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Just wanna say that basing the quality or chemistry in a ship based on IN GAME BATTLE SYNERGY IS STUPID AS SHIT AND MAKES NO SENSE. How well two characters being played by real people who all play differently work together while fighting in a fucking video game does not somehow make a ship “lesser” if they don’t work as well together as a ship comprised of two characters who DO synergize well in battle.

 The in game battle synergy and actual character chemistry writing wise are entirely separate and trying to justify harassment of others, and arguments that this ship you don’t like “is totally awful and makes no sense because they don’t synergize well in battle” is childish, lacks logic and I’d think people would have enough common sense to realize how fucking stupid it sounds. 

So saying Gency is a bad ship just because Mercy Pocketing a Genji doesn’t synergize as well as a Mercy pocketing a Pharah is stupid af and makes no sense because game and actual character are two separate things.

The reach in this argument is like…your arms must be made of rubber if you’re able to reach that far. You do realize it’s okay to dislike a ship for no real reason right?? No one is telling you that you have to like it, reaching for a reason so far that you come up with stuff like this that doesn’t even really make any sense is so silly…just, chill out man, stay in your shipping lane and we’ll stay in ours.

The Padalecki Diaries - When you’re drunk


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Imagine Sam realising he can have both you and hunting

You stretched out your limbs, relishing in the warmth of your blankets as you turned in your bed. Your body stiffened when you collided with another but you smiled when you saw who it was. “When did you get here?”

“Early this morning, let my self in.” He grinning down at you, a hand running through your hair. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, like I said before; this is your home now too.” You lazily kissed at his cheek, enjoying the way his smile grew wider at your words.

“I’ve missed waking up to you.” He confessed, arms tightening around your waist.

“Me too.” You snuggled in closer to his chest and were suddenly reminded of a time Sam had admitted that he was afraid his way of life would eventually ruin your relationship. “And to think you said this wouldn’t work.”

“You aren’t going to let that go are you?” He chuckled lightly, shoulders raising up and down.

“Just admit you were wrong and I’ll never speak of it again.” You smirked, eyes looking at him through thick lashes.

“Fine I was wrong.” He held his hands up in a sign of a defeat, nose nuzzling into your hair as he inhaled the scent of your shampoo.

You playfully jabbed at his side as you smiled contently. “Now that’s something I could hear everyday.”

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Empty Words

Requested by an Anon: Can you do one with Sam W. and reader? Like, when Dean dies and goes to hell, the reader leaves Sam and works on her own on Lilith’s situations, but she returns with Dean and she finds out that Sam slept with Ruby (they were in a relationship before the incident).

We didn’t take much of a break, if any after Dean’s death to mourn him. Sam was determined to track Lilith down, and destroy her. I understood his need for sense of revenge, I was right there with him. Supporting him every step of the way, in wanting to put an end to her.

 I had loved Dean too, he was my best friend and confidant. He was the whole reason why Sam and I were together. He knew how we felt about each other, and how stubborn we were about admitting it, so he locked us in Bobby’s basement one night. He wouldn’t let us out until we both admitted our feelings for each other. Six hours later, we came out as a couple, that was two years ago.

 “(Y/N), I think it would be better, if we split up for a little while to hunt Lilith.” He leaned against the counter, his shoulders slumped, his eyes cast downward. “I can’t do this with you anymore.”

 “I don’t understand….we’re a team….with Dean gone all we gave is each other.” I could feel myself falling apart.

 He rushed across the room, pulling me into his arms. “I love you (Y/N)! I need you to be safe, you aren’t with me. I can’t hunt Lilith, and worry about you.”

 “I love you too Sam…I can hold my own!  What about you? Who is going to watch your back and keep you safe?”

 “I want you to go to Bobby’s, you can help me by doing research. I know you’ll be safe there. I will come and see you when I can, we’ll still be together. I’ve found someone to help me, they’ll keep me safe.”

 “Please Sam….”

 He picked me up, carrying me to the bed. Laying me down, he smiled. “I love you (Y/N). You have my heart forever and always.

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She Waits

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam

Word Count: 776

Warnings: angst

Summary: Dean left to help Sam on a hunt. Will he come back in one piece?

Authors Note: Bringing back the Louden Swain song for another Dean story! Feedback is always appreciated! enjoy xx

Have faith
Promises were made
You just take care and behave
You left, and now you are saved
The path, it walks you away

Dean woke up to his phone ringing. Sam’s name lit up the screen. He quietly got out of your shared bed, making sure not to wake you up. “Sammy? What’s going on?” He whispers.

“Dean, I know you gave up the life to be with, Y/N. I need your help, Dean. I can’t do this one without you,” Sam begs.

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anonymous asked:

Just spent the whole damn day reading everything on your master list and I'm dead, I love it question though, why don't you write any Sam/Jared or Dean/Jensen? I don't know if you've ever been asked that or addressed that but I was just curious :)

Thank you so much, that means so much to me ! 

I don’t write Dean/Jensen and Sam/Jared for two reasons.  My main reason is because the side characters don’t have as much fan fiction and I wanted to devote my time to creating stories for them and my second reason is because there are so many writers for those them that I feel like I would struggle to come up with anything orginial.  

I do love reading those pairings though ! 


A little birthday something for Kaz who wanted S4 Sam - SN: 04x12

You should be here

A/N: Inspired by the song “You Should be Here” by Cole Swindell. This is a feels smack. In this story Dean took Amara down with the spirit bomb they made, leaving Sam to raise Dean’s young daughter.

Listen to it here (play the song if you really wanna bawl while reading this)

Sam x Niece!Reader   Dean x Daughter!Reader

Sam felt his strong facade begin to crumble as he watched Dean say his goodbyes to you. At only four years old you didn’t fully understand what was going on but you got the jist of it, your dad was going away and wouldn’t be coming back.

Which was breaking your heart.

Tears were pouring down your face as you clung to Dean begging him not to leave you. Sam looked at Dean and could tell Dean was about to lose it as he held onto you tighter. His face was buried in your hair, breathing in your scent, memorizing you because who knew where his soul would go after he destroyed Amara.

Glancing up at his brother, Dean realized it was time for him to leave. “Go with your uncle Y/N. Sammy’s gonna take care of you.” Dean said while trying to get free of your grip.

“No Daddy.” You cried, digging your hands into his shirt, “Please don’t leave me.”

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Make a choice Dean

A/N: Story begins in the middle of a hunt.

Warnings: Angst

Make a choice Dean Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You and Sam looked around the hallway you were standing in; there was nothing special about it. Just a hallway of what appeared to be an empty factory. Glancing over at Sam, you nodded at each other, silently communicating that you should move.

The two of you were looking for Dean who had been taken by the djinn who fed off of fear. Sam had killed it a day ago but Dean never woke up, which led to where you are now; walking in Dean’s nightmare, trying to find him so that he could wake himself up.

You had just turned the corner when you heard a voice chuckling from what sounded below you. Sam heard it too because he glanced at you before walking to the railing to view what was going on below you.

Your eyes widened as you took in the scene; the dream’s version of you and Sam were each tied to a chair while Dean stood five feet in front of you. A man, a demon with black eyes showing, stood off to the side a few feet away.

“The hell?” You heard Sam say next to you.

“What is going-” You began but stopped when you heard the demon begin to speak.

“Alright Dean, choose. Do you want to save your brother, the one you raised and spent your entire life looking after.” The demon paused, “Or your little half sister who you didn’t even know about until the apocalypse? Your choice.” He said while handing Dean a gun, “You better choose quickly, otherwise I might just kill them both.”

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Come on Dean, we know you love it

Professor Winchester (Dean Winchester x Reader AU) Chap. 1

Professor Winchester Masterlist

Word Count: 2,613

Professor!Dean Winchester x Reader AU

Summary: A few years after being accepted into your dream college, everything’s going well. Your grades are good, your social life is booming, all your assignments are easy…  Except for the damn essay that Professor Winchester assigned you. Based off this request.

Chapter Warnings : Language, alcohol usage, mentions of sex, mentions of student/teacher relationships

‘Similar to the effects of the mythical creature the basilisk, Medusa…”

You groan out as you sit at your kitchen table, your fingertips typing away at your laptop in an attempt to start the introduction paragraph of your research essay that’s due tonight. You tend to be a procrastinator, which never works well, and more often than not leaves you immensely stressed out.

You shake your head, deleting the first sentence all together before taking a long sip of coffee. Only three hours to get the essay done. Three hours until the deadline. Damn Professor Winchester for giving you such a challenging topic.

Normally, you love his class. He’s easily one of the most laid back, chilled out professors you’ve had throughout your three years at the University of Kansas. His love for Greek Mythology is unlike anything you’ve seen before. His lectures are nothing short of interesting, as he somehow manages to make even the most minuscule of things seem like the most amazing thing in the world. The tests are hard, but as long as you pay attention and take notes in class, you’ve always been fine.

Unfortunately for you, the subject of your essay that Professor Winchester had assigned you is something that you’ve yet to go over in the class, leaving you completely clueless.

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