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Can you draw blue and yellow pearl as crystal gems

As the Crystal Gems I believe they’d have diffrent hairstyles. YP doesn’t have to be like YD, BP must see everything to fight. The new outfits remind of their old ones. I also used Pearl’s outfit as reference.

Headcanon: Sometimes BP gets anxiety because of her betrayal to BD. YP never comforts or reproaches her, but she truly understands her feelings. She’s like YD: focuses on tasks and moves on. BP is like BD: can’t stop thinking about the past.

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Dude. You've got a lot of dumbass people asking you unnecessary ass shit. Like, damn guys chill out. But anyway, go Yamcha all the way. I appreciate the people that stand by and help bring more to the story even when it's not focused on them.

Thank you.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m the dick because I’m not an anonymous guy making cryptic, passive-agressive banter.  Then I remember I’m a dick for completely unrelated reasons, and I feel better. 

Maybe this Yamcha flap is a generational thing.  Not necessarily about age, I mean.  It’s just, you get to a point where you’ve consumed enough fiction that you start to see the patterns.  You start to look deeper into it because you’ve seen Return of the Jedi so many times that you can’t just enjoy it for the novelty  anymore.  You have to appreciate it on other levels to get more out of it.  So you start thinking about Leia’s arc in the movie, and how she could have been the main character but she’s not, and yet maybe she’s better off for it. 

But when you first get into these kinds of stories, it all feels much more real.  Like it could be really happening in an alternate reality somewhere, so you can sort of think of it like professional sports, and question why so-and-so didn’t get a bigger role.   Why doesn’t Herman Melville just write a novel about every crewman aboard the Pequod?  They probably all have just as good a story to tell, right?  Except that’s not how it works. 

I remember someone on a message board lamenting this one episode of Deep Space Nine about a Federation ship run entirely by teenage cadets, because it was supposed to be on a training mission but they wound up in enemy territory and all the senior staff got killed.  So the cadets just took over the mission and creatively interpreted their orders to stay out in the war zone.  They all died, of course, because that’s what happens to young soldiers in a war.  But this one person on the message board just couldn’t let go, and she thought it was so unfair that these one-off characters were senselessly slaughtered when they could have done so much more with them.  She didn’t understand that their sole purpose as characters was to serve as an object lesson to the principal cast.  They see these cadets doing something heroic and irresponsible, and are deeply affected by their tragic demise.   Paramount wasn’t going to give them a spin-off show, any more than Jason Voorhees’s victims would get their own movie franchises.

But when you’re still somewhat new to all this, it hasn’t sunk in what’s practical in fiction and what isn’t.  Not like brand new.  I keep wanting to say “young”, but I don’t think it’s an age thing.  You could be 57 and still have this mindset.  You watch Dragon Ball for the second or third time around and you go “Why don’t Tien and Yamcha get to do more?”  And the answer is if they did, you’d be asking why someone else doesn’t get to do more, because it’s a zero-sum game.  But eventually, you’ve seen the show (and others like it) enough times to realize “Oh, wait, Yamcha doesn’t have to be the star of the show to matter.”   And you can learn something from that. 

But I think he’s a more relatable character as you go through life.  He starts out with all these hopes and dreams, and over time he has to learn to stand aside and watch other, more qualified people achieve the things he wanted for himself.  He suffers more trauma than most of the other characters.  Every time he lost a fight, his girlfriend watched it happen.  Tien broke his leg.  Dr. Gero impaled him and drained his energy at the same time.  One of those Cell Juniors broke his arm.   But he keeps getting back up.

I like the picture of him with the hole in his gi from the Androids Saga.  That’s not a rip from a near miss.  That’s from where he got run through by a killer android.  The senzu bean healed the wound, but the hole in his outfit is still there to remind us.  He’s pretty gunshy at first, but then he swallows his fear to join the others on the battlefield.  He knows he can’t help, but he still has to be there. 

That’s kind of an important moral.  Goku shows up to the fight because he can.  Yamcha shows up even though he can’t.  He sees others succeed where he fails, and he accepts it graciously.  He doesn’t need to be the center of attention because he has self-respect.  It’s more applicable to real life, because let’s face it, we’re all a lot more like Yamcha than Goku…

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ALSO you know how we're talking about saiyans and their tails and how Goku and Vegeta should absolutely have theirs back someday - what if Whis decides to help by growing them back but he has trouble remembering exactly what saiyan tails look like - so they end up with long sleek kitty tails, scruffy dog tails, stupid bunny tails, and of course they end up with some side effects too! Like hopping around and falling asleep in sunny spots!

Whis is a sassy little shit who would do that on purpose and I’ll not be told otherwise.

I wanna ‘Geta with a fluffy, furry cat tail and Goku with a long, waggly dog tail. Let’s be honest, Goku wouldn’t give a flying fuck while Vegeta would lose his shit.

“I’ve been through a lot of ridiculous situations in my life, most of them directly involving you, but this one is just absurd.”

“C'mon, Vegeta, it’s not that bad.”

“… I have a plushy tail attached to my ass. How’s that not bad?”

“Well, ya look kinda cute?”

“Oh, now I’m thinking of suicide. Thank you, Kakarot.”

Vegeta looks cute though. His tail moves graciously when he walks and curls cutely when he stretches and yawns. Goku needs to stop himself from stroking it. Goku, on the other hand, seems to have no control over his overly excited tail. It’s always wagging and bumping into everything. Vegeta notices how it wags every time Goku seems him and okay… It’s kinda cute.

It’s still an insult to a Saiyan’s pride though and Vegeta wants desperately his true tail back. Whis promised that he would fix it, he just needed some time to figure out what went wrong. So one day he finally claims to have found out and that he’s ready to fix the problem.

The cat tail is gone and immediately replaced by a bunny one.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Give me the cat tail back, I’m begging.”

Goku is desperately blushing in the background. Whis is having the time of his life. Vegeta is almost having a stroke. So Whis gives in and finally his Saiyan tail is back. At this point Vegeta is on the verge of tears. Goku is the next and surprisingly happy to have his tail back.

“So… Are you happy now?”, Goku asks when they’re finally alone.

“I am. You don’t seem very happy though.”

“I’ll miss your bunny tail. It was… Cute. It reminded me of a bunny outfit Bulma used once.”

“…I really don’t want to know the context of this.”

In any case, Vegeta can’t hide the pride of having his tail back. Also, he can’t help but think how Goku would look with a bunny tail. Maybe he should ask Whis next time.

Husband Reacts to 1D: Harry’s Fashion

I showed Hubs a bunch of photos of Harry’s most iconic outfits through the years, and had him give a name to each of the looks, and talk about them a little bit.

The Child Playing Dress-Up

“He looks like he’s wearing a onesie with an oversized jacket and too many rings. I’m imagining him as a kid who got into his mothers’ clothes and decided to play dress-up.”

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Here you have a bolder than ever Tom Hiddleston strutting his stuff on the day of the “I saw the light” premiere in Hollywood, and isn’t he a sight to behold! That’s why this deserves a proper outfit analysis:

- Suit: beautiful Alexander McQueen in bright blue, reminds us of the Cannes wonder, especially where the crotchular constriction is concerned. Paired with a classic white shirt, and a black tie. It’s precisely here where I don’t agree with you, Thomas. I think the tie is too dark and gloomy for such a bright suit. Or maybe it’s that knot that’s too small. I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem to reach the usual red carpet perfection for me (at least it’s not the BDSM leather tie, or the monstrous knit tie, thank god for small mercies). 9/10 (it would have been a 10/10 if you had foregone the tie altogether).

-Shoes: Louboutin oxfords in black. Can’t really go wrong there. 10/10.

-Socks: they were the true stars of the show, and what really makes the outfit bold (for Tom, anyways) I mean look at them!! They feature red (well, more like auburn/maroon, but it still counts as an actual colour!!) and mustard yellow! They are sold by the London Sock Company and that particular model is the “Eleni’s Shaken and Stirred Mustard”. I’m sure there is a James Bond reference in there somewhere. 11/10 (you get an extra point for overcoming your fear of colours here, Thomas).

Second Chances (Ch. 3)

TITLE:   Second Chances


AUTHOR:  Rainefyre


Imagine Loki being sentenced to spend some time on Midgard to make up for his misdeeds. S.H.I.E.L.D. allows this and appoints you as Loki’s handler.


            After what seemed like hours, we finally arrived at the mall.  I felt cagey, anxious, but didn’t know why.  I kept stealing glances at Loki from the corner of my eye.  Is he up to something, I wondered.  Could I actually take him on in a fight and have a hope of succeeding, or would he go through me like I wasn’t there?  Loki, on the other hand, sat silently watching as the buildings seem to crawl past us, not seeming to gaze at anything for more than a second or two.

            “Okay,” Jane said with a smile, “Let’s go shopping!”

            It didn’t take long for me to feel like the odd girl out.  Loki immediately hit the high-end stores for suits; I was scanning the directory map for Hot Topic, Spencer’s, and Old Navy.  The last was in case I needed something conservative. 

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Look of the Day: Alexa Chung

Shop her subtly sexy ‘girls’ night out’ look

Alexa Chung is one of our go-to girls for style inspiration, bridging the gap between undone ease and perfect polished elegance. She knows that the key to appearing pulled together and irreverent is balance. Recently spotted at Paris Fashion Week grabbing dinner with friends Cara Delevingne and Daisy Lowe, Alexa paired a mohair camel sweater with a leather slit skirt and lace-up Bionda Castana heels. It’s simple, effortless outfits like this that remind us of her full-fledged ‘it’ girl status. Channel your inner Alexa and shop this look we love below.

Alexa Chung out and about in Paris

Get Her Look

Fluffy Crew Neck Jumper

ASOS Pencil Skirt In Leather With Split Front

High-Heeled Snake Print Leather Sandal

ASOS Knot Chain Choker Necklace

Kohl Pencil in Coal

Okay, but Brook Page maybe? Brook’s parents are really divided over the Royals and Rebels, but the silver and gold jewelry could represent her interest in them both. (Gold=royals, silver=rebels.) It could also explain the library/reading room environment she’s in. Otherwise, her generic outfit doesn’t tell us much. Her belt reminds me a lot of Darling’s armor. And though I find the clothes disappointing, I’m all for more brown dolls.

Blue Suede Shoes

6 stunning shoes for the summer

When it comes to a bright colored accessory that will liven up any outfit, we turn to blue shoes. That cool blue hue reminds us of summers by the ocean, a cloudless blue sky…we can’t wait for some fun in the sun. Get started with these 6 stunning shoes!

Pippi Fringe Suede Sandals

Suede pumps

Double Ankle Strap Heels

Jeffrey Campbell Wrapped Kitten Heels

GIANMARCO LORENZI platform pumps

Paxton Cutout Suede Sandal

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