this outfit is the cutest omg

NCT 127 + Ten reaction to their s/o being a huge fan of the Vroom Vroom Talk Show

Ok ngl i’m weak as hell for Doyoung and the vroom vroom talk show has given me many precious moments of him so i will forever be grateful 🙏🏼🙏🏼 


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(I love this gif so much lmao)

Taeil would just be super happy and soft when he sees you laughing and genuinely having a good time. He’d put his hand on your leg or around your shoulder and rub it gently bc he’s so whipped for you and when he sees you smiling his whole world lights up and he’s just in a very happy place. He’d try to join in on the fun by yelling random things (like he usually does), and when he sees you laughing at those he’s just be a shy happy bean.


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Y’all know how in NCT life Taeyong tried to take over the Vroom Vroom talk show and Doyoung gave him the eye-roll of the century™, and then Johnny completely ignored him and started talking to Ten?? Yes well I see Taeyong as being kinda whiny like “Babe I’m so much better”, and he would be lowkey jealous that you laughed so much at Doyoung’s jokes. I see him being super clingy and I see him trying to one up Doyoung and trying to get you to laugh at him. If you do laugh at his jokes, you can be sure to see him go and do that thing where he dances and makes weird noises to tease Doyoung like “did ya see that they laughed at my jokes I’m better than you suck on that”.


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Johnny would just be happy that you’re happy and he’s just gonna enjoy watching you laugh and enjoy yourself. Bc he’s an actual meme he’ll be like “we all know my fashion evaluation is much better right Y/N?” for jokes, but he’s just glad to see you smile this softie. He’d also lowkey have a full on conversation w/ Ten and would just ignore Doyoung (which makes DY hella salty).


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Yuta this lil shit is the person who hates on the show the most. He loves getting a reaction out of Doyoung so he keeps interrupting him and teasing him and when he sees Doyoung getting irritated it’s like his life’s goal has been achieved. 

When he sees that you’re really enjoying Doyoung’s show, this teasing only intensifies bc he’s highkey jealous that Doyoung is making you laugh like “nah fam my s/o can only laugh at my jokes”. He tries to make you laugh by teasing Doyoung basically, and when you laugh he does that thing where he smiles like an angel (basically just him smiling normally but it still does things to my smol heart) and he’s just happy that you’re happy and you’re having a good time. 


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DOYOUNG this boy makes me weak I can feel my bias list crashing down as I look at this gif 

Doyoung is highkey salty bc everyone is ganging up on him and not letting him do what he wants and his show is failing bc no one is cooperating and he’s just salty af.

When he sees that you’re really enjoying it though, this lil bunny’s confidence gets boosted x100000 and he just gets really smiley and bashful bc you’re so cute !!!! and you’re laughing at his jokes !!!!! and he’s just super happy that he can make you laugh so much and he just wants you to keep laughing so he tries a little harder and it’s just rlly cute and my heart cannot take kim doyoung someone save me pls


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I think Ten would just be happy to see you having a good time and seeing you laughing would make him giggle too bc you’re so cute and he loves you. He’d lowkey be talking to Johnny the whole time though and the two of them would be in their own little world (just like in the NCT life episode lmao).


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(This boy will be the death of me)

Jaehyun seemed like he wasn’t the biggest fan of the vroom vroom talk show - not that he had anything against it, he just kinda went along with it to entertain Doyoung. I feel like Jaehyun would just kinda be sat there with you, occasionally laughing at somethings, but not really laughing super hard or anything. You, on the other hand, were laughing super hard, and you kept folding yourself into a ball into Jaehyun’s side as your eyes crinkled as you gasped for air between your giggles, and I think jaehyun would just love to see you like that. He would look at you with the most adoring look and he would just want to squish your cheeks and hug you because he thought you were super cute. 


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(Look at this lil squish what a cutie)

Ok so with WinWin, his Korean is still a little lacking so I don’t think he’d be very engaged in what was going on in the talk show. BUT, seeing you laugh and genuinely enjoy yourself would make his lil heart flip in his chest and he’d just wrap his arms around you and smile at you and just be really cute because he’s just happy that you’re happy and can you tell that this boy makes me fckn soft


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THIS BOI ok I don’t think Mark would really care whether you liked the talk show or not tbh he’d be too busy losing his marbles from laughing too much. Mark has the cutest giggle (don’t fight me on this we all know it’s true) and he would just be dying at the whole situation of how everyone is ganging up on Doyoung and how Doyoung is highkey salty. I think he’d be super happy though, because the two of you could sit together and be in a fit of giggles and just be happy and cute and aw


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(omg i love this gif so much look at my baby how cute i love this outfit he looks so soft and squishy i just want to hug him)

Ok so we all know Donghyuck is the king of sass and he’s a funny lil squish. I think he’d find it cute that you found Doyoung’s show so funny, but he’d be lowkey jealous and would constantly spout sassy comments about everything. Ofc his comments are hilarious so you burst out laughing at them, and when he sees that you’re laughing more at his jokes than Doyoung’s, this lil bean will just swell with pride and confidence like “hell yeah my s/o thinks i’m funny what a great thing” and he’d just be a happy lil bby.

winter! with wonwoo

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requested by anon!

  • winter takes its human form on wonwoo
  • imagine him in turtlenecks and long coats
  • matching winter outfits w bf! wonwoo
  • while roaming around the streets
  • “my hands are cold, can I hold yours?”
  • and you’re dying on the inside bc soft wonwoo is your fav
  • he’ll occasionally steal glances at you while walking and when you catch him he’ll just giggle
  • “I can’t help it you’re too cute”
  • matching outfits means the need to take cute pictures!!
  • solo shots first
  • when he’s taking yours he’d say things to make you smile
  • “wow beautiful”
  • “what a beauty”
  • “omg you’re so cute”
  • all your pictures will turn out 3 ways
  • smiling
  • covering your mouth bc you laugh too much
  • failed stone faces from trying to control laughing
  • it’s unfair bc his pictures will turn out real cool
  • model poses
  • and you’re like “not fair wonwoo you look like a model??”
  • “but you’re the cutest, no one can compare”
  • smooth
  • lunch dates at really cosy places
  • more hot choco!!
  • hot soup is a must during winter
  • hungry! wonwoo is super cute he’ll be so busy eating and wouldn’t realise the mess on his mouth
  • imagine wiping his mouth and his eye smiles appear
  • and when you’re about to put your hand down he’ll grab onto it
  • “what?”
  • “nothing, I just want to hold your hand”
  • “eat your food, wonwoo”
  • more roaming after lunch
  • just sitting on a bench appreciating the view while holding hands
  • and all of a sudden it started snowing
  • wonwoo starts laughing bc your hair is filled with snowflakes
  • “don’t laugh at me you have it too”
  • and then you ruffle his hair to get rid of the snow
  • while doing so he just stares at you
  • “stop looking at me”
  • melting under his stare aHH
  • he says nothing, just watches you blush and slowly leans in to kiss your forehead
  • “the view out there is beautiful but this view in front of me is exceptionally beautiful”
  • mushy wonwoo :’)

I told myself to literally ABSTAIN from looking at these pics so I can focus on school today.

OKAY FIRST AND FOREMOST, I have no words for Leia, she looks absolutely stunning I’m so glad costume finally decided to put her in more princess gowns versus the “gas station attendant” (Carrie Fisher, jimmy kimmel) outfit. And yes I dropped a few tears looking at that picture cause she’s honestly glowing she looks amazing, she will forever be our princess 👑💞

OKAY SECONDLY, Poe, finn and rose. Rose is literally the cutest little munchkin in the world and I’m so ready to see her feisty little ass kick the shit out of everyone. AND OMG that arm around finn that poe has, YOURE NOT SLICK VF. STORM PILOT IS FUCKING CANON EVERYONE. AND IM HYPED!!!!

OKAY THIRDLY, Rey and Luke. This gave me MAJOR CHILLS!!! They both look serious af, like they’re not fucking around they’re here to restore shit and fix shit. AND IM FUCKING READY FOR REY AND LUKE TO BE ALL YODA AND LUKE 2.0 !!!!! And can we talk about how similar their clothing are like we get it you both had hard desert lives ✋🏽🙄 and like goddamn Luke, baby what happened? Why you look older than yoda ?? The

OKAY SAVE THE BEST (of course) FOR LAST.. THE FIRST ORDER LADIES AND GENTLE MEN HAVE RETURNED AND ARE LOOKING BETTER THAN EVER LIKE LOOK AT THESE BADASS MOTHER FUCKERS!!! If they all walked into a room I would fall down on the ground and bow cause that’s too much power in one room. OKAY CAN WE TALK ABOUT PHASMA CAUSE HOLY FUCK SHES SERVING ALL THE LOOKS!!! I hope she unmasks in the movie cause she’s honestly so badassingly stunning and I envy/adore her like HOOWWW!!!! OKAY and general Hux… I hated him in TFA but ooohhh looorddd that jaw line and those cheek bones are just giving all of the mixed feelings right now AND WHY DOES HE LOOKS LIKE TARKINS GRANDSON OR SOMETHING..


Oh man that was a good rant? I’m so ready for The Last Jedi

Real Talk For A Moment Here

Yo - so does everyone remember this moment here? (Jinchuu arc - Sano’s boutta fight Innui Banjin - metal glove guy with the weird dreads and camo outfit - Saitou should have arrested him for the bad fashion sense omg)

Most people seem to see this one as a Sano/Megu moment but can I just be real here with my extremely biased, pro-SaiSa viewpoint? (yes)

This is SaiSa as fuck - allow me to explain:

Megu’s like: I’ll fix u up! And then Sanosuke doesn’t say anything to that, but instead yells at Saitou to say something to him too! (Megu backs him up like a good friend)

Saitou’s just like: eh? (Which is the cutest thing omg) and then proceeds to awkwardly be like: Um, er, do the best u can…

Like, he has no reson to be awkward or embarassed or whatever
Saitou is the most cool, collected guy ever - like he can walk into a collapsing inferno with a smirk and is all around just a very self-control kinda guy
But here he is guys
Awkwardly wishing Sano well in his upcoming fight

I love this scene

SaiSa is real my dudes

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You could make a reaction BTS when they see a foreign girl during a gathering of fans and they fall in love with her? Thank you ^^ (sorry for bad English, it is not my first language :/)

Sure can sweety! I fantasized about it many times myself… Here we go!


Excited fangirls came and went to ask his autograph, give him a high five, ask him questions, give him presents and all the other stuff that usually happens at fanmeets. 

This time was no different from all the other fanmeets, until he saw you, impatiently waiting until it was your turn to meet the boys. You immediately stood out with your foreign features and he was completely mesmerized by your beauty. 

As a fan was asking him questions, he distractedly answered them while he still couldn’t take his eyes off you. He tried his best to give the fan attention, but he couldn’t help but glance over to you from time to time. 

When you catched him staring, he quickly looked away in embarrassment, his cheeks flushed pink as he casually tried to cover it up by acting like he was talking to the fan in front of him all along, only to take peeks at you seconds after. He couldn’t wait until it was your turn so he didn’t have to be sneaky about it and he could ask everything about you. Maybe he’d even ask your number…

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Yoongi would be surprised by your refreshing appearance. You looked different from most girls he encountered during the fanmeet by now. A slight smile would appear on his face when you came to sit in front of him, armed with post-its and kumamon plushies. 

He was completely engrossed in everything you said and listened to every word very attentively, loving the sound of your voice. He’d nod and smile when you made jokes and stumbled over your words from nervousness. 

He’d try not to squeak as he melted from your cuteness. When the manager told him it was time for you to move on to the next member, he laid his hand on top of your arm and told his manager he’d like five more minutes. 

As you handed him the kumamon plushies, he discretely put a small piece of paper with his number scribbled on it in the palm of your hand, making sure no one else noticed.

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He’d be the cutest fluffball omg. He’d immediately notice you from across the room as you stood out quite much, looking different from the other girls. Not only that, you were also wearing his favourite outfit on girls, so it was hard not to notice you in your tight jeans hugging your curves and red converse high.

He’d be constantly distracted by your cuteness as you were practicing what you were gonna say. You looked in his direction and caught him staring, both your cheeks getting flushed in embarrassment but neither of you looking away.

When the eye contact would get too intense, namjoon would start giggling and hide his face in his jacket. You couldn’t stop smiling at his cuteness and you couldn’t wait until you got the chance to talk to him. You were sure it was gonna be a very interesting conversation.

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Poor Hobi would be completely overwhelmed. You’d sit down in front of him while he was talking to yoongi for a moment and when he looked back in front of him, he’d fall out of his chair. He didn’t expect such a gorgeous girl to be sitting in front of him out of nowhere. 

He’d be taken aback by your beauty, his cheeks completely red in embarrassment as he climbed his way back into his chair while murmuring a quiet ‘Sorry…’. 

You’d giggle and wave his apology away, thinking it was the cutest reaction ever and he’d flash you his rows of pearly whites. His smile always got you weak in the knees, so good thing you were sitting down. You’d talk as long and as much as you both could, trying to get as much information out of eachother in the short time you had. He’d constantly try to make you laugh and succeed ofcourse. 

After time’s up, he tells you he really hopes to see you again soon because he wants to know more about you, maybe even ask you out for coffee?

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It probably won’t come as a surprise if i tell you he’d be such a flirt. ChimChim wouldn’t be embarrassed like his hyungs, he’d try to do anything to grasp your attention and only make you look at him.

As you sat down in front of him, his eyes widened in surprise and interest, his head getting dizzy from all the emotions and sensations running through his body at once. You’d smile at him and he’d fold his hands together in front of him as he’d look deep into in your eyes. 

When you’d tell him he’s your bias, he’d smile his famous eye smile and tell you you’re his bias as well, making you giggle and getting you all embarrassed. He’d tell you how beautiful he thinks you are and that he’s lucky you wanted to take the time to talk to him and how he wished this moment would never end.

You’d agree and after a few seconds of  hesitating, he decided it was worth the risk and scribbled his number down on one of your post-its.

‘Please, just for you.’, he tried to tell you in his best english, meaning he’d only want you to use his number and trusted you not to pass it around.

When it’s time for you to move on to the next member, he’d grab your hand and entwine his fingers with yours, looking deeply into your eyes one last time before mouthing ‘text me’.

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Omg omg omg bias alert bias alert!!!! T^T

Okay so taetae omg. This smol smol (very tol) bean. I’d like to think he’d be super naughty and cheeky the whole time, him seducing you instead of the other way around but let’s be real here. Although he’s very social and has no problems talking to girls, he can still get a little shy, especially when he thinks the girl is very pretty.

He’d be amazed by your appearance and immediately notice you’re probably a foreigner with your refreshing appearance so he’d pull out his best english skills the moment you’d sit down in front of him. 

He’d try and impress you by showing you how much he improved and try to have the whole conversation in english, even though you already said you were fine with speaking korean as well.

After a few minutes, the cheekiness comes out. Because come on, we’ve all seen those gifs where he’s slightly touching fans and looking at them way too seductively because the lil’ shit likes to kill his fangirls. 

There’d be alot of skinship like him brushing strands of hair from your slightly sweaty forehead, taking your hand into his, locking your fingers together, all the while looking into your eyes when he does so. 

You didn’t think much of it because you’ve seen him being flirty with other girls before but when his touches lingered longer than necessary and his eyes didn’t move away from yours for one second, even after the manger tells him time’s up, makes you feel like there could be something more.

Taehyung would confirm your thoughts by leaning forward and whispering something in your ear while discretely sliding a little piece of paper into the palm of your hand. 

‘I’d like to see you again.’, he said as he squeezed your hand one last time before the manager was getting pissed at you two for taking too damn long. When you left the fanmeet and looked on the piece of paper, you see he wrote down his number along with ‘Please call me! :) xxx’

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Aaahwww bunnyyyy! 

Much like Jin, he’d already notice your presence long before it was your turn to meet the boys. He’d watch your cute, nervous face, your awkward posture as you tried to keep yourself calm while waiting in line and he’d subconsciously smile mesmerized. 

You didn’t notice him staring at you yet so he felt calm and safe for now. He kept taking in every little movement you made, ever little thing you did. Even when multiple girls came to see him and tried to grasp his attention, which was useless because he only had eyes for you. 

The fangirls would start getting a little pissed because they didn’t get as much attention as they’d like, but he didn’t care, he only counted down the minutes until you’d finally come sit in front of him. He was already thinking of the things he’d say to you, preparing questions and jokes that would make you smile.

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This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Grandma is so sweet, look at her hat. And little baby cousin, with the pretty flower in her hair and the HUG with MC!! What is the older brother doing? I love that dork. And the TWINS OMG they’re so cute and they’re wearing MATCHING OUTFITS.
What a beautiful family.


New outfit, who dis?

So, I’m wearing this outfit, and I go into Kroger to get some soda, and when I came back out the girl in the car next to me rolls down her window and says “Sorry, I just wanted to tell you that you’re like the cutest thing ever! I love it!” I need a haircut and a shave, though.


20140515 - ‘Doctor Stranger’ BTS Video

Yoongi As A Boyfriend (Gender Neutral)

•To all of you who think this relationship will only be sleep and music, you are WRO-like half right.
•He may be more reserved and focused on you in the beginning of the relationship
•But once you start hitting certain milestones like kissing more, telling the guys you two are together, etc
•He would get increasingly comfortable as time went on.
•He seems as if he would be a colder boyfriend but he is soooooooo sweeettt!!!
•He would send you good morning texts saying things like
“Good morning Jagi, I hope you do well today and I can’t wait to see you later, I love you, I’ll be home at 8 o'clock♥️
•And no matter what the texts say, you’ll still get all cute and blush, and can’t stop smiling for like an hour.
•He would get so focused on his work since, you know that’s his joy in life, (other than you of course) that you would need to always make sure he eats and is getting enough sleep.
•You best friend is Jin which helps since he is the mom of the group, he always makes sure to bring Yoongi dinner if you weren’t able to, and if he fell asleep while Jin was practicing late at night, he would bring him to your house so he was sleeping at home with you.
•Jin honestly was so helpful and you payed him back in food.
•You would always be the first to hear his music because he knew you were completely honest, if you thought something could be better, he fixed it then brought you back till you believed it was perfect.
•Every time he heard these songs he would smile so big and it would remind him of you.
•Believe it or not he would be so up for couple outfits. Like “swaggy” couple outfits. You two would be the cutest (swaggiest) couple ever.
•When you guys had like lazy days he would do so many cheesy things like freestyle rap battles and playing other games all day, making each other laugh and falling more in love.
•cudDLES OmG
•So Yoongi cuddles would be so perfect omg
•You would be cuddled up to his side, his arm draped around you, he would hold your free hand and would rub your hand with his thumb as he stared at the ceiling of stared at you, thinking deeply about your future and what will happen.
•He wouldn’t say I love you all of the time, but he would say it in the most random times.
•Like sometimes if he just needs a hug from you, he will rest his head on your shoulder and rub your back, telling you how much he loves you.
•Or like you could be in deep thought and you could be zoned out and he would be looking at you like you were a chest full of the most precious jewels in the world that he was searching for his whole life and he would snap you back to reality with those three words.
•okay now for the sexy time stuff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
•bc this is getting too long (I’m emotionally invested in yoongi rn.)

•Sex with yoongi would omg
•There’s two types of yoongi sex
Loving passionate sex and more rough and sensual sex.
•loving sex would be so passionate and he would treat you like gold.
•He would place kisses along your neck and your stomach, making sure you know how much he loves you and your entire body.
•He would caress you and treat you so gently
•Being slow and making sure to bring you and him as much pleasure as possible.

•Rough sex would be so different
•This would occur on nights that he is stressed out of days you have been teasing him
•He would push you back on the bed, ripping his and your clothes off.
•His kisses would be sloppy and rough,
•He would nip and suck on your neck leaving dark hickeys in placed that can’t be covered.
•He would be so rough in his movements and would groan so much at how you react to him knowing every spot that makes you squirm
•Sweaty cuddles after though

•Long story short, Yoongi is literally the perfect boyfriend omg please cherish him

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I have a weird fluffy kink where I want to go roller skating with H. Just holding hands and skating. But, my little roller girl outfit is driving him so crazy that skate night is cut short by going back home to... "leave the skates on, love 😉"

OmG. I haven’t been roller skating in so long but it’s so fun!! This sounds like the cUtest date ever.


Zachary is love, Zachary is life

K before someone tells me something like “OMG YOU HOMOPHOBIC ASSHOLE MAX DOESN’T EVEN KNOW ZACHARY” It’s just a “matching outfits” picture, no kiss or hugs. JUST A FRIKKIN SELFIE inspired by a rp between me and a great friend of mine

Kate and Zach because yes, I ship them for my own reasons, everyone can ship whatever they want, enemies, strangers, friends or whatever it is. LOVE IS THE CUTEST THING EVER. Remember that.

And then Zachary chasing Jefferson because yes, he got mad since He dosed and abused Kate e_e