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I’ve seen loads of stuff about the love square between Adrien/Marinette/Ladybug/Chat Nior, but I haven’t seen any headcanons about them being in a polyamorous relationship. Here me out:

  • Chat spending more time with his ‘princess’ Marinette, and realizing ‘Hey, when she’s not a stuttering mess, Marinette’s actually really cool!’  
  • Adrien spending more time talking to Marinette at school, wanting to become friends. Marinette is, of course, wary at first, but she learns to be comfortable around him. So he’s the cutest guy she’s ever seen? He also the dorkiest.
  • And Adrien slowly comes to realize Marinette is actually really cute and smart and funny and ‘omg you made that outfit?? That’s awesome!’ and he may have a crush on her. But he loves Ladybug, how can he be crushing on another girl?
  • After that, he tones down all the flirting with Ladybug, not really knowing how to act around her when he has a crush on another girl.
  • This gives Ladybug the opportunity to really get to know Chat Nior, and she realizes he’s not the two dimensional flirty hero he makes himself out to be. 
  • A few months after this development, Adrien can’t really stand bottling up his feelings, because he just has so many, and he ends up telling Ladybug everything one night on patrol. And Ladybug admits to him that she has a crush on him, but also on another person as well. 
  • They just sit there in stunned silence for a while, before bursting out laughing at the irony of it all. And then one of them asks, ‘what now?’ and Ladybug… she just can’t give up on Adrien, not now that she’s actually getting to know the real him. So she explains this to Chat, apologizing, and trying to reassure him he’ll find someone better.
  • But Chat refuses to believe that because there isn’t anyone better. And then he says that he wouldn’t mind being second best, if it still meant having her.
  • And Ladybug flips the fuck out because ‘You’re not ‘second best’ you silly cat!’ 
  • They both think over the conversation, coming to the conclusion that talking about their crushes to each other was fun, and that maybe making out with each other would be fun too??
  • Neither of them do anything about it though, until one day, after a particularly brutal fight, Chat decides their customary fist bump just isn’t enough, so kisses her instead.
  • It’s awkward and messy, and Chat is so so so apologetic afterwards, Ladybug has to kiss him again just to shut him up.
  • They form a mutual understanding about their other crushes, that basically entails ‘If you have a shot with them, go for it!
  • Of course, it doesn’t happen for ages. They both think they’d be betraying the other, even with the agreement they made.
  • This time, it’s Marinette who kisses Adrien first, right after he tells her he got them both VIP tickets to Paris fashion week.
  • This kiss is a lot better than their first kiss as Ladybug and Chat Nior, both of them having practiced kissing each other a lot (not that they know that, of course).
  • After the kiss ends, Marinette runs away, and doesn’t speak to Adrien for three days because she knows Chat won’t be mad at her, but how could she do this to Adrien? She already has a sort-of boyfriend (who she’s not breaking up with any time soon), and she can’t just lie about that to Adrien. Why did this not occur to her before?! And of course, Adrien is having the same problem.
  • When Marinette inevitably does see Adrien again, she recites a speech she’s prepared, that boils down to ‘I’m sorry for kissing you, I’m sort of seeing someone else, please don’t hate me?’
  • And Adrien is quick to reassure her that it’s okay, he’s seeing someone too, but it’s an open relationship, so she’ll be fine with it.
  • (Marinette suspects it’s some international model who’s out of the country most of the time, but she doesn’t say anything)
  • She explains that her relationship is kind of the same deal, and Adrien seems a little shocked, but mostly happy about this revelation. And he suggests that maybe he could take her out on a date?
  • She replies with ‘Aren’t the fashion week tickets enough? No, You’re not taking me out, I’m going to cook for you’ which excites Adrien because she’s an amazing cook.
  • And so, Adrien and Marinette start dating.
  • And Chat Nior and Ladybug are dating.

This is a lot longer than I expected it to be. Hopefully I got my point across though. Polyamorous Adrien/Marinette/Ladybug/Chat Nior is a passion of mine ^^


Zachary is love, Zachary is life

K before someone tells me something like “OMG YOU HOMOPHOBIC ASSHOLE MAX DOESN’T EVEN KNOW ZACHARY” It’s just a “matching outfits” picture, no kiss or hugs. JUST A FRIKKIN SELFIE inspired by a rp between me and a great friend of mine

Kate and Zach because yes, I ship them for my own reasons, everyone can ship whatever they want, enemies, strangers, friends or whatever it is. LOVE IS THE CUTEST THING EVER. Remember that.

And then Zachary chasing Jefferson because yes, he got mad since He dosed and abused Kate e_e