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Evak + Richard Siken: Scheherazade.
“Look at the light through the windowpane. That means it’s noon, that means we’re inconsolable. Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us. These, our bodies, possessed by light. Tell me we’ll never get used to it.”

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Hiya I love your blog and your posts :D I was wondering how do you think the suitors will react to their baby's first word?

happy valentines~ heh ;)

ALBERT: he’s feeding his little boy when said toddler formed his first word. The knight commander of Stein literally dropped the bottle of milk in shock and awe, causing his son to cry. lol

BYRON: he was in a daze the whole day. hearing his twins utter their first words simultaneously was enough to put the young king into a light, carefree mood. Albert and MC had to pull him out of a meeting for he couldn’t concentrate.

ALYN: he blushed - yes, blushed - furiously, cheeks turning like ripe tomatoes due to happiness. finally, his child spoke his first word and it was what he was actually expecting.

LEO: cooed right in front of the palace bureaucrats when he heard his daughter speak for the first time, not caring how he just managed to break his reputation of being a cool and calm king. hey, anyone who’s seen his daughter would understand, you know.

ROBERT: went speechless for a full minute that the MC worried he just totally shut down. then without missing a beat, he turned to her and said, “I want another kid.” Ehhhh

NICO: it takes so much for someone or something to fluster Nico. But one word, one quiet word from his daughter had him tripping over whatever he was doing at the time. MC didn’t let him live it down afterwards.

SID: cried. no, he fucking bawled when his son said his first word, familiar eyes of dark blue not leaving his father’s face. the little boy was then enveloped in a warm hug and a confused “papa…?” accompanied by a tiny hand rubbing his cheek had Sid bawling even more.

LOUIS: ever since he got married to the love of his life, everyone has witnessed louis smile more and more. but no one, except the MC perhaps, was prepared to hear the delighted peals of laughter leaving the blond as he cuddled his equally laughing daughter against his chest, the two of them doing this semi-dancing, semi-twirling in the garden.

GILES: he surprised everyone by taking a day off when his child spoke for the first time. Giles Christophe was a known workaholic and day off seemed to be a foreign concept to him so it absolutely shocked everyone. Giles, on the other hand, was just happy to spend more time with his kid and teaching them more words.

The Bone Carver (Rhys POV)

Chapter 18. ACOMAF. Rhysey-Piecey. A very angsty, miserable Rhysey-Piecey. I take no credit for dialogue nor ideas. They belong to Sarah J. Maas.

In the Darkness

“Who is he? What is he?” Feyre asked.

The walls of the prison were stiff and dark making it difficult to see and understand. Memories of Under the Mountain were amplified in the stale silence where creeping whisperings could almost be heard. Almost, but not quite.

“No one knows,” I replied. “He’ll appear as he wants to appear.”


“Yes and no. He’ll appear to you as one thing, and I might be standing right beside you and see another.”

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12 Mavin

#12: A Last Kiss

((if i end of crying today, I’m blaming all of you guys))

“One last kiss before you leave?”

Gavin asks, smiling and cheery as both Michael and him get out of the car to head to their positions for the heist. The day is bright; no clouds, sun shining strong. A perfect day for a heist. 

And Michael laughs, bright and lovely and fierce and Gavin loves him, loves his laugh, loves his smile, loves his bright eyes that hold a fire in them, and his sharp mouth that holds as much love as anger.

It’s fitting, Gavin will think later, that it was an explosion. Loud, bright, disastrous. Just like him. He likes to think Michael wouldn’t have it any other way. But Gavin also thinks there are still better ways. At least others would’ve left a body to bury and not a burned husk, unidentifiable except for its teeth and a diamond necklace left around the neck.

Michael laughs and pulls Gavin in for a kiss. A quick kiss, a throw-away, a “see-you-later”.

It’s amazing how little you think of the important things when you believe you’re indestructible. When nothing can touch you. It’s amazing that the small things are the first thing you miss when you realize you aren’t.

“Love you Gavvy Wavvy,” Michael says, smiling as they pull apart. It’s mockingly mushy but it makes Gavin’s heart flutter regardless.

“Love you too my little Micoo~” Gavin says, giving one more kiss to his cheek then pulling apart.

And then Michael walks away.

And then a building explodes. With him inside.

And then Gavin feels the ghost of their kiss and an echo of his voice as he watches a coffin get put underground, no tears left to flow, no heart left to break.

And Gavin stares at the sky, bright and cloudless. And gives a soft, final “I love you” to the wind.

A Kiss And A Fic


(”SINnamon roll”, part 1. Part 2.

OMG, this is the longest I’ve done, but I had so much fun doing it xD. Sorry, I didn’t include the Marichat bit: it’d be hilarious, but that’d be breaking the 4th wall… and it’d be even longer lol).