this opera house is gorgeous



The world’s most famous opera house just got a lot sexier.


Walking on the roof of the Paris Opera house (Garnier)

Well… I was extremely lucky :)  

My boyfriend was called to substitute in the Paris Opera for a few sessions this month.. And after a performance the leader of the double basses gave us a private tour and then took us to THE FREAKING ROOF!!!!!!!! I feel SO lucky! It’s a gorgeous  gorgeous view :)  we were walking around the opera house for almost an hour! As a huge phantom of the opera fan this was literally a dream come true :)

I took a video and will post it later but for now here are some quick photos :)

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Well there we go it's a picture of the opera house

Ok but I know exactly where they were at sunset then, and it’s a really cute place to go on a date. It’s this plaza right between the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the view is gorgeous and there are huge steps descending to the edge of the water that people sit and just talk on so um yeah, that’s adorable as fuck.