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Prompt 30

Person A and B were high school sweethearts when B was kidnapped and neither B or the kidnapper were ever found. A became an FBI agent to try and make sure nothing like that ever happened again. Now A is happily married to C and working as a succesful FBI agent. A gets a case of suspected serial kidnappings, A manages to solve the case and find the kidnapper and all their victims (most are still alive). Among the victims is a very traumatised B. B’s family are dead/ not able to take care of B so A offers to. A and C slowly help B recover and be able to function in the world again. A’s old feelings resurface but A attempts to deny them because A doesn’t want to be unfaithful. C, however, has also begun to develop feelings for B who cares deeply for them both. 

Person A and B were in a happy relationship. Everything was perfect. And then A got hurt, nearly died, and came home in a wheelchair. B is just happy that A is alive, but A can’t help but see the future that looked so bright is suddenly so dim. But Person B is there to help. It’s the little things that make it better. The trade in of their vehicle for one that can transport the wheelchair. The ramp added to their front steps. The carefully adjusted table height. B does everything they can to help A, and honestly, while that’s all fantastic, its B just being B helps pull A out of despair the most.

Angsty Hurt/Comfort Prompts

Angsty Hurt/Comfort Prompts for Anon

I hope you like them!!

- A notices a change in behaviour from B, and when A asks what is wrong, B tells them that their family and them have been arguing again, so A tells them that they can come over to A’s house, so they don’t have to stay in that environment anymore, B tears up and hugs A, and A and B talk about what happened and A listens to everything that B has to say

- A really want to see the Moon tonight because it is special celestial event, but the clouds come and block the beauty of the Moon and A gets really upset so B tells A to jump in their vehicle and they are going to drive until they can see the moon

- A looses their pet dog and B helps them look for it in the area, and A starts to cry because their dog is like their child, they have a hard time parting with them for a couple of hours, let alone this, and B wraps their arms around A as A cries into them

- A makes B watch a sad movie, and B knows that A is going to cry at the end, so B keeps the tissues and chocolates close, they then wrap a fluffy blanket around A and A leans into B, so then B puts their arm around A

- A isn’t completely over C and C shows up to the dance, that A is going to, with D on their arm, so B asks them to dance and A and B have the best time ever, and A completely forgets about C 

- A’s vehicle breaks down on the highway in the middle of the night and A is frantic because they don’t know how to fix it, and they call B to help and B rushes over and fixes A’s vehicle, and reassures them that everything is going to be okay, as they wipe away A’s tears

- A really wants to go to an art gallery because a piece is being sold, and it was their late mother’s, but the gallery refused to give them the piece, and are auctioning it off, so B goes with A, and A looses the auction, but B wins it for A using their savings, and A couldn’t be happier that B got it for them

- A becomes a vampire and B has to console them because all A ever wanted was to have their own kids, but now that has all be ripped away from them, so B stays with them and holds them in their arms as A cries

- A breaks down because of the mental stress of university and B comes over and tells them that they will over come this, because university isn’t life, it’s just a chapter, not A’s life, and A starts to feel a lot better when B puts everything into perspective for them

- A and B go canoeing and they loose a paddle and B realizes that they are in the middle of the lake, they can’t see the shore and a storm is coming, and B starts to panic because they didn’t even want to be out on the lake in the first place, and A has to calm them down and wipe their tears away


top fifteen rucas episodes (as voted by my followers) ☼ number five 

girl meets goodbye (3x21)