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Another thing I love about Black Sails is how nothing is ever forgotten. Like, we’re nearing the end of the last season and they’re still talking about things like Mr. Gates’ journals, about the effect’s Charlotte’s death has had on Idelle.

Mrs. Mapleton is in the brothel still plotting and scheming away.

Mrs. Hudson looks over one of Eleanor’s earlier outfits and it’s a reminder to us that she wasn’t just Rogers’ wife, she was also the pirate queen who ran Nassau etc.

Blue Suede Shoes

6 stunning shoes for the summer

When it comes to a bright colored accessory that will liven up any outfit, we turn to blue shoes. That cool blue hue reminds us of summers by the ocean, a cloudless blue sky…we can’t wait for some fun in the sun. Get started with these 6 stunning shoes!

Pippi Fringe Suede Sandals

Suede pumps

Double Ankle Strap Heels

Jeffrey Campbell Wrapped Kitten Heels

GIANMARCO LORENZI platform pumps

Paxton Cutout Suede Sandal

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Okay, but Brook Page maybe? Brook’s parents are really divided over the Royals and Rebels, but the silver and gold jewelry could represent her interest in them both. (Gold=royals, silver=rebels.) It could also explain the library/reading room environment she’s in. Otherwise, her generic outfit doesn’t tell us much. Her belt reminds me a lot of Darling’s armor. And though I find the clothes disappointing, I’m all for more brown dolls.

Here you have a bolder than ever Tom Hiddleston strutting his stuff on the day of the “I saw the light” premiere in Hollywood, and isn’t he a sight to behold! That’s why this deserves a proper outfit analysis:

- Suit: beautiful Alexander McQueen in bright blue, reminds us of the Cannes wonder, especially where the crotchular constriction is concerned. Paired with a classic white shirt, and a black tie. It’s precisely here where I don’t agree with you, Thomas. I think the tie is too dark and gloomy for such a bright suit. Or maybe it’s that knot that’s too small. I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem to reach the usual red carpet perfection for me (at least it’s not the BDSM leather tie, or the monstrous knit tie, thank god for small mercies). 9/10 (it would have been a 10/10 if you had foregone the tie altogether).

-Shoes: Louboutin oxfords in black. Can’t really go wrong there. 10/10.

-Socks: they were the true stars of the show, and what really makes the outfit bold (for Tom, anyways) I mean look at them!! They feature red (well, more like auburn/maroon, but it still counts as an actual colour!!) and mustard yellow! They are sold by the London Sock Company and that particular model is the “Eleni’s Shaken and Stirred Mustard”. I’m sure there is a James Bond reference in there somewhere. 11/10 (you get an extra point for overcoming your fear of colours here, Thomas).