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What is it about Dragon Maid that you like so much?

there’s a couple things!

  • i like the art style/animation and think its really cute 
  • i ADORE the music - the OP and ED and just, the entire soundtrack
  • i think a majority of the humor is really funny
  • kanna?? is the most precious and best
  • i really like tohru and kobayashi’s relationship!! i wasn’t sure about it at first but i’ve really enjoyed the way it develops
  • I really like kobayashi as a protagonist!
  •  i think tohru is a pr interesting character on her own as well, and they never really sacrifice that aspect of her (aka her general disregard for any human that isn’t kobayashi) in order to make her more appealing to the audience. i feel like we don’t get to see many cute and bright anime girls who are also mean, selfish, and easily jealous
  • im a fucking sucker for domestic, slice of life shit and that’s like 98% of this series 
  • it’s a pretty nice, feel-good anime that i don’t have to worry about or think about much while watching
  • the relationship dynamics in general are mmmtasty i love ‘em

hmm i think that’s mostly it! 

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Emily being the adorable silly dork full of rainbows that she is during the photo ops at the Super Heroes Con  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧