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40 Study Tips & Tricks

I thought to write down the “script” to one of my most viewed videos, with 40 study tips & tricks. It’s easier to read them and pass on the word!

Organization Tips:

1. Incorporate homework and classes in you daily planner – that will give you an overall glimpse of how your week will be about and how much time you need to spend in your studying sessions!

2. Color coordinate classes – be it notes, your planner, your textbooks or binders, pick a unique color for each class and work around the hues of that color to get more organized!

3. Make your own syllabus – if your professor doesn’t provide a syllabus for your class, try to make one before the school year working around your given textbooks or other given material.

4. Make study guides – make a study guide from your syllabus and draw before each topic two boxes: one for a midtest and one for the final test. When you have one of these tests, check the boxes when you’ve finished studying the chapter so you won’t miss anything!

5. Reference your material throughout – most of the times, we students work with in-class notes, textbooks and a syllabus. Since we get small bits of information here and there it’s important to reference every page throughout all your material so you can quickly access your information without having to flip endlessly through pages!

6. Keep a dashboard nearby – Whenever you use a notebook or a binder, make a dashboard on the first page with post it notes so you can quickly scribble any questions, homework or page numbers. When you get home, you just need to open your dashboard and attend those notes.

7. Print any tests, exercises and exams you can find – keep those in the end of your binder. These are perfect to practice before exams and tests because they really reflect what you will be tested about. Set an alarm clock for the deadline and start working on those!

8. Condense – organization disappears when you have too many of everything. Working with more than one planner in your life will make everything chaotic. If you think you need a second planner because you don’t have enough space to write in the first one, it’s because you don’t have available time as well. Don’t fool yourself and set achievable goals!

9. Customize your textbooks – most of the times, textbooks are formal books where information is hard to come by. Make your own tabs and write every chapter on them so they stick out – flag any charts, tables or graphics. Everything needs to be incredibly accessible!

10 Print a special planning sheet before finals: Organizing your studying by chapters and/or topics before finals is tremendously important since it lets you organize the amount of time you dedicate to each subject,

Study Sessions and Time Management

11. Save at least one afternoon or one morning a week for intensive studying. These is your “life-saver” – when you get so full of homework and projects that you can’t incorporate them into your daily academic routine, one free afternoon to organize your school life will really come in handy! Make an appointment with yourself!

12. Prepare in advance – although most professors may not ask you to prepare a class in advance, if you have the means to, go ahead. Grab a sheet and make a summary of the chapter your class will be about. Write the major topics and key information and take that guide to class. When your professor repeats previously studied information, you will be able to understand everything much better!

13. Never leave something behind – Even if you have a more light class, where professors don’t request homework or any side projects, don’t let that fool you! Be disciplined and be your own professors! Make your own projects and learn everything you can so you can nail those finals when they arrive.

14. Write your questions – most of the time, in a heavy study session, we come up with tons of questions and sometimes we just leave them behind. Write them down in your dashboard or a small notebook and ask your professors (personally or via e-mail). You can also ask your schoolmates in a facebook group created for that purpose!

15. Set an alarm clock and reward yourself – even if you study during an entire afternoon your studying will be pointless if you don’t take regular breaks. Set an alarm clock for one hour/one hour and a half and then take a 15 minute break. Never study for more than 2 hours straight! Even if you don’t notice, you’ll get less and less focused.

16. . Make a list – before each study session I like to grab my notepad and write down everything that I need to do before my session ends: the chapters I need to read, the pages I need to go through and the homework I need to complete. Sometimes I even write theses lists when I’m in college so I’ll have more determination to complete those tasks once I get home.

17 Work on the least interesting thing first. There are always classes or projects that we like the least – and those are the ones that we need to tackle first. You will start your studying session concentrated, which will let you go through the worst tasks faster.

18 Print, print, print. try to print everything you can and never study from your computer. Having your PDF files printed at hand will let you concentrate better, highlight and write some notes in the margins. You can take these everywhere with you and even turn them into small guides for future classes!

19. If you finish ahead, don’t quit. Perhaps the time you’ve saved for your study session has come to an end way before you have planned. That doesn’t mean you should stop right now – Take that time to review what you’ve learned so far or prepare other classes ahead of time!

20. Study in an organized space – make your own studying corner – bring everything you will need, from textbooks, binders and notebooks, to a cup of coffee and your computer. Keep them neatily organized on your desk so everything is at hand and on sight. Put on some soft background music (links down below) and adjust the lightning.

In class notes

21. If your professor provides PowerPoint slides before each class, print them (six or four per page) and bring them to class. Write in the margins and more throughout information in the back so it’s all condensed and tight. This is where you’ll take your notes. If you prefer to write on lined paper, think about copying some ruled paper to the back of your printed slides.

22. If your professor asks you to prepare your class in advance, try to make a small guide for each class. Open the comments column in MSWord and print the pages with that column. When you go to class, incorporate the in-class notes in that column, next to the relevant information so everything is nice and condensed.

23 If you are in a information-heavy class, try to adopt the Cornell method, which is the best, in my opinion, when you need to be a fast writer. There’s a video right here on how to use this method.

24. If you are in a bits-and-pieces class, which is that kind of class where the professor just gives a few key points and then gives practical examples or makes you work in group, try to adopt the box method – you can draw these boxes yourself or make them with post it notes – these are way more visual and perfect to memorize information.

25. Write in-class flashcards – if you don’t have flashcards around, make tiny flashcards on the top of your notes, where you cover the definitions you’ve written with the name of the definition. Each time you open your notes, try to remember the hidden definition. Automatic studying, every time!

26. Participate in class – nothing better than to be actively involved in your class discussion. For most of us, shy creatures, participating can be dreadful – but once you get out of your box, you’ll see how participating really makes you understand the subject!

27. If you have any questions during class, raise your hand and ask them. If your professor doesn’t like being interrupted, write them down and approach them in the end of the class. Sometimes, the little things we don’t understand are exactly the ones that come up on the final exam!

28. Ask for examples. Examples are probably the thing that makes your brain connect the information faster. If your professor isn’t keen on providing examples, suggest your own and see if your answer comes up right. Sometimes, examples are the thing that really makes us understand our material and our definitions, since they transform formal information into relatable events.

29. Sit at the front. It sounds too straightforward but sitting at the front really makes wonders. You won’t get distracted by what you classmates are doing, you will focus on the professor, who is right in front of you and you will resist the temptation of going to Facebook and Instagram during a boring presentation.

30. Write a brief summary at the end of the class. During those five minutes where everyone is dismissed and leaving the room, write a brief summary of that classes’ key points in the back of a page – this is fundamental in the Cornell method but can be used in any other method as well.

Finals Guide

31 Skim through your material two times: at first, you should start by studying your material starting from the end. The last lessons will be fresh in your memory and it’s very important to reinforce your knowledge on these while you can. In the second reading, you should start from the beginning, as usual. It’s important to make these two readings so you can go through the information in a much more flexible way.

 32. Make a mindmap of each chapter. A mindmap is a chart that relates key words and important information, making it easy to understand the relationship and hierarchy between such key words. Use colors and images to memorize your material better. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my video on how to make mindmaps!

33. Read each of the titles and try to say out loud its contents, explaining each concept and the relationship between them. Imagine you are the teacher and are lecturing that subject to a crowd. If you skip any of the subjects, do it all over again. The more you repeat, the better you will memorize.

34. It’s time for some flash cards!  Write the topic or the title on one side and the meaning or the explanation on the other. Try to cover as many topics or titles as you can and go through your cards while memorizing as best as you can each of the concepts. Try to do it backwards if you have time to do so!

35. On the day before the exam, skim through your mindmaps and flash cards again and always try to study while talking. Saying your content out loud will force your brain to relate information in a much more cohesive way and you’ll memorize everything much better.

36. Read the entire exam from top to bottom. Underline or circle any important words that you think will be crucial in you answer. After that, calculate how much time you should spend answering each question: this simple calculation will take only twenty seconds and will help you organize your time. Try to save five minutes at the end for revisions.

37. If you are solving a written exam and not multiple choice, try as much as possible to organize each answer in a structured way, saving two lines just to present your line of thought and writing each different argument in a different paragraph. Draft a conclusion at the end to underline the centre of your answer. Sometimes softly underlining some keywords is important to make your professor notice that you’ve correctly given importance to certain concepts.

38. Use these symbols for each question: one dot if you aren’t sure of the answer, two dots if you are sure of your answer and a circle if you are completely unaware of your answer. Start by answering any question with two dots; after those are all answered, go on through the two dots question. Leave the circle questions to the end – and ALWAYS answer them! Even if you don’t know what they’re about, who knows if you will be able to come up with something right?

39. Review your test one final time – many times, we make a lot of mistakes under stress and now is when you should spot them and amend them. This can be the difference between a B and an A!

40. Don’t take this too seriously – school is an important aspect of our lives but it isn’t everything. Failure comes many times and these failures can even drive you away from something that was simply not meant to be. Don’t stress out because everyone goes through the same!

playing footy

Yeah, yeah, one of what is sure to be many Captain Swan soccer AUs after today’s game. Featuring Elsa, since Georgina was also playing.

“You owe me big time for this.”

Elsa tossed her gym bag in the backseat and climbed into the Bug, pulling the door shut behind her, “Believe me, Emma, I will make it up to you, I promise.”

Emma threw the car into gear and started to back out, not even bothering to check for oncoming traffic. There was no oncoming traffic, it was six am on a Saturday and the streets were completely deserted. As well they should be, because who aside from her somewhat uptight roommate was up at six am on a Saturday? Emma hadn’t been, not after she’d only come home to their shared apartment less than five hours earlier after another fruitless stakeout for her latest skip. She’d been sleeping very well in her flannel pyjamas and the eyeliner she hadn’t bothered to wipe off when Elsa had burst into her room and woke her up, explaining breathlessly that her car wouldn’t start and she needed a ride. Elsa couldn’t drive stick, so Emma had thrown her hair in a messy topknot and swapped the pyjamas for yoga pants and a tank while Elsa paced outside the bathroom and called for her to hurry.

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Bangtan Reacts | Eating You Out

He would be very passionate - using his tongue in every way possible. His hands would wrap around your thighs to spread you wide open.

Jimin would pleasure you immensely with his tongue and would practically make out with your other set of lips. His plump lips and long tongue would be the perfect tool for your ultimate orgasm.

He would be very vocal against your pussy - sending vibrations to your core which would send you over the edge.

Jungkook would use his mouth/tongue very rapidly against your folds and would know exactly how to turn you into a moaning mess.


This man would skill-fully eat you out - sucking and licking the perfect spots to send you to orgasm.

Namjoon would also use his fingers as well as his mouth for the ultimate effect. He would be very turned on by your moaning, especially when you moaned his name.

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He would be aggressive, but not as aggressive as Taehyung. No fingers needed.

Hoseok would grip your thighs and push your wetness against his mouth so he could devour every inch of you.

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He would be very passionate about the whole situation - making sure you were comfortable and liked the way he used his tongue.

Seokjin would breathe and grunt quite heavily against your core, which would send shivers throughout your body.

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He would eat you out at his own pace, even if you begged for him to speed up.

Yoongi would spread your folds with his fingers and plummet his tongue deep inside of you. His tongue would explore every inch of you whilst you moaned out his name.

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This man would eat the fuck out of your pussy - devouring every inch with such force and intensity. He would earn multiple orgasms from you.

Taehyung would push your shaky thighs open and aggressively make out with your folds, shoving his tongue in every few moments.

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Unstoppable (2)

Genre: Romance, angst, (future smut).

Length: 1,9k

Characters: Kim Jongin, (future appearance of Oh Sehun), OC.

Part: 2/?

Summary: “You decide to confront him thinking it wouldnt hurt more, but there actually was one thing that did hurt the most. The truth.”

You couldn’t sleep much at night since your head was full of questions of the call you received last night, you already felt that he was acting strange before and with this now it just all made sense. 

Why did he decided to do this? How long has this been going on? Who is she? 

You felt so humiliated and hurt you never expected this from Jongin, everyone thought of him as a nice guy that always did what was right, you could say that even your parents also thought he was the one for you, the guy that you would spend the rest of your life with, but oh surprise, guess not.

 You got up from bed and checked your phone it was already 10 a.m. and had no phone calls or messages from Jongin, you just had a text message from Jiwon of 3 hours ago so you opened it. 

 Ji Won: “Where are you? Class already started!”

 You were going to answer but decided against it since you were still going to your last classes and it would most likely be that you would see her, so instead you just grabbed a towel and headed to your bathroom to shower and do your morning routine. 


 You arrived to your next class at 12pm, you were heading to your seat when you saw Ji Won walking towards you.

 “Why did just got here at this hour?! You’re never late!” She said while taking a seat next to you. 

  “I just didn’t feel in the mood to come early” you shrugged and stared at the white board like it was the most interesting thing in the world, you didn’t feel in the mood to deal with her or tell her but you knew she would keep insisting anyways. 

 “Okay y/n did something wrong happen? Aren’t you supposed to be all happy and excited from yesterday?” She looked at you with concern in her eyes.

Happy and excited? That was sure the least you were feeling right now. 

“At first I thought you didn’t come early because I thought you were with Jongin but then he came in asking for you and…” she was about to finish when you interrupted “What did he ask?” You turned to look at her and that’s when she clearly saw the bags under your eyes and knew that there was something definitely wrong. “Well he just asked were you where and that’s all”, “Did he looked worried when he asked you or say something else?” you asked. “Well i saw him pretty normal, and no he just asked that” she answered with a look of confusion in her face while you just stared at her blankly, you nodded your head silently and turned to look at the white board again preparing yourself internally to say the news.

 “He’s cheating on me” 

 You broke down, you didn’t even cry last night but now by just saying it was enough to make you. She suddenly grabbed your hand and took you out of the classroom to another place where you could have more privacy. 

 She decided to take you to the girls locker room since it was the first place that got to her mind, when you got there you sat down at one of the benches and explained her everything about last night and she just heard without saying anything, her expression hardening at each word you said.

When you finished she stood up and started walking “I’m going to kick his ass” She said getting out of the locker room, you panicked and hurriedly went to follow her “No, wait, you can’t!” She stopped at her tracks and looked at you in surprise “Are you serious? He was a total asshole and he’s just acting as nothing happened! I’m so going to kick his ass and when i find out who that girl is i’m going to kick her ass too!” She was already shouting and that gained attention of the people that were around so you just made a sign with your hand so she could lower her voice but instead she looked towards the people that were staring and shouted “Mind your own business!” With that said they immediately turned around and went away. 

You grabbed her hand to help her relax and said “I know, i’m mad too, more disappointed at him than mad but i also want to hear him out”

 "Hear him out? She asked in a humorously way. Are you seriously thinking of giving him a chance?“ 

 "I just want to hear him out, just answers” 


 Your classes had already finished and you were now heading towards the dance practice room where Jongin was usually at this hour, Ji Won had insisted on going with you but knowing her the minute the boy decided to open his mouth to say something she was going to lash out at him, so it was better if you went alone. 

You where now outside of the practice room just staring at the door, you had a mix of feelings, you were nervous, angry, sad and even scared. You just took a big breath to gain some courage and finally opened the door to go inside.

Luckily there was only Jongin inside the practice room. The music was blasting so loud and he was so concentrated in his dance so he didn’t notice you got inside. 

You took a minute to stare him, he looked so graceful and breathtaking, every single step he made was just perfect… how could someone so beautiful wreck someone so badly and act like nothing?

You turned the music down so he could notice he wasn’t alone, that’s when he looked towards your direction noticing you and smiled. It hurt you the way he smiled at you so easily, like was he so cynical to even smile at you knowing what he had done? 

“Baby searched all day for you, i’m really sorry for not going yesterday, i couldn’t go because i had to rush to the hospital because my sister suddenly started to feel bad so you know… it was an emergency, and i forgot my phone at home so i couldn’t call you but i swear i’ll make it up” He reached to grab your hand but you stepped back, he looked at you with worry. 

“I know you're mad but i promise i’ll make it up, it was just my sister and you know that she’s sick so……” 

“Jongin, who is she?” You asked before he could finish, you wanted to get to the point already, no more lame excuses. His eyes widened a bit in surprise but recovered fast acting as if nothing.  “You already know my sister y/n” he said rubbing the back his neck with his right hand, you huffed at his answer and this time directly looked at him and asked again. 

“Who is she Jongin?” You’re voice almost broke a bit asking this but you couldn’t look weak in front of him, not now. 

“How… how did you find out? He sighed in defeat finally giving in and looked at you almost sorry, not sorry for what he did but sorry that you found out. 

 "I got a call last night from her, are you also going to play dumb about that or what?“ You turned your gaze away looking at the big mirror at your side to stare at your reflection but to your eyes you just looked weak. 

He stared at you with shock, he was surprised and confused “I- i didn’t know i really didn’t know about that, what did she tell you? Maybe she took my phone while i was distracted… but look i’m sorry y/n i swear i didn’t plan to do this… it just happened” 

 You really didn’t want to tell him what she said to you since you already felt humiliated enough so you just ignored his question and crossed your arms over your chest and decided to ask again “Who is she?”.

He was hesitant to answer you since he was stuttering not knowing what to say but he finally just answered “I can’t tell you… i’m sorry” You knew he wouldn’t tell you but still deep down there was that stupid persistent part that hoped that he would. 

 “How long have you been doing this?” 

“Almost 5 months”

Your eyes started to get full of tears, you couldn’t bare it anymore the person that you loved the most was the one that hurtthe most, something you didn’t expect you just couldn’t believe that he would be capable of doing that. 

“Were you just waiting for me to find out? Are you that selfish to just care about yourself knowing you will hurt someone else?!”

“I swear i was going to end it! But you just can’t control feelings y/n… i fell in love with her!” He exclaimed feeling desperate, he didn’t know what to do in this situation “I do love you y/n, but maybe… not like i used too” he shrugged looking at the floor. Each word was breaking you more and more.

 "Wow…” you sniffed wiping a tear that got out, he raised his gaze at you noticing you were now crying he tried to reach for again so he could hold you but stopped when you said. 

 "Don’t you dare touch me…” you looked at him furious, disappointed, just so in disgust that it made him feel hurt. You turned around and headed towards the door before he could even say anything.

You got out of campus and you got the need to get drunk, you always asked yourself Why do people always get drunk in the typical heartbreak scene? but now you finally understood why, to forget all the pain there heart. 

It was 7pm and you didn’t know of a bar close enough from where you where since you were never a drinker, you only drank once in your life and promised to never do it again but promises are made to be broken. Right Jongin?

So you just went to convenience store and bought some bottles of soju. You got out and that’s when you realized Where am i going to drink?

You thought of where you could drink, but going to your house wasn’t an option since your sister was already at home a this hour and going with Ji Won… well it wasn’t a really good idea, so you didnt have anywhere else to go.

“Ah fuck it” You decided to seat at a bench near the lake since there wasn’t people around there, you opened your bottle of suju, raised it and said “Cheers for the broken ones” then took a big swallow out of it.


11:40 p.m. 

It was almost midnight and you were so drunk to the state that you couldn’t even walk properly, you tried various times but had no success so instead you just laid at the bench staring at the stars.

“Kim Jongin, you asshole! I should had let Ji Won kick your pretty round ass!” You shouted at the air, thinking about what she said earlier and yeah thinking about his ass a bit. 

Okay maybe drinking wasn’t a good idea after all, but here you were, speaking to your drunken self since almost an hour ago.

“Aish i should kick his ass personally, right?! He deserves it!” Said that you tried to stand up motivated by the thought of it but you stumbled on your feet, you closed your eyes preparing for the impact but instead you felt a pair of hands on your waist. 

You opened your eyes and the first thing you saw was the orange hair of this unknown guy. 

“Easy there tiger” he chuckled.

Dating Hoseok;

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- having such a fan, yet weird relationship.
- him kissing you on the cheek
- hoseok booping your cheeks all the time
- basically, him being in love with your cheeks
- really cute good morning/good night texts
- whenever he’s on tour, he’ll texted you 24/7 saying “i love you” or
“i miss you”
- him dancing weirdly sat the random times through the day
- and then you staring at him likes he’s on crack
“honey, it’s called talented. something you don’t know much about,”
- cute coffee dates
- just being complete idiots around each other
- going to the beach a lot
- like beach dates
- p d a
- lots of pda
- so much fucking pda
- being known as the “loud couple”
- cheesy pick up lines
“is there a mirror in your pocket, because i can see myself in your pants,”
“i actually hate you,”
“i love you too babes,”
- him making you laugh whenever you’re upset or angry
- him being “your hope”
- literally, him cradling you whilst you sleep
- laying your head on his lap whilst watching movies
- cinema dates
- basically, a fuck load of dates
- him calling you up at 4 am, asking if you wanna go on a
- “hobi, it’s 4 in the morning,”
“i know, i can tell the time. now get your lazy ass out of bed and come out with me,”
- lil nose kisses
- watching whilst he practices the dances
- him always having rap battles with you
- “i obviously won,” you’d say waving your hands around in his face
“sure babe, only because i love you,”
- him buying you gifts and surprising you with them all the time
- like literally all the god damn times
- seriously, his always buying you shit even though you tell him not to
“babe, you shouldn’t have. i told you last time, i don’t need the gifts. you shouldn’t be spending your money on me,”
- “well, what else am i suppose to spend it on? my cat,”
- “you don’t have a cat,”
- “exactly, I’ve got no one to spend my money on,”
- aLl ThEm FuCkInG sMiRkS
- him being the sunshine he is
- you being his “favourite human being,”, as he puts it
- lots and lots of kisses
- kiss on your lips, your forehead, your nose, your cheek, your ear, your neck.
- he just loves kissing you
- hobi would always want to be close to you
- him being the big spoon whilst spooning
- cute nicknames for each other; sunshine, sweetie pie, cutie, my love etc.
- “i love you my little sunshine,”
- always yelling
- when having arguments he’d go quiet letting you yell at him for whatever reason
- he’d probably just walk away, and lock himself in his room
- staying away from you for a while before coming back to hug you apologetically
- i don’t think he’d arguments
- but when you do him getting extremely upset about it
- “let’s never fight again, yeah baby,”
- his biggest fear would be losing you
- whenever your upset he’d probably cry with you
- emotions
- loads and loads of emotions
- him crying over the smallest things, even if you’re not that bothered about the problem he would be
- him just being an absolute darling
- “you’re amazing, you know that,”
- endless reminders of how wonderful and beautiful you are
- overall, him just being a little prince and loving you more then anything
- your relationship would be the best, and hobi would be the most amazing boyfriend to ever exist. your realationship would be practically perfect in every way, he’d just get you.
sup, hey, how ya doin!
so, yeah, this is how i think hobi would be as a boyfriend.
i think he’d be the cutest smol and i love him. the other boys will be coming up within the next couple of days so if i haven’t done your bias yet, he’s coming- don’t worry.

anyway, thanks so much for reading!
hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i liked writing it.
reacts, moodboards and ship requests are still open, so don’t be scraed to message me at anytime.
and here’s my masterlist in case you wanna check out any of my other stuff.
- love ya all!
- kala
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some ideas: -cuddle puddle turned tickle fight -grilling dinner and catching fireflies in the summer -watching a meteor show together and talking about life (or aliens) -marathoning a long movie series like lotr or star wars and watching as one by one people nod off -just all quietly existing in the same room -someone walks in on a disaster in the kitchen and a very upsetti side, they salvage the baked goods and watch a movie together -on Act off between the sides, who can act a better scene

me to me: Oliver don’t combine most of this into one story you’re gonna overwhelm yourself
me: lol okay
also me: *does it anyway*

also warning for Star Wars spoilers my dudes (listen idk if this is necessary but just in case: all of the Duel on Mustafar dialogue belongs to LucasFilm not me)



Fireflies & Space Things


“Patton, noooooo! Someone save me! Ahhhh!”

Virgil tried to escape Patton’s tickles by switching over to Logan’s lap, but Roman wrapped his arms around his waist holding him in place.

“You guys are the worst!!”

“You love us!”

“That’s a funny way of saying hate. AH OKAY I’M SORRY STOP IT.”

Patton giggled, and finally relinquished his torture. Virgil let his bangs fall over his face as he glared, and pouted at Patton. This proved ineffective as Patton just started squealing about how adorable his ‘child’ is. Virgil groaned, and laid back against Logan who looked down at him with a confused expression.

“Did you really think I was going to save you from that?”

Virgil glared up at the logical side.

“Why wouldn’t you?”

Logan chuckled, and gave Virgil an “Are you serious right now?” sort of look.

“Patton is relentless. There’s no way I would even be able to try to help you. It simply wouldn’t be worth it.”

“Woooowwww. Thanks, teach.”

“I’m only stating facts, Virgil.”

“Your mom is stating facts.”

“You’re insufferable.”

“Your mom’s insufferable.”


“Okay! Knock it off you two. I’m gonna go start dinner. Why don’t you three go do something together?”

Virgil looked at Patton with a confused expression.

“Do something without you? I don’t know, Patt. I don’t like excluding any of you guys. Being excluded doesn’t feel.. good. I would know.”

Roman exchanged a guilty look with Patton who quickly turned back to Virgil with a grin.

“It’s okay, kiddo! I really don’t mind. You’re not excluding me. Really, don’t worry about it! This was my idea! Please don’t feel-”

“Breathe, Patton. I believe he gets it.”

Patton looked at Logan with an unsure expression. Logan offered him a reassuring smile to which Patton returned a thankful one.

“Okay, well. I’ll leave you three to it then!”

Patton untangled himself from their disorganized cuddle pile, and headed into the kitchen.

“What was all that about?”

“Nothing, Virgil. Just Patton being extra polite like usual.”

“Yes, no worries! Now come with me you two! I have some ideas.”

“That’s never a good thing.”

Roman scoffed, and stood up to glare down at the youngest trait.

“My ideas are always creative, and amazing!”

“Whatever, just tell us.”

Instead of explaining his idea Roman lifted Logan & Virgil up off the couch, held onto their hands, and sunk down to his room.

“Hanging out in your room? Yeah, real creative idea.”

“Ugh, no! Would you just be patient?”

“Haven’t we gone over this? I’m anything, but patient, Princey.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just shush.”

Roman walked over to a seemingly normal wall of his room then looked at the other two sides, and smirked.

“What are you smirking about? That is just a wall, Roman.”

“Oh is it now, Logan?”

Roman snapped, and suddenly his wall was no longer a wall, but a beautiful golden door.

Logan looked upset that he was wrong about something, and Virgil looked bewildered.

“I stand corrected.”

“So, uh, that your dream world?”

Roman’s smirk widened to a grin as he nodded. He then opened the door to reveal an annoyingly bright white light. Virgil immediately covered his eyes with his arms, and groaned.

“Oops. Sorry, Verge.”

“Whatever. Let’s just go.”

“Wait a minute. This is your dream world. Why are you taking me? This makes no sense.”

Roman groaned, and pulled Logan over to the door by his necktie.

“Quit being boring, and just spend time with us, nerd.”

“Fine, but if I see one illogical thing I’m going to explain why it doesn’t make sense for as long as I please.”

Roman rolled his eyes, but smiled despite himself as he pushed Logan into the door.

“Uh, Roman? Can you.. uh.. lead me in? I’m not taking my arms off my face.”

Roman looked over to Virgil to see that he was in fact still covering his face. Roman chuckled, and gently grabbed onto Virgil’s hoodie then started walking them into the dream world.

They met Logan in the wide, open field that was in the middle of Roman’s forest. Fireflies illuminated daises that scattered the bright green floor, and stars littered the dark night sky. A castle that stood tall over the trees could be seen in the distance.

“Whoa.” was all Virgil could say as he finally let his arms fall away from his face.

“This is rather impressive looking, Roman. It’s like a painting come to life.” Logan said.

Roman couldn’t help the self satisfied smirk that graced his lips.

“Oh, I know. It’s practically perfect in every way.”

Virgil snorted, and sat on the grass.

“Okay, chill out, Mary Poppins. It’s not that great.”

Roman chuckled, and sat next to Virgil. He then looked up at Logan who was looking rather uncertain.

“Come on, Logan. Just enjoy the moment.”

Logan still looked somewhat hesitant, but sat with them anyway.

“So, what do we do now?”

“We could watch the meteor shower.”

“What meteor-”

Roman waved his hand, and suddenly there were meteors dashing across the sky.

“Oh. That meteor shower. Well, now this is just ridiculous. You can’t just conjure up a meteor shower. This is scientifically impossible. Meteors are-”

Roman groaned, and pulled Logan down to a laying position with him.

“It’s a fantasy world I created, Logan. Don’t question it. Enjoy it.”

Logan sighed, and silently conceded. Virgil snickered at their dumb bickering, and decided to stay in his sitting position. As he watched the meteor shower a thought popped into his head.

“So, aliens exist right?”

Not expecting that at all, Roman bursted into laughter, and gave Virgil a bewildered look. Logan adjusted his glasses; a sure sign he was about to provide some exposition.

“I believe we have discussed this already, Virgil, but I do not mind reminding you. Yes, there is a high chance they exist in some form. Our universe is ever expanding. It’s ridiculous to think we are the only intelligent life form.”

Roman simply blinked at the logical side then turned to see Virgil’s intrigued expression.

“But like… what if they don’t.”


Logan pinched the bridge of his nose sighing exasperatedly. Roman chuckled, and decided to stop this while he still could.

“Okay, okay. No nerdy debates you two.”

Then suddenly, before either of the two could respond, Roman was staring at Virgil’s hair in wonder. Virgil returned his gaze with an inquisitive glare.

“Dude, what???”

“Virgil, you have fireflies in your hair. I think they like you.”

Virgil looked up at his hair to see a soft green glow emanating from it.

“Ya know, I’m strangely okay with this.”

Roman chuckled, and took one of the fireflies out of Virgil’s hair then placed it in Logan’s hand. He then grabbed another one, and held it in his own.

Logan stared down at the small glowing insect in his hand.

“I never understood the appeal of catching fireflies. They are interesting to observe I will not deny that, but why disrupt their flight? I imagine they aren’t quite fond of being grabbed.”

Roman scoffed, and held his hand out. Not even a moment later five different fireflies landed on his hand, and rested there.

“Look, Lo. They love interacting with people.”

Logan looked at Roman’s hand then at Roman himself with confusion.

“That doesn’t prove anything. You created these fireflies. I reckon you made them to be this way.”

Roman groaned, and laid back down.

“I studied fireflies for days before I created them. Trust me. These are like the real deal, Lo.”

Logan hummed in response, and continued to observe the firefly that was still in his hand.

Meanwhile Virgil was now standing, and trying to catch more. The song Fireflies by Owl City was playing on his phone. Roman and Logan smiled as they watched him. Something about seeing their youngest side relax, if even for a moment, was rather comforting. Of course moments like this, as much as we liked them to, can’t last forever.

“How long have we been here? We should go see if Patton is done with dinner.”

“Only about twenty minutes I believe. Still, I agree we should go check. Verge? You coming?”

Virgil released the fireflies he had in his hands, and walked back over to them as they stood up. Roman chuckled, and took the one firefly that stayed in Virgil’s hair out. Virgil smirked as he watched the little bug land on his nose then fly away.

“Fireflies are weird, and I love them.”

Both Roman and Logan laughed while rolling their eyes. Virgil smirked back at them then pulled out his phone to turn the song off. Once it was off he pocketed his phone again, and looked at the two elder sides.

“Being out here under the stars gave me an idea.”

Before he continued he fully turned his gaze to Logan.

“Star Wars marathon?”

Logan smirked, and nodded.

“Star Wars marathon.”

Roman groaned, and started leading them out of the dream world.

“You two are such nerds.”

“Your mom’s a nerd.”

Once they returned to Roman’s room Virgil almost collapsed. Luckily Logan & Roman caught him before he fell.

“Geez, Verge. Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah. It was just really hot in there, and I haven’t eaten today..”

Logan rolled his eyes.

“You should have taken your jacket off.”

“Nooooo. I can’t live without my hoooddiiieee. Especially my new onnneeee. It’s sooooo pretty, and purpley.”

“….You also seem quite delirious. Did you sleep last night?”


Logan sighed, and shook his head at the younger side.

“Come on. You need to eat, and drink some water. And also go to sleep as soon as possible.”

Logan nodded at Roman, and the three of them sunk down together as they held onto Virgil tightly. Once they popped up in the common room Virgil almost lost his balance again. Patton, who could see them from the kitchen, rushed over.

“Virgil? Are you okay, kiddo?”

“He was overheated. He also hasn’t eaten, or slept. Have you made dinner?”

Patton nodded at Logan then ran into the kitchen to get the food, and drinks.

Logan sat Virgil down at the table, and sat next to him. Virgil rested his head on the table as Roman sat across from him. Soon Patton came back out, and the four talked as they ate.

Once they were done, and all the plates were put in the sink, Virgil went over to the tv. He started looking for their Star Wars collection.

“Logan, and I wanna have a Star Wars marathon. You’re welcome to join us if you think you can handle it.”

Roman could practically hear the smirk in Virgil’s voice, and scoffed.

“I’ve handled things far more challenging. Bring it on, emo nerd.”

Virgil snorted as he placed the first movie in the dvd player.

“Emo nerd. Well, that’s… a new one.”

“I’m gonna make hot chocolate, and popcorn!”

Virgil smiled as he watched Patton run back into the kitchen. He then sat on the couch next to Logan. Roman walked over, and sat on the other side of Virgil. A few minutes later Patton came back out with the treats, and sat on the other side of Logan.

“Okay! We’re ready for the Star Trek marathon!”

Virgil snorted while Logan just rolled his eyes.

“Star Wars, dad. Not Star Trek. There’s a big difference.”

Patton gave Virgil a sheepish grin, and shrugged.

“Right. I knew that!”

Virgil shook his head, and pressed play on the remote.

Hours, and hours later they made it to Revenge of the Sith. Virgil was dozing off, but a sudden idea jolted him awake.

“Hey, Roman. I bet I could do Anakin’s lines in this scene better than you.”

Roman scoffed, and paused the movie.

“You dare challenge the one who embodies Thomas’ passion for acting to an act off? Oh, you are so going to lose, Mr. Vader.”

Virgil, instead of responding to the challenge, blinked at Roman.

“Mr. Vader?”

“Ya know… That.. evil guy.”

“You mean Darth Vader? Aka Anakin Skywalker?”

Roman scratched the back of his neck sheepishly, and shrugged.

“Yeah, him. Whatever. Let the battle begin! Virgil, be my Obi Wan or whatever!”

Virgil chuckled, and shrugged. Roman stood up, and moved the coffee table out of the way. Patton squealed with excitement as he grabbed the popcorn. Logan just shook his head, and smirked as he watched with interest.

Roman cleared his throat, and started reciting the lines from the Duel on Mustafar scene with as much emotion as he could muster.

“You will not take her from me.”

Virgil smirked, and tried to get into character.

“Your anger, and your lust for power have already done that. You have allowed this Dark Lord to twist your mind until now.. Until now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy.”

“Don’t lecture me, Obi Wan. I see through the lies of the Jedi. I do not fear the dark side as you do. I have brought peace, justice, freedom, and security to my new Empire.”

“Your new Empire?!”

“Don’t make me kill you.”

“Anakin, my allegiance is to the Republic.. to democracy!”

“If you’re not with me… then you are my enemy.”

“Only a Sith deals in absolutes.. I will do what I must.”

Virgil then conjured a light saber replica.

“You will try.”

Roman did the same, and tackled Virgil.

Everyone immediately broke out into hysterical laughter, even Logan.

“Okay, my turn.”

“Wait, let’s do one more part of the dialogue with me as Anakin!”

Virgil smirked evilly at Roman.

“You telling me you enjoy being the villain?”

Roman glared at Virgil, and crossed his arms.


Virgil chuckled, and shrugged.

“Okay, fine. I’ll start us off.”

Virgil stepped away from Roman still holding his light saber, and cleared his throat.

“I have failed you, Anakin. I have failed you.”

“I should have known the Jedi were plotting to take over.”

“Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine is evil!”

“From my point of view the Jedi are evil!”

“Well, then you are lost!”

They stared each other down desperately trying to stay in character.

“This is the end for you, my master.”

They then hit each other’s light sabers, and “battled.” It ended with Roman jumping onto the coffee table, and Virgil jumping onto the chair.

“It’s over, Anakin! I have the high ground.”

“You underestimate my power!”

“Don’t try it!”

Roman lunged forward, and Virgil pretended to hit his legs. Roman “fell” onto the floor. Virgil stepped back, careful not to fall off the table, and pretended to put away his light saber.

“You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith not join them! Bring balance to the force not leave it in darkness!”

“I hate you!”

“You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you!”

Roman ended the scene by pretending to scream in agony. Virgil couldn’t help, but break character, and laugh. Roman, and the others soon joined them in his laughter. Once they calmed down Logan spoke up.

“Well, that was rather impressive. Roman surprisingly makes a good villain. Virgil you also portrayed Obi Wan quite well. However, I am interested to see you perform Anakin’s lines.”

Virgil smirked, and switched places with Roman. For the next half hour Virgil & Roman replayed the same scene with the roles switched. They were exhausted by the end of it so they plopped back down into their spots on the couch.

“So, who was the better Anakin?”

Logan & Patton exchanged a look, and nodded.

“Well, I believe Virgil’s portrayal of Anakin was much more accurate than Roman’s. However, Roman’s Obi Wan was impressive.”

“Yeah I agree with that! Good job, kiddos!”

Virgil & Roman smiled at the elder traits then at each other, and shook hands.

“It was a pleasure to act out that scene with you, Mr. Skywalker.”

“Yeah, ditto, Mr. Kenobi.”

Roman rolled his eyes, but smiled then looked at the other two.

“So should we continue watching?”

Logan chuckled, and adjusted his glasses.

“I feel like we did just continue watching, but I suppose resuming the actual movie wouldn’t hurt. Go ahead.”

Virgil shrugged, and pressed play on the remote then leaned back against the couch.

Once the credits started rolling everyone, but Patton, was asleep. Patton smiled, and squealed quietly to himself as he noticed Virgil was leaning against Logan, and Roman was leaning against Virgil. It was an adorable sight. He quickly got up to put the movies, and dishes away.

Once they were he grabbed a blanket big enough for all of them, and leaned against Roman as he too drifted off to sleep happily surrounded by his family.


hi this is a long ass mess of a fic like idek what it is but i hope it’s good? also im such a star wars nerd you have no idea how fun that scene was for me to write. and now im imagining Thomas performing this scene with someone else (Terrence or Joan maybe?) ooooh boy i gotta get outta here before i completely nerd out



Moulin Rouge opening, practice

Mating Call

Originally posted by hardyness

Requested: Yes, by a lovely creative anonymous person!

Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader

Summary: The reader has a bad habit of wandering off, and so Newt finds a creative way to locate them.

Warnings: NONE!!

Word Count: 985

A/N: I loved this prompt so much, so thank you for sending it! If anyone else has any interesting prompts, please send them my way! As always likes/reblogs/feedback are always appreciated!

It all started when you got lost at a market. Newt had told you to stick close, because he knew that there were too many people there and a lot of things for you to get distracted by. You didn’t mean to get distracted, but when something caught you interest, you had to stop and look at it.

You saw a beautiful necklace and simply couldn’t look away. Newt ran around for the better part of an hour looking for you, imagining the worst had happened. He was so relieved to find you that he immediately pushed the incident from his mind, choosing instead to drag you along to a nearby booth, showing you all of the new flavors of pumpkin juice. Which was strange, you would have thought that they would all taste like pumpkin.

The next time you wandered away after spotting a stray Niffler making his way out of the bank with a few gold coins. You took off after him, not wanting the little creature to steal something or worse, hurt himself. Newt found you after a long period of frantic searching, the little creature cuddled in your arms. He was so excited that you found a new creature to add to your little family that he forgot to remind you that you weren’t supposed to run off. After losing you in a train station, and on your last trip to the forbidden forest, Newt decided that something had to be done.

“You want to have a mating call?” you asked incredulously.

“I don’t know if you would call it a mating call per say,” Newt protested, laying his hand on top of your own.

“I would say, because that is exactly what you are talking about. You want to have a noise that you can make in order to find me in public.” You said slowly, as if explaining what was happening to a child.

“Well, we wouldn’t need one if you didn’t wander off,” he said sheepishly.

“Well, I wouldn’t wander off if you didn’t take me to so many amazing places.” You laughed, tilting your head to one side. He looked confused for a moment, before he realized that you were complimenting him. You loved going on adventures with him, and it wasn’t your fault that you sometimes got distracted.

So, you each developed a noise that you would use when you couldn’t find each other. His sounded a lot like Frank’s call. As soon as you heard it, you would immediately refocus and find Newt. You had one as well, but you rarely had occasion to use it.

He would use it when the two of you were in the case, taking care of your creatures. It was an easy way to locate each other. After a while, you could tell that there were different tones that he would take depending on what he needed. If he was looking for you, it was in the middle of his register, but if he was worried he used a higher pitched whine. And if it was a lower noise, he was just feeling a bit lonely.

He often abused the use of that one, making you stop whatever you were doing, and wrap your arms around him. he would lean back into you, savoring the feeling of just being close to you. And even though it was a bit annoying that you had to stop your work, but you appreciated the fact that he took comfort in your touch.

But the last time that he used it must have been the best time. You were surprised to hear his high pitched whine whistle through the air, because you were sure that you hadn’t even wandered off.

It sounded a few more times, and you found Newt standing in a clearing, roses and lights strung up all around him. It looked like he was close to tears, and you rushed over to him, frantically looking some kind of injury. Newt cried when he was hurt, and you were worried that was why he called you.

He took both of your hands in his and when he looked into your eyes, everything clicked. Oh god. “Y/N,” he started, rubbing his thumb across your knuckles. “I know that I’m not going to do this right, but I can’t think of a better way, so here it goes. I love you, so much. I can’t think of anyone else that I would want to spend the rest of my life with. You are the only person that loves out family as much as I do and you are the only one that I want to fall asleep next to, every night, for the rest of my life.”

You felt like you were going to cry, and after you saw the first tear fall down Newt’s cheek, your flood gates opened. You were practically sobbing, and he was still trying to muddle his way through.

“And so, I was wondering, hoping actually, that you would do me the honor,” he paused, taking the ring gently from where Picket was holding up a beautiful, simple, perfect ring. “Of becoming my wife.”

You were without words, but you nodded your head, the tears somehow coming quicker as Newt slipped the ring onto your finger. You threw your arms around his neck, pulling him as close to you as humanly possible. “I love you so much.” You said, through your tears, tucking your face into the crook of his neck, careful to choose the side that Picket was not on.

You had expected an ‘I love you too’, but it was too much of a stretch to say that you were surprised when a new whine sounded through the air, and you laughed, holding him closer.  You may wander away, but there was no possibility that you were not going to find your way back to him. 

kiseki-no-trash  asked:

A fluffy first date (your choice of venue) ending with a first kiss with Akashi? ♡ Tysm

No problem! Here you go! I really like your blog btw! <3

You’d been waiting for this moment for what felt like longer than you’d been alive. This was perfect in every way, shape, and form. A perfect date with a perfect boy. You were practically on cloud nine, and you didn’t think that there was anything that could possibly make this date better, you thought as you looked giddily over to your right where Akashi sat beside you in the car on your way to the restaurant your date was at.

Akashi had arrived at your house in the back of one of his Father’s sleek, black, cars, impeccably dressed in a suit and tie, standing and holding the door open for you to get in. Once inside, your mouth felt a little dry and you couldn’t think of anything to say that would appropriately start up a conversation - you were still unsure of whether you were dreaming.

“You look wonderful,” Akashi complimented you, looking over at you with a glimmer in his eyes and, thankfully, saving you from silence.

“I don’t think I look quite as good as you though, you look…” You fumbled to find a word as you looked over Akashi’s attire once again, heat rising to your cheeks. “Good. You look good,” you finished lamely, inwardly cursing the way he’d short-circuited your brain. Akashi didn’t seem to mind though - he actually appeared quite amused as he laughed genuinely.

You both continued your conversation until you reached the venue of the date - which had been left entirely up to Akashi. It was a fancy restaurant, you would have been surprised had it been anyone else but this was Akashi, and Akashi would always go out of his way to make sure to give you the best experience possible. He was the perfect gentleman during the date, he complimented you, he pulled the chair out for you at the table, he recommended the best food for you to try, and he sat with his hands resting over the top of yours.

You, in all honesty, still couldn’t believe what was happening, you couldn’t believe that something, someone, so perfect was happening to you. Once you’d both finished your meals, Akashi paid the bills before taking your arm and leading you outside where a car was already waiting to take you back home.

“I do hope that you’ve enjoyed this date?” Akashi asked as he helped you out of the car by the hand, wrapping an arm around your shoulder as he walked you up towards your door.

“Of course I have, it was perfect,” you assured, your cheeks tinted red, “thank you Akashi,”

Akashi smiled, “please,” he said softly, “call me Seijuro,”

You blushed even harder at that, your eyes flickering from his to the floor in nervous glee, “o-okay, Seijuro,”

“There’s no need to be nervous, _______,” Akashi laughed, and you felt a hand ghost beneath your chin, tilting your head up. His face was inches away from yours, your heart pounded in your veins, you felt almost lightheaded as he leaned even closer, sliding the hand that was around your shoulders up to the back of your neck, and pressing his lips to yours. “After all, I really do like you a lot.”

Ahn Min Hyuk and Do Bong Soon

Ahn Min Hyuk trying so hard to get to her that is his hands are bleeding…there is blood on the door!
And when he can’t get in refusing…absolutely refusing to leave her no matter how much she begs.
Do Bong Soon sobbing begging him to leave.
And then begging for her strength but not so she will live…no begging and pleading that she can save him!
These two are OTP.
These two are beauty…..
And how he hates that she crying…and he gets up one more time to try to get the door open…even though he’s spent..and how she never stops begging him to leave…and how you can tell he hates that he’s not actually in there with her….that the door is between them..and I have no doubt that if he had been in there and couldn’t get her out he would have been holding her.
It is literally one of the most beautiful scenes in any drama…


I heard he had knee pain, and decided to tone down the level abit. During practices, he popped nearly everything.

The performance today was sooo perfect. Of course the difficulty is not a monstrous like the previous season but the way he carries it is just flawless.

I am very very very impressed of his musicality!! He paid so much attention to the details and filled up every notes with expressions or arm movement even if its just opening or clenching his fists. That musicality level is so impressive.

Those jumps arent the best we’ve seen but the quality was there. The height the distance and the solid full rotations. He finished on of the quads high up of the ice! Like he would anytime now shoot up with a quint.

I hope he keeps up with this kind of performance and he’s good for this season. Stay healthy and stay focus.

And that he was able to explit such musicality ability is because he is so familiar with the piece, musically and choreographily. He handles it like the back if his blades.

Well thats a good start, a nice way to a season debut.

One more thing, remember back in Helsinki last year after he broke the WR, the skaters who were going after him was shattered into piece. A HUGE SHUTOUT TO MISHA he is awesome!! He did an amzing job!! He stayed focus and compact!! Quality sportsmanship potrayed.

And thank you for the new WR, less than 3 points away from the full score, see you tomorrow at 7am (HKT)

Cupid's Chokehold.

It’s been some time since we’ve last spoke. This is gonna sound like a bad joke…

Rafinha had been stationed in front of his Mac with a large smile planted on his face ever since his parents called him on Skype. They were truly like his best friends and though he wasn’t able to speak with them as often as he wished, he tried to keep up with them as much as possible and update them on his life in Spain.

They had been meddling through typical conversation for some time now but Rafa was now willing to delve into a much deeper conversation. Fiddling with his fingers nervously, he picked at the invisible dirt decorating the under portion of his nail to deal with the words rapidly flowing from his mouth. “I’m dating someone now…”

But momma, I fell in love again. It’s safe to say I have a new girlfriend.

Here was this grown man, afraid to tell his parents that he had a new girlfriend in tow but for him, it made sense to be nervous. He attracted the attention of various women and he was the type to fall for a pretty face fast before realizing the term ‘girlfriend’ meant much more to the woman he was dealing with than to him. Just as soon as they were introduced to his parents via telephone, they were dismissed just as quickly. It was a revolving door so the skepticism in his mother’s features was to be expected.

And I know you heard the last song about the girls that didn’t last long…

“What happened to the last one, Rafinha? What was her name?” She looked to her husband for guidance as he uttered the identification of the last ‘girlfriend’ they were called about. “Lina.”

“Ah, yes. Lina,” his mother spoke as she turned her eyes back to her son. He was all too familiar with the memory of that conversation. He disguised his lustful attraction as innocent interest to them via text when they asked who the woman was who was seen around town with him in paparazzi pictures.

He’d confess that she was his new love, they’d accept that information a few days later, and then soon ‘Lina’ or whoever it was the time before that and the time before that and the time before that would find themselves hollowed and alone while Rafa found a way to escape their grasp.

It was a never ending cycle that repeated every few months as the playboy decorated his count of women very often.

…But I promise this is on a whole new plane. I can tell by the way she says my name.

But the 21 year old ‘heartthrob’ wanted to make it very clear that this was different. She was different. He was a changed man simply by her presence and her stubborn persistence to resist his advances in the beginning. He accepted the vigorous challenge and it didn’t take him long before he was spiraling into romanticism with this young lady. It went far beyond wanting a sexual encounter and more about wanting her rarely shared time.

Rafinha licked his bottom lip in thought before revealing his deeply hidden feelings. “She’s definitely not like Lina or any of those other women who practically fell at my feet. She’s…I don’t know, perfect.” He struggled to find a satisfactory description other than that.

It’s gonna be a long drive home but I know as soon as I arrive home and I open the door, take off my coat, and throw my bag on the floor, she’ll be back into my arms once more for sure like…

He wanted to explain every reason why she was better than everyone else. It was the way she found the littlest things to do to make him happy such as making sure to be at his place after a game, willing to massage his body with her warm fingers in the most loving way or cook him dinner. It was obvious he was smitten with her by the way his eyes lit up just speaking about her but his parents were still wary. They knew how their son was. They needed more proof. “So when are we meeting this woman?”

“Uh-uh I’m not sure. I don’t want to scare her off. I mean…what if she thinks I’m moving too fast?”

“What’s considered moving too fast?”

He hesitantly made another confession. “Moving too fast like I’m close to asking her to move in with me?” His voice turned to a childlike whimper of fear, afraid of what his parents may think that he was about to make such a big step for a woman they hadn’t even met.

His mother’s eyes widened in shock and her tongue rattled off words so fast in a language he couldn’t dare to understand. It was nowhere near coherent. His father stepped in to speak, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Rafa. How long have you two been dating?”

“Four months.”

Four months was such a short window of time but he viewed it as some of the best four months he had ever experienced. The time was never enough.

She’s got a smile that’ll make the most senile annoying old man bite his tongue.

The memory of their first meeting flashed in his mind. He had arrived to the restaurant with intentions on running in and running out with his to-go order but the woman at the bar with the flashy smile, curly locks and short stature even in the black pumps she wore was just too strong an attraction to ignore.

His first approach took more than 10 minutes as he stood awkwardly in the corner hoping to just grab her attention and send her walking his way to do the work but it didn’t quite go that way. Instead he found himself nervously approaching and unable to speak, his tongue tied when her bright eyes turned to him.

She’s got eyes comparable to sunrise and it doesn’t stop there…

Those same eyes that were able to so quickly calm him down whenever he was in even a remotely sour mood. Those eyes that would narrow when she was the one upset at him and he’d quickly search his mind for a way to make things right. Those eyes he found himself lost in every time he kissed her goodnight and those same eyes he was lost in now just thinking about them, until his mother huffed to grab his attention.

“When are you asking her to move in, Rafa?”

She’s got the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard and we can be on the phone for three hours (not sayin’ one word) and I would still cherish every moment.

It was that luring laugh that could echo throughout a room and make a man weak at his knees, the type that had Rafa bragging to his teammates about the gift he had received by managing to get this woman to become his. The couple found joy in the simplest moments and the simplest times. Any time apart was viewed as a waste while those hours spent together were counted down as if they’d be the last for a while. When she was busy at work and he was off from training, he’d stop at her office and slither past her nosy co-workers to drop by her desk with a special lunch without even a request from her. Or flowers. Or a cheesy card. Or a box of chocolate. It was the simplest surprises he found joy in giving.

And when I start to build my future, she’s the main component.

Rafa’s eyes dropped down to his lap, nervous just thinking about making the pitch that it was a good idea for her to move from her own apartment she called home into his blank space. “I don’t know…” His head bobbed up immediately.

“How should I ask? Any pointers?”

His mother wanted to respond with ‘Don’t ask’ but she couldn’t knock down her son’s hopes. She saw that small glimmer in his eyes that appeared once they started speaking about this girl. It was one she had never seen before which spelled good things. She wanted nothing more than for Rafinha to find happiness with one woman and begin to build a family.

Maybe it was coming into fruition.

Call it dumb, call it luck, call it love.

“I’m still cautious about this whole thing. Moving in with someone is a huge step. It’s something you save when you’re close to marriage and not just starting to date, sweetheart.” But his ears had already tuned out her worry thinking of waking up to his girlfriend every morning as she lay by his side in his t-shirt, the ones she managed to sneak off with every visit now, and her legs sprawled over his as she often did to try and get comfortable.

“You seem really into this girl. What’s her name?” It was the question that he had been waiting for since the conversation began. Just the utter of her name off of his tongue gave him childish butterflies in the pit of his stomach.

Those butterflies represented a true, first love for a man who never got to experience a relationship so meaningful.

“Y/N. And it’ll be the last woman I’ll ever have to introduce you to. That’s for sure.”

Everywhere I go I keep her picture in my wallet like here…
Take a look at my girlfriend.

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Can you please recommend some good Hurt/Comfort fics? Thank you & Hope you have a Happy New Year! <3

hey there! i know there’s a huge number of hurt/comfort fics for chanbaek but in the meantime i’m sharing you these faves of mine ^^,

- Admin Rose

Something Quite Atrocious

Title: Something Quite Atrocious

Pairing: Dean/Reader

Summary: Enjoying some time off in the bunker, the reader finds Dean watching something a bit unexpected.

Word Count: 920-ish

Warnings: Language, discussion of porn, corruption of a Disney movie

A/N: So, this is my first bit of writing I am sharing in this fandom. I saw the prompt Are you…watching a Disney movie? and just couldn’t help myself from thinking this. I don’t actually know (or want to know) if such a film as described here exists, but just wanted to write something fun. Well, I hope it’s fun. Feedback is fantastic. Reader’s thoughts are in italics.

tagging @one-shots-supernatural @littlegreenplasticsoldier Look, I’m warming up for CYOBASA!

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

It was a quiet afternoon at the bunker, Sam was out somewhere, buying supplies or something. You hadn’t really paid attention when he announced he was leaving, already too immersed in your long-neglected novel to do more than offer him more than a half-assed wave. For a long while, the only noises outside of the scratch of the pages while you turned them was the ticking of the clock on your nightstand - until the growl of your stomach reminded you of the need to eat. You dog-eared the page you were on and padded down the hall. You could hear music playing from the other side of Dean’s door, but didn’t bother knocking on your way past, figuring he was enjoying the downtime just as much as you were.

You gathered up the ingredients, humming while you worked to make yourself a sandwich, then found yourself singing the rest of the tune.

‘Helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way…’

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Title : Burnout

Characters : Yoongi of BTS

Genre : Angst, (Long Distance Relationship!AU)

Summary :  A tale of relationship torn apart by the classic supervillain, distance.

Perhaps, when people ask you how do you and Yoongi ends, you should’ve aswered like a fire burning out. 

Word Count : 11,983 words.

A/N : In the middle of starting college, I am finally back with another one shot! This piece is something very personal to me, and I derive a lot of Y/N’s and Yoongi’s feelings, thoughts, and actions from myself. I hope this is relatable, as I try to make it more romantic yet still realistic. And don’t forget, hit the like/reblog to gimme loveeee <3

Distance kills the way serpent hunts. First, It slither calm and unpredictaple, hissing saccharine out of its tongue. 

It is almost noon, and Yoongi won’t stop making love to you. Your lips are swollen (both northern and southern), vermillion from fervent crashes of skin on skin, but you could only sigh in defeat when Yoongi replants, for the thousands of times since the previous night, his lips on yours.

Although his eyes are sleepy and hazy, you can still see the flagrant longing in it. All he ever whispers is a myriad of different versions of your name: sugary sweet, burning passion, silent plea, and you are not aware that all of them are unfinished fragments of what his heart screams.

“Y/N” He says. can you please not go? He doesn’t.

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Window Seat

Reid x Reader

Dr. Spencer Reid is a man of particulars. Just about everything in his life can be neatly categorized, defined by his preferences. There’s his favorite shop to buy coffee from, his favorite way to order coffee (with three packets of sugar and extra whipped cream), his favorite station to catch the Metro from, and his favorite Indian restaurant just off 3rd Street. The most important of these however, is the library. He’s a frequent visitor to the DC Public Library, and in his many years of patronage, he has determined the exact best place to sit and read. The overstuffed armchair is older, worn, making it a little more comfortable to sit on. Unlike the other chairs, this one has long since been tucked away behind a bookshelf, out of the way. Most library-goers don’t even notice it. That side of the bookshelf is empty, making it perfect for kicking up one’s feet on, or balancing books – or even case files – on. The window just above the chair is at an angle so that it offers the perfect amount of sunlight to read by, but doesn’t create a glare. Never has he had to vie with anyone else for it, the armchair is always empty, waiting for him.

Until today.

He stops in his tracks when he turns the corner and finds his favorite place occupied by a young woman. A hefty stack of books is on the floor beside her, making it clear she doesn’t intend on vacating the spot anytime soon. Reid is aghast, shocked that someone else has discovered that the out-of-the-way seat is precisely perfect. He’s irritated, but there’s nothing he can do. He takes a seat in a nearby, lesser, chair, and tries to relax. Every now and then he swears he can see the woman looking his way. Smiling. Gloating.

The next time he goes to the library, he arrives a whole hour than he usually does, deciding to forgo his usual evening coffee run. The lack of caffeine is worth it when he finds the armchair open, and he has to stop himself from practically running over to it. Each of the ten books he’s brought are lined up on the shelf, and Reid settles in happily to claim his rightful place in the library. Not twenty minutes later does he hear footsteps making their way over, and then abruptly stopping. Sure enough, when he looks up, it’s her again.

Her eyes narrow ever so slightly, and he wonders if she recognizes him as well. The woman looks him over once, and then sits down in the same chair he was relegated to previously. When she’s engrossed with her book, Reid peers her way. If he’s going to have regular territorial disputes over the armchair, he ought to know his enemy. She looks to be around his age, in her late twenties or early thirties. The cardigan hanging loosely from her shoulders is at least two sizes too big for her, and her hair is thrown up in a loose bun, rogue strands falling past her ears. Her backpack gives no indication what her profession might be, nor does her dress, but he can make out the titles of the books she has with her.

The World History of Street Art and Graffiti. Art Spiegalman’s The Complete Maus. The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh. Love in the Time of Cholera. Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

The variety doesn’t help him. Is she an artist? A historian? An English major? Or just someone with widely varied tastes in reading material? All he is certain of is that she doesn’t read as fast as he does. Then again, nobody reads as fast as he does.

Two times the following week, he sees her. The first time, he has the chair. The second, she has beat him to it, offering him a smirk when he arrives. The second time is different though. The woman leaves five minutes before the library closes, though she’s previously stayed the entire time. When he walks towards the doors himself, the library whispers his name. All the librarians seem to know him by now.

“I have something for you,” says the gray-haired woman. Her spectacles hang from a beaded lanyard, swinging back and forth as she goes to get something from the back desk. He’s not sure what he was expecting, but somehow he’s surprised to see it is a book. And not just any book. Resurrection, one of the few Tolstoy works he hasn’t read. Today alone he finished re-reading War and Peace and The Death of Ivan Ilych. “I was told to let you know it’s ‘from the young lady who also enjoys the window seat.’ I’ve already checked it out on your card.”

Had she been looking at his reading selections as well? He’s stunned by the gesture. “Thanks Mrs. Atkinson,” he says, adding the book to his messenger bag. It is finished by the next morning, and he has to admit, the woman has good taste.

The pattern continues with each meeting. When he claims the chair next, he asks the librarian to give her the copy of IQ84, as she’d nearly finished The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and the expressions on her face as she read told him she was quite a fan of Murakami’s writing. They pass books back and forth via librarians, like some new form of the pony express. Or perhaps it’s more like carrier pigeons.

A week and a half later, he’s startled to find she seems to have broken off the communication, when she fails to leave him something the day she beats him to the window seat. But when comes back the next day, he discovers she has merely found a new way to talk. The book is sitting on the empty bookshelf, a notecard on top of it.

It says: I thought I would give our librarians a break, but here’s your consolation prize for getting here after me. It’s about a boy trying to solve a mystery, and his interests are as varied as the sorts of books you read.

Reid picks up the novel, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, by Jonathan Safran Foer. Never has he read it before, but twenty minutes later he wonders how he could’ve possibly missed this book. It’s only then, when he finishes it, that he looks up and realizes that the woman he’s come to think of as Library Girl is watching him with a smile. He wants to wave, but is that allowed? They’ve never exactly acknowledged the presence of the other, save for trading books and silently fighting over the chair. In a compromise, he gives her a small smile, and returns to his reading, all the while wondering what to leave for her this time.

What began as an inconvenience has now become some sort of amusing competition. Every time he goes to the library, he finds himself excited. Will he get there first? Or will she? What book will she leave him this time? What will she think of the one he last left for her? At this point now, that friendly competition feels something like a friendship as well. He doesn’t feel peeved at the prospect of sitting somewhere else, and after going to the library. What once was a crucial part of his routine now takes a backseat to this new occurrence.

Studying her is like reading a novel, and in a way he supposes they are becoming a story of their own. Book after book left like an offering on an empty bookshelf, little notes scrawled from a stranger. Funny, kind, sincere, sweet; a wide range of moods can be found on those little messages, and he remembers each one. The same way he has catalogued every dress and cardigan he’s seen her in, memorized her little habits and quirks, created a mental library of the books and genres she loves the best. Does she read him the same way? Some days he looks up and finds her quickly averting her gaze, or will notice her throwing him one last glance before she leaves. And in those moments, he thinks he sees something like longing. As though these little trades are no longer enough for her, as though she’s considering saying hello to him the same way he’s imagined doing so a thousand times.

Perhaps the most interesting of their exchanges comes after he leaves her Ulysses, assuming the classic will keep her busy for a while. When it’s her turn to leave a book, he finds one from the art section. Postsecret: Confessions on Life, Death, and God. The note attached tells him it’s one of her favorites, and she hopes he will find it interesting. And he does. The concept is fascinating, all of these people mailing their secrets to a stranger on the back of a postcard. It’s the ultimate anonymous confession, nobody needs to know who it’s from or exactly what it means. Aren’t these confessions, in a way? They’re baring their souls to each other in the form of their favorite literature.

What would her secrets be? What is she like? What makes her laugh, what makes her cry? He wants to know, wants to have more to profile than just books and behavior. He wants conversations, wants long talks and honesty and her name.

Reid resolves to finally speak to her. But the next time he’s there, she isn’t. An hour passes. Two. The library closes, and she doesn’t show up. Already he’s confused. In four months, she has never been absent. Every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, she is there at the library. Perhaps, he thinks, something came up. Perhaps she is on vacation, out with friends, sick, staying late at work. It’s only one day. Nothing to worry about.

But on Saturday she’s missing as well. Reid stays there for six hours, and she doesn’t show. Now he’s worried. The next week, he goes to the library every single day. Every evening after work, he sits and waits for her. Always leaving the armchair by the window open. This is one point he’s willing to concede, bargaining with the universe, hoping that if he gives up that chair, maybe tonight will be the night she comes back.

She doesn’t. A second week passes, and he’s terrified for this stranger, this woman whose name he doesn’t even know. Why didn’t he ask for her name? Why? Because now she’s gone and he might never get a chance to ask. Not once has she missed a single one of their thrice-weekly library encounters. What’s happened? Being a profiler, his mind immediately jumps to the worst of conclusions. She was abducted on her way home from work. She’s being held in a psychopath’s basement, chained to a wall. She was murdered by a sexual sadist. Shot. Strangled. Dismembered and tossed into the Potomac River.

No, statistically those things are far less likely. That’s what he reminds himself of. She’s probably just busy. Maybe she’s going to a different library. Maybe she just doesn’t want to see him again. But he can’t shake a sense of foreboding, because whenever he finds something that makes him happy, it’s snatched away from him without warning. And this person was definitely beginning to make him happy. In the smallest of ways, the smallest of joys.

Now she too is gone. Reid is tempted to ask the team for help, plead with Garcia to track this woman down. What is he supposed to say? I’ve been meeting with this girl three times a week at the library. We’ve never even talked, and I don’t’ now her name or what she does or where she lives, but she hasn’t been to the library this week and I’m worried something is wrong. That would be ridiculous. There is no proof, no evidence, nothing to go off of. Other than her notes, he has no way to prove she even exists. Can he even call Library Girl his friend? They feel like friends. He knows what books she loves, that she will read just about anything, that she notices the people around her. She sometimes takes notes between pages, writes in a little red journal, smiles to herself from time to time.

But he doesn’t know her, not really. It’s best to forget about her, to move on and assume that nothing out of the ordinary has happened. People leave all the time. They don’t all keep coming back to the same chair in the same place for months on end. Reid tells himself it doesn’t matter. Besides, he’s unconventional… relationships… before, and they never end well. This isn’t even a relationship. It’s just two people who happen to share a preference for the same things.

But then why does he want to see her again? And where has she gone?

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smut,,,,, halsey: young god,,,,, jimin

Young God- Jimin(Requested Smut) 

Young God- Halsey(Audio)

//Heaven. Park Jimin. With an echoing studio and lots of mirrors, enjoy//

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Sweat drips off his body, gleaming in the harsh light of the dance studio as he leans over me, a small smirk on his face as he pulls on the collar of his tank.

“You want a little slice of heaven baby?” His deep voice sounds, seductivity tainting his tone.

I spread my legs to accommodate him, licking my lips and pulling his shirt off for him. “I thought you’d never ask.”

“Well…” My shirt goes next, his skilled fingers hardening my nipples through the thin material of my sports bra. “You looked so sexy dancing like that, there was only so long I could wait.” He gets an inch from my lips, warm sweet air blowing onto me as he speaks. “And now I’m all sorts of impatient. I want you. Now.”

I hum, running my hands down his bare back, gathering the sweat with my fingertips. “Then come and take me, Jimin. I’m ready.”

Without wasting another second he’s over me, tongue rushing past my parted lips to duel with mine, gripping my hips roughly when I fight for dominance. The tight material of my leggings make it so easy to feel him, relishing in each ounce of weight he presses on me.

I hurriedly untie the drawstring of his sweats, helping him get out of the constricting material until his erection springs free. “Already so hard?” I tease him, earning me a panty dropping growl as he starts on me.

His fingers work diligently, quickly bringing down my pants and underwear in one go before spreading my legs, inhaling the sweet scent of my arousal before smirking.  

“Already so wet?” He echoes me, earning him a moan as he presses a finger to my throbbing clit. “I can’t wait to feel how tight you are.”

I whimper as his thumb rubs circles into me, licking my juices off his finger before lining himself up. “Then why don’t you find out?” I bite my lip.

A high pitched moan echoes sensually off the walls, a flash in the mirror’s reflection as Jimin thrusts his hips, sending me careening into the open infinity of oblivion. I’m immediately submerged in him, unable to control the curses that roll off my tongue like prayers.

Every roll of his pelvis is giving me chills, loving how our sweaty bodies glide together, already short of breath from practice, desperately trying to gasp through our consuming lust for one another. I can see his back in the mirror, strong lines running down to the impeccable curve of his ass.

He’s like a god. So unbelievably perfect. So sexy.  

His groan reverberates off the walls, heaven on earth as it resonates in my ears. I love the way he sounds and feels and tastes when I crash my lips to his, reclaiming the inches until a sheet of paper can’t fit between us. I let him devour me this time, letting him have control as I lay down and take it, immobile under his searing fervor.

His panting comes out deep and rough, laced with passion as he leans his forehead against mine, pumping his hard member in and out of my wet core with driving force. I know I’m close, wrapping my legs around his waist and crying loudly at the angle he gets.


“Yeah, that’s right. Say my name.”

I obey him, repeating it like a broken mantra, listening to it echo as the reflection of the mirror blurs before my eyes. He’s completely driven me mad as I cum around his long member, clenching my tight walls around him.

“Fuck.” He curses heavily, rolling his eyes and pulling out to cum over my stomach, little streams of sex flowing onto the hardwood. “Fuck.”

Swallowing thickly, the only sounds are the heavy synchronization of our breathing. My sweat slicked chest rises and falls heavily, giving Jimin a small, secretive smile. “Heaven…” I sigh, licking my lips and tracking my nails down his large biceps.  

“I can take you there again…” He persuades, nuzzling his face into the sensitive skin behind my ear, taking the lobe between his teeth with a chuckle. “Again and again and again…”

//so much Jimin for you with lots more to cum come//

~Admin Eggplant


Some sugary sweet Barba fluff for the amazing @svu-stories. Sending lots of love her way!!!

You could think of nothing but sleep. The day seemed to run off the clock and come back the other way around with the minute hand lodged in the same space only slowly ticking forward. Was your life destined to be an endless loop of angry aged debutantes hating the clams and commenting on too much time passing between the tossed greens and the flounder in lobster sauce?

Catering was no way to make a living.

You longed to forget that such a thing as food was even required by the human body as you climbed the steps from the subway and placed your key in the door.

“Hello there!”

Under any other circumstances you might have giggled at the sight of Rafael wearing an apron over his suspenders with a paisley tie hanging loosely about his neck.

But right now…

“What are you doing?”

“Giving you a surprise,” he said. “This recipe is not as easy as you make it look.”

Several scalded pans already soaking in the sink told the tale in far more detail than his words.

“You didn’t have to do this.”

He slung a dishtowel over his shoulder, his hands sticky as he touched your face.

“All I could think about with no verdict in sight.”

“Still?” you asked. You nearly forgot your troubles as he kissed you, and he looked beyond proud with himself as you lifted a fork and tucked into the cooling tray.

“This is burnt.”

His face fell, but he recovered and set to work on combining more eggs with cinnamon and salt and… how much sugar was he using?

Everything fell into the only clean bowl in your apartment.

“I almost have it,” Rafael swore as he stirred.

“I’m not really hungry.”

“Not flying tonight,” he said. “You barely had breakfast.”

“Did I even ask you to do this?”

“Maybe not with words,” he carefully stated. “But lately you seem so sad. So stressed.”

Inhaling the cinnamon dotting his fingers as he stroked your hair, you flinched and shook your head.

“Just let me sleep then,” you said.

“But I want to do something special for you.”

“Then don’t leave a mess for me to clean up in the morning.”

It was always the way with his grand attempts at fine meals. Bacán or Ciceri e Tria. So sweet his intentions. But your frustrations got the better of your as you slammed one hand to the counter top rattling the assorted dishes. The sound sent a shiver up your spine and you could not bring yourself to look at him.

“I need a shower,” you said. “Then I’m going to bed.”

The hot water poured down your body. You let it scald and wished that you hadn’t been so short with him. But the day bleeding into the night was long and tomorrow you’d have to do it all over. Running in place like a hamster on a wheel. You shut the water off and slipped into bed. Of course he wasn’t there. Would he ever be in your arms again in the wake of your tirade?

You fell asleep despite yourself and dreamed of a banquet hall lined with tapestries. Off in the distance, you saw Rafael smiling and tried to touch him. But he vanished as soon as you stepped forward.

And you awoke with a scream and the feel of his arms surrounding you.

“Shhh,” he said. “Nothing to be afraid of.”

You clutched at his arms and desperately kissed his cheeks as he pushed a lock of hair behind your ears.

“Can you say the same thing?”

He inched back as you swung your legs over the edge of the bed.

Mi amor, what—?”

“I came in here like a crazy person and laid into you for doing a nice thing,” you said playing with the apron still lining his waist. “I don’t deserve that. Especially not tonight.”

“So you say.”

The feel of his weight leaving the bed crushed into your soul. Gone was the last chance to tell him that you were simply tired and couldn’t lash out at the thin lipped ladies who said your attempt at an appetizer was no better than what they fed their dogs. Didn’t they understand how much the words hurt?

Couldn’t Rafael?

Falling into his pillow, breathing in what you feared would be the last trace of his scent, you bolted up when he kicked open the door carrying a dish in his hand.

“I say you deserve more.”

“What is that?” you asked through your sniffles.”.

“This is like my sixth attempt,” he confessed. “But I think I’m getting the hang of it.”

As soon as he returned to the bed, you felt guilty all over again. Somehow he swam through the slime of his day to day and emerged at the other end thinking only of making you smile, wanting to see the roses in your cheeks.

And you only gave him thorns.

“Sure it’s nothing like yours,” he said. “But I hope that you like it.”

You tried to take up the fork when your fingers trembled and he steadied you with one hand.

“Save your tears for after,” he teased. But it was no good. Your throat hitched and you could barely swallow as he wrapped you in his arms.

“I’m sorry,” you murmured. “It was just a shit day. And I’m taking it out on you.”

“That’s what I’m here for,” he said.

“To be my punching bag?” you asked. The tears kept falling around his embrace. Rafael’s lips floated towards you ear and you felt his fingers drift down your arm as he clutched your hand.

“To be your support,” he said. “You know what I’d like most?”

“A different wife?”

“Don’t even joke like that.”

He slipped to his knees and set the warm plate aside. Your fingers tangled in his dark hair, the strands speckled with silver soft to the touch, and you curled your back to hug him as he trailed kisses up your torso, his dulcet tones harmonizing with the beat of your heart.

“I’d like to show up at one of your shindigs. Make faces at anyone who gives you the side eye.”

“I adore your many expressions,” you said.

“And you’d love it when I sprout wings and fly you to the clouds.”

The image of him making like some as yet undiscovered superhero caused you to laugh and you grabbed his face. His lips were gentle on yours and you gazed into his green eyes as you cradled his chin.

“If you need to set down and rest for a bit, I’ll take care of you.”

His kiss was shorter, sweeter and he was at your side as he picked up the plate.

“That cuts both ways.”

Opening your mouth, you let the browned bread come to rest on your tongue. The whipped cream was just right and the raisins mingled with the nutmeg as you relished the dessert and wanted to have it for every meal.

“You got it right,” you said as you plucked another piece from the plate and licked your fingers clean.

“Practice makes perfect,” he said. “Of course you already are.”

As he cuddled next to your side, you let all ideas of tomorrow fade away. And any dark moment that might follow. For now, you had a husband who slaved over a stove to give you a treat that was beyond sublime.

“Did you have anything to eat?” you finally asked with your tummy full and your life a song that only he could sing.

“This isn’t about me right now,” he said.

“You’re adorable. But a handful of raisins won’t cut it.”

Suddenly feeling wide awake, you expected to find a post-apocalyptic kitchen.

And you stopped in your tracks.

“You… you cleaned up, too?”

Everything sparkled as the dishwasher hummed and he pressed his chest into your back, brushing a few strands of hair away to kiss your cheek.

“Anything you want or need,” he said.

Even without wings, he was marvelous and you squeezed him in your arms with a satisfied sigh.

“Just you, Rafael. Only you.”

“Same here. Forever and always.”

yukimuraseiichiislove  asked:

Your request is headcanon sooo... how would Yukimura, Tezuka and Atobe court the person they like? Thank you and more power :3

Here you go, cupcake. <3 I think I’ve already done something similar, but I couldn’t find it so I wrote something. xxxx


  • he tries to spend a lot time with you, whether it’s during breaks or hanging out after school/work
  • Yukimura tries to really get to know you, he always is interested in the things you are saying and really listens to you
  • he tries to be here for you when you need him, it only takes one look at you for him to know when you have a bad day
  • Yukimura has this secret goal to make you laugh at least one time every day and he never fails in reaching his goals
  • he actually writes you a message every day to wish you a good night
  • Yukimura doesn’t really hide his feelings, he makes it pretty clear that you are important to him and he would never deny it in front of anyone


  • it’s really subtle, but Tezuka is more open around you, so you can get to know his true self
  • he always is very polite and helpful - when you are around his focus is completely on you
  • Tezuka is usually very busy, but he always makes time for you when you need him
  • he gladly talks to you during breaks from tennis practice, not caring about the whole Seigaku tennis team staring at you in wonder
  • Tezuka would probably invite you over to a study date so he can spend more time with you
  • he always takes care of you no matter what and he actually cracks a tiny smile whenever you get excited about something


  • he is not afraid to show his affection in every way possible – obviously he pampers you all the time
  • Atobe is the perfect gentleman, holding doors open for you, lending you his jacket, walking you home/giving you a ride
  • he is protective and he worries about you all the time
  • the things he loves most are listening to you talk or making you laugh
  • he remembers everything about you, what your likes and dislikes are, what makes you happy, what you are afraid of, what bothers you
  • Atobe tries to show you that he is able to take care of you and that he is completely serious about you
  • Atobe doesn’t rush you, he wants to give you all the time you need – in general he just wants you to be happy