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tHIS IS LITERALLY SO HARD that’s why it took me a million years I love everyone

In no particular order:

@youremykindagirl Marys is an angel who deserves only good things in life. you’re a fucking delight

@cadetblake Casey is brave af. Always challenging herself by doing things that scare her. You’re the definition of #ANGELCAKE

@bellamyfrecklefaceblake Meghan is hilarious. You are so funny and always say such poignant things. ALSO YOU’RE SO TALENTED. @ EVERYONE HAVE YOU READ HER FIC?? Give her all the awards

@rookieblueaf Rachel knows me better than I know myself sometimes. dude your love for pizza rolls is legendary

@franklaurcl KAZ! MY LIL ANGELBABY! I love you more than words can say. You are beyond amazing. You are talented. You are worthy. You deserve every good thing.

@andysmcnally Our mutual love for BDH is what keeps me going some days G. We usually have similar opinions and you’re interested in quality things. I’m glad even after RB we’re still on the same page

@insomniabug I’m so glad I got to meet you in 2016! YOU’RE A DELIGHT and I can say that bc we’ve spent time together. I hope you have an excellent 2017!

@sailorvenuss Liz Ily so much. You always indulge my crazy Jam freakouts and cry with me over how perfect BDH is. You are like my big sister and you always give such great advice. I’ll love you forever!

@carousallie Allie it’s been forever but you’re still my bae. You’re always around whenever I need or to talk about literally anything. You’re so smart and so driven and I know you’re going to do amazing things in your life!

@girlsnightout304 It’s been years and I never get tired of you! You’re always a delight to see on my dash or instagram. I appreciate how you have your own opinions and stick to them. You’re such a gem!

As some of you who read my posts know, I were at a con last week! Well I didn’t get any pictures of myself in that mecha engineer cosplay, but only few days later after the con, someone had tagged me in a photo on facebook! This cosplay took me about a year to make, but if I put the hours together, I worked in about 7 full days straight (24 hour x 7). It was a lot of fun to make it but it cost me some tears too. Anyway, hope you guys like it. I was not very happy with it myself but many people was very impressed and that really warmed my little robot heart UuU 

A friend took some pictures of me too but I haven’t got them yet, so this is all I got for now :3 I don’t dare to post the group picture with some other tf2 cosplayers because I don’t know if they want to and I don’t know them 3: but one thing was sure: there was very many scouts x’D

and I swear my eyes lights up a bit if you look more on it, but the lights are not so strong for too long >~< 

There’s Probably an Unaccounted For Member of the Pines Family

Sounds crazy, right? But hear me out. If A Tale of Two Stans took place in “1960-something,” let’s say 1965, and Stan and Ford looked a bit younger than Dipper and Mabel, let’s say 10, then that means they were born in 1955, which makes them both only 44 years old when the twins were born in 1999. But this doesn’t correlate with “Shermy” (most likely a nickname for Sherman), the baby seen in AToTS, and Dipper and Mabel’s grandfather. He was a very young baby when Stan was kicked out of the house.

So let’s look at this. Let’s say that the Stans were 17 in their Junior or Senior year of high school when Stan was kicked out. This would make the year 1972. (A little over a decade before December 1982. “You haven’t seen your brother in over ten years.”) So if Shermy was born within the same year, then he would have been 27 when Dipper and Mabel were born. A 27 year old grandfather. Even if we say that the Stans were born a few years earlier or were a little older in AToTS and Stan left in the late 60s, that still leaves Shermy a bit too young to be a grandfather. So either something supernatural happened, or Shermy got someone pregnant very young, or the staff of the show just doesn’t care enough to make backstories work consistently.

…Or the baby in AToTS isn’t Shermy. And Stan and Ford have an older brother that we never even saw. It’s entirely possible, seeing as the baby was only shown on screen once and wasn’t even mentioned in any dialogue. Who’s to say there wasn’t a fourth Pines brother who wasn’t mentioned either? Maybe one who had already left home by the time the Stans were 10? This would also explain why Stan had no contact with his family throughout this baby’s childhood and then “died in a car wreck,” therefore most likely never seeing the baby again, but then for some reason refers to Sherman with a friendly, silly nickname that apparently Ford recognizes too, even though he was at college or talking to demons in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the country through this kid’s whole childhood. It makes sense that they would be talking about an older brother that they both knew while growing up, and not a little brother that neither one of them would’ve had any time to get to know.

So who is Shermy? What’s his story? Who’s the baby in AToTS? Does Stan have a younger sibling that he’s never seen grown up? Is there a 39-year-old member of the Pines family somewhere out there who thinks one of his estranged older brothers he never knew died in a car wreck 30 years ago, and the other never cared enough to come home? And most importantly, now that they’ve made up and Weirdmageddon is no more, do Stan and Ford have any plans to try to reconnect with either of these unknown siblings?