreath - have since been replaced as potential competitive battlers by their sons Stolas jr. and Guzzy (who are both about level 70 currently), but I’m still proud of all these babies. Each one of them got an extra rainbow bean right after they leveled up.

I am so here for early bird/night owl shallura

that shit is the cutest shit like just imagine:

Early Bird!Shiro

-When Shiro wakes up. he is awake. There is a few seconds of normal morning grogginess but once those eyes are open he is ready for the world. 

         Like he is isn’t an obnoxious morning person, he doesn’t try to be at least, but the sheer fact that he is so awake and has that much energy so early makes him obnoxious enough.
         Seriously no human being should be that naturally alert by 6. Its inhuman and Allura thinks he’s made some unholy soul contract to achieve it. 

-He is up with the sun and has to go for a morning run. This is nonnegotiable. If he does not burn that morning energy he is damn near restless all day that he even gets anxious.
Once he is awake he is out of bed and getting dressed for a run and doing his hardest not to wake up Allura.
         He does anyways, EVERY.EFFING.MORNING, and she feels no remorse when literally throwing something at him for doing it.

-Thankfully it means he usually mellows out to something more tolerable by the time Allura drags herself out of bed and after breakfast he tends to reach a good normal calm that he maintains throughout the day. 

-BONUS! It also means by the time Allura does drag herself out of bed he’s already made her breakfast and has coffee ready for her. Seeing him with that smile while placing a plate of food in front of her nearly melts her heart without fail. 
        She deliberately picks her spot so he’s in front of the kitchen window so he’s glowing and halo’ed by the sunlight. She will take that secret to the grave. 

Flipside - Shiro is out before 10. Like if he makes it past 9 at all he is a shuffling zombie and falling asleep on anything and anyone near him. He has fallen asleep standing more than once. He’s always embarrassed by it but Allura finds it adorable. 

Night Owl!Allura

-Allura cannot fall asleep any time before 11 and this is a fact of life. Do not even attempt to get her into bed sooner than that if you hope to sleep.
She’s not even particularly active in the middle of the night but she is simply not tired. She usually reads quietly if Shiro gets her to sit in bed with him. If not she’s off doing her own thing.
         Shiro hates when she goes out late by herself but she was craving chips and she will be damned if she’ll wait until tomorrow to get them. 

-She tries to be quiet. Most nights are spent on the living couch, watching anything with closed captions and munching on a bowl of cereal.
         She is a champ at watching something and reading subtitles at the same time. 

-She secretly just really enjoys how quiet and still it is in those wee hours where she’s the only one awake. 

-Likes to use these hours to plan out any tasks and her schedule for tomorrow.           Considers her outfits ahead of time.

-These are the hours for quiet introspection and contemplation.
Do not lie awake with Allura because she will and can trigger an early existential crisis.You will question everything in your life. 

-She is a living ‘nightblogger’ if you two are awake and just lying in bed. She is that friend. Shiro is always amused but is usually barely alive to fully comprehend his incoherent responses. Shiro, Shiro, how do guinea pigs ever survive in the wild? How did hamsters? No, Shiro, listen-

-Do not tell her you’re awake she will demand to do something or keep you up past 1 to simply talk. ‘Real talk’. Deep, honest, genuine, and emotional talks. And then will seem to almost forget the near phenomenal life advice she gave you the next day. 

-Once she is ready for bed she simply slots herself next to Shiro and pressed into his back or coax his arm over her. It takes seconds for her to be asleep. 
       She will not wake up before 9. She feels the deep-seated hatred for any hour before 9 within her soul. She will curse your first born for waking her up before then. 

-She is savage af in the mornings. Seriously do not tease her. She will drag you so hard your future great-grandkids will feel the shame.

-Due to her waking hour brunch is probably her favourite meal. 

And they’ve tried to find some compromise or middle ground in the beginning. Allura tried to get up in the mornings with Shiro but she was a monster and ready to verbally massacre anyone that looked at her for two seconds too long. She tried to go for a run as a ‘wake-up’ but ended up calling it quits only half way through Shiro’s route.He ended up giving her a piggy-back ride home. She tried to get up as he was out the door but ended up tearing Lance apart when she saw him that morning. 

Shiro’s tried staying up with Allura, figured if they watched something the noise would help keep him awake. He ended up dozing off and snapping awake for like a solid hour. He was gone by 11, loopy and drunk and so out of it. Allura felt so bad she put him to bed. He remembered none of it and for the whole following day was still really out of it. He actually walked into a door, forgot it happened and walked into the same door again an hour later. It just did not work. 

So they’ve accepted it and are so used to it now that Shiro gets confused when someone will ask him ‘Where’s Allura?’ if it’s before 9 am.
Allura only smiles when people ask her if she gets lonely in the middle of the night when Shiro sleeps the hours away. 

5 Cute Things Your Muse Does

Exactly what it says on the tin! Do not reblog. Repost and tell your followers five cute facts about your muse then tag five people to see what cute things their muses do!

1. She rocks back and forth on her heels when she’s idle, usually with her arms crossed behind her back and an expectant smile.
2. ASMIA’s owl eyes are the cutest thing. whether she’s scared/ in awe/ surprised they never disappoint.
3. She’s a nervous fidgeter. She twirls her hair, smooths her skirt, wrings her hands, shakes her leg, taps her foot or fingers, etc. 
4. Her voice when she’s excited! Tripping over her own words, because she’s got so much to express and she doesn’t want to forget a word of it!
5. The most clingy robot you’ve ever seen. Always wants hugs, a warm blanket, and some nice music. Literally will hold your hand anytime. 99999/10 would cuddle you for 2 days straight.

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’Though Athena is a goddess of war strategy, she disliked fighting without purpose and preferred to use wisdom to settle predicaments. The goddess only encouraged fighting for a reasonable cause or to resolve conflict. She emphasises everyone to use intuitive wisdom rather than anger or violence.’

It seems Twilight was dressed as a pony equivalent of the Greek Goddess Athena, Goddess of War and Wisdom. It fits Twilight quite well, they even share the same kind of ’pet’, the owl!

(Personally my favorite costume, but Applejack had the cutest!)