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top ten times yuuri katsuki broke the internet

Top Ten Times Yuuri Katsuki Broke The Internet:

10) The day that Viktor impulse bought a piano and then posted a video of Yuuri playing it and singing quietly which was when everyone found out that Yuuri could play and also sang like an angel. The general reaction was ‘is there anything this guy can’t do?’ to which Viktor’s reply was ‘no.’

9) When Yuuri and Viktor got their new labradoodle puppy together the first the world knew about it was a picture of Yuuri on the floor in a puppy pile with Vicchan, Makkachin and the new puppy and it was so adorable it went viral instantly

8) The ‘not if, when’ moment talked about in chapter 1 of ‘obs&bh’ because that was one of the big kick off moments for the rivalry image

7) When Yuuri skated onto the ice to ice dance with Viktor for the Stammi Vicino duet which was Viktor’s exhibition piece the year after the events of chapter 14

6) The first time Yuuri ever did a shirtless photoshoot (with Viktor because Viktor knew he would be more comfortable doing it if it was both of them so he offered to do it too). It was all very classy and most of the photos involved the two of them together and 90% of the internet had one of the ‘do I want to be one of them or be between them’ crises  

5) A video of an 11 year old Yuuri skating the ‘O mio babbino caro’ routine, aka Viktor’s JGP routine, that he released to the public. This was after they were together but before the world really knew what caused the rivalry in the first place and so everyone completely freaked out because kid-Katsuki was adorably replicating one of Viktor’s routines but the first time Katsuki came into the spotlight he seemed to hate Viktor so what did this mean??? It created so many conspiracy theories.

4) When Yuuri co-wrote a book telling his and Viktor’s story. In interviews and things before they had spoken a bit about what had lead up to The Kiss and their lives but it was the first time the whole, unabridged and completely accurate story was known and the first time anyone knew about the original cause of the rivalry. It was a brutally honest book and very compelling, telling both sides of the story (Viktor contributed a lot but Yuuri already knew his side by heart at that point) and became a huge bestseller.

3) The wedding announcement although again, who proposed and how is currently a secret

2) The main wedding photo that they released. It was a private ceremony because they lived a lot of their life in the public eye and Yuuri wanted something that was just for them so friends and family only. There were a couple of pictures from guests but they only released one official photo. It was taken at the altar of the two of them holding hands and gazing into each others eyes and they looked so ridiculously happy and in love that it finally killed the last of the rumours about them and made everyone who had doubted it believe that Yes, they were actually that in love because no-one could fake that

1) The Kiss

Also, just a reminder that

1) Yes, men do have many gender specific issues. 

2) Those issues are not caused by misandry, or some kind of secret feminist matriarchal conspiracy. 

In a system predominately built by men and run by men, women  are not the source of systematic issues that harm men. 

Yes, we need prison reform. Yes, we need to reevaluate parental roles so that custody is not disproportionately given to women (because the responsibility of parenting is disproportionately expected of women.) Yes, we need to be concerned with genital mutilation for ALL infants, and rape regardless of the victim’s gender. 

Acknowledging that these are problems is not the same thing as asserting Women/Misandrists/Feminists are the cause of these problems. 


I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of hate towards Zen’s hair. I understand that it’s not meant to be taken seriously, because most of these posts are just jokes about wanting to cut his hair, but I just never really got it. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but even down to Zen’s hair I’ve always thought it had some sort of underlying meaning to it. I got over 300 reblogs from my previous post about loving Zen’s hair, so here’s a little theory for you guys regarding it.

Let’s go back to his childhood days first. He was verbally and physically (to an extent) abused by his parents who didn’t support his dream. There was a part where his mom was forcefully trying to cut his hair and he was protesting against it. This is where my theory begins.

We know that he did want to grow his hair out, it’s just that he wasn’t allowed to. After he ran away from home he could do whatever he wanted, so he decided to finally grow it out. Outside we see Zen as this independent, confident, hardworking guy who makes his own decisions. But is he really that guy?

Throughout his route we see that ultimately, he’s still seeking approval from his parents. I mean there’s even a visual novel where he finally decides to call them and make amends, so it shows that after all those years he still hasn’t forgotten about them. In his Valentine’s Day DLC After Ending, we see that he and MC were planning to tie the knot, but they chose to hold it off until his parents approved of their marriage.

I personally never liked rattails, I mean who really does anyway? It’s a pretty old-fashioned hairstyle. Zen, as he claims, is the moST bEAUtiFuL mAN iN tHe wOrLd. You’d think he would find a good hairstyle to match his perfect face. So why does he choose this hairstyle?

It could be that
1) He likes that hairstyle leave him alone
2) He’s, again, still seeking approval from his parents

From the front, it still looks like he has short hair (picture attached above). It’s what his parents would’ve wanted. He still isn’t confident enough to fully commit to the long hair he’s always wanted because it would go against his parents’ preference.

From the side and back, long hair (picture attached above). It’s his way of saying that he’s now independent and he can finally make his own decisions without being weighed down by his parents.

His hair symbolizes an internal conflict Zen has with himself. Does he want his parents’ approval more than he values his independence, or the other way round? Nevertheless, he stuck with that hairstyle. Because no matter what, Zen is just as insecure as the majority of us, if not even more.

He’s still looking for validation from his parents. He’s still traumatized from the verbal abuse he had gone through. He just wants them to be proud of him, and that’s why even when he goes against their wishes and runs away from home, he still keeps a ‘short’ hairstyle for them.

And I guess that’s why I can never really bring myself to hate his hair, because I feel like it sums him up as a person really well. I KNOW THIS IS PRETTY FAR-FETCHED, but you guys have to understand that I AM a literature student, so coming up with theories like this and linking this and that together is my absolute favourite thing to do. I hope I’ve explained myself clearly.



I just went on a blocking spree that’s focused on terfs/aphobes but this is just a reminder that

1. This block is lgbt+ friendly, that means we’re friendly to everyone who is lgbt+, including bi, trans and ace folk

2. We have a zero tolerance policy to those who are hostile towards any sub-section of lgbt+ people. We have no issues with blocking your ilk.

3. After going through a lot of aphobe/terf blogs i gotta say damn why yall so gross and extra

  • Blake: *Blake's finger tapped rapidly as she glances at her watch as she and her mother sat in a outside restaurant.* Where is she? She is never late. *She thought to herself, letting out a sigh as she took a sip of her ice tea.*
  • Kali: Is something wrong Blake? *Kali asked her daughter noticing her daughter's growing worrying expression.*
  • Blake: *Blake blinked, snapping out of her worrying trance while looking at her mother.* Hmm? Oh it's nothing seriously.
  • Kali: It's about Yang isn't it. *Kali stated with a small smile when her daughter blushing still before placing her hand on her shoulder.* Sweetie, You don't have to worry. Yang is still new to the lay out of our home. I'm should she will be here shorting.
  • Blake: Sigh, I know mom. I know. *Blake mutter patting her mother's hand.* It's just that I can't help it. Yang is never this later even when lost. Plus, with her being the only human on the entire island I'm afraid someone may try to pick a fight with her.
  • Kali: Aaaaw. That is so sweet. My little girl worried for my future daughter in-law's safety. *She sang happily before muttering to herself which Blake missed.* Plus, she isn't the only human on the island.
  • Blake: Her safety? I'm worried about the poor idiot that tries to start something with her.
  • Kali: Oh I'm sure Yang will behavior herself if someone starts something.
  • Blake: *Stares at her care free mom for a few second before speaking.* Mom. When Yang was trying to find clues about her mom's location she fought an entire nightclub is gangsters... And won.
  • Kali: Oh.
  • Yang: Hey Blakey! Hey Kali! *Blake and Kali heard, allowing Blake to let out a sigh of relief they her girlfriend made it right until the two cat faunuses turned their heads to find a slightly roughed up yet cheerfully smiling at them as she carrying a very large bag over her shoulder. The two watched the Blonde huntress effortlessly hop over the railing, showing no concern for the bag hitting the metal fence and let out a groan before making her way to them and giving a kiss on Blake's cheek and taking a seat.* Sorry I'm late. I got kinda lost and got a little distracted, haha.
  • Kali: We can tell. *Kali said handing Yang her napkin.* You got some blood on your cheek.
  • Yang: Huh? Oh, Sorry about that. Thanks. *Yang said touching her bleeding cheek before taking the napkin, cleaning her cheek and then picking up the menu.* Soooo did you guys order yet?
  • Blake: No we haven-Forget that1 What happened!? Are you okay!? *Blake panicked as she quickly and carefully looked over her girlfriend to check for any serious injuries.*
  • Yang: Yeah. I'm fine. I just had a little run in with some jerks that is all. Well, a few jerk, a nice guy that helped me out with said jerk with a cool weird looking arm-
  • Kali: Arm dark blue, both arms turning into blades and finger into claws, skin darkish gray, almost half of the left side of his face cover, Bandana covering dark blue and black hair, one sliver eye with a blue ring around it, bang pants with a kama, and a liquid/fire like stuff like aura but live that forms out of and around him? *Kali cut in.*
  • Yang: Yeah that guy. Anyway, We beat then up and I rushed over here.
  • Blake: You were attacked!? We have to call the police!
  • Yang: Don't worry Blakey. That guy, what was his name, Kai I think Said he'll take care of it.
  • Blake: And you just took his word for it.
  • Kali: Sweetie. I know the man she is talking about. Trust me. He's a hunter.
  • Blake: But still! We should at least get their names and report them!
  • Yang: Oh. That actually reminds. *Yang saids still smiled at she reached for the giant bag, causing great concern for Blake.* You one them said that they are an old friend of yours Blakey.
  • Blake: What do you mean? *Blake hesitantly asked as she and Kali watch Yang open the bag and with a little bit of a struggle lift up a tied up Ilia, her arms, legs, and mouth bound by some blue moving blade like edges aura.* I-Ilia!? What the hell!?
  • Ilia: *A blue symbiote like aura moves from her mouth.* Blake. I know what this looks like but I swear I was only trying to scare her off. I didn't mean to actu-mmm!! *She started to say before her mouth is covered again.*
  • Yang: Oh Good you do know her. *Yang continued to smiled, wearing a happy expression despite her hair slowly starting to ignite as an enraged aura forms around her.* So tell me Blake. Do you have any other exs that are going to try to KILL me I should know about?
  • ~~~
  • *Knock knock knock*
  • Blake: Just a minute! *Blake called out as she opened the door of her house and peaked out to find a tall man matching the description of the man Yang and her mom were talking about standing there.* This must be that Kai guy that helped Yang early. *SHe thought to herself.* May I help you?
  • Kai: Yeah Hello Sorry to bother you so late. I was hoping you could help me. Is a blonde hairs girl with a cybernetic arm staying here by any chance? I think her name is Yang?
  • Blake: Yes She is. Why do you want t-huh? *Blake began to ask until Kai tosses her a small yet thick envelope and starts walking away.* Wait What's this?
  • Kai: Her cut.
  • Blake: Her cut? Of what?
  • Kai: Of bounties and what I got for selling the asshole's that attacked her's weapons. Good night.
  • Ghira: Blake? Who's at the door?
  • Blake: Uh, nobody Dad. Just a package for Yang.

The difference between the uniforms from 60 years ago vs ~20 years ago

I wonder if the newer ones have a different colour palette too. Anyway, this difference could either mean that
1) anime simply changed the design a bit
2) the design of the uniforms changed over time
Personally I am leaning to the latter, it would definitely make sense, since it’s pretty common in our world too.

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Top five moments from Atlantis the Lost Empire?

5. When it starts

4. The part right after that

3. The part right after that

2. The part right after that

1. The end

(just kidding) 

5. The part that Kida becomes part of the crystal 

4. When Kida and Milo reach the top of the statues and see the scale of Atlantis

3. When the lava cracks over the force-field protecting Atlantis

2. Sharing Languages

1. Any part with Audrey

After analyzing NCT’s comeback I can now say that

1.People are never satisfied and trying to please them will put you in a box so congrats SM for exploring other types of music and concepts.

2. It’s impossible to give EVERY member lines but you all need to also understand that Cherry Bomb is a song made for performances, it’s all about the rap and the performance.

3. It’s all about the performance and SM gave every member time to shine, we have Jaehyun and Yuta in the center a bunch of times, also Winwin and Haechan too also Johnny

4. Let’s be honest the song if very NCT and its wayyyyyy less messy than firetruck

5. In no time yall will be jamming!!!!

6. Remember the boys are happy, they are so excited for this comeback, let’s all appreciate and enjoy the moment.

7. If you still hate Cherry Bomb that bad, there are other 5 songs in the album for you to enjoy! 


Alrighty then, looks like imma do this tag thingy that @jiminiefloof tagged me for. It’s my first time doing one of these tags since I’m usually too lazy to do them, but this one seems pretty easy :)

Imma just use my usual kpop playlist that I use


1. Can’t Nobody by 2NE1 (Eng. Version)

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2. Touch My Body by Sistar

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3. Do You by Rap Monster

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4. She’s A Baby by Zico (frickin love this song, his smile got me so fucked up im screaming)

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5. Not Today by BTS (CHONG! JOJUN! BALSA!)

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6. Begin by Jungcock

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7. Eung Freestyle by Live, Sik-k, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz, and Flowsik (i really hope i spelled all those names right but flowsik is ma boi)

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8. I’m Him by Mino

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9. Tony Montana by Agust D ft. Jimin (TONY. MON. TANA. WOOOOO)

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10. Missing You by G-Dragon ft. Kim Yoon-ah

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Annnnnnnnd I’ll tag @cinnaminsuga-kookie @googlebts @bang-tan @silvernamspoon @honeyhob @shaybear456 @psychodra @thetextingbangtan @bts-meme and @kookmejeon

Have fun :3

I am astonished at the percentage of fanfic writers who are convinced that

1) Jack’s office is “upstairs,” and

2) Jack’s office has a sofa in it.

Jack’s office is on the same level of the Hub as everyone else’s workstations, and I’m not even sure it contains a second chair, much less a sofa. It’s crammed too full of leftover Doctor Who setpieces and other weird stuff.

Where do these things start, and how do they become ubiquitous fanon? It’s not as though the Hub set is a rarely-shown location; it’s featured in every episode of the first two series. It seems like it should be easy enough to figure out where the furniture is!

you know how bender’s gaydar is always broken, and says that everyone is gay? well i have two theories for that

1. bender is freaking gay and it’s just picking up on that

2. it’s not wrong at all, it’s just that nobody in futurama is straight

~the queer comunity~ doesn’t exist, because it’s an incoherent term that

1) assumes everyone has personally reclaimed the q slur and is ok being described that way OR 

2) if it’s to only describe the people who have reclaimed the slur, it excludes a large portion of lgbt people

there’s the LGBT movement. not a “queer community”. get this “group of deviant weirdos” sounding term out of my face

just a friendly reminder that

1. When Nate played Kiss Marry Kill, he chose to marry Bonnie.

2. Nate loved the Kennett fanvid “Too Close”. He even tweeted Kat about it.

3. Kat once said on tumblr that she liked the idea of Kennett.

4. Kat once hacked Nate’s twitter and tweeted #kennettbitch

5. I repeat: Nate and Kat were the biggest shippers of Kennett.

6. Kol called Bonnie Little Witch.

7. Kol eyefucked Bonnie in 4x10 so intensely I almost got pregant by their chemistry

8. Kol was clearly upset over Bonnie’s death in 4x23

9. Kol: “Let’s do it together” and reaching out his hand

10. Nate getting real close to Kat. It looks like they’re kissing (i wish)

To all writers and anyone who are reading this

I just wanted to point out that

1) you are important

2) your mental and physical health are important

3) your feelings and opinions are important, legit and acceptable

3) you can put down requests and asks for commissions/anything literature-related with or without perfect reason

4) you don’t have to do anything that’s asked of you if you feel like it’s going to drain your mental gauge

5) you are loved and cared for

6) i love you and will always do

Remember this, always