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It’s called a unicorn - Jack Kline x Reader

Title: It’s called a unicorn

Pairing: Jack Kline x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: Other than Sam you are the one that spends more time with Jack, almost forming a bond and coming closer than he has with the man. Jack tends to follow you around almost everywhere, feeling the need to be close to you, so when you go for a supply run he finally comes out of his room and joins you. A trip to the market results in more feelings being revealed than you ever imagined with a simple gift. (Set before 13x06)

“We’re out, I need to go on a supply run.” you said with a small sigh, wearing your jacket, as you walked to Sam whose eyes were fixated on his computer “You need anything?”

“Just the usual thanks.” he gave you a tired smile and you gave him a sympathetic one in return.

“Sam, you know you need to catch a break at some point right? I mean it’s good that you want to find a way to motivate Jack to- to use his powers for good but… he too needs to catch a break and not think about any of it and you know it.” you said softly and he sighed, leaning back in his chair.

“I know, that’s the worst of all. I really know he’s had to suffer too much these days himself, he’s- He’s barely holding I think. I mean, I don’t know if something happened and I missed it but it’s like he’s shut down worse than before. I don’t know what to do and Dean is-” he sighed in frustration, running his fingers through his hair.

“Is not making it easy, yeah I know.” you muttered, completing his sentence as you looked down at your hands “I’ll- I’ll see if I can talk to him when I come back.”

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Fuck Away The Pain

Pairing: Dean X Reader 

Warnings: Smut, mentions of cheating, sooooo many F bombs dropped

Word Count: 2,603

A/N: Inspired by the song Fuck Away The Pain by Divide The Day (highly recommended). I know I have a request I need to work on (which I plan on sitting down and doing very soon!) as well as the ficlet for today’s Ficlet Friday, but I haven’t been able to stop listening to this song for the last three days and decided to write a fic ab it (yay! Finally a Dean smut!). This was actually gonna be the ficlet for today but it got way too long (that’s what she said?) anyway. Hope you enjoy! 


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i feel like sam would be the one who stares at you in class and when you look up he averts his gaze but you know and he just always looks at you hoping you notice but not wanting to get caught so one day you go up to him and you're like if i have something on my face please tell me bc that would be so embarrassing and he gets flustered bc he's trying to speak but he can't and his heart is going to come out of his chest and he's like oh no sorry i just- you - i'm sorry it won't happen again pt1

pt2 and you hug smirk as he practically runs away kicking himself bc you’re so creepy sam and that night he’s sitting alone in the dining hall so you plop next to him and he trips over his words again and before he leaves you hand him his napkin “he forgot to throw out” and when he goes to throw it out he notices your number and damn near passes out but takes a couple days to text you but when he does it’s just a i’ll be at your dorm in 5 be ready

pt3 and you’re FREAKING OUT BC 5 MINUTES KS NOTHINF but you manage to get ready in time and he’s got his leather jacket on with a flannel and this time you’re out of breath and holding hands all night and laughing at everything and when you do have something on your face he brushes it off with his thumb before you lean on and kiss him wow i want date sammy boy i love him

Okay, this is the cutest shit ever. I’m smiling just thinking about this!! Sam would be such a gentleman the whole night. ❤

The DM experience

Sitting down with your players, thinking you have everything under control

Your players immediately start doing The One Thing you didn’t think of

Types of friends as presented by Supernatural:

the one that’s always making new friends:

the best gay friend:

the one that always needs rescuing:

the one that’s always hungry:

the one that’s just too much:

the mom friend:

the absolute sunshine friend:

the witchy one:

the one that’s always annoying:

the bitchy one:

the dad friend:

the one that’s the make out whore:

the prankster one:

stammi vicino

Another print for Anime Midwest! (Which is happening this weekend, so come say hi if you’re attending!) 

I’m so glad I finally was able to draw these two.

You should be here

A/N: Inspired by the song “You Should be Here” by Cole Swindell. This is a feels smack. In this story Dean took Amara down with the spirit bomb they made, leaving Sam to raise Dean’s young daughter.

Listen to it here (play the song if you really wanna bawl while reading this)

Sam x Niece!Reader   Dean x Daughter!Reader

Sam felt his strong facade begin to crumble as he watched Dean say his goodbyes to you. At only four years old you didn’t fully understand what was going on but you got the jist of it, your dad was going away and wouldn’t be coming back.

Which was breaking your heart.

Tears were pouring down your face as you clung to Dean begging him not to leave you. Sam looked at Dean and could tell Dean was about to lose it as he held onto you tighter. His face was buried in your hair, breathing in your scent, memorizing you because who knew where his soul would go after he destroyed Amara.

Glancing up at his brother, Dean realized it was time for him to leave. “Go with your uncle Y/N. Sammy’s gonna take care of you.” Dean said while trying to get free of your grip.

“No Daddy.” You cried, digging your hands into his shirt, “Please don’t leave me.”

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amazing art oh gosh

The Beast screamed inside Vimes. It screamed that no one would blame him for doing the hangman out of ten dollars and free breakfast. Yeah, and you could say a swift stab now was the merciful solution, because every hangman knew you could go the easy way or the hard way and there wasn’t one in the country that’d let something like Carcer go the easy way. The gods knew the man deserved it…

…but young Sam was watching him, across thirty years.

When we break down, it all breaks down. That’s just how it works. You can bend it, and if you make it hot enough you can bend it in a circle, but you can’t break it. When you break it, it all breaks down until there’s nothing unbroken. It starts here and now.

He lowered the sword.

—  Night Watch, Terry Pratchett

A little birthday something for Kaz who wanted S4 Sam - SN: 04x12


After graduating from Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall was offered a position at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement of the British Ministry of Magic. She returned to her family’s manse in Scotland to spend one last summer with her family before moving to London.

During these months Minerva, aged eighteen, met Dougal McGregor, a local Muggle, who was the handsome, clever and funny son of a local farmer. Minerva fell head-over-heels in love with McGregor. The two got to know each other, and eventually McGregor proposed to Minerva on a ploughed field and she accepted his offer. That night, she was unable to tell her parents of her engagement. Thinking about her future, Minerva realised that wedding a Muggle who did not know that she was a witch would mean Minerva would follow her mother’s footsteps and live unhappily with her wand locked away, shredding all of her ambitions. Early next morning, Minerva went to tell McGregor she had changed her mind, and could not marry him, aware that if she broke the International Statute of Secrecy and told him why, she would lose the job at the Ministry for which she was giving him up. She could give him no good reason for her change of heart. She left McGregor devastated and left for London three days later.

He sent her several letters trying to win her back, but with no success. He would later marry a Muggle woman who was the daughter of another local farmer.

Dougal McGregor was murdered in a random anti-Muggle attack by the Death Eaters during the height of the First Wizarding War in the 1970s, along with his wife and children. News of these events were a terrible blow to Minerva, who wondered if she could have been able to save him if she had married him.

Make a choice Dean

A/N: Story begins in the middle of a hunt.

Warnings: Angst

Make a choice Dean Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You and Sam looked around the hallway you were standing in; there was nothing special about it. Just a hallway of what appeared to be an empty factory. Glancing over at Sam, you nodded at each other, silently communicating that you should move.

The two of you were looking for Dean who had been taken by the djinn who fed off of fear. Sam had killed it a day ago but Dean never woke up, which led to where you are now; walking in Dean’s nightmare, trying to find him so that he could wake himself up.

You had just turned the corner when you heard a voice chuckling from what sounded below you. Sam heard it too because he glanced at you before walking to the railing to view what was going on below you.

Your eyes widened as you took in the scene; the dream’s version of you and Sam were each tied to a chair while Dean stood five feet in front of you. A man, a demon with black eyes showing, stood off to the side a few feet away.

“The hell?” You heard Sam say next to you.

“What is going-” You began but stopped when you heard the demon begin to speak.

“Alright Dean, choose. Do you want to save your brother, the one you raised and spent your entire life looking after.” The demon paused, “Or your little half sister who you didn’t even know about until the apocalypse? Your choice.” He said while handing Dean a gun, “You better choose quickly, otherwise I might just kill them both.”

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A little birthday something for Abby who wanted “some happy Dean and Sam” - SN: 01x17/11x04


It’s interesting because Star Wars continues to evolve and George when watching that scene, he really liked it, but then he went “Uhhh, we have to take that scene out.” “Why, George?” “Because the Sith can’t become ghosts. That’s not what they do. They’re so concerned with their corporeal existence, and wealth, and power that they can’t think beyond that. They don’t think about the afterlife. That’s why they’re all afraid to die. That’s why they’re always trying to figure out how to cheat death.” […] So that scene was cut. But that’s the cool thing about The Clone Wars. It’s the last George Lucas produced Star Wars. And there’s so much you can learn about that mythology by watching that show very carefully.