this only took me 10 minutes

  • Gray: Okay, I'm just gonna go now
  • Lucy: NO. You're not going anywhere
  • Gray: 10 minutes ago you couldn't wait to get rid of me..
  • Lucy: Yeah well that was 10 minutes ago. I need a girlfriend to talk to and you're the only one here.
  • Gray: As flattering as that is--
  • Lucy: WAITWAITWAIT. Tell me. Should I accept Natsu's request for a date
  • Gray: As much as I want to say not to, you should. If I've learned anything, it's to NOT wait.
  • Lucy: Haha yeah it took you two whole years to learn that lesson
  • Gray: Well same to you
  • Lucy: Touché

This has been one phenomenally crappy week. TGIF!!!! 

Sometimes, an outfit just feels too quick and easy for me. This is one of them. I like how it turned out, but it only took me about 10 minutes to get dressed. I’ll take that as a win?

Also, I mentioned that I’m standing up a real website. That is for real going to be coming! I’ve registered a domain and everything :) Now to hope I have interesting things to say… lol!

If anyone knows anything about Weebly website design, and wants to pitch in to help me design my site (it would be for free, because I can’t pay) let me know! I could use the help as I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Get the look!







get to know me meme: (1/10) favorite tv shows: The Walking Dead (2010 - )

When I was a kid, I asked my grandpa once if he ever killed any Germans in the war. He wouldn’t answer. He said that was grown-up stuff. So I asked if the Germans ever tried to kill him. But he got real quiet. He said he was dead the minute he stepped in to enemy territory. Every day he woke up and told himself, rest in peace. Now get up and go to war. And then after a few years of pretending he was dead… he made it out alive. That’s the trick of it, I think. We do what we need to do and then, we get to live. But no matter what we find in DC, I know we’ll be okay. Because this is how we survive. We tell ourselves that we are the walking dead.

Well that was just the best, easiest trip to LAX I have ever done. I took a hired car to the airport from SB and it took about 2 hours, with traffic only towards the end. I don’t like making small talk with drivers in cars and this guy was pro-silent so I totally appreciated that. Didn’t appreciate the pop music as much, but one must give in a little. He dropped me off out front of the terminal, which is terminal 4 for British Airways operated by American Airlines. From the door, self checking in, going through security and using the bathroom to my gate - 10 minutes. I was stunned. Granted I have Global Entry so it was faster because I got TSA pre-check. Speaking of that, I was surprised to not have to take my laptop out of my bag or my liquids. Just pop the bag up and walk through and boom - shoes remained on!

Now purchased a snack and am waiting at my gate with two hours before boarding. The flight attendant seated beside me is watching Grace and Frankie. Same girl, same.

I kept a journal last time I was in England but this time I’m going to keep it here on Tumblr in bullet points so I can keep track. Blacklist “A Broad Goes Abroad” if it isn’t your bag.

I miss my wife and I saw her two hours ago. What is this shit? I’m not built for travel without her. When you find the one you keep her forever and ever. It’s going to be a long week!

Your desk is sturdy, right? ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

Cullen needs at least 3 hours notice if you wanna have some love making time with him. I mean… he wears so many layers of clothes and armors. Probably took at least 10 minutes for him to take it all off. He is an onion, no doubt.

Slowly creeping into the rotten world. There goes my pure and innocent mind…

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: If you are on hold, don't keep calling. Wait your turn.

Usually I work alone at the front desk which definitely creates some problems when I can rack up 8 phone calls at once while trying to check people in. This has happened multiple times but some are more extreme than others.

One time I was checking in guests and this regular (horrid guest, lots of tales about that for another time) whose name every staff member at the hotel knows because she is absolutely awful. I saw her name pop up on our caller ID and I asked to put her on hold. She then proceeded to not only bombard me with more calls the second I put her on hold but she then decided to use FOUR different phones all under her name to bombard me with more calls. I kept having to pause what I was doing with the guest. The time it took me to deal with the calls and the excessive loud ringing I could’ve finished up with the guest in two minutes. Instead it took 10 minutes. Eventually when I did get a chance to pick up the call, the guest was just calling (more like screaming now that I think of it) to tell me that it was my fault she couldn’t call the doctor yet because she needed to cancel a reservation. Apparently she was bleeding out a lot but needed to cancel a reservation that was two months away. And she refused to call the doctor until she cancelled the reservation. We give all our guests the ability to cancel as long as we are given a 24 hour notice before the reservation. Also, I know she was already aware of this as she has asked me in the past.

Another time this lady kept calling and calling. I was on the phone with a guest already and had four other phone calls on hold. This lady decided she was much more important. She would hang up and call back the second I put her on hold. I eventually told her we would take her call in the order we received it. She ended up screaming that I was taking too long (this was 2 minutes into her being put on hold). I don’t like to reward people for awful behavior and so I just told her my policy. You will be helped in the order you call. She ended up calling a total of 19 times while I was helping other guests. Eventually when I did get to her she hung up on me and called customer service. We are privately owned so they really couldn’t do anything to us. But when the customer service rep tried to transfer her over apparently he took too long (he was talking to me for a good 30 seconds) and she hung up on him and called their line again for a different Rep.

Lesson: Calling lots of times regardless without/with different phone does not change what order you called in. In fact, most of the time someone will have called in after you hung up and you will be behind them. I want to help you with the problem, I just am the only one working.

TLDR; Lady decided that calling to cancel her reservation two months in advance was more important than the fact that she was bleeding out. And lady calls a total of 19 times in a row and tries to report me to customer service for putting her on hold.

By: diepthinking


i’m sick and i wanted an excuse to stay up so i spent about 2 hours making these! here are hq sprites of ayato, shizuki, tsubasa, haruto, celis, soichiro, and taiga from arithmetic’s “seven hotties, all my husbands”; feel free to use them as you like (although credit would be much appreciated~)!

So my 10 year old brother is finally playing Kingdom Hearts II and I'm sharing some of his best quotes so far

“Roxas looks weird oh my god.”



“Good job I’m dead.”

“Buzzy buzzy bee!! I don’t wanna kill them, they’re cute!!”









(Bonus from me: “Yeah, lay off the milk and cookies, Santa Claus”)

Today, I fucked up by drinking juice.

I was home visiting my parents for the weekend. My parents went to bed early that night, but I decided to stay up for a bit longer to finish up some reports. At some point, I got thirsty and tiptoed downstairs to the kitchen to get some raspberry lemonade.

Now, I prefer to work on my laptop in the dark. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel more productive. Upon returning to my room, I took a couple drinks of the lemonade, set it on my nightstand, turned off the lights, and crawled into my old bed.

The lemonade had only been sitting out for 10 or so minutes untouched when I took another drink of it and noticed it tasted kind of… grapey. Weird, did my parents switch brands?

Thinking nothing of it, I returned to my work and repeated this a few times. Until I took a drink and felt a few very solid somethings go POP! in my mouth, followed by an explosion of very disgusting grape flavor.

Something was moving in my mouth.

I turned the lights back on to witness DOZENS of sugar ants in and around my cup, all of them on a one way path to salvation via throwing themselves in and drowning in sugary lemonade nirvana.

I reacted appropriately and projectile vomited onto the floor and onto my bed, all the while screaming WHAT THE FUCK ANTS, WHAT THE FUCK ANTS, WHAT THE FUCK ANTS, WHAT THE FUCK ANTS.

This is why I don’t visit my parents very often.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

Double Your Word Count: A Sprint Game

I cannot take credit for this idea–I read it somewhere on the NaNo forums last year, and since they’re wiped yearly the post I saw is long gone. Someone awesome who isn’t me came up with this, but I love it and want to share it.

Here’s what you do:

Set a timer for 5 minutes and sprint. Record your word count–I played this morning and got 188 words.

Okay, double that to set your goal for the next sprint, 10 minutes. I needed 376 words; I actually wrote 481. Go me!

Double that (my new goal is 962) and do a 20-minute sprint. Oops! I failed the first time, and only wrote 870 words.

If you fail at the goal, you have to try again instead of doubling. My second try: a measly 737. I was getting tired.

I took a break and did some tumblring, then tried a third time.

After a while, I realized I hadn’t actually started my timer, when I thought “Shouldn’t it have gone off by now?” and saw it sitting at 0:00.

But I’d written 1,443 more words, bringing my total for the day to almost 4K. Success, even if I wasn’t actually playing the game anymore.

(If I had reached that goal, the next step would be to double it and do a 40-minute sprint–I’ve tried that twice before and never managed to make it. Fatigue sets in for me, and my most effective writing-time length seems to be 15-20 minutes max, if I’m going for speed. Give it a try, certainly, to see if it works for you!)

Please fire me. I had a woman come in late at night and use our ATM. She claimed that the ATM didn’t give her her money and that she was going to London and needed it. When I told her she needed to call the company for the ATM because we just leased it, she threw a fit for about 10 minutes. The kicker? She said she took out 30 dollars, when the ATM only gives out in amounts of $20s.

Women are less rational than men.

I’m taking a 10 minute break and walking around the industrial complex where I work. I just passed a warehouse, and I could hear two self-important sounding men talking loudly. It took me a few seconds to realize it was talk radio. I only stuck around long enough to hear one of them say with complete confidence, “Women are less rational than men. Women are more emotional than men.” The second man grunted his complete agreement.

Is this widely accepted fact?

I’m interested in your input.

I found his jumper part 7 || D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part,  Fifth Part, Sixth Part

A/N: wow there is a part 7. 

Word Count: 1.8k


“I thought you were smart, Edwards.” Charlotte snarled when I came home after the rain incident.

I wasn’t thinking straight so I didn’t show any reaction. Instead I just walked in and took off my soaked vans. Of course had she heard about Caleb’s wrong accusations.  

My room mate continued with a cold laugh.

“Did you really think Dan would date you?” she asked and acted like it was the funniest thing in the world. ’Yes’ I thought to myself and the thought made my heart race. Dan had basically said it himself only about 10 minutes ago. He would have dated my back in high school. I didn’t know what his opinion on dating me now was. If only Charlotte knew what Dan had confessed to me in the rain she’d probably rip my head off. Instead of telling her I just shrugged my shoulders, seeing no use in fighting with her again now.

“What’s that?” she asked, suspiciously eyeing the sweater I was wearing. I had nearly forgotten that I still had Dan’s jumper on. It was warm against my cold skin. The fabric was soft and it’s smell was to die for.

“It’s nothing.” I answered, trying to sound nonchalant. Her icy blue orbs evilly glared at me.  Of course Dan had to give me his signature sweater. He could have just given me his football jersey with his name on the back, it would have had the same effect.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too big, even for you?” Charlotte snapped.

“I have a thing for oversized sweaters.” I simply stated, before I headed to my room and shut the door behind me.

I had troubles sleeping the next few days. Every time I tried to close my eyes Dan’s image popped into my mind. Has words echoed in my head and my thoughts were racing. I had no idea on what terms Dan and I were. I also had no clue how to continue and I wasn’t sure how to act around him. The fact that I had thrown Dan’s jumper onto a chair right next to my bed didn’t help either. It was the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning and somehow it made my smile a little bit every time. 

When I walked to my classes accompanied by Hayley on Monday I was yet again the centre of attention. Countless of student’s eyes burned holes into my body. Fingers pointed at me and I heard people laugh behind my back. Caleb’s story spread like wild fire. I was pretty certain that Charlotte and her friends made sure that everybody heard that Rose Edwards slept with Dan Howell and was stupid enough to think that they’d date afterwards. According to his story I also bombarded Dan with texts and wouldn’t stop showing up at his dorm. I sounded like a pathetic little girl and nobody but Dan, me and Hayley knew that none of those things actually happened.

“You don’t have to walk next to me.” I whispered. I felt bad for Hayley. She wasn’t involved in any of this, but had to witness all of it. Everybody stared at her as well and she was now officially known as the best friend of the library loser.

“I want to and I will. If those jerks don’t have anything better to do than gossip about some bullshit than that’s their problem.” Hayley angrily raised her voice at the last bit so the students surrounding us could hear her.

“I hate that stupid Howell ass so much.” she groaned as we had finally reached our class room.

“Mhm yeah” I simply agreed although I wasn’t so sure of that anymore. I hadn’t told Hayley what happened on Friday yet, no wonder why she still hated him that much.

After I attended all of my classes that day I put my laptop and notebook back into my bag and headed out of the huge doors of the castle like university building. The sun was out and there were hundreds of people hanging out on campus. I was starving so I decided to head straight back to my room to cook something easy, like spaghetti. On my way across the campus I passed three very familiar looking guys. Phil and Caleb were smoking next to Dan. They were leaning against a big oak tree and the three of them together was definitely a sight that most of the female students couldn’t ignore that easily. My heart rate sped up as soon as I saw Dan stand there. He looked so good with so little effort. It was the first time since Friday that I saw him. I nervously bit my lip as I quickened my pace. Not really sure if I wanted him to notice me or not I started to walk past him and his friends, looking at my feet.

“Hey Edwards.” I heard somebody say, making me turn around. At first I thought I was experiencing a deja vu, but this time at wasn’t Caleb who shouted my name.

“Are you okay? You seemed pretty upset last Friday.” Phil asked me concerned as soon as I faced him. I saw Dan stiffen next to him and Caleb just grinned smugly.

‘What the hell are you doing Philip?! I was trying to avoid you.’ I internally groaned. How could he be the only one to not know what happened? Why must he also be so nice?

“Aw did I make you cry, sweetheart?” Caleb teased and Phil furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion. He looked between me and Caleb as if he was trying to connect invisible dots between us. I felt my blood boil again as I stared back into Caleb’s hazel eyes.

“I thought Dan and you just had another fight?” Phil questioned me, looking more confused than ever. In the corner of my eyes I saw Dan flinch as his name was mentioned, but then he continued to stare at the grass in front of his feet. He was clearly avoiding my gaze and that kind of hurt. Maybe I did want him to notice me after all.

“Don’t worry Phil, it’s obviously forgotten now.” I said more to Dan than to him.

Dan’s head immediately shot up at the comment I made. A little hint of panic in his eyes gave away that he understood what I was secretly accusing him of. I saw his eyes widen as he realized that he might have screwed up again.

When I walked away from the three of them after muttering a bye, I heard Dan ask Caleb for one of his cigarettes.

Back in my room I realized how worked up I actually was. Oh, yes I hated Caleb with passion now and I was also a little bit mad at Phil for being so naïve and oblivious, but most of all I was yet again disappointed in Dan. To be fair I wanted to ignore him at first as well, but after Phil called me over he could’ve said a simple hello, right? I wasn’t asking for him to punch Caleb in the face for being such an asshole. All I wanted was him to acknowledge me. When I entered my room to change into some comfy clothes I immediately noticed Dan’s jumper on my chair. This time though it didn’t make me smile. Instead I felt anger fill my veins.

10 minutes later I had entered the boys dorm again. I walked up three flights of stairs until I reached Dan and Phil’s room. God, why do I always end up here?

I was way too upset to be nervous. I tried to shove away my feelings as I slowly knocked on the door a few times. Phil was the one to answer it seconds later. He smiled at me like always. I didn’t understand why he was friends with Caleb and Dan. Maybe he was just nice to me and a dick to everybody else?

“Hey, I just wan-” I started but Phil interrupted me by inviting me in.

I had a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach when I entered the living room of the flat. I had already been here on Friday and being reminded of that made me feel a bit uneasy.

Dan was sitting on the couch and much to my disliking he was talking to Caleb. Both of them stopped in the middle of their conversation when they noticed me.

“Cal and I can give you two a moment alone if you want.” Phil offered, catching the way Dan and I were staring at each other with intensity.

“It’s alright. I just came to give Dan his jumper back.” I simply stated with zero emotion in my voice.

Dan noticed the dark grey fabric that was slung over my left arm . Horror was written all over his face. He gulped hard and one could see that he was trying to find the right words to say. He repeatedly opened and then closed his mouth without saying something.

“Have you finally given up on him, sweetheart?” Caleb snarled with a smirk plastered across his stupid face. He wasn’t even a part of this mess!

“It took you forever to realize that Dan would never-” he teased me. The story was repeating itself. But shortly before Caleb could tell me that Dan would never date a loser like me ,just like his high school friend had a few years ago, Dan changed the story.

Before Caleb could end his sentence Dan suddenly threw a punch directly to his face. Without a warning his fist forcefully collided with Caleb’s sharp cheekbone. The sound of bones crashing against each other filled the air as well as a loud yelp.

“Fuck, dude.” He winced in pain.

 I just stood there, staring at both of them in shock.

Dan’s cheeks were red in anger and his hands were still formed into fists. There was a dangerous sparkle in his eyes.    

After Caleb had regained his composure he blinked at Dan unbelievingly.

“What the hell was that for?!” he shouted in rage, but Dan completely ignored him. He jumped up from his spot on the couch and walked towards me, guilt was visible in his eyes.

“I don’t want my jumper back, Rose. It’s yours and I want you to keep it.”

jeojahyungnim  asked:

After reading that I just stared at my computer screen for about 10 minutes, not moving. I'm pretty sure my brain actually exited my body and took that long to decide to return to me. Personally, I'm surprised it didn't take a full week off to Hawaii.

yours only go to hawaii, i’m pretty sure mine has gone to mars and never come back

My First MDMA Experience

So, last night I took half of a Red UPS for my first time. A whole one usually contains 200-270mg of MDMA. Had the gum ready for the jaw clenching/teeth grinding. Being as small as I am, even half, almost overdosed me. I couldn’t communicate, I was completely spaced out, freezing, & clammy as fuck only 10 mins after chewing the press. Another 10 minutes later and BAM, hit me hard as hell. I was feeling a very glowing sensation, and lights were bright as hell, almost blinding, it seemed. My teeth chattered like crazy from time to time & eyes got a little shaky. My boyfriend BARELY touched my leg & I was like WOAHHHHH WTF, best feeling ever. Almost orgasmic, really. A leg touch. A simple leg touch. I had permanent goosebumps for the rest of the night. Literally everything felt 1000x better than usual. So, we decided to do da dirty and goddamn, why can’t I always feel that way?? We confessed our love for each other several times & could not stop calling each other perfect/beautiful. Lol, after all of that, he fell asleep like an hour later while I layed in my bed for another two and a half hours with my eyes closed, experiencing a little closed-eye visuals. Then, I crashed. So, overall, it was the most amazing experience in my entire existence of living & I can’t wait to take the other half sometime next week. I seriously recommend it to anyone who is willing to try it.