this outfit is bright ok

Day One-

Me: *knew the ac was broken so wore a casual, ankle length skirt, plain black shirt, and make up including a deep pinkish red lipstick*

1-2 people: “you look nice today” 

Day Two-

Me: *found out the ac was WAY broken yesterday and needed to dress even cooler, so wears the only knee-length dress I have that’s school appropriate (Most of my dresses are a just a bit too short, cut not quite teachery, or slightly-see through. This one was purchased to attend a wedding.) and wears the exact same make up including the same lipstick*

Literally everyone: “omg I love your dress” “you look sooo cute today” etc.

Day Three-

Me: *is running out of cool teacher clothes to wear but the ac is still broken*

Me: *wears a plain navy pencil skirt with a plain white blouse, and same make up but with a slightly brighter red lipstick to match the navy/white thing* (And by slightly brighter I mean more like a true red but not like “red carpet” bright red or anything- just plain red.)

several people: “I like your lipstick”

Principal: “oooh, I see you Ms. [last name] with your full face on today!” *joking with an ap after I have walked past* “We’ve got a stranger in the building today, look up there.” *points at me*

several more people: “your lipstick looks good” “that lipstick looks really good on you” etc.

I caught my reflection at one point while I was running and just went… woah. Did I not look at myself before I left the house? Apparently not.

I think Simon chose this outfit.

  • Green & pink shoes.
  • Blue pants
  • Orange shirt
  • Yellow jacket
  • Pink armband
  • Yellow phone
  • Orange headphones

There is NOTHING dull about this outfit. Um. Yeah. Haha.

Excuse red face, I DID just get back from a 50 minute run.