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Aegis (In this World or Any Other) Chapter 3 | A Reylo Fanfic
She took pity on the god no one ever visited, the god she doesn’t believe in, when she started leaving small offerings at his feet. She should have listened to local superstition.
By Organization for Transformative Works


Chapter preview:

The little mouse stops visiting.

Kylo lets it go at first, a reminder of Hux’s last visit still fresh in his mind as he sits on his throne and fills his waking days by listening to one unending tale after another; creatures from all reaches of the galaxy now stripped of their corporeal bodies, until only the flame of their essence float before him, putting forth every deed done in their miserable lives.

But as the hours turn monotonous, as he finds himself once more caught up in an endless cycle of death, and judgement, only to crawl into his bed with mind-numbing exhaustion for yet another sleepless eternity, Kylo Ren’s thoughts wander back to the mouse— the girl.

Author’s note: New chapter!! too lazy to find a gif, so you guys get the moodboard ;p Whatever is Kylo up to now. A huge thanks to my bb @darth-ej as always for betaing for me.

(also the implication that retelling old stories/reusing concepts isn’t worthwhile because of course it is and also unavoidable. Idk. somehow enjoy seeing shitty/flawed/old stories remixed vs, hearing something is inspired by something I already like makes me less likely to check it out. As I type this I realize I’m making no sense at all)

“Aroace people aren’t straight but they still have straight privilege!”

Not being able to talk openly about my orientation without fear of ridicule isn’t “straight privilege”.

Not being able to mention my orientation without worry that it will impact my reputation as a professional or as a student is not  “straight privilege”.

Not being able to talk about my orientation in front of most of my family without fear of them rejecting me isn’t “straight privilege”.

Not seeing any representation of people like me in the media isn’t “straight privilege”.

Not having any education that people like me exist isn’t “straight privilege”.

People telling you that you’re making your orientation up to be special or different isn’t “straight privilege”.

People being uncomfortable with you mentioning your orientation and telling you that no-one needs to know isn’t “straight privilege”.

Being told that your orientation isn’t real isn’t “straight privilege”.

Being told that your orientation is probably a symptom of some medical condition isn’t “straight privilege”.

People assuming things about your life and history based on your orientation isn’t “straight privilege”.

Your orientation being treated as a political stance or a lifestyle choice is not “straight privilege”.

No, aroace people are not systematically oppressed for our orientation. As far as the system cares we do not exist. Not existing, as far as most of society cares, is not “straight privilege”.

The only time I have  “straight privilege” is when I don’t talk about my orientation. At all. The only time I have “straight privilege” is when I let people assume I am straight.

And frankly, having to be silent about my orientation to be respected by the straight majority, isn’t a privilege.


Shoma Uno ft. Yuzuru Hanyu, “What are you interested in these days?” || 2017 World Championships (x)

There is no better feeling than to find someone who can accept everything about you, even your darkest secrets.
—  Poets Love Her