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I think, instead of telling kids ‘don’t do drugs, they’re bad’ we should show them the opiate withdrawal patient I had the other day

25 years old, in jail for god knows what, cops bring him in with a lac to his forehead from banging it on the wall repeatedly. He is already handcuffed so we put him in an isolation room, with sliding glass doors. Because he is in custody we take everything but the bed out of the room. 

Patient is screaming the whole time he doesn’t want to be there (same bro) with blood everywhere from the head lac. 

5min later, I hear this sickening crash, I’m pretty sure someone has just run head first into the glass doors, because mate I’ve done that before those curtains are assholes, so rounding the corner I see blood all over the glass door, patient still screaming he wants out but is now banging his head on the glass. 

It takes 4 security guards to hold this guy down, he is absolutely losing his shit, screaming and flailing and has no idea whats going on. Calling out for his mom, for Neil (???), for a sandwich, doesn’t know what day it is or just refuses to answer we can’t tell, pupils 4mm and sluggish but thats how it was when they brought him in, so security cuffs him to the bed so he can’t hit the wall. 

Fastforward 10 minutes and he has dislocated/broken his wrist trying to get out of the bed and to the door, he has puke and stool everywhere, refused to take the ativan so we gave midaz, but that didn’t touch him. 

This guy screamed from 2-7, we maxed out what we could give him for benzos and he was extraordinarily agitated and wouldn’t settle and was only in the beginning stages of withdrawals. It was terrifying, but the thing that got me was after screaming about how we took the 20′s (from his underwear??) he was quiet for a minute, I thought ‘shit the midaz finally caught up with him and now were gonna need to intubate’ but he then screams

“I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t want to be on drugs anymore, I want this to stop, I want to be clean, please someone help me”

And thats what got me. This guy was 25, had his whole life ahead of him, but got caught up in drugs and it was going to kill him, and he wanted out, but withdrawals were so bad that it was easier to keep using. 

Fuck telling kids don’t do drugs. Show them what its like to try to stop, how all your friends die from OD, how you are one phonecall-not-made away from death yourself, how you get to be tied to a bed in the ER and your nurses need to apologize to other patients because you can’t stop screaming and just shit yourself and puked the cookie I gave you and your body is on fire. 

Don’t just tell them not to do it, because that doesn’t work, show them what its like to try to stop, because sometimes fear works better than facts. 

Note: Throughout the day we gave him 4 of ativan, 27.5 of Midazlolam and 12 of haldol, and this guy still was still agitated and screaming and 100% inconsolable, and by that time the doc was like ‘we can’t give him anymore, but lets transfer him out before he crashes’. It was a fucking time

Falcon Punch, monk style

(Background:  The DM for this wanted us to bring our best Pathfinder characters for this campaign.  The party consisted of a kitsune fighter, an orc unchained rogue, a kobold celestial-bloodline sorcerer, a tiefling life-mystery oracle, and my half-elf monk.  After fighting our way up out of a dungeon we’d been trapped in — and pretty well depleting our resources in the process — the DM wants his wizard character, the recurring villain of the campaign, to mock us before we actually escape.  He does so from the other side of a fifty-foot-wide chasm with no visible bottom.)

Villain:  [Standard hammy villain monologue with over-the-top gloating and taunting]

Kitsune:  [Orc], will you shoot him to at least get him to shut up?

Orc:  Can’t.  Out of ammo.

Kobold:  Hey, don’t look at me, guys, all I’ve got left are cantrips.

Tiefling:  I can barely even see the other side.

Kitsune:  Grr.  I don’t wanna have to listen to this guy.  Does anyone have a ranged attack that can at least get his attention?

Me:  Not exactly, but…  How wide is that chasm, again?

Tiefling:  *Snickers, knowing my monk from another campaign.*  Uh-oh…

DM: Uh, fifty feet.

Me:  Okay, I spend my last point of ki for the bonus to jump and leap across.  This should be a surprise round, right?

DM:  (after nearly choking on drink) Um.  Okay, yeah, DC 50; I hope you have another character ready.  Roll acrobatics.

Me:  Don’t need to, the lowest I can roll is a 66 after the point of ki.

DM:  (almost spittakes, with the rest of the party either snickering or stunned to silence) Seriously!?

Me:  *Presents character sheet.*

DM:  *Takes a few minutes to verify the ludicrous number of bonuses.*  …Oh goddammit.  Yeah, I guess this is happening, roll to attack.

Me:  Stunning Fist, get ready for his fort save.  *Rolls 17 on the die.*  Uh…

DM:  (before I can math up bonuses) I hate you.  *Rolls a 4 on the fort save.*  So.  Much.  So yeah, he’s in mid-monologue and you launch yourself across a goddamn bottomless chasm and punch the squishy wizard in the face.  Roll damage.

Party:  *Laughing hysterically!*

Tiefling:  Falcon Puuunch!

(Cue the entire table, including the poor DM, completely losing it for the next few minutes.  I proceeded to flurry of blows the Big Bad’s right hand man into an unrecognizable pulp over the next two rounds while the party cheered me on.  I looted the body, threw him into the chasm, and then could just “take 10” to jump back across.  It was my only session in that campaign, unfortunately, but I’m told it took a few weeks for the DM to work out how to get around the damage I did to his plot.  I understand he now takes excessive precautions before letting his villains run off at the mouth, since a DC 50 acrobatics check is apparently not enough.  This isn’t the first campaign that particular monk has mangled the plot of, either, but it is the most spectacular instance, and the only time she almost wrecked a campaign during its first session.)

Air B&E (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Natasha, Clint, unnamed Male Target, OFC Jeff. 

Summary: When a mission requires close proximity with your least favorite teammate, you try to make the best of it, but a change in plans adds new challenges and possibly a new opportunity. ( basically Bed Sharing Trope meets Enemies to Lovers Trope. Kinda.  :D )

Warnings: sexual situations? pretty vague.  

Word Count: 2.8k

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: Hey, ya’ll !! I’m back from vacation and the idea for this fic was sparked by my sleeping accommodations. heh. I kinda fell in love with it and even made time to write in the evenings after being super tired from traveling. I hope you enjoy this and any feedback is appreciated! Love you guys!! :)



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“Alright! So here are the keys, the WiFi password is posted on the fridge and let me know if there’s anything you need, anything at all. Okay?” said the overly enthusiastic young man before you.

You accepted the keys with a smile, “Absolutely! Thank you so much, Jeff. It’s even better than the pictures.”  

“I’m so glad,” he grinned. “Well, I’ll leave you to it. It was so nice to meet you both.”

Your eyes flickered to the man beside you, tight smile upon his face. “You, too, man,” he coolly responded.

Resisting the urge to roll your eyes, you clasped the hand of the heavy left arm draped over your shoulders. Technology allowed the metal plates to be shielded with a holographic flesh arm, but it still weighed a ton.

“Bye, Jeff.”

He nodded before stepping out into the hall. The moment the front door lock engaged, you shoved the arm off and put as much space between you two as possible.

“This plan is stupid,” Bucky said with contempt as he collapsed heavily onto the couch.

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Double Your Word Count: A Sprint Game

I cannot take credit for this idea–I read it somewhere on the NaNo forums last year, and since they’re wiped yearly the post I saw is long gone. Someone awesome who isn’t me came up with this, but I love it and want to share it.

Here’s what you do:

Set a timer for 5 minutes and sprint. Record your word count–I played this morning and got 188 words.

Okay, double that to set your goal for the next sprint, 10 minutes. I needed 376 words; I actually wrote 481. Go me!

Double that (my new goal is 962) and do a 20-minute sprint. Oops! I failed the first time, and only wrote 870 words.

If you fail at the goal, you have to try again instead of doubling. My second try: a measly 737. I was getting tired.

I took a break and did some tumblring, then tried a third time.

After a while, I realized I hadn’t actually started my timer, when I thought “Shouldn’t it have gone off by now?” and saw it sitting at 0:00.

But I’d written 1,443 more words, bringing my total for the day to almost 4K. Success, even if I wasn’t actually playing the game anymore.

(If I had reached that goal, the next step would be to double it and do a 40-minute sprint–I’ve tried that twice before and never managed to make it. Fatigue sets in for me, and my most effective writing-time length seems to be 15-20 minutes max, if I’m going for speed. Give it a try, certainly, to see if it works for you!)


WINNER’s beginning was different from the start as they were born through a reality program, “WIN: Who Is Next”. In the first week of their debut, they won three #1 crowns on music shows with their title track “Empty” and swept up all the rookie awards that year. The public fixed their eyes on the monster rookie that had skills, visuals, and the star quality and WINNER always put out results that met expectations. But a long hiatus followed which was unprecedented for a rookie group. A sudden piece of news that fans received during the hiatus was not about their comeback but about a member leaving the group. They became 4 members from 5 and they changed the formation of their choreographies and they adjusted the vocalist parts and they had to work hard to fill up the one empty spot. The result of this came in the form of their single album “FATE NUMBER FOR”, which was released on April 4th, 1 year and 2 months after their previous comeback. The moment the album was released, it recorded first place on iTunes Charts in 21 different countries and was featured in Apple Music’s “Best of the Week”. The fact that the public’s response to “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL”, which are total opposites of each other, are addicting is just a bonus. WINNER is at their peak.


The response for “REALLY REALLY” is very hot. Do you feel how popular it is?

I’ve been told by people but I can’t really feel it myself. Just like it has always been, we just perform onstage and meet our fans and move according to our schedules.

During WINNER’s hiatus, with Nam Taehyun’s leave, the group became 4 from the original 5. Didn’t you feel like your responsibility as the leader was heavier with this comeback?

Of course I felt responsible. But I didn’t think things like, “I need to lead WINNER better so we can go to a higher place.” (laughs) I felt like I needed to do things instead of staying still.

I heard that you weren’t able to properly rest or travel for leisure during the hiatus.

Yes. When I didn’t have plans on making music, I was at home. Home and company. That was it. It was because I didn’t want to just rest. Even when I didn’t have any songs to work on, I went to the company. I felt more comfortable staying at the company, eating with my composer hyungs, and talking to them.

I heard you made “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL” very quickly.

Composing for both songs came easy to me. For “REALLY REALLY”, I finished composing the melody and writing the lyrics while lying in bed in 4 hours. But I couldn’t figure out the best melody progression for the bridge part so I asked Mino to help me.

As a member who composed the songs, which member do you want to praise the most?

Jinwoo-hyung. I don’t force directions to the rappers. They have always done well with their individual styles and they know how to show off their own colors. But I was really surprised at how much Jinwoo-hyung’s singing improved while recording for this single album. The time it took to record decreased greatly. It took 30 minutes when it usually takes 2 hours.

Jinwoo told me earlier that the songs suited him so well that he was very comfortable with them.

Whenever I make WINNER songs, I compose so that it suits the members. It’s only possible since I’ve known them for almost 10 years now, ever since we were trainees. This means I probably can’t make songs for other singers.

I feel like you received a lot of stress to achieve such good results.

I feel like I don’t get stressed much but my body keeps hurting in places. (laughs) I still get migraines.

How do you relieve stress?

These days I reform clothes with Mino as a hobby. I usually relieve stress by going outside and walking under the sunlight. But I need to wear a face mask and a hoodie so people don’t recognize me. I wear black clothes to not draw attention to myself at night. (laughs)

How do you reform clothes?

I just fold them and stick them together and sew things together and cut things. I’m bad at sewing. When I have things I need to sew, I put them aside and when my mother comes to Seoul, I make her do it… (laughs) She enjoys it though! I’m usually really blunt around her so when I ask her to do things like this for me she thinks we’re playing together.

In the end, all the clothes you’re reforming are made by your mother.

No, that’s not it. I design the clothes and my mother sews the clothes. Designers don’t sew clothes themselves. Their assistants do it. (laughs)

You’re receiving good results after a long hiatus. Is there something you want to challenge yourself in in the future?

I want to hear people say, “This is what WINNER-like music is” even when we make music we want to make and not bother with trends. To make that happen, we need to become more known and further develop our careers. I think it’s possible with time. Personally, once WINNER becomes properly stabilized as a group, I want to release a solo album but I want to include all genres of music into that one album. When people think about the music Kang Seungyoon makes, they assume it’s only folk or rock music. I want to break that preconceived notion and put in dance, hip-hop, R&B, and even trot songs into the album. I’m just sharing my thoughts. (laughs)


You’ve succeeded in the variety scene. You received your nickname “Song Dumb” through “New Journey to the West” and you’ve become famous enough among the older generation that they ask for your autograph. Was it your wish to appear on a variety show?

Yes, I wanted to. Other than music shows, we weren’t able to have complete promotions and as time passed, the image of the group WINNER solidified into being a group that is hard to approach and classy. (laughs) I don’t mind that kind of image and vibe but I wanted us to promote more and become more known. In that timing, I received the offer from “New Journey to the West” and I had lots of fun filming it but I didn’t expect to be shown like that… (laughs)

You’re honestly worried as a rapper, right?

At first I was worried that my image would cover my music activities. But when I thought about it, what was shown on TV is my true self and it’s separate from the music I make so there is no need to forcefully hide myself. I’ll show myself as I am and I can show my music as it is.

In a separate interview you said that you worked hard to show rapping that overflows with energy without covering the melody. Maybe because of this I feel like your vocalization changed.

My vocalization changed during “Show Me The Money”. It’s actually a change that all singers and rappers go through. It’s how we find the voice we’re most comfortable with. When I first started rapping, I made up a voice and rapped in that voice. When I listen to the songs I made when I was in high school, my voice sounds like I swallowed stones. (laughs) Back then, I thought that was cool. But gradually, I’m finding the voice I’m comfortable with.

When you promote as WINNER, rapping is a component that makes up the vibe of the song. You must want to work on your own music since you don’t rap as much compared to when you promote individually.

Yes. The rapping I do as WINNER is one part of the song so the importance lies in the overall concept. But my rap style is made up of word plays and I pour in a lot of fun elements and enjoy my music so when I get the opportunity to work on my solo music, I’m going to do whatever I want. I want to go hard in my rapping.

Do you perhaps remember the first rap you made?

I don’t remember the lyrics but I remember what happened. The first ever music I made was when I was in my 6th year of elementary school. I went to my friend’s house and wrote my first lyrics and recorded myself on a cassette tape with my friend. I didn’t know anything when I was writing those lyrics. I just scribbled something and said, “Hey, but let’s still record it” and I recorded it on a cassette tape. I wonder where that cassette tape is now.

Out of all the raps you’ve made, which one gave you the hardest time?

The song that I had the hardest time making was “Shoot” for “Infinite Challenge: Great Legacy”. The overall concept was already set in place. The larger theme was history and the smaller theme was General Lee Soonshin. And the project was about becoming aware by looking back into the past and looking at the present. It was difficult to express myself within a fixed boundary. Fortunately, the end result turned out well.

You’ve had the name WINNER for 4 years now. Is there a time when you think you have some spare time now?

I don’t think we’re at that level yet. But the chemistry between us members is really good. We’ve been living together for a long time now so I think we know pretty much everything about each other. I know what my members are thinking just by looking at their faces. The member who is in the best mood today is… Seunghoon-hyung. That hyung has severe mood swings but I think he’s pretty happy today. (laughs)

Is there a specific key point you want listeners to focus on for “REALLY REALLY”?

Um… What a difficult question. (Song Mino mulled over the question for a long time. Lee Seunghoon, who had finished earlier came and suggested, “Didn’t you say you worked hard to change your tone? Tell her about that.”) The change in my tone can just be heard. I don’t need to specifically tell that to people… I just want people to listen to it comfortably. Comfortably. (laughs)


I heard CEO Yang praised you for making the choreography for “FOOL” in 5 hours.

I was able to make it quickly because I thought about the flow of movements. “FOOL” didn’t need complicated dancing. It’s a song that is close to the ballad genre so it wasn’t necessary to dance powerfully and put in a key point dance. The first thing I thought about was how I could make us look cool.

I’m curious about your process in making choreographies.

First, I close my eyes while listening to the song and draw a picture in my head. I imagine an overall picture while thinking about the mood of the performance that people would find cool watching us. After I imagine that, I make a large outline of how the members should move. After that, I make the detailed dance movements. “FOOL” didn’t need lots of movements but the formation had to change because we became 4 members from 5.

You’ve started promoting after a long hiatus. I heard you thought a lot about what kind of fanservice you would do for the fans.

The ground-breaking invention of Naver V App is helping many people other than ourselves, I think. I really want to tell Naver that I love them. (laughs) I’ve always liked making and planning ideas and content. I’ve had interest in making videos from when I was young. So I have fun and I like communicating with our fans through V App.

I feel like you’ve been overflowing with ideas from when you were on “K-Pop Star”. I guess you’re not nicknamed “Deputy Lee of YG Planning Team” for nothing.

I enjoy producing ideas. When I get told they’re fun, I get really excited. Usually, other artists go to the YG office building to work out or go to the recording studio on the 3rd floor and they don’t really go to where the staff members work. But I always go to those staff members’ offices. So when they see me on TV, they say that I look unfamiliar and that it feels strange. They say things like, “Why is our Deputy who’s always scruffy appearing on TV like that”. (laughs)

You have good fashion sense. You’ve collaborated with fashion brands too.

Let me just tell you that good-looking people like Jinwoo-hyung never get interested in fashion. That’s because they look good no matter what they wear. (laughs) I enjoyed going around used-goods markets and looking for clothes with my friends. Since I debuted and am earning money, I can buy expensive clothes now, right? I used to not have money so I couldn’t buy expensive clothes but I suddenly realised that the ultimate end to fashion was to personally create a style of clothes I like. So later on, when I have the opportunity, I want to create my own clothing brand, like Tyler, the Creator who made “Golf Wang”.

You’re a jack-of-all-trades. I was surprised when I saw your poem called “Flower Boat” that you wrote for your fans.

I just imitated something like a poem. I feel like my fans like it so much because what I feel for my fans can be felt from that poem. I’m not good at writing and I’m not talented.

What are you talking about? Your fans say that the lyrics you write are the best parts of the songs. Were you proud when you listened to the completed recordings of the new songs?

Yes, I liked them. Seungyoon is the type to listen to the music he makes a thousand times before the release but I don’t listen to our songs often. I say things like, “Why listen to them already when we’re going to keep listening to them after they’re released?” (laughs) But I was satisfied. I worked hard to make a rap that middle school girls could imitate easily.

How did you do that?

I made sure my enunciation wasn’t hard to imitate and the speed wasn’t too fast. And most importantly, I put in many breaks between the beats where you can rest. I imagined how people would sing and rap along. (laughs)


You’re famous among your fans for being very diligent. What kind of effort did you put in for this single album?

I kept receiving lessons while we recorded. I also learned contemporary dancing and thanks to that I became very confident. I used to sing quietly when we recorded but now I actively try singing this way and that. My singing hasn’t changed but my attitude has.

As the group became 4 members, your singing parts increased too. Were you not burdened?

I just recorded the songs comfortably. When Seungyoon makes a song, he thinks about our tones and the rappers’ tendencies. We record many songs and there are times when there are good results and there are times when there are bad results but when Seungyoon is the one who made the song, I never struggle. I didn’t put in any extra effort. I don’t need to because he makes songs that suit me perfectly.

When were you most excited while recording the songs?

I was just happy the entire time we were recording. I feel like learning how to physically express myself in a given situation through contemporary dancing made me change a lot internally. If I have the time, I want to continue learning contemporary dance.

Fans know that you’re a homebody. Do you still always stay home?

I don’t spend my spare time outdoors. I watch TV at home or I lie in bed and play with my phone. I used to play lots of phone games but I’ve stopped that now. Playing so many phone games made me spend too much money. (laughs) I stopped because I realised that if I kept it up, I would go broke. (laughs)

You must’ve watched a lot of TV during the hiatus.

I’ve watched many dramas recently. I especially enjoyed watching “Defendant”.

Who is your favorite actor?

Kimura Takuya. I love it when people tell me I look like how Kimura Takuya looked like when he was young. (laughs)

Who is your favorite Korean actor?

Jisung-sunbaenim who acted in “Defendant”. Did you watch that drama? You didn’t? You really should. I really love Choi Jinsil-sunbaenim. I didn’t know that I would fall in love with another actor besides her. Jisung-sunbaenim acted his character who would never let go of his deep sadness even in a happy situation and… Wow… Seriously…

You’ve acted in a webdrama before, right? I can feel that you’re greedy for acting.

Yes, I’m always interested in acting. I’ve acted in a couple of webdramas but I think they didn’t really suit me. I want to try acting a deep and heavy character instead of a light character. Of course, I am still very lacking.

But you’re the icon of effort. All the other members picked you as the member who improved the most.

Not just me, all of us worked really hard in making this single album. If you ask me what people should focus on when listening to our song, I want to say “all of it”. There is really no part that didn’t require hard work.

Then when is the best timing to listen to “REALLY REALLY”?

When you’re in a flirting relationship with someone. Or at the beginning of a romantic relationship, when the love is fresh. If I were to compare that feeling to a season, it would be Spring, which is right now.

When do you think Spring will start in your love life? I heard what your ideal type is on the radio. You said that you want to date someone who looks like you, right? A women with big eyes, a slender face, and is 165cm tall. Do these characteristics still hold?

Firstly, I don’t mind what kind of hairstyle she has now. But I would like it if she is shorter than me. Other than that, the general descriptions haven’t changed. But right now I will concentrate on WINNER promotions. (laughs)

Translated by @chrissy96_

Scans by @from1025       

10 Minutes(M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

A/N- I was in my feelings earlier and this was the result. Hope you guuys enjoy it. -Admin Kook


I stared at his face in the mirror as he remained focus on the dance he was doing. He’s working hard for this comeback but even I know he’s overworking himself. As his girlfriend I have to be the one to tell him to chill out for awhile.

“Yah! Park Jimin!”, I shouted from my spot on the dance room floor. He turned to looks at me with sweat running down his face as he caught his breath. He shrugged his shoulders causing me to frown up and a small sigh left his lips.

“Jagiya I have to practice.”, he stated and I groaned. “Of course you do. But you also have to rest. Take care of yourself.” I challenged his puppy dog eyes with my own and he immediately reached down to turn off the speaker.

“Fine. But only 10 minutes.”, he said moving to sit next to me. I gave a small smile as I handed him a small lunch box. His cheeks turned a light shade of pink as he took the box with a shy thank you.

“There’s my Jiminie.”, I giggled pinching his cheeks. He stared at me for a few second before setting the lunch box on the floor and pulling me into his lap.

“You’re always taking care of me Y/N. I’m the man here remember. So let me take care of you this time.”, he smirked and I blushed looking away from him.

“But I think I want to try something different. You always said you liked my thighs hm?”, he questioned causing me to blush even harder. I do admire his thighs to the point where I have certain thoughts. Thoughts I didn’t think he had caught onto. He helped me out of my jeans leaving me in just my shirt and panties. His warm hands sliding up my back and latching onto my bra before skillfully taking it off. Thank god for strapless bras.

“I want you to ride my thighs. Show me what you were fantasizing about last night.”, he muttered with a lustful gaze.

“You knew?”, I asked embarrassed as he nodded with a sly grin.

“You’re best friend isn’t really good with secrets.”, he stated and I frowned. Fucking Kim Taehyung.

“Yeah, he wasn’t supposed to know in the first place.”, I mumbled as he leaned to kiss my lips.

His arms wrapped around my waist as our lips molded together. I caressed his cheeks as I opened my mouth for his tongue to explore. His tongue dominated your own as he deepened the kiss. His hands trailed down to my ass while our tongues clashed. I let out a soft moan upon feeling his thigh muscles flex under my heat. A smirk appeared on his lips after he pulled away from my heaving body. His fingers ran through my hair before pulling slightly to expose my neck to him while the other pulled at my tank top. His hungry eyes clouded with lust as I came undone by his talented hands. His plump lips attached to my neck most likely leaving hickeys here and there. My hands pulled as his soft locks as a impatient moan escaped my lips.

“Jimin-ah”, I cried out as he lifted his leg pushing further into my womanhood. “Feel how wet you are already Y/N?” I gripped his shoulders as his action set my nerves on fire. He chuckled before pulling my shirt off and tossing it across the room.

“You’re so beautiful Y/N.”, he mumbled kissing down my chest before taking a nipple in between his lips. He sucked as if he was a hungry child and I squirmed on top of him. His eyes stared up to look me in my face while I bit the inside of my cheek to prevent myself from moaning too loudly. “Don’t. No one is around so be as loud as you want.”

I continued biting my lip as he worshiped my chest with his tongue. When he took notice of my silence he brushed my heat once more with his thigh leaving me breathless as I lowered my face into his neck. I felt myself losing control over my own body as he made unravel.

“Move.”, he commanded and I twirled my hips on his denim covered thigh. I slowly moved back and forth with the feelings of passion flowing through my veins. His arms wrapped around my torso to keep me in place as my orgasm neared. The friction his thigh made with my clit sends electricity coursing through my body. “You like that Y/N?”

“Jimin-ah!”, I squealed as he tensed his muscles and he smirked against my skin.

“Scream my name princess.”, he told me slipping his hands in my underwear to cup my ass. I could feel his jeans becoming damp from my actions. His lips found mine as my pace quickened pulling my release closer.

“Jimin I’m gonna cum.”, I moaned out and he nodded with a grin on his lips. His hands grabbed my hips, rocking me against his thigh harder and faster.

“Go ahead. Cum for me Y/N.”, he said and at that moment I clenched my eyes shut as I reached a full body orgasm leaving me crying out his name and arching into his chest. I buried my face in his neck as I slowed down, rising out my high as he squeezed my thighs. “Good girl.”

Once my body went limp in his arms stood up, carrying me to the practice room couch. He gently set me down before moving to kiss my lips. I reached for his belt but he swatted my hand away and I gave him a confused look.

“I don’t even have to get off if I get to watch you cum like that more often.”, he smirked with his hands in his pockets as he turned to turn the radio back on. The music blared from the speaker as I stared at him dumbfounded.

“That was ten minutes babe.”, he smirked before turning back to dance leaving my recovering form on the couch.


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since i’ve been slacking on posts and such, i took some quick snaps of my current bullet journal and am sharing them! it’s in a dotted notebook i found at tjmaxx and i’m so in love with it. 

i’ve had a full day of classes pretty much, just two hours of break between them over all. right after my last class gets out at 4 today, i’ve got to rush over to work for a six hour shift. i’m already exhausted and took a 10-minute “nap” before starting an audio lecture and taking these pictures. it was nice to just lay my head down and close my eyes for a few minutes. also it’s absolutely pouring today, and i think that’s the only thing keeping me in a somewhat cheerful mood, despite my exhaustion.

only one week left of classes and then i have finals week. I CAN MAKE IT. 

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SUMMARY - With Steve on a mission and Bucky in a meeting , you decide to have a little fun sexting. Things get dirty when Bucky comes back from the meeting . 

WARNINGS- daddy kink .SMUT , NSFW GIF , oral (MR , FR), phone sex 

WORDS - 3k+

A/N - This was completely Taw @supersoldierslover idea . Thank you so much . You know I love you .And I am so fucking happy that you liked it . If any warnings should be added pls send me an ask . I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable.

[ insert Steve and Bucky image , since my stupid wifi wasn’t uploading a pic]

Walking around the tower , eating biscuits , listening to music , talking to few of the agents , you spend the last hour waiting for Bucky to come back from the meeting .

2 WEEKS . Two weeks since Bucky and Steve were sent on different missions . Two weeks since you had seen either of them . Two weeks since you had touched yourself . Two weeks since you were properly fucked . Two weeks filled with burning desire to be filled , and to orgasm . But you still remember the last words uttered by your boyfriends before leaving for their mission .

“No touching . Okay baby doll . Behave and you will be rewarded .”

There was no way they’d know if you did pleasure yourself , but you wanted to behave . You knew if you refrained until the time they came , you’d cum harder than ever .

But now Bucky was back home in the tower , but you couldn’t do anything . The meeting was sure to last another hour . So you decided to have a little fun of yours .

You went back to the room , put on your sexy matching lingerie that you knew both of them liked .

It was pink in colour . They liked it because you looks sexy and innocent at the same time.

You stood in front of the mirror admiring the way it looked .Picking up the phone in your left hand , your right hand under your panties , you clicked a picture and send it to the group chat that you guys created for the three of you . A little teasing wouldn’t hurt .

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Last day of school

Finally school is over, summer is here and I’m excited! And as usual I have a story for you guys. Happened on the last day of school. I was wearing light blue jean shorts, baby blue panties (you can see the panty line and when I sit the right way you can see up my pants and at my underwear) I need new shorts lol, these are getting small. And a white T-shirt.
I pulled a classic Katie move and slept in so I was in a rush to get out the door the second I woke up. This resulted in me not going to the bathroom. But on the bright side of things, I did get to school on time. I started to take my finals, and never even realized I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since I went to bed….10 hours ago. Then comes my 3rd block test (my second to last test) and it had been a good 13 hours without going to the bathroom. Halfway through this test and the fullness of my bladder hit me like a freight train. I started squirming in my chair, crossing my legs, jiggling my legs up and down. Basically I was doing everything I could to try and relieve some of the pain.
I started on my 4th and final test worried I wouldn’t make it through dry. Whether I ended up peeing myself or had to let some out to help the pressure, I knew I’d be leaving this class a little wet.
As I was wrapping up the test, I had probably 20ish questions left, I peed a little. This took me by surprise because I was so focused on the test I forgot how badly I needed to go. It was only for a second or two because I was able to quickly stop myself. My crotch was damp, and I looked down real quick, and as I kinda expected, there wasn’t a wet spot. 5 minutes later I completed the test and had to wait on everyone else to finish. 10 leg crossing and trying to stop the pain minutes later, I relaxed a little bit and peed again. But this time it wets the crotch of my pants leaving a quarter sized wet spot. I felt a little bit better after that and took a quick nap as I got tired of waiting. My nap lasted only 15 minutes, for the better, as I woke up they were taking up the tests. I stretched and accidentally forced out some pee. However this time it darkened my crotch, leaving a noticeable wet spot that covered the crotch of my pants. And a little bit went onto the seat, so I moved forward and wiped it up with my butt.
Then at long last, class and school was over. I made a mad dash to my car, I ran, even though it hurt my poor bladder so so soo much. I fumbled getting the keys out of my pocket and involuntarily peed for 4 seconds. I felt a few streams run down my legs and into my socks instead of soaking into my pants. I’m able to stop the flow and get in my car and head home. I make it home and hurry inside and to my room, holding my crotch as I run up the stairs. I got to my bedroom and stopped for a second. I think to myself, “let’s have some fun”. And I decided to not run to the bathroom but to put my phone on the charger to push my limits. I peed a little more and it re soaked my crotch and a little ran right down my leg and in my sock. My crotch was dark blue again since it had dried some on the way home. I decided I had had enough and I headed back downstairs to the back porch. (Still set on pushing my limits again) and layed down on a recliner and took a nap.
When I woke up I was trembling in pain, my bladder was bulging and at max capacity. It took me a few seconds to remember what was going on. ( you know how it goes after a nap, you don’t know what year it is or where you’re at😂) and when I remembered that I had taken that nap to push my limits I began to pee. Hot pee escaped my bladder and began soaking my pants. As the hissing got louder my crotch got wetter and warmer. I stayed laying down, not even grabbing my crotch or putting any effort into stopping. Piss soon moved down my butt and onto the chair. Within like a minute, piss had soaked my crotch, my butt was soaked, and pee was running out the back of pants and wetting my t shirt. I was laying in my own piss. 2 minutes or so later I was finally empty.
I kept laying down for a second or 2, and took a huge sigh of relief. “Oh my God I feel so much better now. Gosh, I’m covered in my own piss too. Better get to cleaning..” I said to myself as I stood up. Some remaining pee dripped out of my pant legs. And I cleaned up the floor and the chair. I looked at myself and my crotch and back half of my shorts were dark blue. The lower half of my back was yellow and the shirt became see through. My panties we just like my shorts. Dry on the front half, but the back half was a darker blue.
I changed into black athletic shorts and kept the underwear on cause it was still kinda dry. Hope everyone liked the story. I know its been awhile but when this happened I knew you guys would like it!

So I work at a haunted house as an actor and makeup artist and most of the time, it’s amazing! The actors and owners are super nice and my only complaint with any of them was the skeleton who kept on showing up 10 minutes before we had to be in our places (his makeup usually took me 15-20). But over all, they’re amazing and I feel privileged to come back each season and work with them.

The customers are often a different story. Some of them are so blatantly disrespectful and cruel?? We’ve had people just dump their trash in a room for us to clean up when we’re all already exhausted from staying up and screaming all night. I’m so genuinely curious as to if these people even realize that the hard working people at the haunt have to pick up after your shit on top of everything else we do to ensure that your experience here is a good one?

I once legit heard a group of teenagers say, “Dude, we should totally steal this.” And he actually tried to steal one of our props. I was so furious because the owners work so hard to keep this place in tip top shape and they often dip into their own savings to afford some of our more extravagant props. This one wasn’t even big or anything, but it was still so infuriating to see such lack of respect or acknowledgement for the effort going into assuring that you have a good time here.

And then there’s the people who flat out insult or harass the actors. The insults usually come from teenage guys trying to act tough in front of their friends and those are always easy to shake off. The disgusting comments are harder, especially for our younger actors. (My first year was as a 14 year old and they put me in a tiny skirt and made me a doll, so as you can probably expect, I wasn’t a stranger to harassment or gross comments.) We actually had one girl on the verge of tears because men 3x her age were making disgusting comments and approaching her in ways that made her feel unsafe. Every year, at the very least, 6 people get punched or kicked and every woman in the haunt has experienced harassment on some level.

There are also always people who feel inclined to reach out and touch the actors?? Like, I get that you are curious and maybe that helps you not to be afraid, but it honestly makes most of us so uncomfortable. It’s not cute or funny when you grab at my hair or dress. It’s creepy. Our policy is “Do not touch the actors and they won’t touch you.” but people often like to take that as, “the actors won’t touch you even if you like to poke and prod at ACTUAL STRAGERS. So, if you touch me, you should be prepared for a more "hands on” experience with the other actors because now we’ll feel inclined to return the favor.

The one thing so many people don’t understand about haunt actors is that we’re real people with feelings and we’re working really hard to ensure that you have a good time. A ton of us have other jobs on top of this that we have to get back to. We do this because we love it and we want you to have fun too! But that does not give you an excuse to be disrespectful.

You’d be so surprised at what a simple “Oh man, you got me on that one!” Or “That makeup is so cool!” Can do for the actors. Just getting one complement on my acting or makeup made👏my👏night👏. And if you’re a decent person, we’re more inclined

Moral of the story is: Be nice to those working at haunted houses.

I don't remember | Jughead x Reader | Part 1

*PART 2* | *PART 3*

Summary: You wake up after the big party, definitely not in your bed and you don’t remember how you got here. To be honest you don’t remember anything that happened last night. Why are you not wearing your dress? Why you do you have a big bruise on your arm? Why are you in Jughead Jones’ apartment? What does all this have to do with Reggie? And why you don’t remember anything, even getting drunk?

Words: 1360

Warnings: MISTERY, some cursing, mention of alcohol, some sexual content

A/N(IMPORTANT): Hi! This is my first fanfiction in Riverdale fandom. I hope you will like it if you do I will write the second part. Now the important part: I have dyslexia so forgive me for my grammar, because I’m trying to write correctly, but it does not always work. So I’m sorry again. Feel free to send my any requests, asks etc. I can write anything.  
Also the thoughts are write in italics. (Y/F/C) means your favourite colour. 

Shit, I forget to close the curtains, again. The sunlight on my faced waked me up. I slowly opened one eye and then quickly closed it. That was definitely not my room.

Let’s think. I’m not naked, that’s good, but this is definitely not my t-shirt and my bra is missing. That’s bad. I moved my hand to the other side of the bed. It was empty but slightly warm. I’m not a person who change the bedsides during the sleep. I felt the pain. I had a big bruise on my arm.
What is the last thing I remember? I was trying, but nothing comes to me. I didn’t remember anything from the last night.

I opened my eyes. The room was nice, small but comfy. I sat on the bed. I was wearing the big grey t-shirt with the letter “S” on it. Yup, definitely not mine. I looked for my clothes, but I couldn’t find them. Excellent, I have only t-shirt and underwear. I stood up and opened the door. The living room was brighter than the bedroom, so it took my few seconds before I was able to see clearly. This room was also very small, one table, three chairs and an old TV where the only furniture that could fit in. My eyes stopped one the pair of blue-green ones.

“Good morning (Y/N),” said Jughead quietly. He was sitting at the table with his laptop opened. He was wearing his famous beanie. I looked down at my clothes then again at him.

My mind was screaming. I was in Jughead’s Jones apartment. I didn’t even know that he has an apparent. Basically, I didn’t know much about him. Everyone called him the school freak. He was a best friend of Archie who was one of my bests friends but he never introduced Jughead to me. I never talked to Jughead. I don’t know if I ever told him “hello”.

“What am I doing here?” I said, my voice was a bit little bit shaky.

“Wait. You don’t remember?” He looked confused. And then his faced started to change colour to red.

I shook my head.

“You think… You where… I mean you was…but it wasn’t…” he tried to create a sentence. I didn’t know that the human face can be so red. Normally I would wait to see if it can go even redder but now I need answers.

“Yesterday was a party, right?” I tried to make my voice as confident as I could.

“Yes.” I heard the relief in his voice.

“You wasn’t there, was you?”

“No. I am not a fan of parties.”


“C'mon (Y/N)! It will be fun!”

“Kevin, you know that I have an important test on Monday,” I said looking at my best friend’s big smile.He knew that he won and I didn’t have any more arguments. He was talking about Reggie’s party for almost a week. Well, the whole school was talking about it.

“You already knew all the material! And the party is on Friday so you will have a whole Sunday to review.”

“Fine, you win.”

“What did he win?” I heard Archie’s voice behind me.

“(Y/N) is going to Reggie’s party. That mean you own me 10 bucks, Andrews”

“No, I own you five and the other five to Veronica,” he said.

“(Y/N) is going to the party? I knew it,“ the raven hair girl high-fived with Kevin.

“I literally hate all of you right now,” I laughed

“You know you love us,” Kevin said and hugged me.

“Yeah probably.”


“So… I went to the party with Archie, Veronica and Kevin?” I said my thoughts out loud.

“I don’t think so. You went with Reggie,” He was surprised and so was I.


“I’m definitely not wearing that,” I said when I saw the dress what Veronica was holding.

“It’s perfect for you!” she said

“At least try it!” Kevin was digging in closed. He was in “the Stylist mood”.

“Why I can’t wear jeans and some top?”

“Because no,” Ronnie put the dress in my hand. “Try it!”

“No, I said I’m not wearing that.”

“(Y/N)! Reggie ask you out! You should look perfect!”

“Thank you very much, Ronnie,” I said little bit angry.

“You know that’s not what I mean” Ronnie looked at my and rolled her eyes. “Kevin, maybe you could help me?”

“Yeah (Y/N) you definitely should wear a dress, but this one,” he said and show us the beautiful (Y/F/C) dress.

“Okay, I hope that you are proud. Give my that dress,”  I said.


The awkward silence was filling the small room. I looked at the window next to the table. I tried to recall anything from the party but there was the big black hole in my memory. I looked at Jughead. My biggest mystery. What happened last night? What did I say? What have I done? I felt so stupid. I wasn’t the kind of girl that gets drunk on the party and have sex with a random person. I least I thought that I wasn’t. I didn’t even remember getting drunk.

I looked at Jughead’s face. He looked confused maybe concerned.  It was really hard to read his face.

“Where is my dress?” I ask.

“It’s torn.” He said. “It’s not what I meant. Well it is, but it was torn before you get here… I mean it’s not…” He started to loose in his words.

“Can I have a coffee?” I asked and again I saw the relief on his face.

“Yeah sure. What kind would you like?” He closed his laptop and stood up.

“Just (black/white)” I said


“Hey,” I said when I saw Reggie

“Hey! You look beautiful!” He said and opened the car door for me.


It took only 10 minutes and we were at Reggie’s driveway. The conversation we had was surprisingly interesting. The party already started.

“I left the keys to my brother so he let everyone in” Reggie explained with a smile.


“Thanks,” he said and put his hand on my waist. “Do you have any favourite drink or you let me make you something special?”

“I think I’m going to trust your taste,” I said and he disappeared in the crowd.


“Thanks,” I said when he gave me my coffee. I took a sip. “It’s good” I sited on the chair. 

“I don’t remember anything,” I said quietly.

He looked at me and nodded.

“I remember getting at the party but that’s all.” My voice changed to whisper.

He opened his mouth and then closed it and shook his head.

“You must be cold,” he said finally.

I was little bit confused

“Yeah, I am,” I said surprised. I didn’t notice this before. God, I was still only in the T-shirt and the underwear. I felt embarrassed and tried to covered myself, but Jughead disappeared in the bedroom. After about five minutes he was back and I already finished my coffee.

“Here,” he said and gave me a pair of blue jeans, black t-shirt and his denim jacket. “The bathroom is there” he pointed the door. “Feel free to used shower if you want.”

“Thanks,” I said and took the clothes. “Jughead… how drunk was I?” I said not looking into his eyes.

He brushed back the black hair had fled from his beanie.

“The problem is that you wasn’t drunk (Y/N),” he said.


“Here you go” I heard Reggie voice. He was holding two drinks. I smiled and reach out for one of them. “No, this one is mine!” He said and handed me the other one.

I laughed. "They are exactly the same!“ I said but I took it.

“Yeah, but this one is especially for you,” he winked.

“Thanks,” I said and took a sip.

And Then?

Cute little fluffy Bughead one-shot. I just felt like writing and this is what followed :) There’s not much too it but it was fun!
Let me know what you think.


Betty was sat at the bar of some dingy club in downtown LA that she frequented when she needed to get away. It was never too full with the mingling, self loathing alcoholics that liked to waste their lives in this joint. Nobody ever looked for her here, and she hoped like hell they wouldn’t tonight. Not after what had just gone down.

“Well, well, well.” Betty groaned inwardly at the voice from behind the bar. She really didn’t want to have to worry about holding any kind of conversation right now. Especially not with the rather cute bar tender that she flirted with on occasion. “Got nowhere better to be on a Friday night, dollface?”

“What’s it to you?” She snapped at him and cut him a look, swinging her near empty glass in her fingers. He held his hands up in defence.

“Woah now, it’s not like I’m complaining.” He smirked as her replaced her now empty glass with a full one. “Just surprised a girl like you doesn’t have other plans on a Friday night.”

“A girl like me?” She questioned as she took him in. He was tall, and absolutely gorgeous. Not typically, not like the boy she had just walked out on, no, more old time classic. Even with the beanie that always adorned his head. He was all dark haired and blue, stormy, eyed. And he had this way of smirking that made her toes curl. His eyes were trained on her as he cleaned a glass with a rag that he threw over his shoulder.

“You know, beautiful, blonde, fit as hell.” His eyes fell down to her shoulders, bare from the black off-the-shoulder blouse she was wearing. He licked his lips. “Surely you got a man waiting for you somewhere?” Betty let out the laugh she had been biting back.

“Shut up, Jughead. What’s this, role play?” He frowned at her for a moment.

“Party pooper.” He poked his tongue at her. They had gotten to know each other pretty well in the last 6 months that Betty had been visiting. Little did he know, she wouldn’t frequent as often if he wasn’t behind the bar. She had become fond of him. She liked the way Jughead could hold a conversation, that they had similar interests. She loved the way he could make her laugh. There was no pressure to be perfect Betty Cooper, she could be whoever the hell she wanted to be with this guy. And although they had never actually had a conversation outside of this bar, or even seen each other for that matter, she considered him a friend. A friend she had thought about sleeping with more than once, truth be told. Which made the decision she had made earlier tonight even more solid. But Jughead knew all about her long-term boyfriend Archie Andrews. “So, he’s not whisking you away to some fancy dinner party with the football WAGS tonight?”

“Not tonight, or any other night for that matter.” He raised an eyebrow in question, ordering her to go on. “He proposed, tonight. He proposed and I said no.” She looked up at him when he didn’t respond.

“Heavy shit, Betts.” He took her hand that was resting on the bar into his own. “Are you okay?” She just shrugged at him.

“Yeah, actually.” She let a deep breath she hadn’t realised she was holding. “I feel relieved, actually. How fucked up that?” She let out a slight laugh as it dawned on her.

“Hey,” Jughead squeezed her hand that was still enclosed in his own. He caught her eyes with his own and gave her that smirk she enjoyed so much. “My shifts ending, you wanna split this joint?”


To Betty’s surprise Jughead had a dark green jeep parked out the back, and even more to her surprise he wasn’t empty handed when he came out from the back of the bar. He was still all in black, but he had chucked a denim jacket with a fleece collar over the top, and his beanie was still perched on his head.

“A couple of roadies for the lady?” He handed Betty a couple of premixed vodka and lemonades that he had swiped from behind the bar. She gave him a look as if to ask if he was allowed to do that. He tapped his nose. “Perks of the job, sweetheart. And don’t worry, none are for me.” He opened the door for her to jump in the passenger seat. “Wouldn’t want to risk damaging that pretty face.” He winked at her.

“No, that must be your money maker right?” She joked up as she climbed into the jeep.

“Why do you think I get so many tips?” She could hear him laughing as he walked around the car to jump into the drivers seat. It was closing in on midnight now, and it dawned on Betty that she had no idea where they were going to go. Jughead turned to her in his seat.

“Where to, madam?”

“Surprise me, good sir.” He though about it for a moment, and then his face lit up with an idea.

They were driving for only half an hour before Betty became impatient to know where he was taking her.

“Okay, where are we going?”

“To the beach.” He looked at her in his peripheral and smiled. “How’d you not realise by now?”

“I’m not a local, Jughead.” She shrugged and took another swig from her can. “I get lost easy in this busy fucking city.”

“Still so much to learn. We’re not far.” And it was only another 10 minutes before they were there. “You have arrived at your destination, madam.”

“I do love the beach.” Betty was in awe as she looked out at the ocean, it was endless. It made her feel free. She turned to Jughead with a sincere smile, one that made his breath hitch in his throat. “Thanks for bringing me here, Jug.”

“You haven’t even gotten out of the car yet, woman. Come on.”

As Betty jumped down from her seat, she found her feet wobbling beneath her. She had probably had one too many drinks, but she wasn’t in a mind to give a shit. Jughead came round from the other side with his hands in his pocket.

“Shall we?” He nodded to the beach. And Betty, in this new found alcohol hazed confidence, linked her arm through his and headed toward the beach. “So, I have to admit, I do have an ulterior motive for bringing you here.”

“What a surprise.” She said sarcastically. He laughed at her, nudging her side with his arm.

“You can talk here, Betty. Nobody can hear you. Just me. Rant away.”

“This is the first time we’ve like, hung out, you know?”

“I know” He smiled down at her. “And we’re friends, right?” She nodded. “Sooo, talk?” And that’s what they did. They walked together down the beach, and Betty, comfortable in Jugheads arm, and in her slightly tipsy state, spilled her guts. And Jughead just listened.

“We were destined to be together, apparently, me and Archie. And I believed it for the longest time. Although childhood best friends turned high school sweethearts turned adult fuck ups? That wasn’t exactly the plan.” He watched her as she spoke, his eyes trained on the way her mouth wrapped around her words. “We grew up living next door to each other, and fell into those stereotypes. Me the perfect girl next door, him the handsome jock type. And I did love him, at some point honestly, I did. But somewhere between him fucking all those girls and me finding more excuses to avoid him, I realised I didn’t anymore.”

“Jesus, he’s an idiot.” Jughead shook his head in disbelief. “He had you, and he was fucking other girls? Is he dumb and blind?” Betty smiled at him.

“Thanks, Jug. But honestly I can’t blame him. He had only ever known me like that and I don’t think he ever really wanted to be with me his whole life, I think he just felt obligated. Like it was supposed to be Betty and Archie Andrews, some kind of sick All American Dream. But I never want to be some house-wife, and he doesn’t want that life either.”

“So why would he propose, then?” He asked her. Betty let out a sigh before continuing.

“That is one thing I’m not really sure. His football career is really taking off, maybe he thinks it’ll gain good press? Good for his image? I honestly don’t know. All I do know is that he didn’t propose because he wanted to marry me. I could see it in his face. We haven’t even really been together in years. That’s why I walked out. And why would I want that? When, well, if I ever get married, I want it to be because someone loves me. Not just for convenience, not just because ‘that’s how it should be.’ I want to be someone’s only choice, you know?” She looked up to Jughead then, his brow was set in concentration as he really listened to her. She felt her heart flutter at the decency of this boy. He had brought her here for this, so she could let it all out. That’s more than anyone’s done for her in a long time. “Sorry, that all just fell out.” She laughed.

“Don’t be sorry, Betty. I’m just glad that you feel comfortable enough to speak to me about it all. Or to anyone, for that matter.” She squeezed his arm that was laced with hers in appreciation, and he looked at her and smiled.

“You’re a real gentleman, Jughead.”

“That’s me, Jughead Jones, all around good guy.” He was being sarcastic.

“Yeah well, this one won’t finish last.” Jughead wasn’t sure, but he could have sworn she was flirting with him. He stole a glance at her, and she was smiling up at him. “Seriously, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, gorgeous. So what’s next for you?” He asked. She thought about it for a moment.

“Well, I gotta find somewhere to live.” He nodded.

“And then?”

“And then I want a new job, I want to write about real things. Be a journalist. Not just writing columns in a magazine.” She hadn’t even realised she thought that until the words left her mouth. The beach really was bringing it all out of her, she thought. Or maybe it was Jughead.

“Okay, and then?” She tugged on his arm and laughed.

“That’s enough about me, what about you Mr Jones? You gonna serve me drinks forever?” As she said it she realised how horrible it sounded. “Jesus, sorry, I didn’t mean it like -”

“Betts, its fine.” He laughed. “And to answer you, fuck no. I’m writing a novel, if you must know.” She opened her eyes in surprise.

“What about? Oh my god, can I read it?” Betty was excited to leant that he wrote too, somehow he’d never mentioned it before. There were lots of things she was releasing about Jughead tonight, he was more than a pretty face.

“It’s like a murder mystery kinda thing. And sure, you can proof read the latest on our next date?” He froze at his use of word and quickly looked to Betty’s face to make sure he hadn’t crossed the line. She just had a quiet smile on her face, looking out to the ocean. She pulled her arm free from his, and for a second Jughead was worried he had read her expression wrong, before he watched her take off for the sea. She looked so carefree as she ran, hair loose, arms out. He couldn’t help being reminded just how beautiful she was, even more so than when she was sat behind the bar. Here she was open and carefree, and what he knew all along rung true. He really fucking liked her. “Betty!” He called as he took off after her, picking up her sandals she had discarded on her way. “Betty, what are you doing woman?” He could hear her laughing as he got closer. She had rolled up her black jeans and was knee deep in the ocean, twirling around.

“I feel so free, Jughead. For the first time in maybe my whole life? And looking out at this ocean, it could take me anywhere.” She stopped twirling then, and faced out towards the open water.

“You can go anywhere you want, Betty Cooper. The world is yours. Take it.” He called out to her. She turned to him and waved, urging him to join her. And she looked so at peace he thought “Fuck it” and took off his own shoes, piling them next to Betty. He didn’t even bother rolling up his jeans. When he reached her she pulled him in for a hug, squeezing him tight.

“Thank you, Juggie. This was exactly what I needed. It’s so good to get it all out.” She said in his ear. He could feel the goosebumps on his arm at his close she was to him. She pulled away and smiled the biggest grin he’s ever seen.

“Scream it out, if you want. Shed that skin.” She looked at him for a moment, ticking it over in her mind whether she should.

“ITS MY LIFE.” She screamed in his face. He flinched a little in shock, and then just laughed. “Oops, sorry.” She said a little quieter. He just shook his head.

“No, don’t be sorry. Keep going.”

“I MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS!” She screamed again.

“THIS WATER IS FUCKING FREEZING!” Jughead screamed back, laughing.

“I AM BETTY FUCKING COOPER AND I DO WHAT I WANT!” She was all smiles, her eyes glistening in the moonlight. Jughead wanted to reach out and touch her but she was in her element and he wanted nothing to stop that.

“IT’S MY FUCKING LIFE!” She screamed again.

“FUCK EVERYONE ELSE!” Jughead had to at least let something out.

“WHAT ARE WE DOING RIGHT NOW?” Betty burst out laughing, bringing her hands to her mouth to muffle it.

“YOU’RE LIVING” He screamed back at her.

“Almost” she whispered, in such contrast, before she grabbed his face and pulled it to her own. She kissed Jughead long and hard, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. And he kissed her back just as hard, snaking his tongue into her mouth along with his arms around her waist. And when they both decided to come up for air, neither made a move to let go of on another. Jughead bumped his forehead against hers, both of their breathing was heavy.

“I’ve been wondering what that feels like. Also, did you call me Juggie?” He teased.

“Me too. And yes, I did, it’s cute.”

“I like it.” He kissed her again lightly.

“So” She said, breathlessly. “What’s next?”

“We get out of this freezing ocean?”

“And then?”

Jughead just laughed, and hoped to god that whatever was next in his life involved Betty Cooper.

Stories from my retail job 3 years ago

I used to work at a children’s clothing store (Erazy Cight) and I have 2 memorable stories about my year there. This is super long, Tl;Dr at the bottom

So the first story is when I was covering the floor as my sales lead went out to lunch (It was a small store. Shifts often only had an associate and a sales lead, or manager/assistant manager. Associates were often only around to cover the floor for lunches/breaks/inportant shit going on in the back)
And, as usual, the sales lead steps out, wave of customers rush in. And I’m on top of this shit! (I’m notoriously shy and normally dont approach customers)
I’m making sure everyone knows our promotions and making sure everyone has help
Well, a guy and his 2 daughters come about halfway into the store before I can greet them (this is important)
Me: Hi, welcome to Erazy Cight. *promotions I don’t remember* and these graphic tees right here are $7 each.
Wacko: Okay, thanks
So now people are ready to pay and it’s time for me to knock out this line of 10+ customers so I can clean
And then the man with his kids comes up and throws down 2 graphic tees.
Me: Your total is $14.
Wacko: 14? You told me the shirts were $4 each!
Me, knowing full well what I said: I’m sorry sir, but I told you $7. We even have a sign
Not the most professional, but it’s what came out of my mouth at the time.
Wacko: No, you approached me outside of the store and told me they were $4.
Me: Outside, sir? I’m sorry, but I’ve been inside the store this whole time
Wacko: No! You told me outside of the store! It’s the only reason I came in here!
Me: Sir, I’m not allowed to leave the store.
(Yes, I actually said that. He accepted the price and left)

The second story I got happened during the holiday season. My manager had left a month prior and so had many of the associates and had to be replaced by seasonals, leaving me as now the most knowledgeable associate there (and I actually didn’t even know that much)
So now we have Temporary Manager Brian.
Or as I like to call him, stupid fucking Brain.
He was a manager from another location, and most of the time, me and a second associate will be scheduled to work with him (he never worked with the sales leads or assistant manager, mostly because it never worked out that way)
And I had to teach him to use the registers and how to do just about everything else that I had the authority to do.
So we got a packed store and both our registers are being used.
I have a whole system. Since it takes a bit for the screen to prompt whether or not the customer wants gift receipt (old systems), I use that time to ask if they want gift boxes and to grab them.
So this sweet older woman is so patient and polite (she bought a lot and I have to fold EVERYTHING, as is corporate standard). So she wants her gift receipt and a few boxes.
So while I’m waiting for the prompt, I swoop down and grab her boxes.
And then it happens.
Stupid fucking Brian comes up behind me
So I calmly hand the woman her bags and boxes and sweetly say, “I’m so sorry, ma'am. He cancelled your gift receipt.”
She was understanding (and looked like she was silently praying for me) and said it was fine and took her items and left.
After that, I put in my 2 weeks where SFB proceeded to screw me out of hours.
I got $18 on my last check.

1: Fucking wacko customer thinks I approached him outside of the store and lured him in with false advertising
2: Temp manager is a dumbfuck, so I threw him under the bus.

  • Gray: Okay, I'm just gonna go now
  • Lucy: NO. You're not going anywhere
  • Gray: 10 minutes ago you couldn't wait to get rid of me..
  • Lucy: Yeah well that was 10 minutes ago. I need a girlfriend to talk to and you're the only one here.
  • Gray: As flattering as that is--
  • Lucy: WAITWAITWAIT. Tell me. Should I accept Natsu's request for a date
  • Gray: As much as I want to say not to, you should. If I've learned anything, it's to NOT wait.
  • Lucy: Haha yeah it took you two whole years to learn that lesson
  • Gray: Well same to you
  • Lucy: Touché
Laser Tag Hijinks

Another Peter x Reader with featured appearances by the other avengers. NO SPOILERS. This is 100% safe to read if you haven’t seen Homecoming. 660 words of Peter. One tiny little bad word at the end. Requests are open so feel free to request!


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“It would be a great way to blow off some energy” Steve said leaning on the front of the sofa. “But they don’t have bows’ in laser tag, they only have guns” Clint protested. “I don’t know. I’m with Steve on this one.” I said relaxing into Peter’s chest. The team was gathered in the living room for friday movie nights. We were only 10 minutes into the movie when Sam decided it would be fun to pull on Natasha’s hair. It took about 5 seconds before she decided she had enough. Nat almost knocked Sam out cold and started a brawl before Steve broke it up and suggested we do something else instead.

“No one should be able to bring in real weapons” Tony said giving me a death glare. “What?!” I said, crossing my arms. “Don’t act like you weren’t going to sneak something in.” He said copying my movements. “How dare you Tony.” I said indignantly, “I always play be the rules. It should be Wanda and Pietro your worrying about. Their abilities are built in” “What’s this (Y/n)?” Peter asked pulling a small silver knife out of the back of my shirt. I snatched it out of his hand and shoved it down the front of my boot. “That’s not for spiders to play with.” I said with a smirk. Peter scowled at me before bouncing his leg so I was jumping around. “Stop that.” I said reaching back to slap his head. He easily dodged it and bounced me so violently, I fell off his lap and onto the floor.

A collective gasp was heard from around the room. “Ohhh you shouldn’t have done that.” I seethed, shaking my head. I slowly stood, turning to face Peter. He was trying not to look scared in front of the other avengers, but I could tell he was nervous. “I call (Y/n) for my team.” Steve said quickly. “Then I get Peter.” Tony said. “You better watch your back.” I growled, lifting my eyebrows up. Peter fixed his best cocky grin to his face his eyes gleaming with excitement. “You better watch your own back, love.” The teams were decided in a few short minutes. Myself, Steve, Nat, and Pietro, against Peter, Tony, Wanda, and Sam.

“3, 2, 1, GO!” The system’s voice said. Peter and his team ran off to their section of the maze.  "Here’s the plan.“ I whispered to my team. “We go on the defense. Tony will probably go on offense and split up, so hide in corners and be silent. Demolish the others. Leave Peter to me.” They all nodded and ran off to various sections of the course. I tightened my vest and adjusted the strap on my gun before quietly sprinting behind enemy lines.

Everything was blanketed in darkness. Silence pressed in on my ears making it hard to know what was around me. To my left I could faintly hear the sound of Nat and Sam arguing. A smirk sprung to my face, knowing that my team was already ahead. I felt a strong hand grab my vest and push me into the corner before I could even process it. I could sense a hand next to my head and feel another on my hip, effectively pinning me against the wall. “Peter?” I breathed. The hand by my head moved on my neck, tilting my chin up.

A pair of soft plump lips pressed against mine, moving urgently. We battled briefly before he pushed his tongue inside my mouth. I moaned giving into the kiss, but as soon as I did, Peter pulled away. I moved forward quickly, trying to reconnect when I heard a loud Ping and my vest lit up. My mouth dropped open at the sight of Peter pointing his gun at me. A huge smirk was plastered on his face as he dropped the gun and swung away on his webs. “You ass shat!” I yelled, firing my gun after him.

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