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In the context of astrology, the term “Masculine” refers to a sign whose energy is naturally projected outwards. “Feminine” means a sign’s energy is naturally tuned to receiving and turned inwards.

“Masculine” (+) signs express their energy positively when projecting it outwards, onto the world and other people. “Feminine” (-) signs express their energy positively when turning their focus inward.

Aries (+) : you are at your best when leading/initiating projects with others instead of just going off and doing things on your own

Taurus (-) : you are at your best when you work on being self-possessed, instead of trying to possess things and people outside of yourself

Gemini (+) : you are at your best when you communicate clearly and directly with others, instead of hoarding/manipulating information for yourself to meet your own ends

Cancer (-) : you are at your best when you nurture your own insecurities and take care of your own emotional needs, instead of expecting others to nurture you or taking care of others’ needs in hopes of creating dependency

Leo (+) : you are at your best when you shine the spotlight on other talented people and make everyone around you feel special, instead of trying to get attention and recognition for yourself (note- if you make someone feel special, you automatically become special/beautiful in their eyes; you get love by being generous with your own love, so this is a good way to go about it, and leos are all about getting love; just be genuine)

Virgo (-) : you are at your best when you are self-critical and strive to improve your own perceived flaws, instead of pointing out others’ shortcomings

Libra (+) : you are at your best when you bring/match other people together, instead of trying to attract them to yourself to meet your need for attention, admiration, and partnership

Scorpio (-) : you are at your best when you practice self-control and deal with conflict quietly, instead of trying to control others and bringing hidden issues out into the open (it’s best to let people figure out and resolve their problems on their own, as hard as that might be to watch)

Sagittarius (+) : you are at your best when you escape and find freedom in the external world, with other people, instead of by withdrawing into yourself or using drugs/alcohol/addiction as a means of escape

Capricorn (-) : you are at your best when you isolate yourself to get work done and depend on yourself, instead of trying to isolate others and getting them to depend on you to assuage your fear of abandonment (each sign carries traits of the preceding sign; sags actually have the mother of all abandonment issues, and it is passed on to capricorns; the difference is in how these two signs deal with it- sags avoid dependence of any kind, while caps try to force it from others)

Aquarius (+) : you are at your best when you use your image/status to help others and improve the world at large, instead of using external things/people to improve your own reputation

Pisces (-) : you are at your best when you keep your internal fantasies separate from external reality, instead of projecting them onto other people/the world at large, creating delusions

  • me: hey brain could we like... have emotions other than pure unadulterated world-ending panic whenever anything happens
  • my anxiety: she doesn't have the range

the umbrella threw merle across the room as soon as he touched it but it let taako pick it up… didn’t let magnus use it….it cast scorching ray at kravitz on their date….she only felt safe w taako and wanted to protect him…im in tears

In another universe,
we bumped into each other 
at the coffee shop off campus,
we are both 18 or maybe 19
and there is not an age difference 
that causes you to keep me hidden.

Post coffee shop meet-cute,
we would fall in love 
just as quickly as we did here,
because that is the consistency of us-
we fall and fall and fall
until we can’t see ourselves 
or where we started.

But in this other world,
you would meet my friends and family,
my dad would make weird jokes about me to you
and my little sister would threaten your life 
if you hurt me (I wish she had done that here)
and the catch is:
you won’t be worried 
because you won’t be doing anything wrong.

In this alternative reality 
that I am not sure exists,
you are loving, just loving 
and that is it. Sure, 
you are funny and smart 
and whatever other positive characteristics
you think you have but you don't 
break me.

6 years older
than my teenage heart, 
you should have known better 
but I’ve got a dozen scars that say 
you didn’t give a shit about what you did.

That’s the beauty of alternate universes though,
somewhere we are happy and I am whole
and somewhere else, I kicked your ass 
for what you did and you
know you were wrong.

—  AU || O.L.

thegreateyebrows  asked:

What do planeswalkers do for money? Most don't seem to have steady jobs. Do they use their magic to do odd jobs when the need cash? When planes walking do they bring a variety of currencies or just gold and/or gems that they can trade for local currency?

One advantage of traveling between worlds is getting access to things that are hard or impossible to get in other worlds. Imagine, for example, a world where gold is plentiful and mundane to its inhabitants.

That’s just a hypothesis. I don’t know the actual answer.


in the last three years ive been blessed enough to be able to connect with people all over the country and even some beyond the U.S. i cannot even put into words the smile it puts on my face reading these over and over, the stories of young girls talking about how they found the will to live, or were finally able to seek help, some saying that i helped them along the way. how I’m a bit unsure, but this is why I’m so open about mental health, this is why i talk about it even if it means being ridiculed by some because it means helping others. these mean the world to me so if you’ve ever sent me a letter please know you’ve made my day and impacted me in one way or another💖💖

ps to write to me :

Jessica Petty
PO Box 291
Roebling, NJ, 08554

I’m sure plenty have pointed it out but, notice how much brighter Diana, Flash and even Bats costumes are in the Justice League Promotional stuff.

It’s almost as if Zack intentionally had things be darker and less colorful so there’d be a visual connotation of how Superman’s sacrifice inspires others and brightens their world.

 but of course that’s just crazy talk
One Foot in the Door - LazyBaker, peacefrog - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Once upon a time @granpappy-winchester and I dreamed of a world where Red Dragon’s Will Graham crossed over into the television universe of Will and Hannibal, because he deserved an ending far sweeter than the one he was given. A few days ago Sara was inspired, which in turn inspired me, and now here it is, our very first fic baby together!

This is the first installment in the Some Other World series. There will be much more to come in the future!

The energy of personal planets is expressed internally, and thus are always within our line of sight and accessible to us. They are the tools with which we achieve the needs and wants represented by the Luminaries. 

Mercury allows us to solve life’s problems, and communicate our ideas and desires. Venus connects us with others in order to satisfy our emotional needs, it shows us how to appreciate and be inspired by the beauty of others and the world around us. Mars is the drive that we use to accomplish our goals, and it is the life force with which we create.

Social planets commonly manifest externally in the outer world as people that we meet and things that happen to us. We subconsciously program our environment with these energies so that we can grow and learn. While the energies of these planets can be internalized, it’s relatively uncommon and no one is able to fully control them. 

Jupiter becomes the lucky breaks we receive, and the teachers and mentors that we meet who help us along our path. Saturn manifests as the hardships that we face and the difficulties that we must overcome in order to mature as human beings.

Transpersonal planets are largely inaccessible to us. We may feel the itch of Uranus making us feel stifled and oppressed, the dreamy intuition and delusion of Neptune, or the fear of Pluto calling us to crave power and control but for the most part these planets are expressed externally and play a large role in our interaction with larger societal issues and structures. 

Uranus is externalized as the unexpected (and often unpleasant) changes that force us to into rapid growth. Societally it becomes the growing unrest and dissatisfaction that is felt by a people whose government no longer serves them. Neptune is externalized in the ways that we’re deceived by others, the dreams and delusions that we project on to our reality in order to make the world feel safer. Societally it manifests as the glamour and trickery of mass media and the idolization of celebrities, it also becomes the ideas of what constitutes spirituality and what does not. Pluto is externalized as others who try and control and manipulate us, a force which makes us grasp our own power to retaliate and rise anew. Societally it becomes the power games that are played in politics, and what we consider important in our relationship with governance.

“Hello ARA, during your time serving on a ship, did you happen to visit any interesting planet?” - Synariel

“I am sorry, but I do not! As the primary ARA unit for Kaltag, my station is either at The Tower or onboard the flagship bridge for Katric. I do wonder what it would be like to wonder what it would be like to want to visit other worlds and societies, but at the moment I am fairly tied down and limited in my specialized scope of operations!”

pledishowell  asked:

I have a question concerning newborns in the US and I was wondering if you could help me; do children in the US have their BCGs (TB vaccines) at birth or can parents decide to not give their child the vaccination? Thank you for everything you do here!

Hey there!

Kids in the 21st-century US are not routinely inoculated with BCGs at birth, or, typically, ever.

The reason behind that is that tuberculosis is not anywhere near as prevalent in the US as it is in other parts of the world, so the vaccine basically isn’t needed. It can be administered, of course, if the newborn character lives in a high-risk area or with parents with antibiotic-resistant TB.

The Center for Disease Control actually has a pretty good page about the vaccine which you may want to peruse, including lists of who should and should not receive the vaccine and why.

Generally speaking, vaccinations in the US are optional, and extremely polarizing, with extremists on both ends of the vaccinate/anti-vaccination spectrum. I’m not the person to ask about whether anyone should vaccinate their children or not, because I have extremely strong personal feelings on the topic (that I won’t share here).

Ultimately vaccinations are not state-enforced, so parents get to choose, but bear in mind many public schools won’t permit students who haven’t had particular vaccinations into the schooling system; private schools’ rules vary, and @scripteducator may have more info on how different educational systems approach various vaccinations.

I hope this helps you write your stories!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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So a hot dog is a sandwich then?

Officially? No, because it’s a sausage and self contained within it’s own right by the skin and wasn’t always eaten in a bun. (That didn’t happen until the…I want to say mid 1800s, while what we think of as a hot dog has been around as street food for quite a while longer than that.)

You could say that the addition of the bun makes it a sandwich, but I know in other parts of the world, hot dog doesn’t really mean the sausage itself anymore, but the actual addition of the sausage to a bun, which is why they call it, sausage in a bun. But not a sandwich. Cause…reasons???