this opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo

REVIEW: ‘Victoria’ is a One Shot You Can’t Miss | Roland Alaniz

Joining a small group of one take films (Russian Ark, Timecode-ish, Birdman-ish and Rope-ish) Victoria is the latest movie to throw its hat in the ring from German director Sebastian Schipper. Does it stand up in this unique series of films? Well pun very much intended, it has one shot, hopefully it does not miss this chance to blow, and opportunities like this come once in a lifetime. Yo.

The plot revolves around a young woman from Madrid whom, very early on like just about probably you to a degree and everyone you know (including the fellow writing this) she seems really lost. Just in her head, not knowing what to do, even if there’s nothing at hand. This is 1 of 2 fantastic lead performances we get in the film, the title character here played by Laia Costa. She stumbles in and out of a few places before meeting our other main characters of the story. Of these 4 characters she meets she grows closest to our other great performance, Sonne, played by Fredrick Lau. It is the believability of Victoria & Sonne’s relationship that is one of the main strong points of the film and you’re in it all the way to the end. Because the movie ends. I didn’t say they die or anything. Alright, forget that last part.

Instantly you see these characters colors as we with Victoria spend the next couple of hours with them. These guys aren’t bad, sure maybe a checkered past, but getting to know them you see the real humans in these people. Eventually, during this groups activities something comes up they have to take care of, and Victoria is roped in with them.

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