this outtake never fails to make me smile

anonymous asked:

When did he make you laugh hardest, John?

Every time you lot ask for just one singularity, it always ends up with me thinking of about twenty answers. Buckingham Palace, our first case and running ‘round London like loons, the outtakes to a video he made me - a bit bittersweet, that - are a few. But there’s one in particular that never fails to make me smile. I think it reigns supreme.

Then there was a time, for a cold case, that he and I infiltrated a church. Oh, this is a good one. He took a scarf and tied it around his head, painted on wrinkles, and wore hideously old clothes. He put baggies of rice in his blouse for breasts and put on a tiny bit of Mrs Hudson’s makeup. While I went around doing some exploring he settled into a pew and pretended to be a Ukrainian woman. It had to do with the case, I promise. Hearing him talk in that accent with his voice that high already had me in stitches, but when I happened to look out from the curtain I was hiding behind at one point in the service, I saw him take a kneel before the cross and one of his rice bag “breasts” fell out. I knocked over a plant from laughing so hard, was caught soon after, and we ran out with him shouting in Ukrainian. I was doubled over from laughing as we waited for a bus and he threw his other “boob” at me. Rice went everywhere. Then a bunch of pigeons came out of nowhere, and we were both laughing so hard we missed our first bus and had to wait for the next.

Even still it took me about twice as long to type that up because of my giggling, and I’m sitting here grinning like an idiot. Never a dull moment.