this ones shit


Take a fuckin’ Dave babes

No permission needed, credit is appreciated but not necessary either. Feel free to change the background or edit the Daves to better fit your headcanons if you want, since these are panel edits to begin with. 

I hope you all enjoy these different variations of this beautiful boy.


Mythology Posters Series: Hemera

The personifcation of the day, Hemera was the daughter of Nyx and Erebus, as well as the female counterpart and wife to her brother Aether. According to Hesiod, Hemera inhabited Tartarus, leaving it just as Nyx returned and returning when her mother was leaving; she was also by Aether the mother of Thalassa, the primordial goddess of the sea.

lance: that’s shiro! that guy’s my hero!!

hunk: oh because he was the top pilot and youngest to graduate the garrison?

lance: *rapid flashbacks to seeing shiro set the champion keg stand record at a frat party* y-yeah…best and brightest pilot hhaha…

Yo just letting people know a few things:

  • I use dude and babes as gender neutral terms(since that’s I how I see it  but if you’re in any way shape or form uncomfortable with me calling you by those terms let me know and I’ll just hit you up with fam from now on)
  • Anything dealing with religion whether it be headcanons or something I don’t touch with a tenfoot pole, especially christ//anity. My parents didn’t raise me on religion they just let me believe what I wanted within reason and if it wasn’t a cult or something. Plus anything I’ve seen dealing with christ////ianity growing up was never positive and history classes did not make it better so yeah, not trying to offend anyone just letting you know

Sorry for all the reblogging! I’m trying to at least keep you all entertained and keep myself happy and up to date while I get ready to finish my last two exams tomorrow! ))