this otp is special to me.

the trials of apollo
↳ otp: i’m his doctor → solangelo

“ Will put his hand on Nico’s shoulder. “Nico, we need to have another talk about your people skills.” “Hey, I’m just stating the obvious. If this is Apollo, and he dies, we’re all in trouble.” Will turned to me. “I apologize for my boyfriend.” Nico rolled his eyes. “Could you not―” “Would you prefer special guy?” Will asked. “Or significant other?” “Significant annoyance, in your case,” Nico grumbled. ”

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only fools rush in (kent parson/shitty knight, 20k)

“I don’t want to get you into trouble,” Kent said. Shitty shook his head.
“No trouble,” he said, and clapped a hand between Kent’s shoulders.

written for @actualremus for the kpbb. sarah said “let them kiss!!!!!!” and i said “yeah but what if they got accidentally married and kissed?” and this happened. 

On Harry Potter and Pickup Lines; or, A Riddikulus Conversation

Written for the @timepetalsprompts weekly prompt submitted by @asmilelikestarlightTen x Rose - prompt: A battle of Harry Potter pick up lines

Ten/Rose, 1200 words, Rated high T or low M for innuendo. So. Much. Innuendo.

Special thanks to my fangirl Facebook group for helping me come up with lines… @aimtoallonsy, @goingtothetardis, @luciajade, Julie and Jessie! Double special thanks to @goingtothetardis for the quick beta!  

read it on ao3!


The Doctor and Rose sat on the couch in the library, the lights low, a film on the screen before them. A large bowl of popcorn sat on the Doctor’s lap, and Rose was curled into him, comfortably snuggled under her pink blanket. Their hands brushed each other occasionally as they reached for snacks: Rose didn’t seem affected by the touch, but the Doctor certainly was. He’d finally grown somewhat accustomed to the familiar feeling of Rose snuggled into his side, although the thrill of that never went away.

No, the accidental brushes of hands were what was causing him such pleasurable distress today. Every time skin touched skin, he felt a galloping in his chest that had nothing to do with the excitement of the movie, only the excitement of being with the woman he loved watching a movie that both of them enjoyed.

Rose reached into the popcorn bowl (and the Doctor totally did not reach for popcorn at the same time on purpose), then tossed the fluffy kernels into her mouth. She stared at the screen thoughtfully for a moment.

“Do you think anyone ever tries cheesy pickup lines in the Leaky Cauldron or the Three Broomsticks?”

The Doctor puzzled over that for a second, and Rose went on, sitting up a bit and turning to look at him.

“Like, wizards have to flirt with each other somehow, yeah? And they’re not so far removed from muggles that they wouldn’t try something like that. Don’t you think?”

He gave her a lopsided grin. “What, you mean like, ‘Did you survive avada kedavra, because you’re drop-dead gorgeous’?”

Rose giggled. “Yeah, kind of. Or ‘See this Weasley sweater? It’s made of boyfriend material’.”

“Yes, I could certainly see Fred or George using that line,” the Doctor laughed.

“What other lines might they use, do you think?”

The Doctor thought for a second. This could go several ways. It could be two mates giggling at an absurd idea. He could say something repulsive and turn her off.


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“Just stay the fuck quiet”

“Make me”

My first time drawing this two kissing *-* I just fangirled a lot while doing this… the explosions can’t be seeing in this but… this is after that ;D -If you don’t know what I’m talking ‘bout just check @boogey56 ‘s edo! minerza tag :3 and read c: 

hope you guys like it :3

also special gift to @thelostkuchiki who also ship them<3

story time? story time.

sooo. 2013 me. she was a very big pokémon fan (i mean…i still am) but especially, a pokémon special/adventures fan.

so of course. 11 year old me was like “imma write fanfiction of my favorite couple” which was green and blue ofc forever otp fight me

2014 me was so embarrassed of 2013 me that she decided to erase every work 2013 me ever wrote. which was a dumb move. very stupid. i got a lot of the friends i have now via those fanfictions. so anyway. there was this one i wrote based on…a vocaloid song…LISTEN I WENT THROUGH A WEEB PHASE OK STOP CYBERBULLYING ME.

BACK TO THE POINT. one of my friends’ favorite fic was THAT one which i deleted on 2014 and he was like WHY DID U DO THAT IT WAS MY FAV and i was like IDK MAN IT SUCKED

flashforward to today a few hours ago where he (the same friend) tagged me on a thing in this pokémon fanfiction group and the content of the post reminded him of my fanfiction so he said “haha you should rewrite it!”

for some reason. idk. something posessed me. i said “yes, that’s a great idea!” So i actually went through my 19472625252 emails to HOPE to find my version of the document in my sent emails AND I DID. and i’m reading it.

and it’s surreal because it’s… good, in a way? it’s a fucking songfic the lyrics are written there which IS CRINGY but! everything is well accentuated (good to know that didn’t change), the ortography is good but it just transported me to my 11 year old self listening to that song and writing it with my laptop on my bed and i remember how hot it felt because the laptop kept overheating and staying up late finishing it and BOY truly one blast from the past

of course now that i’m planning to rewrite it i’m highlighting stuff that i need to change – i’ve been mumbling to myself “jesus christ does this person KNOW how to use commas–wait that’s me” “can you chill with the adverbs??? my god?????” “your narration is so CHEERY this isn’t a children’s book”

but. it feels great. it’s proof of how much i’ve grown as a person.


me: *goes on the yoonmin tag* pfsh what’s so great about them,,, why does everyone ship them ? they’re not ‘special’, they’re just smol together.. so ?

still me, just three hours later: *still on the yoonmin tag* wtf there’s nothing ?? cute? abou- *reblogs a cute gifset* about yoonmin? aka mini-mini? aka oh.. oh my god is that a grumpy x sunshine fi-.. no. they’re not my otp.. time to go

feministvevo  asked:

Top 5 rucas moments xx

I’m on my phone, so I can’t gif them, but here we go:

1. When Lucas stops talking mid sentence when he sees Riley come down the subway steps in ‘First Date’. That was the moment I fully gave my heart to the ship. Always thought they were cute, but I went from 'aww’ to 'OMG! Top Three OTPs ever’ when that moment happened. I could talk about it all day.

2. “And if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know if I would’ve survived in New York.” The whole scene broke me, but also made me feel so completely alive and reassured me that this ship was something really special. Ok. All three Texas episodes broke me in the most beautiful way.

3. The whole Couples Game thing in New Year. He knows her so well, and can’t help but to jump in. He’s very jealous of Charlie, but when he talks about her, he gets this smile on his face and she matches it, and for a second, if felt like they were the only ones in the room.

4. The library. It was a simple conversation that has completely impacted their relationship for the rest of the series. It was the moment they connected.

5. The end of Semi Formal. I could write a book on the ending of that episode, and if I spend any sort of amount of time with you talking about Rucas, I will probably mention it. When hope seemed lost for them, there were a few lines I always went back to and the end of Semi Formal was a BIG one. “Why did you assume we were going to the dance if we’re not officially together?” “I don’t know. Why would you make a big deal about it if we’re not officially together?”

And then: “What else is there to figure out?” “Hi” “Hey”


Obviously the perfect moments thing/first kiss in First Date. I tried to pick different episodes for each moment, but this moment is amazing as well.

Weekly Ficlet Prompt vol.49

Hullo my darlings. <3  Over on my blog I did a special asking everyone for prompts. And while I don’t have the ability to write them all, they’re all stellar ideas. As much as I want to hog all these prompts for myself (no joke I really do), I very much want the kind folks who gave me their ideas to get them written. So we’ve had guest prompts! Please consider writing them because they’re gold. (Also you’d be getting major brownie points not just from me but the prompters as well, just sayin’.) 

From @thedoctorofsteel - Ten x Rose - You’re my IT man and I can’t do anything on this stupid computer please help! AU

From @themarvelousmstyler - prompt: Person A is like Harry in the resurrection stone scene at the end of Deathly Hallows and person B is one of the apparitions that appears to them. It can be any pairing and angsty as it possibly can get!

From @lilydragonwrites - Tenth Doctor - prompt: Ten babysitting Martha and Mickey’s child(ren)

From @thedoctorofsteel - Ten x Rose - prompt: We’re watching my favourite movie why are you not laughing AU

Note: any fic length is welcome! You can write 10 words up to multiple chapters. There are no restrictions. You can write a drabble, a poem, a ficlet, a fic, or multichapter fic. It’s up to you!

Write with us! If you’re looking to break out our three admins plus TPP’s writing family are here to support and encourage you! Anyone can join in tackling these prompts, and we’d love to have you!

See our posting guide for more info and visit our askbox with any questions!

How we’ll find your fic to share:  

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Happy writing!

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