this ought to hold me until gta v comes out next week!


Friendly reminder that the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX remaster is NOW ON SALE

…in *Bandit Keith voice* North America

As you may or may not know, the remaster features Kingdom Hearts Final Mix,  which was previously Japan-only; Re:Chain of Memories, and 358/2 Days (well, that last one is actually just a cinematic but YA KNOW).

I don’t know what kind of pre-order bonuses came with the game if you purchased it somewhere else, but GameStop’s pre-order bonus is a 24-page artbook that doubles as the game disc case (I feel like this may have been the preorder bonus everywhere in NA, but IDK). I also got a code to redeem for a KH theme for my PS3, and it actually functions like a slide show (right after I took that picture of the TV the background changed to Hercules)

Now to lose myself in the game until 4:30 (LATE SHIFTS MAN)