this otp has too many names

me, discovering a kpop group : oh so many members it’s too bad i can’t memorize all their names

the following day : *knows the fanchant backwards, can name each member by looking at their toes, has multiple otps, has written 22 fanfictions of each, knows each member’s killing part, knows the choreography of each song, has seen all their stages + the behind the scenes of each, knows all the members’ hair colors through the years and has been biaswrecked 793518 times*

  • Jace: Words can’t describe how cute you are
  • Simon: Aww
  • Jace: Numbers can, though
  • Jace: 3/10
Otp imagines: PrUK

-Gilbert asked out Arthur by saying something really cheesy and Arthur told him “No, but try again tomorrow with a better pick up line.”

-Arthur admires Gilbert’s extroverted personality, and Gilbert admires that Arthur can sit down quietly without getting too board.

-Gilbert, however, needs to quiet down from time to time, and Arthur needs to “live a little”.

-Gilbert has tried and failed at many pet names, and Arthur always calls him “Love”.

-Listening to music together is romantic.

-They like to people-watch in  their free time.

-Their relationship is very fast and smooth.

-Gilbert likes to “boop” Arthur in the nose to annoy him. Arthur has to dust off Gilbert while out and about, he has to get all those damn wrinkles out because Gilbert never folds his clothes properly!

-A prince/commoner AU or knight AU would be great with them!

-Their “I can just stay here with you forever moment” is laying in bed together at night before falling asleep.

-Gilbert proposed, but Arthur said, “Only if you take my name.” Gilbert agreed.

  • Simon: We’re gonna die!
  • Jace: Think positive!
  • Simon: We’re gonna die quickly!
  • Izzy: *asks Clary about Jace*
  • Clary: Girl, I'll tell you after don't worry about it
  • Vs.
  • Jace: Thanks for not asking
  • Alec: I wasn't ever going to?? I honestly could care less??

Today I celebrate 6 months of writing with the best RP partner I could’ve ever asked for! @yooshixlucy Our epic story between Yoosung and Seayoung we’ve chosen to call YooshixLucy (based on in story Nick names) spans several hundred pages and way too many words to count. It’s taken on a mind of its own and has gone so many amazing places that I never would’ve been able to dream up by myself. It’s because of you girl that our story is where it is today, and here’s hoping for many more months of fantastic writing experiences with you too come!

YooSeven is also OTP for life

Itachi and Shisui relationship is really interesting to explore. Thanks to Itachi Shinden, I can see lots of their interaction.

Firstly, they complimenting each other. Itachi is sort of jealous toward Shisui, because the man keep walking in front of him. When they are on spar, Shisui mostly win. At first I think Shisui must be really special, as even Fugaku fears Itachi’s ability that he sees his own son as a rival. But no, there’s nothing much about him. He’s respected by peoples in the clan and village, that’s all. No mention about his rank, special skill, even his age remain unknown. He has mangekyou, but it seems he keeps it to himself (and later Itachi). His lack of exploration kinda disappoint me, but well it’s Itachi Shinden, not Shisui Shinden .-.
And Shisui, being a honest man he is, keep telling Itachi everything that comes into his mind. He praises Itachi as a determined person, amazed at his diligence, even go as far as saying that he believes that Itachi can be Hokage. There are also times when he said that Itachi is no good at socializing, bluntly said that he’s the only one Itachi can depend on. His high confidence and straightforwardness amaze me sometimes (lol).

Secondly, Itachi frequently calls Shisui’s name, wether in his mind or softly whispering. His thought is mostly divided between coup d'etat, Sasuke, Fugaku, Danzo, and Shisui, but he’s emotionally involved with Shisui the most. He spoils his brother rotten, keep his father’s words in mind, thought that Danzo has a nasty smell (lol) but whenever everything goes wrong, he thinks of Shisui. There’s a scene when he thinks this way (Uchiha clan massacre) is better than he has to face Shisui as enemy, where Shisui stand for the clan and Itachi stand for the village. So yes, Itachi has a strong feeling toward Shisui.

Sometimes they can be like a married couple, too. For example this scene :

“Is there anything that I can do?”
“Just wait until the meeting is over.”
“It will work out just fine.”
ー Uchiha Itachi & Uchiha Shisui, before their plan to cast Kotoamatsukami to the clan.

Around Shisui, Itachi felt a bit small. He thought that he didn’t do anything while Shisui did all the research, spy, and find a way to stop the coup d'etat. That’s why he barely hang on when Shisui said coup d'etat can’t be stopped.

Above all, my favorite scene is when Itachi wants to say Shisui’s name but he can’t, because he know if he did he can’t stop tears to come out. And that one when he speaks inside his mind, telling Shisui not to die and give up. That was frustratingly sad for ShisuIta fan like me.

There are still so many things I want to tsukkomi concerning their relationship, but that’s all for now. As usual, I ramble too much..

  • Jace: Do you have to sing?
  • Simon: I always sing when I'm in a good mood!
  • Jace: Do you have to be in a good mood?

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uzuryu for the ship thingy


who’s the cuddler: Uzu is usually the one to instigate it, but they’re both huge cuddlers (as tough as they seem they’re actually squishy sappy dorks around each other). They fall asleep in each other’s arms all the time.

who makes the bed: Ryuko. She gets up a little later than Uzu.

who wakes up first: ^Uzu. He gets up early to train and usually can’t stand to wake Ryuko up…usually. Sometimes he’ll drag her out of bed with him so they can go for a run or something.

who has the weird taste in music: Ryuko. She likes anything no matter the genre or language. Of course it’s rubbing off on Uzu.

who is more protective: Both but in different ways. They both know the other can hold their own physically, but Ryuko knows she can take a bit lot more damage. However, emotionally she’s more fragile so Uzu does everything he can to make her feel safe and loved.

who sings in the shower: Ryuko, she is a surprisingly good singer.

who cries during movies: Both. From laughter usually. Sappy romances and RomComs crack them up. Ryuko only gets misty eyed if something bad happens to an animal ;_;

who spends the most while out shopping: Though neither of them are big shopaholics, Uzu likes buying Ryuko little gifts if he sees them. A stuffed animal, a CD, candy. Little things.

who kisses more roughly: Uzu. He gets into it real quick. 

who is more dominate: Uzu. He’s pretty upfront about his feelings whereas Ryuko’s a super Tsundere

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10 THE OTP FEELS ARE REAL

send me moar ships!

Don't understand why ereri is more popular than Eremika or Eremin

I mean, I guess slash pairings are usually more popular, especially on tumblr.

But I don’t get it.

Eremika has basis in canon. Eremin has basis in canon. Ereri kinda does, I suppose, but why is it most popular, I just don’t get it.

Ok ok. So supernatural. People ship destiel true? And in Teen Wolf, Stiles right?

They have a lot of moments. They have strong chemistry.

So let’s examine Eremin.

-Best friends from childhood.
-They touch each other a lot and don’t seen to care about getting in each other’s personal space
-They’ve been VERY close to each other, like Armin cradling him and then in the recent chapter leaning on his shoulder
-They’ve touched hands. Actually you know what? THEY HAVE HELD HANDS.
-Eren has saved Armin and Armin has saved Eren, Eren literally going into a titan’s mouth to save his friend, and Armin standing up to CANNON FIRE

I’m not bad mouthing ereri but I don’t understand why a ship like Eremin is less popular?

I’m not biased just because I ship Eremin. In fact, I ship it because they have so many moments. Ereri doesn’t…I don’t actually recall seeing any moments, actually.

And no, Levi sitting on his bed or using his first name doesn’t count.

I could ship it if it made any sense to me… And if Eren wasn’t characterized as OOC.

But let’s not talk about me, I’ve already talked about my personal reasons too much.

I can see why you’d ship Ereri, I just don’t understand why it’s everyone’s OTP.

Why. Why.

I’m not biased. Can’t stress this enough.

But Eremin has so much shipping fodder. Usually fans…they lock in on that kind of thing, but they seemed to have missed the target and locked on something else, in the background….

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Why can't I hate a character who ruined my otp without being called misogynistic/not facing the fact that I hate women like ?? Robert is utter trash for sleeping with her, I get that but I feel like the minute I think bex is trash too I'm only saying it because she's a woman and it has nothing to do with that? I hated the thought of Alex too. Because he got in the way of my otp too. For so many of us it has nothing to do with her being a woman at all, I don'tget why that's hard to understand.

1. Ive never said you cant dislike her /i/ am not a fan of her.

2. Since you brought up Alex lets use him as the perfect example. How do you talk about Alex? What terms do you use? Was he a desperate slapper? Was he pathetic? Did you have a name similar to ratbecca for him?

That’s what Im talking about when I make comments. If you dont do those things guess what? None of my posts are about you because youre not being grossly misogynistic!!!!

Like this is so fkin exhausting to discuss EVERY time, its really not a complicated concept.

This kinda shit happened in fandoms before robron existed, this isnt some magical trope newly created. Its a long time existing thing. There’s literal studies born out of shows like breaking bad because of how skyler, walters wife, was treated in relation to the men. Its a fkin problem. It exists in our fandom.

No one is saying youre bad JUST for disliking rebecca we’re saying its bad IF you express it in a gross ass way and and if you DONT do that then why do you care about these posts?

An anon sent a PREGNANT woman an ask saying they hoped Rebecca has a still birth like? Theres a fuckin problem in this fandom with how they express their dislike of a character.

Thats not debatable.

  • Simon: Alright, I’m gonna do a ‘draw my life’!
  • Jace: Boring.
  • Simon: What do you mean 'boring’? It’s my life!
  • Jace: I know what I said

“Uncle Punk” became Steve Rogers’ Official Name among the Barneslings. Said name was officially coined by four year old Sophie, who kept hearing “Unca Bucko” call Steve “punk” too many times and decided that was his Actual Name.

As it is officially impossible to say no to little Sophie, Steve has accepted the affectionate nickname.

Bucky is, of course, very, very proud of his many niblings.“

—  Blanket Fort Headcanon, because the mental image of a horde of Barneslings calling out for their Uncle Punk is just too good not to share. :D