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I’ve read a lot of Stormpilot fic today that mentions that the First Order would kill the sick/injured rather than rehabilitate them and I’ve read about that in conjunction with Finn fearing for his life because he gets sick or thinks he’s sick.

But please consider:

Finn trying to hide Poe or Rey’s – OR BOTH. THE TWO OF THEM GETTING SICK AT THE SAME TIME – sickness and/or being absolutely ready to fell anyone who comes too close because he won’t allow them to kill either of these Important People. 

Red Lip Mark on White Shirt, Ch3/25

Summary: Collection of Sherlolly drabbles involving a lot of kissing!  

Ch1Ch2, AO3

And here is the list of kisses I’ll be crossing off.

1 - First Kiss
2 - Greeting Kiss
3 - Accidental Kiss
4 - Blow a Kiss
5 - Kiss on the Cheek
6 - Kiss on the Shoulder
7 - Kiss while partner is sleeping
8 - Unwanted Kiss
9 - Waiting to be Kissed
10 - Surprise Kiss
11 - “You’re Safe/alive” Kiss
12 - Upside down Kiss
13 - Deflected Kiss
14 - Kiss on a Dare
15 - Kiss while being ‘carried’
16 - Pulled into a Kiss
17 - Jealous Kiss
18 - Sneaking a Kiss while no one is looking
19 - Missing a Kiss
20 - Kiss on the Hand
21 - Comforting while crying Kiss
22 - Angry Kiss
23 - Public Kiss
24 - Mistletoe Kiss
25 - New Years Kiss


“You’re Safe/alive” Kiss

Molly paced back and forth through flat on Baker Street. Her light steeps silenced by carpets on wood floor.

Living room - kitchen -bedroom, bedroom - kitchen - living room. 

She had been pacing like that for over an hour, bitting her lower lip or her nails while walking. It wasn’t healthy for her, doing this, but she couldn’t stop. She’d tried to sit on coach, relaxed and do something more than worrying about Sherlock’s being, but she couldn’t do it. It was too much to her.

Sherlock had gone on undercover case with John week ago, assuring her it wouldn’t take long and only telling her that involved Russian mob called Bratva and very dangerous, very stolen goverment equipment. He’d kissed her, looked in her eyes and said to not worry about him, that he will be back in the blink of an eye. Then he’d left Baker Street with John and his Belstaff flapping behind him on cold london air.

This morning Molly’d got text from John, informing her that they almost solved the case and would probably be back at home on late evening. And that worried Molly. It was almost midnight and there was no sight of them.

‘Where are they? They should be here by now’ Molly thought starting her next round around the flat.

“My dear, could you please, stop walking like that? Your pacing is disturbing my sleep” Molly stopped startled on Mrs.Hudson voice. She looked on old woman standing in doorway.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Hudson but I’m so worried about Sherlock! John told be they would be here…”

“Shshshsh, my child” other woman’s hands landed on Molly’s shoulders, pulling her in soothing embrace. Molly let a little sigh, relaxing. “They will be fine, you see.”

Molly tried to control her emotions but couldn’t. They were running wild, making her sick in her stomach. She was scared that something happend, that something gone wrong, that they wouldn’t make it and if not adrenaline in her blood system, she would probably fainted.

“Now,” Mrs. Hudson stepped out from Molly, her hands still on Molly’s shoulders “we will make some tea and we will sit and tal…” Mrs. Hudson was cut out by John standing in entrance with Sherlock hanging on him.

“We will need first aid kit and maybe some alcohol”

John dragged Sherlock to his chair and sat him there. Mrs. Hudson went for  first aid kit, while Molly kneeled in front of Sherlock and examined his face covered in blood. His left brow had deep cut and needed few stitches, his right eye swelled and started turning purple, his nose all covered in blood and beautiful bruise already forming on his jaw.

Molly looked at John, who had some bruises of his own, waiting for explanation.

“We’d had situation under control, case almost closed but then this prick had to open his big mouth again and started a fight, they pull out gunes and knifes” Molly took aid kit from Mrs. Hudson hands and started preparing things to take care of Sherlock, still listening to John. “I’m surprised that we make it alive”

Mrs. Hudson left flat, leaving Molly and John alone with wounded Sherlock.

“Did he has any other injuries that I should know about?” Molly asked John, needle in her hand, ready to start stiching Sherlock’s brow.

“No, thank god, no” John’s low voice filling air. He took glass and filled it with strong whisky, placing it in Sherlock’s hand.

“Hey, you git, you should drink this” Sherlock opened his eyes and focused on what was said to him. In instant he took sip from glass. Molly chose this moment to stick needle in his skin.

“I will leave you two alone, Mary is probably worring” John sighed before he left flat and then Baker Street.

Molly worked in silence, focusing on her task, ignoring every little moan leaving Sherlock’s mouth. She was so worried about him, so scared and he had to do something that made her worries truth. She couldn’t with this man sometimes. Of course, she loved him but sometimes she wanted to hit him so hard for what he was doing to her.

Molly finished with his eyebrow and took care of his nose. After that she packed everything back to first aid kit and closed it, leaving on the floor next to her feet.

“Molly…” Sherlock whispered and took her hand in his.

“Sherlock, I was so worried about you. In some moments even scared that you wouldn’t make it” Molly’s eyes filled with tears “and I know that is part of your job and you love that rush of adrenaline, that you love it all and I know I can’t ask you to stop” she knew that very well. She respected his decisions and made peace with them, but sometimes she had problems with it, in situations like this ” and I’m not asking for that. I’m asking you for informing me if you’re okay on cases like that one. Just don’t leave me hanging because you’re leaving me with the worst case scenarios in my head and terrible thought that maybe you won’t came back. That maybe this time it will happen” her voice broke on last words, tears slipping from her eyes.

Molly felt his warm hand on her cheek, her brown eyes focusing on his blue ones.

“If it hurts you so much, I promise to do what you asked me for” he smiled at her, his smile reaching his eyes.

“Promies?” You could hear hope in Molly’s voice.


Molly put her hands on his knees, pulling herself up, that her head was on his level. She leaned and captured his lips with hers. It was sweet kiss, full of their emotions, mixing them and leaving them relived that everything ended well. Of course, Molly was careful with kiss, avoiding every place that could hurt him.

She pulled back, looking through her eyelashes at him “Now, you’re at home, with me and safe”

“Yes, I am”


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A+: OTP!!!!!! Why do I have so many OTPs? it hurts me, really… Ah, the sunshine couple! You know that person you go to when you need to be happy, when you feel like laughing and forgetting about how difficult life can be? That is what jihope is about, Hobi is Jimin’s sun, when he doubts himself, when he feels down and nobody else can bring a smile to his face, Hobi does. And is just the same for Hobi, Jimin is his bright star in a dark night, when he can’t bring himself to be the cheerful bubbly person he always is, because nobody can, Jimin is there to recharge his energy and make him happy again, Hobi is not Hobi without Jimin and Jimin is not the caring angel we are used to see without Hobi, one is the candle, the other is the fire, and together they are Bangtan’s light.

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