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What Happens  to a Tattoo When You Get Fat?

I was thinking about all the changes my body has gone through since I first started getting tattoos.  I went from being about a size 6/8 to a size 14/16 (which, yes, is a small fat, I’m aware) and I’ve become a bit fascinated lately by what has happened to those tattoos I got when I was super skinny and I haven’t seen anybody else post what happens when you get fat and have tattoos (I searched and everyone is like “here’s how my tattoos looked after I lost weight” which I definitely don’t care about).

I could only find one before picture of my tattoos and it’s embarrassing because it was my profile picture from  Remember that shit? hahaha 

I was such a little baby wasn’t I? 

Anyway, here are the pictures I took of those birds on my hips like 20 minutes ago: 

I would apologize for some pube shadow but my pubes are so wispy and inoffensive that you can just deal with them. 

So what has changed? Well, they’re way farther apart and have longer bodies than they used to.  Also, there’s some color loss from stretch marks.  For the most part though, they look basically the same! So don’t let someone tell you getting fat will “ruin” a tattoo.  It just makes it a bit different.  Skin is cool, man. 


“Next is what I believe they called the detoxification purification program,” Jeffrey says. “How it went was as follows: The first day you’d start at 50 milligrams [of niacin] and then jog on a treadmill for 20 minutes, followed by getting into the sauna for the next five hours. Every 30 minutes, you could take a five-minute break, but they’d time your breaks to where you were doing your full five hours.”

Experts recommend spending no longer than 15 to 20 minutes in a sauna, so it’s impressive that Jeffrey is still standing. And that’s only the first day – we haven’t even gotten to the poison yet. Narconon has this whole medicine thing so backward that they’ve figured out how to poison people with vitamins. The second day, you get more niacin. “Each day they’d bump you up until you reach 5,000 milligrams,” Jeffrey says. “Once up to a high dose, like 250 milligrams is what it took me, you get to where you turn bright red and get hives. My skin would feel on fire.”  

Had there been a doctor in the house, they would have advised Jeffrey to get to the hospital right away. And then they would’ve been lectured about thetans or some bullshit until they rolled their eyes so hard their retinas detached. In case you’re wondering – yes, some of the deaths at Narconon have involved kidney and liver failure, which is consistent with the symptoms of niacin poisoning. So get off that evil, poisonous heroin, son, and get onto the really good poison.

Healing Through Magic: Scientology’s Drug Rehab Program

Imagine prince!Woozi being honest with you about how he feels about being the next in line to reign over the country because you’re the only person he feels comfortable with.


Having some much needed hot tea before bed~

fic: write your name (across my heart) 2/2

pairing: clarke x lexa
rating: teen
length: 3,800 words (this chapter)
summary: “Don’t worry, Princess,“ Raven says. “She hasn’t taken her break, yet.”

Clarke works in the cafe of her local bookstore and she’s kinda crushing on one of the girls who works on the floor. The only trouble is she doesn’t know her name. (read on ao3)

There’s time and then there’s Clarke Griffin Time.

It’s a term Raven coined months back, when Clarke – who was never all that punctual to begin with – started showing up to plans 10, 20, 30 minutes late.

Soon all their friends were using it and Clarke laughed along with them, took it as a joke. How could they know that she’s been having trouble sleeping ever since her Dad died? How could they know that, some days, putting one foot after another felt like a monumental feat?

But today, even by Clarke Griffin Time she is late.

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