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Emily being the adorable silly dork full of rainbows that she is during the photo ops at the Super Heroes Con  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

PittCon Sunday

(sorry this is so late. my mind has been reeling since I stepped into Jensen’s hug. cut comes after the gold panel)

My heart was racing as I typed this because it contains the letters to Jared story and the interaction between he and I as I gave him the binder and reliving that moment is everything I ever wanted. My liiiffeeee <3333 

Part One (Gold Panel): 

  • They come walking down the glass bridge. Jensen waves. Jared pushes him aside and becomes the star of the show. Jared takes off his beanie and everybody screams (still don’t understand how he does it).
  • Someone in the second row continues to talk to Jared from her seat instead of waiting to be selected for a question. (*heavy eye rolling from me*)
  • Jared and Jensen are sleepy little dorks and I love it. They’re still running on Vancouver time. Jensen didn’t sleep Saturday night, he watched the hours roll by. Jared says we should’ve called Jensen and invited him out with us. Jensen’s got “about two hours of solid” him left before it gets either “really interesting or really boring.”
  • Jared realizes the actress who plays Hitler granddaughter is from Pittsburgh. They’re “chuggin’ along” with filming - already on episode six. 
  • Jared says they’re still waiting for the call for season 14 renewal.
  • Fan is upset because Jensen promised to sing at SNS this year. He laughs and asks, “You believed that?!” He blames timezone switches and Rob, because Rob “likes Pittsburgh to himself.”
  • They’ve been on a juice diet because “summer was hard” on them (specifically Jared - who still looks incredible, by the way). As Jensen was walking on stage, he found a cup of goldfish crackers and stuffed a handful in his mouth. He comes on stage still chewing. They’re already talking about getting burgers for dinner Sunday night.
  • Jared envies people who can draw because he loves to do it but is “really bad at it.” Jensen makes a “mean stick figure.” They joke about they wish they could take their profession anywhere the way musicians and sketch artists/painters can. Jensen laughs and says he envisions Jared standing in front of a t-rex exhibit “To be! Or not to be!”
  • Jared takes on “Misha form!” while answering a question about their childhood memory. Jared tells the story of Tom starting kindergarten. He was flooded with emotions while the other parents were already used to taking their kids and just dropping them off. Meanwhile Jared is crying. Jensen says he has a lot of good childhood memories, but one of his favorite is his sixth birthday. He woke up and put on his cowboy outfit, complete with six-shooters and a sheriff’s badge. He walked outside and there was a horse in the yard for him to ride. Their yard wasn’t big, but he rode the horse in circles and shot his cap guns.
  • Jensen was never “into” sports medicine, but it was what he chose as he selected college major originally. Jensen says he thinks it would be fun to be a boat captain. Jared planned on going to school for engineering to follow in the footsteps of his brother. Instead, his brother ended up becoming a surgeon, and Jared thinks he would’ve followed that path as well. Jared’s other career options are doctor or teacher. “It’d be fun to be a wildlife photographer,” according to Jared. Jensen decides he wants to be a food and drink writer. Jared mocks avocado toast, Jensen says he’ll wolf one down if it allows him to travel to Italy.
  • Jared has so much trouble with his microphone.
  • They’ve never dreamed as Sam and Dean, but they dream about them and the set. Jared has had dreams about Kim Manners since his passing, where they talk, “which is… interesting.”
  • Danneel has to tell Jensen to stop using the Dean voice. Other times she’s like, “Can you please use the Dean voice…?”
  • Fan says alternate universe in s12 was out of left field but it was awesome. Asks if the boys have been surprised by anything the writers have thrown into the plot. Jensen says French Mistake. Jared says his big left field moment was when he traveled to Los Angeles before season 6 and met with Sera. She told him about soulless!Sam and he had to hide his gut reaction because he was right in front of her instead of being on the phone like he normally would be. Soulless!Sam is one of Jared’s favorite character twists. 
  • Jensen would never rule theatre out of his life as a future option. He doesn’t currently have plans to return to the stage, but he wouldn’t mind going back. Jared says he hasn’t done theatre in a long time, and he loved it. It’s the “best training ground possible,” but it’s hard to keep it fresh. Jared compares theatre to doing squats for thirty minutes. Jensen laughs and mocks him. joking about never skipping leg day.
  • A fan is getting fired for being at the convention. Asks about binge watching because she has a lot of free time now. Jensen says he watched Ozark in a week. Jared says Breaking Bad, but he’s on to Ozark because of Jensen’s recommendation. 
  • Fan gives suggestions for food places. A place called Burgatory. Jensen asks if there are any exits. 
  • “Did someone say Sanchez?” - Jared… why
  • Unicorns or dragons? Jared: unicorns ‘cause they’re not going to kill me, and they fart rainbows. Jensen: I’m gonna go dragons. Speaking of dragons… anybody watch game of thrones? Jared jokes about Jensen ruining the show for him by mentioning dragons. Jensen asks if everyone is caught up. Fan says no. Jensen: “earmufffssss!” He thinks they totally ripped off the demon!Dean transformation scene.

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нyrυle warrιorѕ - gιve мe тнe тнιng тнaт ι love - (140th vid)

Also, I’d recommend head/earphones and 720p for maximum enjoyment

Many thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for giving me Hyrule Warriors Legends for Christmas. After 3 years of avoiding (most) spoilers for this game’s story, I finally got to experience it and I love it. A lot more than I thought I was going to actually, and I just had to make a video for it. The gameplay’s repetitive but addicting and so much of it is over the top, but in a great way that any zelda fan would love. I actually love Cia and Lana a lot, and Linkle is my absolute fave. She’s so adorable and OP. I really like Volga too, especially after Cia’s Tale. I just love everything about this game. Except Wizzro. He can go die. Always betraying me in Cia’s Tale.

While looking up other videos for HW I found and really loved this one and felt inspired to make my own, and I just really like this cover of this song.

This is my 140th video on this channel and I’m very proud of how it turned out. I made my very first video way back in 2010 when I had little idea of what to actually do and I was limited to that program that everyone is familiar with: Windows Movie Maker. I’m now 19 years old and going to be turning 20 in a few months. I love how far I’ve come and how I’ve turned a small pass time into a hobby I’m very passionate about. Thanks to all the people who support me and watch my videos, and Happy New Year.

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Yes <3 Perfect <3


Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road Opening 2

Realize ▷ ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D
      “I will never ever give up!”


“I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.”

I wrote actually shippy, fluffy LuNami and you have no idea how proud of myself I am. This is such a solid broship for me, it’s actually hard for me to write shippy stuff for them, but I did and I’m happy with it, so I hope you all like it. Also, I’m dedicating this to my lovely co-captain eileithyia-ya because I know how much she does love her LuNa ship. XD

Title: Delicious
Pairing: Monkey D. Luffy x Nami
Genre: Humor/ Romance
Rating: K+
Word Count: 717
Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or the characters, they belong to Eiichiro Oda.

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E/R snow day with a lot of cuddling

Enjolras does not do days off. He doesn’t even have weekends; he has extended workdays instead. So the morning that he wakes up to find that a snow storm has blown past the city last night and left it covered in a thick layer of ice, he groans. He groans really loudly.

‘I’m not telepathically sucking your dick, am I? Though think of how useful that would be the next time someone’s hitting on you,’ Grantaire mumbles beside him, his hair an unruly curtain over his face. 'Why are you making sex noises? Also why the fuck is it so fucking cold?

Enjolras thrusts his mobile at Grantaire’s face. ‘Look, R, look.’

The other man sweeps his overlong fringe aside, squinting sleepy at the smartphone hovering a few inches from his face.


'Huh.’ Grantaire grabs the phone from his fingers and starts typing a reply, propped up on his elbows. Enjolras buries his face into Grantaire’s bicep, thinking about how far behind they will be if they miss a day of work. There’s a meeting that he can’t put off later, and Marius needs a final debrief before he flies to New York tomorrow. His feet kick out in worry-reflex and he hisses when the cold air quickly wraps around his bare ankles. He drags his feet inside the duvet, shaping his body into a comma that will slot into Grantaire’s space just so. There’s a spot on his chest that Enjolras likes to poke his nose into, so he does, and a moment later he feels Grantaire shifting aside to accommodate him.

He really has a lot of important work to do today.

Except that Grantaire feels exceptionally warm, and Enjolras can feel himself sinking more bonelessly into the bed.

'Done,’ Grantaire announces, and there’s the sound of a phone rattling on top of the beside table. 'You’re officially not the asshole who makes everybody work on a snow day. Congratulations.’

Enjolras stiffens and sits up, the blanket falling off his shoulders and dear god is it cold. ‘I can’t,’ Enjolras says, even as his fingers grip the edge of the duvet to bring it back up his chest. His gaze flicks over to the window but the curtains are impenetrable. ‘Grantaire, I can’t. There’s too much work to be done and a little bit of snow never killed anyone. I won’t make the others come in if they don’t want to, but I have responsibilities and — ‘

Grantaire sighs and reaches for Enjolras’ arm, dragging him back down to bed still protesting. ‘Enjolras, my love, you have been given a day to literally chill out. Take advantage of it. I don’t want to be a widower before I reach thirty.’

'No one ever died from a bit of hard work,’ Enjolras mutters petulantly but eventually he sighs and cuddles into Grantaire once more with a thoroughly put upon look on his face.

'Let’s not make you the first, then,’ Grantaire mumbles as he presses a kiss on top of Enjolras’ head.

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Let's say Im a new subscriber of RoosterTeeth. What videos should I watch to get started?

Hi anon, okay so I made a list recently of videos that are my personal favourites and great to watch which I shall paste below as well as a few extras that I’ve added.  They’ve been split into Roosterteeth and Achievement Hunter (which you’ll find on the let’s play channel) to kind of differentiate. All under the cut!

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What's the cockles bride photo? Am I missing something?

Someone at Houscon got a Cockles photo op where Jensen swung Misha up into his arms (while Misha jumped into them) in what I described as “bridal style”, one arm behind his back and one under his knees. I was in line and saw it happen, and I blabbered about it on tumblr after and that post went around and everybody else freaked out too and demanded the photo. 

I found the photo when I was picking up my own and I took a picture of it in case it never, ever showed up online, but it doesn’t belong to me so I don’t feel okay about publicly posting it. (If time goes by and it never appears I may post it under a read more with the request that people not repost it or post it on Twitter, because I want people to be able to see it but I want to do the ethical thing.) But there were so many people saying they’d been trying to find the photo all day and they couldn’t go to sleep and they were desperate to see it that I’ve been sharing it privately to people who message me off anon and promise not to share or post it. 

So far I’ve been really proud of how polite and respectful everyone has been about it, and it looks like someone put it on Twitter for all of ten minutes before taking it down. The Cockles fandom is so great!

In short, I have a picture of a really adorable Cockles op that doesn’t belong to me but I want to be able to share privately so I’m relying on the honor system. :)