this one's pretty much a sleepy doodle

Dustin tried his  hardest to pay attention in algebra, but most days, it was absolutely no use. It was right after his favorite (of three) cooking classes and right before he got out of school to go to football practice. As much as the class bored him though, he really needed to buckle down and do well on the next few tests so he would be able to stay on the football team. 

Today though, he was determined to stay focused. He hadn’t eaten as much as he normally would in his international cuisine class so he wouldn’t be sleepy and he turned off his phone and put it in his backpack so he wouldn’t be tempted to check all of his favorite sports websites. Today was the day, he finally paid attention.

Thirty minutes into the class he found himself staring down at a page of confusing notes and doodles of footballs. He had payed attention, but it still didn’t make much sense to him. He set his pencil down and looked around at the people at the near him. He knew most of them by name, but there was one guy that he was pretty sure he didn’t recognize. A few minutes later, the teacher stopped talking to let the students start on their homework and Dustin turned in his desk to talk to the guy, who looked like he was already pretty far through the assignment. 

“Hey buddy,” He smiled, reaching over to tap on his desk. “M’names Dustin, I don’t think I’ve seen you ‘round here before. Could ya help me with this? I’m fuckin’ garbage at math.” He laughed, giving the man the most charming smile he could muster.