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The Other Stilinski

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Characters: Y/n, Stiles, Peter, Derek, The Pack

Pairing: No pairing. Stiles x Brother!Reader (MALE!READER) 

Warnings: Fluffiness, happiness…sorta angst, mentions of death, traumatized child, fluff!!!

Word Count: 1043

Summary: Stiles takes his brother to meet the rest of the pack, but no one could’ve guessed he’d bond with him.

A/N: Ok, requested fic from anon-StilesxBabyBrotherReader? Like the MR is the 3-4 y/o Baby Brother of Stiles who is Mute (he can still do some sounds, but not often bc it will hurt him) so Stiles have to take care of him and the Pack just comes over & meet his Brother for the first time, so they help him & a lot of fluff. Ok, I changed the hurting part and made him selectively mute. Hope that’s ok, and hope u like it!!

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Stiles rushed around upstairs, falling and thudding onto the floor, before he pulled the bedroom door open.

“What? Why?”

“I need to go. And the day-care cancelled”.

Stiles groaned, shaking his body exaggeratedly.

“Daaad! You know I was meant to go and meet the pack”.

The sheriff sighed, knowing that they’d been planning to hang out for the holidays.

But he needed someone to take care of y/n.

“I know, son. But, there’s no one else. And your brother needs you”.

When he put it like that, Stiles felt a sense of guilt, but also joy.

His brother needed him.

He’d still not gotten used to having a younger brother. Especially one who always relied on him.

But that feeling of having someone look up to him always made Stiles happy to have y/n.

“Fine”, he sighed, watching as his dad left the house.

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hello! Can I have a sim request? :) Can it be a girl, I don't really care what ethnicity you make her, but can she be one of those... grungy type of people? You know the ones you see on tumblr, with the alien beanies. That kinda thing. CC is fine :). Ily! <33333

sim request - sunni rivers

hi anon !!! ily more !!! here is your sim 4 u. she has the city native aspiration w the gloomy, creative, and music lover traits (but ofc you can change those). all of her outfits except for her everyday are blank bc i thought that should be up to u. cc + more info and download under the cut !!! send me your own sim request, i’m still taking them !!!

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look, anon, if u want essays on me talking about my fics but not givin away spoilers i will do that for days because this is what i like to do, really really like to do, but can’t do irl or in most conversations because of the overwhelming fear that im dominating a conversation w/ shit that no one 1 knows abt 2 cares abt 3 understands or 4 appreciates

and also i had that whole “dont talk to much u talk to much u have to listen to ppl stop talking only abt urself” phase that i never quite got over so i tend to be extra careful abt what i talk about and thus when i get started I Get Started and boy howdy thats a fuckin  thing and a half of stuff

also i kind of just got off an hour and a half long writing bender for the last chapter and it was realy dialogue heavy so im kind of still in that mode of “text words mean real talky words” even tho  i dont think my tongue has moved in over two hours like… what…. 

B HShf i just moved it and it tickled the roof of my mouth what the fu c k

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imo yuuri is truer to the pronunciation, and i usually call yuri(o) yuri bc that's his actual name lol, but you could also try yūri i guess?

Looks like the fandom preference is Yuuri because it’s less confusing that way. I can understand that. Even the AO3 tag has the double Us, which is why I started spelling it that way in my fic to begin with. That’s also why I chose Victor over Viktor. 

The thing that’s been bothering me with the double U Yuuri spelling is that when he writes it out himself, it’s spelled YURI.

But if the fandom likes the double Us, then that’s okay with me.

I honestly don’t care how either name is spelled. I like all 4 variations. I JUST WANT THE FANDOM TO PICK.

As for Yuri P, I definitely will keep calling him Yurio. That way, no one is confused with him either.

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shit fam what happened the first time??

Okay so basically it was the first time I’d openly expressed my disliking for Tony and I found a few people who also didn’t like him so we had a squad and I drew this really ridiculous ms paint thing of us sitting at a table with a banner that said “T*ny St*rk is a piece of shit” and we all had big :D faces it was hilarious but I was still smol (this was like 2 years ago) and wasn’t familiar with the whole hate tagging concept so I tagged it with his name and the fandom fucking Went Off and they were all reblogging it calling me names and talking about how terrible I was (this is over an ms paint drawing remember) and I woke up with a shit ton of messages and like most of them were pretty amusing or just anons being like “fam u should tag your hate” there was one I specifically remember that said something like “be careful suzie or the girls won’t want you at their next tea party” and I was like wat but on top of that I had like 4 or 5 messages literally being like “you should kill yourself” or “I hope you die” or some shit and to this day it baffles me because it’s the first and only time I’ve ever gotten messages like that and it was over a drawing I did on ms paint???

Preference: Taking care of you 4/4

“Can u do a pref where y/n has the stomach flu? Like puking/runs or whatever and the boys take care of her?”

Requested: Yes

Smut: No

For: Anon.

Calum: Having P.E in the morning sucks. This isn’t your day at all because one, you have your period and two you guys were doing 4x100m for P.E today. You hated the first three days of your period, you’d always get bad stomach pains that makes you want to curl up in a ball. 

It was time for you to run, everything was going well until you felt the world spinning around. You asked your teacher if you could sit out for a while. and by then your stomach started to act up. You couldn’t take it anymore and excused yourself to go to the washroom. 

As dizzy as you were you just wanted to make it inside the washroom. You decided to text Calum if you could take her to the nurses office and he did. He was very worried at first but followed your orders anyways. The nurse asked you questions such as “did you have breakfast this morning? Do you have your period? Did you just have P.E? Do you have allergies?” and all that, you said yes to the first three questions and no for the last one. 

The nurse was kind enough to excuse you for the rest of the day. Calum drove you home. “Sorry for bothering you Calum but you can go back to school now. I can take care of myself.” 

“No way I’m not gonna leave you now. Who knows what’s going to happen to you. You might faint out of nowhere and I still need you!” He said jokingly. “Whatever floats your boat Hood." 

Ashton: You woke up with a migraine and you heard Ashton practicing his drums downstairs. You groaned to yourself and pulled a pillow over your head but it didn’t work. Of course it wouldn’t why would you even try such thing you thought to yourself. 

You got up and went to the kitchen and decided to drink some Advil to take away this headache of yours. Ashton’s still drumming as loud and hard as he could and you couldn’t take it anymore. "ASHTON CAN YOU STOP PLAYING THE DRUMS THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING!” you yelled at him. He was surprised by your sudden behaviour. 

You told him that you weren’t feeling well. “Awes my poor baby, I was planning to take you out today.” He sounded sad. 

“Sorry Ash maybe some other day?” He smiled and just suggested if you two could just have a movie marathon. For the past few days you’ve had some mood swings due to the fact that you’re pregnant and this whole morning sickness thing isn’t working out for you. 

Just when Ashton asked what you wanted to watch you needed a trip down the washroom. He held your hair and rubbed your back, which calmed your down and proceeded with your plan of movie marathon. 

Luke: Last night you and Luke went to his friends birthday part. Everything went well, you met new people and the food there was great. Or at least that’s what you thought. After an hour from that party you excused yourself from Luke. When you came back Luke he had his worried face on. “Hey Y/N are you okay?” 

“I… I don’t feel so good. I’ll take the cab home while you stay here at your friends birthday party” you explained. “Nonsense babe. If you’re going to leave then I’m leaving too.” He told his friend the situation and drove you home. 

As soon as you arrived you ran towards the toilet again. He rubbed your back and said “Sorry I ruined your night Luke…. you were suppose to be having fun.” you frowned. 

He lifted your chin and said, “Its okay I’d rather be home spending some quality time and taking care of my girlfriend anyways.” He hugged you and kissed the top of your forehead. “How does a warm soup sound to you?” He asked, you just smiled at him. When he left your were thankful to have such caring and loving boyfriend like Luke. 

Michael: "Hey?“ You gave him a weak smile, he pulled you in a hug. "Woah princess I think you have a fever!” He guided you towards the couch and said that you were fine. 

He kept insisting it so he went to your room to grab some blankets. In just a few minutes he appeared with your blanket and disappeared towards the kitchen. “Michael?” You coughed up his name. 

“I’M COMING!” he was carrying a tray with your lunch. Michael is so sweet as soon as you told him you weren’t feeling well he came as fast as he can to your house. 

“You know you didn’t need to do this for me. Maybe you should keep your distance. I don’t want to get you sick” 

Michael let out a small laugh, “You know I’ll do anything to take care of my princess. I’ll be here to take care of you no matter what okay?” You nodded your head, he smiled and fed you. When you were done you thanked Michael, “Anything for my princess. Now you have to get some rest so you can feel better soon.” He kissed your forehead and cuddled with him until you fell asleep. 

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Just scrolled thru some of your posts and besides noticing immediately that ur arguments use the equivalent of a 4 year old child's logic, the only thing I thought was "shit this guy is gonna die alone and no one will even care or remember him. He's not even leaving a legacy behind just kind of trolling the internet! What a shame that you will be buried in such mountains of digital trash heaps" I feel sorry for u bro :(

Wow, I feel sorry for me too. I only have a full time job that pays $24 an hour and a loving girlfriend and partner of almost 3 years. Truly my life is a piece of shit and this is the anon that has opened my eyes. Now I can really turn my life around and devote my time to the important things in life, like trying to find racism in every piece of media and hating men!

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Hey anon,

1. I love Carina so much 

2. She totally deserves followers she is such a fabulous and beautiful person inside and out. 

3. Be nice, there is no need to be unkind or rude.

4. She is one of the most kind, caring, supportive and amazing people you will ever meet. 

5. Tumblr doesn’t revolve around the amount of followers you have

run-like-a-zombie <3

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When Gold told Regina what will happen if she lets him die do u think Regina didn't listen to him because 1) she didn't understand what he meant 2) thought he was lying or 3) she just wasn't listening?

Greetings, Anon. I’m going to create Choice #4–she understood him, she knew he was telling the truth, she listened, and she DID NOT CARE. Regina in this scene was incredibly problematic for me. She and Rumple have a lengthy history and at the very least have always had a grudging respect for one another. Here, she doesn’t seem to care AT ALL about her mentor, ally, and occasional friend. Like most other members of the Storybrooke community, Regina only cares about Rumple when he is being useful or doing what she wants. She even tells him that when she gets her happy ending “I’ll be–guess whathappy. So I don’t really care what you’ll be up to.” She then rips the quill out of his hand, gleefully enjoying the fact that he has almost passed out, says “goodbye, Dearie,” and takes off with the Author, leaving Rumple like this:

Yes, Regina, you are a real hero.

In addition, Regina seems content to blame Rumple for all of her problems: “You turned me into a monster…I won’t let you do the same to Emma.” Way to take personal responsibility for your choices, Regina. I’ve never been a fan of Regina’s motivations for getting what she wants. As Emma has said, this is a woman who created an entire cursed town because “a 10-year-old told a secret.”