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Arrogant Arse - Doctor Strange x Reader

My first request in a long time! Sorry it is short and a little crappy but I have a lot going on with NaNoWriMo and music stuff. I do love me a bit of Doctor Strange though! Requests and ships are still open for all fandoms I write for though guys 

You were sat in the library minding your own business entirely. Wong normally only let you into the masters section seeing as you had been training since you were a very young girl after being orphaned. Then he turned up. The arrogant doctor and for some reason Wong seemed to favour him too.

“Good morning, (y/n). How wonderful to see you studying so early” you groaned quietly as he came in behind you. Yes, he was pompous and arrogant but you couldn’t deny that he was good. He was almost as good as you, almost, and that was the annoying thing. You had been training for years and years and he had been here for a few months. “Silent treatment I see. No surprise there.”

“What is that meant to mean?” You scoffed, he barely spoke to you now unless he wanted something.

“It means I am a little sick and tired of trying to get to know you and being brushed off every single time.” He said with annoyance while fishing books off shelves roughly.  

“Oh I am sorry, Doctor, that the man who focuses so much on work to fix himself and in no way has any respect for the actual practice is so uptight and bigheaded.” He slammed the books down on the desk in front of you before taking a seat himself, “I would love to say you’re not annoying, but who am I to lie.”

“I am learning for my reasons as are you. You are the one who is so obsessed with their pride. You’re just jealous.”

“Jealous! Really?“

“Yes.” You finally looked away from the pages and up at him to find he was already looking up, “You are so used to being the top of your class, the best in the sanctuary and I turn up and suddenly you have a bit of competition.”

“I would like to remind you Strange,” you spat, “that I was the one who helped you in the first place. It was me who asked for the ancient one to let you back in, me who help you through your first steps of training, me who gave you all the books and help you needed.”

“Of course I haven’t forgotten!” Stephen raised his voice now, “I haven’t forgotten how you let me in then shut me out either! How you made me think I had a chance with someone as talented as yourself and then the next day turned away” the severeness in his eyes had softened and changed, they now looked sad, “I really thought that the feelings I developed for you were returned and now, you hate me with no reason.”

“How could you have had feelings for me?” the doctor looked confused, “I never got a thanks or even any signs of thankfulness. You were so arrogant and I hated it. I hated how I did actually care so damn much.”

“I didn’t know how to thank you. I may still be bigheaded but I have changed. You changed me.” He stood and moved round the table to you and stood over you for a moment. You couldn’t find the strength in you to stand yourself but you looked up at his towering form above you before he kneeled by your side. “Thank you, (y/n).” He mumbled and stalked off probably to his room alone, again.

You sighed closing your books and leaning on your hands. and rubbing your forehead. You liked him and there was no denying it but the fact he was so angry and frustrated with himself meant he was blind to the real power he held. He had certainly changed, you noticed that he was calmer and smarter now - less careless and you knew that in no time at all he would be a master but that didn’t really matter. Not really. He was kind and good to you and you couldn’t deny that you hadn’t been sneaking glances at him in training. You pushed yourself up from the seat and gathered your things, dropping them off in your room before starting off to Stephens.

You heard grunts from the courtyard and sure enough he was out there training alone.

“Strange” you called out but he didn’t answer. “Stephen!” you were more stern and he stopped dead, only his hands shook. You made your way over to him slowly and took his hands in yours, holding them still. “I’m sorry” you mumbled looking down at where his hands became still in yours.

“Why are you apologising? He asked after a moment.

“Because you’re right, and I just didn’t want to see it.” He moved his hands  and linked his fingers with yours, both of you seemed to marvel at how still  his hands had become when he touched you.

“I am always right, (y/n).” he smirked, the arrogant arse was back making you smile.

“You’re a sod, Stephen.”

“I know, I know” he laughed, “hopefully I could be your sod though?” he asked quietly, looking at you expectantly.

“Sure, why not” you giggled before he leaned down quickly and captured your lips in his chapped ones.


soft shin soukoku Part: (1) -2

(note: click on the photos to read the text in the descriptions in case you can’t understand my crappy handwriting)  

 So! I said I was going to start a series with the theme of soft shin soukoku’s, and here’s part one :3 I’ll be linking them all here, even though they won’t follow a specific timeline (at least not all of them). Expect some comics and doddles from this :’)  


22.08.16// Trying to get the most out of my last few days of summer break!School starts this week and I can’t help but feeling a bit anxious, even though I’m really determined to make this year a good one.

Also, these are the lyrics from the song 夏夜のマジック from the Japanese band indigo La End. Ignore my crappy handwriting (⌒-⌒; )

codingquest  asked:

Such a cool idea the palettes challenge. I pick "What i gain i lose" Hopeu or "Conversation Hearts" Nala. Your choice !!! Looking forward to it!!

Thank you for this~! it’s the first time i actually tried this challenge so might be a bit crappy

Here’s Hope with  “What i gain i lose” pallete ^^ they were all so soft and pure~

For those who don’t know, Hope is one of my Ocs (so is Nala). You can find more art for her at my Deviantart with the link on my tumblr home page. (it’s pretty outdated though..)

The pallete ask is here if you have a suggestion!

Imagine Sam bringing up Dean’s pet names again

Sequel to Back To Bed

“Thanks, babe!” Dean shouted as you knocked the head off of the vampire that had him tied up at the other side of the room.

You laughed, wiping blood from your forehead as you jogged across to him. You unchained his arms with one hand and stroked his cheek with the other.

“Such a pretty damsel in distress, baby,” you teased as the chains clattered to the floor and he got up to hug you.

“You cut that a bit fine though,” he told you, “Could’ve come a little sooner.”

“You’re lucky I came at all,” you grinned, kissing him soundly.

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Reff sheet for My version of Boom Rouge! <3


Even though Shadow clams to be the leader of Team Dark, everyone knows that Rouge is the real one calling the shots. When shes not helping out Shadow with one of his missions, shes dragging Emi out to go treasure hunting. Rouge loves to pester Shadow is a friendly/motherly/aunt?? way (which Emi has picked up on over the past 2 years) and sometimes go too far. She has also unintentionally turned into a bit of a mother figure for Emi.

(ill upload shadows tomorrow and sorry for the crappy art -mun)

for @magnuslikedwhathesaw who has a birthday today! the request was for fluff and i think this has it in spades L O L. also thanks to janoda who looked this over for me (any mistakes are my own though! also any crappy bits lol) it’s like 5k of …. birthday stuff that happens. happy birthday, love, and enjoy! :D

Alec leans against the bench at the back of the room, stares down at his shoes. “I need to get some things for cooking - for a meal thing for Magnus.”

“‘A meal thing’?” Clary says, a grin tugging at her mouth. “You mean dinner, right?”

Rolling his eyes, Alec shrugs. One day he’ll understand why everyone is so invested in his relationship with Magnus. Today is not that day. “Will you help me?”

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So I saw the picture of Cas and Dean’s cars the other day and I had to draw them as humans. I went with women because men generally refer to their cars as female. They’re more or less reflections of their owners. Cas’s car’s name is Jubilee because the color of the car is Jubilee Gold and I thought, why not? Baby’s hair is black like the car and Jubilees is a wheat kind of gold color like the car. (Though my scanner distorted the color a bit.) Baby has green eyes like Dean and Jubilee has blue eyes like Cas. Oh and Baby has Dean and Sam’s initials tattooed on her like the ones carved into the car.

Feel free to draw them too if you like. :3 I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head. haha Also, sorry if you can’t read my crappy handwriting.

Oh and you can’t tell me that everyone didn’t think PIMP-MOBILE when they saw Cas’ car. That’s the reason for her outfit. lol

~Admin K & her dorky boyfriend Lee Joon~ (Fluff with Gifs)

Admin K: Joonie oppa even though you’re a bit of a pabo, I still love you and no matter what you’ll always be my bias in MBLAQ~ Plus you’re the only person that can turn my crappy day into a great one just by doing something dorky like you constantly getting multiplication questions wrong or showing off you’re extreme flexibility~

Joon: I love you too!! I’m so glad that I can make you smile and laugh all the time. Thank you for the support~! Here’s a new move I’ve been working on~.

Admin K: A-anniyo I’m not pretty enough to receive your love oppa, but I do like that new move you learned~ (though it doesn’t compare to the countless times you flash you’re abs lol)

Joon: What are you talking about?? You’re beautiful in every single way! Can’t you see that? Because I sure can! I’m glad that you liked it! Dancing will forever have a special place in my heart~. *chuckles* I’ve been flashing them less often these days.

Admin K
: Aww oppa you’re so cute, I could just hug you~ (but unfortunately my shyness won’t let me)

Joon: Then I’ll just come and hug you!! *runs to you and gives you a big tight hug*

Admin K: O-omo *internally screaming because my ultimate bias is hugging me*

Joon: Oh no, are you flustered? Now you’re making me get flustered too!

Admin K: *whispers* It’s the cute things like that, that are why I love you so much Joonie~

Joon: A~, you’re pretty cute yourself. I love you even more~!!

Admin K: A-anniyo, you’re too sweet oppa~ *tries my hardest not to blush again*

Joon: Aigoo, you’re being too cute right now!! I can’t handle it!

Admin K: W-Why do you enjoy making me blush so much~ *covers my face with my hands from being so flustered*

Joon: It’s because it’s fun! Haha, and also you do little cute things like this when you’re flustered.

Admin K: *whispers* You’re lucky I love you so much you dork~

Joon: *smiles widely and pulls you into a hug before whispering back* I know, I must be the luckiest man on Earth~.

Admin K: Anniyo, oppa I’m more lucky to have someone as good looking (and sexy) as you in my life~

Joon: A~, quit flattering me. *slightly blushes before wrapping his arms around you and whispering* Thank you for being in my life~. I don’t know what I would do without you.

Admin K: Aww my baby’s soo cute~~ *gives you a ton of kisses all over your face* but we both know what I said is 100% true~

Joon: *gets super happy to receive a bunch of kisses and jumps up and down* Yayy she kissed me!!

Admin K: *whispers* You really can be a muscle pabo sometimes, but that’s just another reason for me to love you even more~

Joon: *gets flustered* I can’t even count the number of reasons why I love you~.

Admin K: Y-yah who s-said that you could try to get me flustered. *tries my best not to blush as I wrap my arms around you and nuzzle my face in the side of your neck*

Joon: *pulls back a little and plants a surprise kiss on your cheek*

Admin K: *lets out a small gasp* Just w-what do you think your doing mister~ *gets flustered and tries to get off your lap*

Joon: *holds you tighter* Where do you think you’re going?

Admin K: *lets out a small squeal* B-but what if one of the m-members see us? *gets more flustered since your strong arms are wrapped around me and because I have a soft spot for your muscles*

Joon: *snuggles closer* Then they can look all they want~, because that’s not going to stop me from hugging you.

Admin K: *blushes a thousand sades of red because you just destroyed my personal bubble and due to the fact that I can feel your breath on my neck* Y-yah you better not do anything stupid mister or I’ll have to get you back for it~

Joon: *laughs* What do you mean? Are you thinking of something weird~?

Admin K: *become a complete flustered and stuttering mess* W-what n-no of c-course not baby. W-What gave you t-that idea? *lets out a nervous giggle and hopes that you didn’t catch on to what I was really thinking about*

Joon: *laughs hysterically* Hahaha I’m just kidding~. *squishes your cheek* You’re so adorable when you’re nervous.

Admin K: Y-yah stop l-laughing its not funny~ *manages to squirm out of your grasp and tries to run out of the living room so I can hide from my embarrassment*

Joon: *watches you run away and decides to joke around* Oh so she wants to play some hide-n-seek eh? *starts counting down*

Admin K: *starts panicking when you start counting down* Omo omo omo. Oh I know I’ll convince Cheolyong to let me hide out in his room since its the last place Jooine would look~ *as I pass Seungho, Sanghyun and Byunghee I tell them to keep quiet and pretend that they didn’t see me*

Joon: 3, 2, 1! Ready or not… *laughs* here I come!

Admin K: *tries to stay calm and not make any loud noises so you don’t know where I am and tells Cheolyong to let me know when you’re close by* *whispers to myself* I really hope Joonie doesn’t find me that fast, but I am curious to know what he’ll do when/if he finds me~

Joon: *runs all around the dorm and turns off all the lights in every room* Maybe I can try to scare her…

Admin K: Yah! Why are you trying to go all Gap Dong on me!?! Oops… *instantly covers my mouth in hopes that you didn’t find out I’m hiding in Cheolyong’s closet*

Joon: *smirks and slowly creeps near Mir’s room* Hey Mir, do you happen to know where she is? I thought I heard something around here…

Mir: W-What no why would she be in here I mean she’s your girlfriend and all right? *starts to make little jesters at his closest and hinting that she’s in there* 

Admin K: *starts freaking out once I hear your voice and quickly hides underneath all of Cheolyong’s scattered clothes that are in a pile on the ground* 

Joon: *gets the signal and smiles* Yeah…It’s not right for a girlfriend to be found in another man’s room. *smirks and puts his hand on the handle of the closet* I think I should look somewhere else… *walks in place to make you think that he’s leaving the room and winks at Mir to stay quiet* 

Admin K: *peaks out from the pile of the clothes after I hear you leave* Something doesn’t feel right…it feels like I’m in a scene from Gap Dong or something… *slowly starts to make my way to the closet door* I think I’ll be a lot safer if I go hide somewhere else…

Joon: *swings the closet door wide open and surprises you* BOO!!

Admin K: *lets out a high pitched scream and falls backwards* Y-yah are you trying to kill me?!? *barely manages to pull myself together so I can try to crawl through your legs and get out of the room*

Joon: *screams out of shock even though he already expected you to be in there* *becomes dazed for a moment before running after you* Yah, where do you think you’re going??

Admin K: *your scream startles me and causes me to slip on the hallway rug, but I manage to catch myself before falling* Omo omo omo I’m dead if he catches me. *quickly ducks into a random room, but notices its Joonie’s own room* Please tell me this is not happening right now *hears your footsteps getting closer and decides to hide under your bed in hopes of you not finding me*

Joon: *closes his eyes and randomly picks a room* Eenie Meenie Miney Moe!! *points to his room and runs inside* Hmm for her sake, I hope she’s not in here…I wonder if I ever threw away that piece of pie from New Years that I hid somewhere…

Admin K: *tries not to barf as I slyly push the piece of pie to the other side of the bed* *in a slightly seductive yet extremely scary voice says* Joonie~ Baby~ I see you, but you can’t see me~~ *slightly hopes that the game ends soon because I’m starting to miss his skinship*

Joon: *gets freaked out since the lights are still off* WHO’S THERE?? WHERE ARE YOU?

Admin K: *smirks and decides to freak him out even more by grabbing onto his ankles and in an extremely scary voice says* RedRum RedRum Joonie come play with us~

Joon: *eyes widen and screams a high pitched scream* Let go of me!! *escapes from your grasp and runs out of the room flailing his arms in the air*

Admin K: *decides to push him even further by replicating the walk the scary girl from the ring does as she crawls out of the tv and chases after him* Joonie~ We just want to play with you~ Plus your the one who wanted to play in the first place~

Joon: *runs into Thunder’s room and hides behind him* Cheondung-ah, SAVE ME!!!

Admin K: *starts scratching at the door to freak both of them out then decides to slowly open he door causing it to make a loud creaking sound* There’s no point in hiding from me Joonie because I’ll always find you~ *finally explodes from laughter after I walk in and see Joonie on Cheondung’s back acting like a scared little kid*

Joon: *screams like a little girl when the door creaks open* GET CHEONDUNG! NOT ME! *opens up one eye when he hears you laughing* Yah!! It was you the whole time?!

Admin K: *finally calms down from laughing so much* I’m sorry, but you’re just too cute when your scared I mean you should’ve seen yourself *in a extremely girly voice* Get Cheondung not me~ *ends up laughing again and to the point where I start to cry*

Joon: What? Me~? *voice cracks* *gets off Cheondung and clears his throat as his face starts to turn red* Who said that I was scared?

Admin K: *grabs his hand and leads him back to his room* It’s ok that you were scared and I’m sorry if I went a little too far, but I personally think your the cutest when your scared~ *opens up his bedroom door and sits down next to him on his bed* Don’t worry I’ll make sure the other members won’t tease you about this~ *gives him a warm smile as I cup his face and give him a sweet peck on the lips, but then gets interrupted by my stomach growling* Guess all that running around made me a little hungry~

Joon: *smiles* Don’t worry about it~, I’ll make sure to get back at you for scaring me later. Thank you~, aren’t you the best? *chuckles when he hears your stomach growl* Shall I cook something for you? I can make pretty good ramen~.

Admin K: *whispers* Have fun with that because 1) I don’t scare that easily and 2) I find your “scary” side to be quite attractive~ But yes ramen sounds good right now because I’m starving, but you don’t have to make it if you don’t want to oppa~ *shyly takes your hand as I walk with you to the kitchen and decides to take a seat on the counter top*

Joon: *smirks at you before chuckling* Alright then. It’s no problem~! Just sit and relax~. I’ll make you the best ramen you’ve ever tasted! Would you like ham and eggs with it~?

Admin K: *quietly whispers* I don’t eat pork, but eggs sounds fine as long as it’s egg whites *giggles at how cute you are trying to make me food like a good boyfriend does then quietly starts humming It’s War as I wait for you to finish cooking*

Joon: Alright~! I’ll make boiled eggs and you can have the egg whites while I’ll eat the yellow part! *hears you humming and smiles before singing along*

Admin K: *giggles when I hear you start singing* The food smells delicious oppa~ I can’t wait to try it~ *quietly slides off the counter and warps my arms around him as he continues to cook and softly whispers* You really have no idea how much I love you, I honestly don’t deserve someone like you in my life oppa~

Joon: *grins widely when you backhug him* A~, how many times do I have to tell you that I’m the lucky one? *turns over his shoulder and kisses your nose* Now go take a seat, I’m about finished.

Admin K: *gets a little flustered from his surprise kiss* Y-yes oppa~ I bet it will taste even better because you made it~ *tries to stay calm as I feel myself starting to blush* *quietly mumbles* I swear the things you do to me are going to end up killing me one day, but I guess I can’t really complain since I love you so much you dork *hides my face in my hands as my blush worsens*

Joon: *notices that you got flustered and smiles* Here it is~. *brings over the ramen and hands you a pair of chopsticks* Bon appétit~!!

Admin K: *blows on it and then takes a bite* Wow, this is the best ramen I’ve ever had, the taste is unbelievable. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve had something that tasted this good. There’s no way you could’ve made something this delicious oppa~ *takes a few more bites then gets an idea and decides to make him a little flustered by personally feeding him* Oppa~~ Say ahh and let me feed you~

Joon: *smiles and opens his mouth wide* Ahh~. *eats it and then feels a burning sensation in his mouth* HOT HOT!!!

Admin K: *tries not to giggle at him* Pabo, you should’ve blew on it like I did~ *gives him a cup of water to cool down is now burnt tongue* Aigoo my poor baby~ *feels a little bad for him so I cup his face and give him an eskimo kiss* Please be more careful next time baby, I swear you really do worry me sometimes~

Joon: *smiles and drinks the water* Okay~, I will. *picks up some ramen and blows it before holding it towards you* I blew this time~.

Admin K: Y-yah who said you could *doesn’t get to finish my sentence because he puts the ramen in my mouth and I get flustered from him feeding me* T-thank you f-for feeding me b-baby t-though you d-didn’t have t-to~~ *internally cusses at myself for stuttering and giving away the fact that he made me flustered again* *in a bit of a whiny voice* Why do you k-keep making m-me so flustered, i-it’s not f-fair~~

Joon: *grins* I already told you, my love~. It’s because you’re just so darn cute when you get flustered. *lightly taps your nose and chuckles*

Admin K: Y-yah is t-this payback for s-scaring you, I-I already apologized so s-stop getting m-me so flustered~~ *quickly scampers out of the kitchen to the living room and buries my face into the couch pillow to hide from my embarrassment* *mutters into the pillow* W-who does he t-think he is being so adorkable and m-making me get so f-flustered~

Joon: No it’s not~. *chuckles when you ran out of the kitchen and follows you* *sits down on the couch and gently pokes your arm* What are you doing~? You haven’t finished your ramen yet~.

Admin K: *feels you poke me and looks up at him* Let me guess your not going to leave me alone until I finish your amazing ramen right? *runs my finger through his hair as I smile at him* Let’s go finish your amazing ramen, but please give me a little heads up when you want to feed me~ *interlocks my fingers with his and kisses the back of his hand while walking back to the kitchen table* Hey oppa~ Do you mind if I sit on your lap so it’s easier for you to feed me? I promise I’m not that heavy~

Joon: Sure~! *pats his lap and waits for you to sit on him before back hugging you* This is nice~. *nuzzles his head on your shoulder*

Admin K: *settles into his touch and starts to stroke his soft hair* I swear you act like a cute and cuddly kitten sometimes and to be honest I love it~ *grabs the pair of chopsticks and picks up some ramen and blows on it to cool it down some* Baby~ Open up and I promise it’s not hot this time~ *As I start to feed him I hear a little clicking noise so I look up and see the rest of the members standing there with a camera* Joonie I’m pretty sure they just took a picture of what were doing

Joon: *smiles and does the flower pose* I’m adorable aren’t I? *eats the ramen and starts talking with his mouth full* Yah!! Don’t you guys have something better to do? *shoos them away*

Admin K: *giggles as they all scurry away and teasingly says* Joonie it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full~ *grabs a napkin and gently wipes his mouth* There all better~ *looks down and notices that all the ramen’s gone* Wow we already finished all the ramen *turns around and wraps my arms around him like a little spider monkey* Can we maybe go to your room where we can’t be disturbed by the other members and cuddle for a little while?

Joon: *grins as you wipe his mouth* Thank you~. Ah sure!! *yawns* I’m feeling a bit sleepy anyway. *gets up and carries you bridal style* Let’s go~!

Admin K: *get’s flustered when you suddenly pick me up* Y-yah just don’t drop me p-please I have a little fear of people picking me up. *snuggles closer to him until we reach his room and he gently sets me on the bed* Come here my cute adorable cuddly boyfriend of mine~ *giggles and opens up my arms for him* Oh and if you were wondering you can use me as a pillow, mainly because I know how much you love it when I play with your hair since it helps you relax~

Joon: A~ don’t worry! Oppa’s got you~, you’re light as a feather! *smiles and snuggles close to you* I’ve got to warn you! I might fall asleep~.

Admin K: *starts to gently stroke his hair as he starts to fall asleep* I swear I don’t know how someone can be this cute~ *snuggles into him and falls asleep with him in my arms*

~le magical time skip to morning~

Admin K: *wakes up to feeling something wrapped around me and looks down to see an adorable sleeping Joonie snuggled into my side* Joonie baby~ Wake up~ I think it’s already past noon *lets out a quiet giggle as he finally starts to stir awake*

Joon: *groans* 5 more minutes~. *opens up one eye for a moment* Hmm~? *turns to face you with his eyes closed and whispers in your ear* Happy Birthday my love~.

Admin K: Y-yah who told you it was my birthday? *gets flustered because I don’t want him to make a big deal about it* I really hope you don’t have anything fancy planned for today because honestly as long as I’m with you and the other members today will be perfect~ Though I wouldn’t mind going out for a nice little stroll together & just enjoying each others company for a little while with the other members *gives him a sweet smile as I drag him out of bed and push him towards the closet to get dressed*

Joon: How could I forget the special day when my girl was born~? Erm…Of course not…*quickly texts the members to evacuate to plan b* Soo…are you just going to stay in here and watch me get dressed~?

Admin K: I swear I have the cutest boyfriend ever~ But you’re not the only one who has to get dressed, I hope you don’t mind if I wear one of your shirts~ Plus if I leave then I get to miss the chance at seeing your well defined abs~ *starts looking through his closest trying to find the perfect shirt* *finds a loose fitting black & white stropped v-neck* How do you think this would look on me oppa? *turns around to find a shirtless Joon looking at me and I can’t help but stare at his defined body*

Joon: *casually smiles* I think it would look great on you~. *notices you staring and smirks* Do you like what you see?

Admin K: *manages to snap out of my little trance* What? Oh umm… *starts blushing because he caught me staring* Y-yes you know I love what I see and to be honest you have no idea how much I’m holding myself back from touching them right now since it’s soo tempting~ *immediately covers my mouth because I said that a lot louder than I wanted to*

Joon: *chuckles* You can poke them if you want to~.

Admin K: *hesitates* W-Well…maybe I shouldn’t…b-but you’re just too damn tempting… *giggles as I start to shyly approach him & I start running my fingers over his abs & lightly traces their outlines* I can only imagine all the hard work you have to do in order to keep this god-like body of yours baby~ *warps my arms around him & gives him a soft kiss on his shoulder* I love you baby~ *closes my eyes as I enjoy being in his arms, but gets interrupted when I hear coughing behind him & I look to see the members standing there*

Joon: *smirks* It wasn’t that hard to maintain my abs~. *smiles and starts stroking your hair* I love you too~. *looks up when he hears the coughing* Oh my gosh again??!! Do you guys really have nothing else better to do? Go ruin some other couple’s moment!

Admin K: *let’s out a small giggle and looks up at Joonie* You know I think they keep interrupting us because they’re jealous of our relationship. I mean why else would they try to break up every one of our moments, but you know what that’s not going to stop me from showing both you and them how much I love you. *I start peppering kisses on Joonie from his neck up to his lips and smirk once the other members start to scatter from the room* I guess that took care of that, now where were we~

Joon: *chuckles* I agree~. They should hurry up and get girlfriends!! Though I’m sure they won’t be able to find one as amazing as you~. Same here, nothing is going to stop me from showing my love for you. *smiles and presses his forehead against yours with your noses touching before staring into your eyes* Can’t we just stay like this forever~?

Admin K: Y-yah, I’m not that amazing. *starts blushing when he puts his nose against mine* I w-wish we c-could stay like this forever, but for right now we need to get ready for the wonderful day that lies ahead of us. Since after all it is my birthday~ *finishes getting changed and waits for Joonie to finish* So what does my wonderful boyfriend have planned for today~? *secretly hopes that the first thing we do is enjoy a nice little picnic in the park with the other members*

Joon: *snaps out of it* Oh yeah that’s right~!! Hmm wait here for a moment please~. *goes out of the room and closes the door behind him*

Admin K: Okay oppa~ *watches as he closes the door* Hmm I wonder what he’s up to~ *takes out my phone and pulls up my MBLAQ playlist to distract myself as I wait for him to come back and decides to close my eyes as I start singing along, but stops once I feel like I’m being watched* *opens my eyes to find all the members staring at me* O-oh..umm…I-I didn’t n-notice you guys w-were standing there. *tries to cover up my embarrassment by quickly changing the subject* So w-what t-took you so l-long baby?

Joon: *chuckles* You’re so cute~. *takes your hand and leads you outside where a limo is parked* *opens the door for you and gestures for you to go in* After you, my lady~.

Admin K: *quietly follows behind him, but nearly freaks when I see the limo* Y-yah I thought I told you nothing too fancy baby~ *gives him a small smile as well as a kiss on the cheek then gets in the limo and watches as he and the other members get in* So~ Are you going to tell me what you guys have in store for me today *snuggles closer to Joonie looks up at him* OR are you going to keep it a surprise~? *softly runs my fingers through his hair & whispers in his ear* I know you want to tell me~~

Joon: *pinches your cheeks* A~, I want the best for my girl on her special day!!! Well first we’re going to… *falls in your trap and was about to say something when Seungho suddenly slapped the back of his head* I mean… NOPE! Nice try baby~. It’s going to be a surprise so don’t even try to tempt me~.

Admin K: *lets out a giggle when Seungho smacks him, but then grabs his hand and makes sure he’s okay* Fine don’t tell me, I guess I’ll just have to torture you until we get to our first destination~ *lays my head on his shoulder and gently stars drawing small circles into the back of his hand, but stops once I realized the limo has stopped moving* Hmm I wonder what type of surprise is waiting behind door number one Joonie~

Joon: You’re about to find out~!! Here, put this on. *helps you put on a blindfold and hurries to get out the car before opening your door* Don’t worry and just trust me okay? *grabs your hand and slowly begins leading you somewhere while making sure that you don’t run into anything*

Admin K: *tackle hugs him onto the blanket and starts to give him eskimo kisses* Aww baby you didn’t have to do all this just for me~ And not to mention that you look so adorable right now~ *snuggles into his chest* Thank you baby this is a wonderful surprise from my wonderful boyfriend who I don’t deserve, oh and also one more thing before I forget. I love you~ *gives him a soft kiss on the lips, but stops once I smell something good* So what did my wonderful boyfriend pack for us to eat hm~?

Joon: I wanted to do this. My baby deserves the best~!! *chuckles and smiles after you finish showering him with compliments* I love you even more~. *pulls the basket over and puts it on his lap* Guess what it is~.

Admin K: Aww why do you make me keep on guessing things~ You know I’m bad at it~ *giggles and jokingly says* Hmm well since you put it together maybe ramen~? *cutely tilts my head and smiles at him before I ruffle his hair* Oh one more thing before I forget where did the other members disappear to? *starts to wonder if the fact their missing is due to something Joonie planned*

Joon: I’ll give you a hint~. What’s your most favorite food/dish in the whole world? Ahh the members…? Um er they’re just doing their own things…You know that G.O hyung is always on the go~. And the others well, don’t you worry about them! *smiles innocently*

~Stay Tuned To Find Out What Happens Next~


~Credits to: @chattingwithmybias for helping play the part of Lee Joon (Go check them out because I personally love their blog) & Admin K as herself & Mir/Cheolyong~

~I do not own any of the gifs~


Can I just

Okay so after seeing this I really, really wanted to caption it “Bro Chill” but then… it got out of hand. (My personal favorite is the fourth one.) 

Cameron is 100% not mine but belongs to @moosoppart/ @moosopp

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Barry Allen #7: Masks and Tigers

Anonymous Said: Barry x reader request. Reader is a badass superhero with no powers (kind of like the arrow, but she uses daggers) and the flash adores her, even though they are not allies fighting against crime. Reader meets Barry though her best friend, Cisco, and falls for him, but Barry seems not to notice. So basically flash is in love with hero!reader, while the reader is in love with barry. I know is kind of weird. I hope you can do something with it. thanks.

Loved writing this one. I changed it up a little bit, so I hope you like it. Also, I just used a superhero name generator, so sorry about the crappy name.

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Words: 1588

The first time Barry encountered White Tiger, he was investigating a series of break-ins at banks across the city. Someone had been breaking in and taking money from a set of accounts owned by a set of realtors. Cisco had managed to figure out which one would be targeted next, so Barry was waiting at the Central City National Bank for the thief to show up.

Of course, he wasn’t prepared for so many people to rush in. A bank robbery was usually a job done by three people max, so he wasn’t expecting a group of almost twenty to barge in.

Still, he engaged them anyway. They had guns, which made stopping them a lot more difficult. He’d been forced into a corner to catch his breath when he heard another figure enter the room.

It wasn’t another robber, it was a young girl. She was wearing all black clothes, with the design of a white tiger across her chest. Her hair was a startling white (Barry was almost certain it was a wig) and he could see her Y/E/C through her black lace mask.  

“Now what do we have here?” She asked, her voice melodious.

Barry sped out of the corner so that the robbers were standing in between them.

“It’s alright miss, I have this under control.” He masked his voice slightly.

The robbers scoffed. She giggled. “I can see that, Mr. Flash, but I’m sure you wouldn’t turn away an extra hand.”

One of the robbers laughed outright. “Sure, like you could take us, you little-“

He was cut off as she launched herself at him. She drew two daggers midair and sliced one of them across his arm. She landed right next to him.

“I’m going to kill you.” The man yelled as he took a step forward, reaching for his gun. But each step he took was a little shakier, until he collapsed on the ground in a heap.

She turned to the rest of the men. “Who’s next?”

And so that was the first time the Flash and White Tiger fought together.

The second time was an accident. Barry had been captured by the latest baddie, who just so happened to have the ability to freeze time. This skill game in handy when fighting a speedster, and it didn’t take him long to have Barry in- capacitated in a cage.

Barry was ready to die. There weren’t any other metas in town that were on his side, and there was no way Oliver could get to Central City fast enough to save him.

But there was one person who could save him. She dropped from the ceiling like a cat, landing silently on top of his cage.

“Hey, hot stuff.” She grinned as she began to pick the lock on his cage.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“Rescuing you, duh. What’s Central City without the streak?”

“They stopped calling me that a while ago, you know.” He said, annoyed.

“I am aware, but it’s still a hysterical name. Got it!” She exclaimed quietly as she undid the lock.

Barry pulled himself out of the cage, finally being able to stretch his muscles. “Do you have an escape plan?”

“Nope. Figured that was your job. We can split if 50/50. I get in, you get us out.” She smiled, coming to stand next to him.

“How much do you trust me?” He asked her.

She gave him a look. “Enough, why?”

He looked at her. She couldn’t be more than 5’5 and she definitely was light enough that he could carry her.

“Get on my back.”

“I beg your pardon?”

He bent down. “I can run us out of here, before the alarms go off. Get on my back.”

She muttered something that sounded like a curse before getting on his back. He adjusted his hands so that he wouldn’t drop her. He had been right; she barely weighed anything.


“Go for it.”

He took off running. He could feel her grip tightening on his back. He kept running, even after they cleared the exit door and he could hear the alarms going off behind them.

He stopped running when they made it to a small alley near the coffee shop. She slid off his back, looking stunned.

“Are you okay?” He asked, feeling slightly guilty.

“I’m fine.” She shakily made her way to her feet. “I’ll see you next time.” She grinned and scaled the wall. She was on the roof and gone before he could even say anything.

Later, Barry would begin to realize that he was feeling something for the beautiful vigilante.

He didn’t even ask how you knew he was in trouble.

The first time Barry Allen met Y/N Y/L/N was when Cisco brought his best friend to work. She was small, with Y/H/C and a strong build. Cisco had tried to explain the situation to everyone.

“I didn’t mean to tell her, but…” He trailed off, looking embarrassed.

She piped up. “We went drinking. A drunk Cisco can’t keep secrets.”

Caitlyn swatted Cisco on the arm. “I can’t believe you told her.”

Barry laughed. “Yeah man, you don’t get to know any secrets anymore.”

“Ha-ha, very funny. Anyway, Y/N is staying here today because I felt bad leaving her at home.”

“I’m not a dog, dude.” She chuckled.

Cisco ignored her and muttered something about working in his private lab on a project.  Caitlyn had to go meet up with Ronnie, who had just gotten back in town.

That left Y/N and Barry all alone.

“So…” She began. “You’re the Flash that has been keeping our city safe.”

“That would be me.” Barry said sheepishly.

“Then I should probably thank you.” She gave him a small smile.

Barry was getting a weird vibe from her, like she was interested in him. As cute as she was, Barry still had some sort of feelings for a certain female vigilante.

“Maybe, we could grab some coffee?” She offered.

“No, thanks.” He said quietly. “I need to go on patrol.” He sped out of the lab.

He missed the way her face fell. He didn’t see how disappointed she was.

Barry was inside EXUS Nuclear Plant, searching for an escaped meta-human. He wasn’t surprised when he spotted a familiar white-haired beauty off to the side.

“How you doing over there, gorgeous?” He called, surprised with how flirty it sounded.

“Doing alright, handsome. Who we looking for tod-“

An explosion rocked the building. Barry felt himself be thrown backwards and hit a wall. The fire was raging all around them; White Tiger was lying on the ground, unconscious.

His ears were ringing, but he could still hear when Cisco said, “I guess he’d rather die than go back to prison.”

That was all Barry needed. There was no threat to neutralize and the CCFD would be on the scene any minute. He scooped White Tiger into his arms and made a beeline for Star Labs.

He flashed into the lab and placed her on the table.

“Caitlyn!” He yelled.

She rushed over. Barry was so focused on her that he barely heard Cisco say, “Y/N.”

Barry turned and looked at Cisco with a shocked look.

“Cisco, is there something you want to tell me?” He said menacingly.

He gulped. “Um, no?” It sounded more like a question.

Barry made his way over to where White Tiger lay, with Caitlyn applying bandages to her small head wounds. Barry reached a shaking hand forward and removed the mask.

He gasped when his eyes landed on the familiar features. It was Y/N. She was the one who’d been helping him, saving him, and being his strongest ally in the field.

Caitlyn said quietly, “She’ll be fine. Should come to in a few minutes.” She pulled Cisco out of the room and closed the door softly.

Barry pulled off his mask, there was no point hiding his identity now. He stood there for what felt like hours, but was actually only five minutes.

She groaned as she woke up.

“Y/N.” He greeted, almost coldly.

“Barry? What are you…” She realized where she was. She realized that she was still in costume.

“Why didn’t you tell me Y/N?” He asked, sounding hurt.

“I thought that you wouldn’t want to work with me if you realized who I was.”

“So, is Cisco how you always knew where to find me? How long has he known?”

“Cisco knew from the beginning. He’s the one who designed my daggers. He told me where you were going in case you needed help.”

Barry sat down in the closest chair. “You almost died, Y/N. I don’t know what would’ve happened if you died before I…”

She tilted her head to the side. “Before you…what?”

He took a deep breath and looked her directly in the eye. “Before I told you that I loved you.”

She scoffed. “You turned me down, remember?”

He groaned. “I turned you down because I had feelings for White Tiger, and I didn’t think it would be fair to you.”

“So then you do like me?”

He chuckled. “I love you, Y/N. Way more than like.”

She grinned. “Come here.”


“So I can kiss you.” Barry went over to her without hesitation, leaning down to capture her lips in the most passionate kiss either of them had ever felt.

“No more secrets, right?” He whispered as he took a breath.

“No more secrets.” She agreed as she pulled him in for another one.

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