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SMH as things I’ve done

Jack: Read a gritty nonfiction about war at age 6, proceeded to recount all the nasty parts of battle at the dinner table with great enthusiasm.

Bitty: Made 2,000 cupcakes in 2.5 hours and then passed out from exhaustion after the last cupcake was finished and decorated to my standards.

Shitty: Went up to a friend of a friend in only my underwear and went on a rant about the patriarchy because he was being ignorant. 

Lardo: Was high, sat on my best friend’s lap and colored all over his face, declared it art, then paraded him around town for an hour.

Ransom: Got a B on a quiz, called my mom and told her I was dropping out of school because I was too ashamed to go on.

 Holster: Called the new kid in one of my classes ‘bro’ and 'dude’ over 48 times in one day without realizing it (someone had tallied)

Nursey: Tripped while trying to use the stairs during a fancy dinner party my parents were holding, landed stomach first on the banister, rode it all the way down the the staircase, hopped off onto the foyer floor and did a curtsy.

Dex: Stayed up until 4 am working on a coding project for my comp. sci class, accidentally fell asleep, woke up with my head on the keyboard and everything erased.

Chowder: Was so elated that my friends finally got together I ended up crying out of happiness for 2 hours straight.

Tango: Asked so many questions in the first week of my 10th grade Gen Psych class that we had to make a rule that I needed to write all the questions on a spare paper and turn them in at the end to stop disrupting the class every five minutes.

Whiskey: Had a sour look on my face because I was trying to figure something out in my head that 3 people didn’t want to approach me and asked my friend to get my attention instead.

Bonus! Kent: Put on an outfit that costed probably over 4k all together but instead of going out I sprayed 3 cans of whipped cream into my mouth, watched the National Pet Show, and cried about the incredibly fluffy cats.

Living with Sherlock Would Involve
  • Looking after him, or rather, making sure he looks after himself.
  • Being his contact with John, because John still wants Sherlock to be okay, even if he doesn’t want to talk to him.
  • Being woken up by Sherlock searching through your clothes, throwing everything on top of you on the bed until he finds a silk scarf, which he takes out with him into the kitchen, slamming your bedroom door behind him.
  • “Oh did I wake you up? My apologies.”
  • Mycroft keeping an eye on you. You get annoyed at him for this until one day he sees you walking home in the pouring rain and picks you up. You say he can come in for tea but he declines and quickly leaves.
  • Sherlock playing the violin very loudly when he wants you to wake up. “Oh good you’re up, read this.” 
  • Locking your bedroom door so Sherlock can’t get in. He quickly picks it so you install several different locks and puzzles to stop him from getting in. It turns into a little bit of a game so you don’t really mind when Sherlock shows up lying at the end of your bed one morning after spending the whole night trying to unlock your door. “I did it.” He says groggily.
  • Playing cards late at night. Sherlock insists on staying awake to wait for news so you stay up with him. Cards is the only way for him to keep you awake and focused (since you’re so competitive) so Sherlock is happy to play card games with you.
  • You invent games, puzzles and tricks to entertain Sherlock because a confused Sherlock is entertainment to you. Sometimes he pretends he knows the answer but won’t tell you (even though he doesn’t know). 
  • Screaming at him when you’ve had enough, when you’re fed up of his attitude because you care about him and he usually acts indifferent. This ensues. 
  • On the days when it’s too much for you and you’re crying and screaming at him to go away, Sherlock stays and tries to comfort you. Even though you appreciate the effort, Mrs Hudson’s tea and biscuits are much more helpful.
  • Sherlock telling you he actually does like having you around, even though you can be “a smug pain” sometimes.
  • “Ditto.”


Being Neighbours with John and Sherlock Would Involve is similar and here

Apologies for being so quiet lately, but I had a very good reason!!!

That’s right, I WROTE A BOOK!!!  A real one, that you can buy!!!


“Matt Bartlett and his family have been pulled apart in the last year by his dad’s affair and the subsequent divorce. Now Christmas is looming, and Matt and his sister are expected to play nice and share the holidays with his dad’s new family.

Lucky for Matt, his best friend Aedan Gallagher arrives on his doorstep on Christmas morning, bringing with him a much-needed blast of festive cheer and plenty of sparkle.

As they navigate Matt’s vindictive step-mother and Aedan’s own family trouble, Matt starts to realise that Aedan might be more than just a friend to him. But with everything else threatening to fall apart around them, he’s not sure if he should dare risk taking the next step. If he doesn’t though, he could lose Aedan forever.”

A stand alone, New Adult romance with a happy ending.

49,000 words approx. 

Available now on Amazon

yo can u do fluffy relationship headcanons for juzen and yooseven? ily !! <3

I love you too, anon! I apologize if this isn’t very good, I haven’t dabbled very much into mm ships.


  • They’re the exact opposites, which is one of the main reasons they fell for eachother
  • Zen is a really physical person while Jumin is very shy, so Zen is always being handsy or cuddling with Jumin
  • Most of the time he ends up sneezing though because there are traces of Elizabeth everywhere
  • Jumin can actually be quite a tease and likes to playfully flirt back with Zen, leaving the poor actor blushing
  • I think after some time into the relationship Jumin would start calling Zen by his real name, ‘Hyun’
  • Zen always takes cute selfies with Jumin and posts it all over social media
  • Zen also tries to teach old man Jumin how to use social media but has to give up because Jumin is impossible sometimes
  • Jumin is always buying things for Zen, especially strong allergy meds jfc
  • They are a total power couple


  • These bois are the epitome of fluff
  • They love to bundle up in a blanket together to watch movies and just cuddle aaaaah
  • Yoosung and Seven use the computers and laptops so much, none of them belong to either one in particular anymore, it’s their’s to share
  • Gaming sessions together!
  • Yoosung is always fretting over Seven and cooks for him all the time
  • In return, Seven loves to help Yoosung with college work 
  • Kisses e v e r y w h e r e
  • Seven loves kissing Yoosung’s forehead the most (since he’s taller) and Yoosung tip-toes to Seven’s nose or lips to peck
  • Seven also likes to randomly just lay on Yoosung
  • Like Yoosung will be sitting on the couch or bed, and Seven will just come over and plop down on him
  • Seven likes to call him ‘Honey~’ and (jokingly) ‘My loving wife~’
  • Yoosung still calls him Seven, despite knowing his real name

Pairing: ReaderXReid

Inspiration: a photo I found that says “I was atheist until I realized I am God.” and the picture just inspired me completely.

Prompt: You have been taken by an unsub who believes he is God. Reid and the rest of the team burst into the unsub’s apartment just in time to stop him from killing you and turning you into one of his ‘angels’

Warnings: a little bit of religious talk (I identify myself as an agnostic so I really am not good at writing about religion so I’m very sorry if in some way I offend you if you are a religious person, I do not mean to and apologize if you do take offense to anything), violence, swearing

You gasped for air as your eyes shot back open, only to see the same dim lit room they had seen before you had passed out from the intense pain in your ribs and wrist. You knew at least two ribs had to be cracked from when the unsub kicked you during your first escape attempt, and you knew your wrist was most likely damaged too from when the unsub had twisted it violently during your second escape attempt. 

You glanced down at your wrist, the skin around the bone swollen to almost double its size, your flesh taking on a deep purple tone. Definitely broken.

You looked around for anything you could use as a make-shift cast, knowing the more you let your hand flop around the more damage would be done to that broken bone. You had very little medical training, considering you had only been in med-school for a year before dropping out and joining the Behavioral Analysis Unit, however you knew exactly what to do the moment you saw the wooden ruler on the small desk that sat in the corner of the room that you had been trapped inside for almost a day now. 

You stood up weakly and made your way over to the desk, knowing the unsub was no where in the room from the lack of teasing you heard when you awoke. You had passed out five times since he first captured you, three of the times when you came to he had been sitting in the room, watching you. Once he noticed you were conscious he would chuckle and ask you what it felt like to have God doing this to you or if you wanted to beg him for divine mercy. 

You leaned on the desk with your good hand, letting your body balance itself before you let go and grabbed the ruler, putting it under neath your damaged forearm. You then grabbed a long piece of string that was also laying on the desk, wrapping it up and down your arm tightly until the ruler stayed in place without anything supporting it. That was the best you could do.

“Well, well, well, look whose up and on her feet.” his voice spoke from behind you. You whipped around only to see him standing in the doorway, a sick smile on his face. “Ready to beg for mercy?” he questioned, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him. 

You just stared, not giving him the pleasure of your broken voice answering. You knew if you tried to say anything he would hear the fear in your voice and that was exactly what he wanted.

“Do you believe in God?” he asked, walking slowly towards you, dragging his hand along the top of his dingy dining table. His eyes were glued to you as if simple eye contact alone was feeding his craziness. 

You still didn’t answer his question, only swallowed hard as he took his hand off the table, continuing to walk towards you.

“I was an atheist once.” he spoke in a low voice. He came to a sudden stop, his body now only a foot away from you. “Until I realized I am God.”

As if on queue, you heard the door he had entered through moments before be kicked in causing him to grab you and pull your body in front of his, a knife he had been hiding in his belt now being raised up to your neck. You watched as the room filled with the familiar faces of the BAU as well as a few members of SWAT. 

“Get out!” you heard the unsub bark, his voice almost breaking your ear drum while you felt his breath become faster against your neck.

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“Jackson, put the knife down, you don’t want to do this.” the voice of Spencer filled your ears, causing your eyes to dart to his face the moment you heard them. You almost started sobbing just from seeing his face, the face you never thought you would see again.

“Of course I want to do this, she must become one of my angels.” he spat, the blade now pressing against your neck causing you to squint your eyes shut. “She’ll be my favorite little angel.” he said, his voice lowering slightly as you could tell he moved his head to look at you.

“Jackson, (Y/N) is already an angel.” you heard Reid say, causing you to open your eyes slightly, the tears blurring your vision. “She’s one of the few angels that God sent down to Earth to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.”

“I am God!” he shouted, pressing the blade even harder into your neck. You could feel a small stream of blood begin to trickle down your neck as the blade nicked you ever so slightly. 

“Exactly, which is why you know it’s important that (Y/N) stays here on Earth. You know what she’s done for people, you know how kind hearted and amazing she is.” Reid continued, his voice staying calm in the escalating situation. “She’s helped save so many people Jackson, she’s helped save me.” 

You felt the unsubs pressure on the knife loosen slightly as you remembered all the nights Spencer had spent at your apartment after Prentis’s ‘death’. All the mornings that you would wake up and make breakfast for him and ask him what his plans for the day would be. You and Spencer had always shared a close bond, one that could not be replaced or broken. Little did either of you know that the feelings you had towards one another was love.

“Please, don’t take her away from me.” Spencer pleaded, breaking you away from your train of thought. 

You swallowed hard, glancing down just in time to see the glint of the blade catching the dim light as it was brought away from your neck. You felt Jackson step away from you, then you heard him drop to his knees, then you saw the SWAT team and several members of the BAU move in towards him. 

You brought your none broken hand up to your face, wiping away the warm tears that were finally falling only to suddenly feel arms wrapped around you and your face being pressed against a bullet proof FBI vest.

“You’re safe.” you heard Spencer’s voice whisper while he brought one of his hands up to the back of your head, the other staying around your waist. 

Your head fit perfectly under his chin. You felt him gently kiss the top of your head before squeezing you even tighter, hearing the footsteps of Jackson and the SWAT team walk by. 

“You’re safe.” he repeated once again, his grip on you not loosening until he knew Jackson was half way down the hall.


I’ve seen a lot of people criticizing the writing for Voltron Season 2. One of the criticisms that people seem to have is that they feel as if the narrative forced Allura to apologize to Keith when she shouldn’t have.

I’ll start off by saying that I think this is a very beautiful scene, and that I personally think it was handled very well. It’s one of my favorite scenes from Season 2.

I don’t think the writers included this scene to imply that her hatred of the Galra Empire was unreasonable, or that her initial reaction to finding out Keith was part Galra was something she should be looked down upon for.

Allura made the best decision, both as a person and as a Princess, by apologizing to Keith. After discovering Keith is part Galra, she snubbed him. The snubbing didn’t last long because she came around rather quickly, but imagine if she hadn’t apologized. What would she have done? Kept snubbing Keith? Imagine how many problems that could have caused for Team Voltron. The team’s morale would be lowered if Allura kept hating Keith, which in turn would cause the team’s  efficiency to be lowered as well.  Emotions would start running high, and a divide would form. It could very well have lead to Keith feeling the need to leave Team Voltron.

But that didn’t happen. She chose to apologize. No one forced her, everyone gave her some space because they understood how deeply she had been hurt by the Galra Empire (although it was clear that the other paladins felt that the snubbing was unfair, this was demonstrated when Hunk spoke up for Keith).

What’s more, Allura’s judgement of Keith WAS unfair. Keith literally did nothing wrong. In fact, he actually proved his loyalty to Voltron by showing that he was willing to give up learning about his past. He grew up as an orphan, he’s probably been searching for answers about his past for the MAJORITY OF HIS LIFE. He was willing to give up something he fought so hard for the team. He’s proud to be a paladin of Voltron. The rest of the Paladins + Allura and Coran are the closest to a real family he’s ever had.

I’ve seen people liken the Galra to space nazis, so I’ll roll with that comparison for a second. Galra is a race/species, NOT an ideology. So much in the same way that German =/= Nazi, Galra =/= Space Nazi. What’s more, we’ve been shown in canon that there are good Galra (The Blades of Marmora). Not to mention Keith didn’t even KNOW he was part Galra until very recently. He’s not even Galra passing. 

Imagine finding out that you’re part German (while not being white passing), and immediately after, someone in your friend group (who are basically the only family you have) starts hating you because of it. It’s just not fair. 

edit: I’d like to clarify that I don’t think people should call Allura a racist. Just saw one of the ladies on the AfterBuzz show do that and it was ridiculous.

<< Page 51 >>
I guess the building was condemned for a reason… no alternate exits.

Kim has every right to be angry at her “saviour”. The roof was probably a poor option… suppose smoke inhalation is a better way to go than burning alive. How will our heroes survive this one folks?! Or not. I can kill off characters if I want to. Food for thought. :)

Apologies in the lateness of this page, folks. December is a very busy month, as you all should know and as stream saw, I painted and edited most of these backgrounds myself, unlike the normal photo manipulation. It’s… it’s 3am, I can’t write anything worthwhile… good niight… *flops into bed*

Canadian Yuri!!! on Ice Headcanon
  • Okay, but my sister and I just had the idea
  • What if Victor and Yurio were Canadian
  • Like everyone expects Yuri to be really nice, and they are so distraught to find out that this little Canadian is so angry
  • But he still apologizes all the time 
  • *bumps into Yuuri* “Oh sorry….. fuck you”
  • And Victor is very openly gay and someone asks him about it, and he’s just like, “I’m Canadian”
  • And he has one of those Canadian Pride flags that he brings with him to competitions
  • When Yuuri tells him about katsudon and Victor is like, yes, this is good, but also have you ever had maple syrup, that shit is dope.
  • And Yurio’s parents really wanted him to play hockey, but this little prima ballerina was dead set on figure skating
  • At one point he did a pairs number like this one X
  • But role reversal
  • And every time they go to the rink, they wear those red Team Canada gloves
  • And in Yurio’s first big competition he blows up like queen Penny Oleksiak
  • Canada is so damn supportive of them
  • Like class is cancelled, Victor and Yurio are skating
  • Victor’s coach is like, you want to be a coach, you go do that son
  • Hell, Canada even loves Yuuri
  • Victor loves him, so we love him
  • Also these two are always walking around in t shirts and everyone telling them to put on a damn coat its cold out
  • But like, it’s warm?
  • People always think they are American and Victor just laughs and brushes it off
  • But Yurio
  • He gets so defensive
  • I’m Canadian, NOT American
  • There is a big difference
  • And Yuuri finds it so funny to constantly say aboot just to piss off Yurio
  • Yurio could care less about other sports
  • But Victor is a closeted Leafs fan
  • Who is constantly in pain
  • And doesn’t want to admit that his team sucks so bad
  • At one point they go to Canada with Yuuri
  • And he wants to see a moose so bad
  • And Yurio turns to him in all seriousness and says
  • My best friend’s aunt was killed by a moose
  • And Yuuri starts to laugh 
  • And then stops immediately
  • That small child was not kidding, no moose then
  • One day Victor walks into practice with one of those goddamn Trudeau sweaters
  • You know, the one with him riding a unicorn
  • And Yuuri is so confused
  • But Victor doesn’t see anything weird about it
  • Yurio wins a competition and he is still a ball of anger
  • Until they start to play Oh Canada
  • And this small child starts bawling and singing
  • And the Canadian cheering section
  • Which is half of the stadium tbh
  • Is singing with him
  • And there’s Victor singing it too
  • Hell, even Yuuri learnt it
  • It’s a historical moment in Canadian history

Like, I really promise I’m not trying to erase the fact that they are indeed Russian, I just couldn’t ignore this prime opportunity.

(Shoutout to @iwritesinsnotmathequations for your assistance)

Shall We Skate? - The First Date
Shall We Skate? - The First Date

Contains: A grand total of two kisses, some breathing, a disgusting amount of fluff, and a fuck ton of awkward rambling from a very nervous kitten

After Yuri’s love confession, the pair make themselves officially partners. For the first date, Otabek wanted to take him somewhere special, but Plisetsky couldn’t stop overthinking everything

A/N: I’m not very good at fluff guys I’m aro. xD Anyways! Not gonna lie, this was probably the hardest script to write because nothing sounded natural oh my god; but I managed to make it semi-work! Also, I apologize for my voice in this one. My throat is starting to get sore and my accent is all over the place. I’m working on it! Anyways, I woke up this morning to find out I now have 120 FOLLOWERS!! Holy shit!!! I’m just???? so happy???? and flattered????? I love you guys so much thank you for your endless love and support, it really means so, sosososo much to me. 

I had a resident make me cry today because I didn’t make her bed how she wanted it. She went in on me. Told me I did a sloppy job, she would NEVER want someone to see her bed like that. Told me that if that’s how I made beds I wasn’t getting very far in life. If I was in college and wrote a term paper like how I made that bed I’d get a D. I kept apologizing but that wasn’t good enough. She had to get her little jabs in. I walked out and had to go into an empty room so I could wash my face and cry a bit in peace.

I was probably being a bit overemotional but come on, was all that necessary? I have a week and a half left at this job until I start my new one and my give a shit meter is about to break.

anonymous asked:

Headcanon's for how Yuri, Yurio, and Victor would treat their s/o who is just a delicate, fragile little one.

This request wasn’t very specific, so I tried my best. If this isn’t what you wanted, I apologize! Anyway, please enjoy, and thank you for the request :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • He’s the master of all things graceful and beautiful, so Viktor can easily handle your needs
  • Viktor is really sensitive and emotional and all that good stuff, and he is really good about making sure your precious little heart is safe
  • He holds your hand basically everywhere you go, and he’ll even pick you up and carry you to make sure he knows you’re safe
  • especially at his skating competitions tho; he will pick you up and carry you on his back so you don’t get lost in crowds or have bad run-ins with the press like ugh sweetie ;-;
  • He always uses a soft tone of voice when talking to you, his favorite thing being whispering in your ears and gently living feather-light touches on your skin
  • and the subsequent blush you get is his favorite part lmao
  • Viktor has amazing timing when it comes to saving you from intense situations; he seems to always know the perfect time to sweep in and come to your rescue when you’re in a situation where your delicate personality is at risk of shattering
  • Overall, Viktor is 11/10 when it comes to your needs and making you feel safe and sound

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Being the worrywart he is, Yuri is extra careful around you and makes sure you’re always safe with him
  • Yuri is always there to keep an eye on you, never letting you out of his sight to try to be your protector
  • one time he even went to the lengths of following you to the bathroom and you’re like ‘srsly bro cmon” lmao but what a cutie
  • What he does like, though, is being your knight in shining armor; being your protector makes him feel so fulfilled and accomplished
  • And if you praise him for his work, he’ll probably melt into a puddle and die because he knows his efforts are not in vain
  • and honestly the boy is a gentle little butterfly so ???? he’s got you covered fam don’t worry
  • Yuri is a sensitive lil bean, and he will always be there to be your Knight in Shining Armor™

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • With such an aggressive personality, this boy had to learn to tone it down a bit when you’re around
  • At first his harshness scares you a bit, and he nearly brings you to tears by accident when he’s letting out his frustrations
  • he accidentally yelled at you over something stupid and when your eyes filled with tears he just kind went ‘?????? i fucked up’
  • After that, Yuri makes sure to stay cool and collected around you, finding other ways to let out his anger and rebellious tendencies
  • He has a habit of keeping an arm around you in public places, despite his dislike for PDA
  • honestly ???? it’s become a habit and at this point and he feels safer knowing you’re right there and not wandering off and potentially gettiNG HURT
  • Yuri learns to control himself and manage his anger in a more healthy way during your relationship, leaving you both with an added bonus of being together <3
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Finally a Bokuaka oneshot that has not turned into a multi chapter fic. *shakes fists at the ones that have*

Enjoy some Bokuaka fluff while I go despair about our future. 

For @axoic because your art has once again inspired me to write. (it was also very calming to look at a couple nights ago) and @silvercistern because I read your headcanons often and I might have implicated some into here.

I also apologize if this is slightly out of character, I like to headcanon that Bokuto is way smarter then he acts and he can be very good at at getting things he wants as well as messing with Akaashi.

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Imagine Legolas threatening a man for you

Drabble for: anon

Original request: “Hia you lovely, beautiful person who better have a lovely day, could you do a Legolas x Reader one? Namely where reader is human, but it doesn’t really matter. You can do whatever you like with the story, whatever you like writing, thank you in advance, bye!”

Pairing: Legolas x Reader

Word count: 1,198

A/N: apologies for the wait and also the bad title. I did my best with what I had but my inspiration hasn’t been running very high lately so I am sorry if it isn’t very good. Hope you like it anyway :)

You sighed in relief as you finally placed the two heavy, large flasks of mead in front of the rowdy dwarf and the elf. The elf was extremely good looking, you thought, with long blonde hair and soft yet slightly angular features. Him and the burly dwarf were having a drinking contest, something you had become used to in the tavern where you worked. You chuckled to yourself when the dwarf fell to the floor with a loud thud, making all the drinks on the table spill. You smiled at the elf as you passed him, who had been gazing at you with a star struck expression. You thought nothing of it, you were a lowly human to compared to him, an elf. Judging by the way he dressed, he must have been one of the high elves but you could have been wrong. Besides, he had drunk an incredible amount of alcohol, and even though elves had a high alcohol tolerance his mind must have at least gone fuzzy. He couldn’t have been thinking straight. 

You picked up as many empty glasses as you could, before making your way back to the counter. As you passed through the crowd, you heard a rowdy shout and you jumped as a hand landed on your behind. You swirled around to face a man with greasy shoulder length brown hair, the dullest brown eyes –the colour of mud – and crooked yellow teeth. He leered down at you, close enough for you to taste the alcohol in his breath. “Get me another one, darling,” he smiled broadly at you, yet it wasn’t a friendly smile, instead it creeped you out to no end.

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Kissing a Malfoy (Draco x Reader)

Requests -Could you do one with the reader as a Weasley (Who is actually Arthur and Molly’s niece) who is a half-blood that ends up in Slytherin which shocks everyone and she’s bullied by everyone in Slytherin but one day she falls off her broom during Quidditch and Draco visits her in the hospital everyday until she wakes up and he keeps apologizing and accidentally confesses his feelings? Yes very complex I know, sorry, but I think it’s a good prompt haha.- Sage_TheBlueDinosaur

Warnings-Bullying, reader being beaten up etc

( I just realised that somewhere in this I’ve used the word “grass” meaning someone who is a snitch, I don’t know if “grass” is a Scottish thing or  a British thing but oops, sorry. This chapter is also really soppy.)

I can only sigh as drag myself of the stool and to my new house table. I sit down, trying not to look anyone in the eye, refusing to face the burning glares of the people around me.

“A half-blood Weasley in slytherin, what next, flying pigs?"A boy scoffs, I recognise the voice to belong to Draco Malfoy, whom I’d met in Ollivander’s before I’d gotten on the train.

I sigh but say nothing.

"What is it Weasley? Cat got your tongue?"He laughs and I can’t do anything but stare at my lap, ashamed to look up, because I can feel the confused stares of my cousins from across the hall and the condescending glares of the slytherin table.

The whispering doesn’t stop and when I get to bed I lie awake for hours, listening to the other girls in my dorm giggling and rumoring. Ignoring that I lay just a few meters, aware of everything they say. I can’t help but let a few tears escape my eyes.

The next day I head to my first class, people stop and stare as I walk into the dimly lit potions classroom  and the whispering starts again. To make it better, the last seat left was next to Malfoy who sneered as I sat down.

"I will have silence in my classroom, Miss Weasley"Professor Snape says, eyes wandering to my house tie.

"I didn’t say anything, Professor,” I try to argue before realising my mistake.

“I will not take cheek. Detention at lunch,"He snaps "And ten points from Slytherin,”

The rest of the Slytherin pupils in the class groan.

I open my mouth to apologise but I decide it would be a bad idea to speak again.

When the lesson ends I gather my stuff and leave for my next class.

A few weeks later I am leaving potions after earning slytherin another point deduction. Snape has been finding a problem with everything I do and isn’t taking it lightly.

 As I walk through the corridor to my next class I’m suddenly pushed roughly into the wall. I groan as my back slams against the wall and I topple over and onto the ground. I look up and see three of the girls in my dorm standing over me. Eyes full of disgust and rage.

“You don’t belong here,” One spits, I recognise her as Pansy. Her foot  collides with my stomach making me grunt in pain.

“I-” I begin to say but another blow to the stomach shuts me up.

“You have no place in Slytherin or any other house for that matter,” Another spits, I believe it to be Millicent. She bends down to me on the floor and I am suddenly being pulled up by the collar of my shirt and her fist comes full force into my face making  a hideous sound erupting from my throat.  shriek in pain.

“You should just disappear!” Pansy snaps, another blow to my face before I’m am dropped again and I land face first on the floor. Another kick to my side, a few insults more before I hear one of them say something about being late for class and they scurry off.  Leaving me curled into a ball on the floor.

Blood drips from my nose and onto my uniform as I push myself up and lean my back against the wall. I sit for a second, processing everything they said. I am desperately raking my mind to find something to contradict them but I can’t. It was true.

“(Y/N)?” A voice calls, or maybe it was two, both in sync, hard to tell apart. I hear foot steps quicken and suddenly I am face to face with my cousins, Fred and George.

“What happened?” Fred asks.

“Nothing, Fred,” I lie and he gives me a disbelieving  look.

“It’s actually George-"He says but he is hit swiftly to shut him up.

"Not really the time, George,"Fred says.

"Sorry, ” I mumble, forcing a painful laugh. They both exchange a strange look before they each take an arm and hoist me up. I wince as a sharp pain forms in my side where I’d last been kicked.

“Let’s get you back to your bed,” Fred says and we begin a slow journey through the corridors and to the dungeon.

The next day Malfoy’s face is full of surprise when I walk into potions all covered in bruises and cuts. My black eye throbbing. I decided to not go to the hospital wing, I didn’t need to be labeled as grass, I had enough problems already.

“What happened to you,"Malfoy asks, voice lacking concern.

"Nothing,"I say. He stares, quite unconvinced.

"Whatever, blood traitor,"He says but he sounds detached.

Fifth Year

I rush quickly to breakfast, slipping my self into the seat between Fred and George. I’d given up sitting at the slytherin table at the end of first year, too many prejudice people in the one place.

"Hey,” I say.

“Hi, (Y/N),” They both say,

“That Malfoy is staring again, its like he’s planning his next insult,” Fred says and I look at the slytherin table to meet Draco’s eyes. He looks startled before he frowns again. I quickly give him a harsh look but his grey eyes are so   deep I feel like I might fall into them and lose myself if I don’t look away . I blush to myself.

After breakfast I get ready to go my quidditch match. Last year, despite being bullied by every slytherin pupil, I managed to get myself onto the team.

I quickly grab my broom from the trunk under my bed before rushing out to the field.

I’m in the air, ready to catch the quaffle when I hear someone shout.

“(Y/N), Look out!”

Then I feel a smack at my ribs and then I’m off my broom and hurtling toward the ground, people speeding around me as I fall.

Then I’m on the ground.

That’s all I remember.

“(Y/N), wake up, please.”

The voice is familiar but I’m too all over the place to figure it out. I open my eyes groggily, bright light blinding me before my eyes adjust and I realise I must be in the hospital wing.

“(Y/N), thank god!”

I turn to my right, getting a glimpse of the person who spoke.

“Draco?"I say, bewilderment clear in my croaky throat. "What are you doing here? What am I doing here?”

“You fell of your broom,”

“What are you doing hear, you hate me,”

“I’m here to apologise,”


“Listen, I’m so sorry, for everything, all of it,"He says, sincerity clear.

"I don’t get it, why would you apologise?”

“Because I’m an arsehole,”

“I know that, but why are you apologising for it now,"I say, it comes out harsh.


“Five years of constant bullying! And you apologise now!”

“Listen, I like you,”

“No you listen, I have been through hell in slytherin, I’ve been beaten up six times, I have believed I am worthless for five years, in first year I was too scared to go to class half the time. Five years later and you are apologising now?"Tears flow from my eyes so quickly I’m afraid I’ll drown.

"I’m sorry, I wanted to apologise years ago , I just couldn’t,” He says, voice cracking, “Forgive me, please?”

“I don’t think I can,”

“Please?” He pleads and I notice tears brimming his eyes and my heart thumps in my chest.

“Okay,” I whisper.


“Yeah,"I mumble and his face lights up.

"Thank you so much!"He say, pulling me into a hug making me shriek in surprise.

"Sorry,” He says, pulling away though our faces still so close.

“Draco? You said something earlier, about liking me?”

“(Y/N), I do like you, too much for my own good,"He says.
I blush brightly as he leans close and his lips softly touch mine.

My head is screaming "What am I doing!” but I don’t feel startled or surprised, I feel warm from the gentleness of the kiss and the softness of his lips and so I don’t pull away, but rather I melt into it.

Merlin, I’m kissing a Malfoy!

“For god’s sake (Y/N)!”

Draco and I pull away to see the twins standing at the end of the bed, both in a state of confusion, both suppressing laughter.

“Your mental,"George exhales but doesn’t try to hide the smile on his face.  

“Can I request headcanons on how the guys propose to their s/o?” - Anon

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I was a cashier at a fast-food place in the mall for one summer. One time, this lady came up and perused the menu for a little while before ordering a combo for herself and her elderly mother. The lady comes back to the counter a few minutes later and starts scolding me. “This is too much starch! Rice and potatoes in one dish! It’s too much! It’s not good for my mother!" I had no idea what to do, so I stammered out a quick apology and asked if she wanted more salad. The "salad” we served was basically lettuce with shredded carrot and dressing on top. She huffed and said no, but “I make much healthier food at home! You need to make healthier food here!”

Good for you, lady. Meanwhile, I am a) not the cook, b) not the manager, and c) very obviously a teenager. And anyway, the menu is one of those big backlit signboards with all the ingredients listed out, perfectly readably, under each combo number. You knew what you were ordering in advance.

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Naf, what are your favorite animes/mangas? Also, happy new year!! :)

Happy new year!! 

So I had an old list of my favorite anime/manga but it’s a bit outdated so I’m gonna make a new one. Yeah!

(this is a long as fuck post, apologies!)


  • Otoyomegatari (eng: Bride’s Story): so I know this series is already pretty renowned but IT’S JUST SO GORGEOUS. The detail and research that goes into this series is so! frickin’! good!! The characters are subtle but full of personality, the humor is delivered in a very human way, the pacing is slow and gentle but full of interest, the story telling is refined. And the cultures are not demonized?? While there are “outsider” perspectives everyone works realistically within the confines of their societies and it’s really respectful. The age gap of the main couple (the groom is 12 and the bride is 20) has so much potential to be squicky but it’s healthy and not framed in any gross way. I love the way the series jumps to different areas and explores small arcs outside the main storyline, all staying within the theme of cultural marriages. Among these side stories, there is one with a majority dark-skinned cast, and the main characters are these carefree and fun-loving twin girls who are so much fun to read about! There’s also another story with a healthy polyamorous story that is, again, actually very accurate!! (Some people could argue it’s “platonic” but the way it’s executed really, really drips with romance lmao.) Highly suggest this series!!
  • Boku no Hero Academia (eng:My Hero Academy): I’ve completely fallen into the BnHA pit. I didn’t expect to like this series THIS MUCH but it is really, reeaaalllyyy damn good. I’ve never read a shounen series that had so much thought and good editing put into it. Like, it has incredible reread value! There’re a lot of small jokes (like single-panel but still very effective! jokes), unbelievable attention to detail, and it’s very obvious the characters were all worked out before the story was kicked off. The pacing is great, the momentum never feels sacrificed, yet there are still good chunks for breathing and emotional development. The characters are all very well-written even if they’re not “likeable,” you always have someone to root for, and the superpowers are refreshingly executed. The action is fucking FANTASTIC, and the story itself is intriguing with a lot of emotional impact without becoming hamfisted.
    There are still some issues with it, especially with the small amount of female characters and some unneeded romance undertones, but overall those criticisms do stay as “undertones” and probably weren’t done intentionally. A lot of the potential “fanservice scenes” are usually subverted in a hilarious way
  • Gakuen Babysitters (eng: School Babysitters): OOH BOY. This one’s a story about a high school with a daycare attached to it (mainly for the teachers’ kids). The main character is a high school student with a toddler-age younger brother, they’re new to this school and have to meet all the other kids… who are fucking adorable. All the toddlers at the daycare are really fleshed out, they all have set personalities and aren’t unrealistically angelic and some are bratty and most are CUTE AF, and they all have their moments to shine. Sometimes the characters border on caricatures or one-note jokes, but it works well for comedy and is generally kept fresh. There’re also some typical romance-y things but they’re totally glazed over in favor of the toddler-plots and YES A STORY WHERE KIDS AREN’T USED AS A PLOT DEVICE TO MAKE SOMEONE MORE ROMANTICALLY APPEALING AND seriously this series is SO CUTE you all should read it.
  • Bokura no Hentai (eng: Our Transformations): the “hentai” here is “transformations” not porn lmao. Anyway this series is about three kids who meet through an online “cross-dressing” community. The main character is actually a trans girl!! The other two mains are both cis, one gay one straight. The straight boy does say homo/transphobic things at the beginning but properly apologizes for his actions later. The series also deals with death in the family, mental illness and recovery, gender (obviously) as well as gender expectations and even addresses hypersexuality as a result of trauma. That being said, there is a heavy warning on this series for noncon situations and molestation. However it’s thankfully not treated in a romantic or rose-tinted way in the least. Some of the character growth is a little sudden (esp straight cis boy, I felt his turnaround was too fast and drastic) and some of the endgame couples (or implied couples) have some meh undertones, but overall a good story.
    The series is finished now and ended on a pretty good note, but the epilogue is incredibly sad. I suggest maybe not reading the very last chapter if you’re in a bad place mentally right now.
  • Kase-san: If you’re looking for feel-good wlw media, Kase-san is the shit. It’s sooo sugary and sweet, but still has good character growth and story development. It generally deals with real-world teenager stuff, but the couple is very healthy and progresses at a realistic but still romantic pace. Warnings for intense butterflies lmao this series is seriously so gentle and high-school romance-y in the best way. The biggest surprise is how the main girl grew on me so much? Like I have a huge pet peeve for cookie-cutter protagonists, but Yamada has so much personality and strengths! Even though the story is told from her perspective and generally follows her pining after the titular love interest, Kase, there are enough glimpses into Kase’s personality and motivations too (which helps to balance things out), and just Yamada herself is very vibrant and sweet! This series puts me in such a good mood
  • Tamen Di Gushi (eng: Their Story): Another good wlw series! I know this series is already pretty popular on Tumblr, but if anyone was still on the fence about it, I really think you should give it a shot. The romance is sweet and adorable but what really gets me is the HUMOR. The gags in this series are fucking out of this world, I can’t explain it well but the timing, expressions, and circumstances are SO FUNNY and the artist pulls it off so well!! I always look forward to the updates just because they’re so funny


  • Idolm@ster: ugh don’t even talk to me about this one it’s a total guilty pleasure but all the characters and even the sides are GREAT (I love the faceless president lmao). It’s a story about a start-up idol agency, and how all the adults are working to help each of the girls become famous. It was originally a video game (with some questionable content) but the anime is REALLY GOOD and very endearing and each of the girls has a moment to shine and grow. The songs are cute and the dances and performances are so rewarding to see esp after all the characters go through, and UGH It’s all so adorable, esp 2nd season. I love this show.
    [A NOTE: don’t watch the movie. Just don’t. It’s awful. Bad production value, unnecessary drama, A USELESS SIDEPLOT ABOUT A GIRL LOSING WEIGHT it’s awful don’t do it.]
  • Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls: New cast of idols, new agency, very different pacing. The beginning 7 episodes are a little hard to get through, but after that first trudge, the quality skyrockets. I actually think there were some things I enjoyed more about CG than the original im@s– there’s a bigger focus on the actual work they do (like their idol theming), company politics, and a MUCH BETTER VILLAIN introduced in the second season. This series doesn’t focus as much on each individual character, but the ones that do get development really hit home strong.
  • Escaflowne: one of the first animes I ever watched when they were dubbing it in fox kids. I rewatched the subbed anime when I got older and I gotta say it’s really lasts the test of time. Aside from the geek factors (high fantasy!! tarot cards!! dragons! MAGIC MECHS!!) the story and characters are really great. The main character, Hitomi, is just such a strong baby who’s never outshined by the other characters. She goes through a lot and still is allowed to feel vulnerability, it never quite feels like she has to “prove” herself worthy of being a hero just “because she’s a girl” etc, she’s allowed to be strong and courageous while also weak and in need of help, very multi-layered! And that’s only the main girl HAHA don’t even get me started on the other characters.
    Some of the later story can be a little weird? There’s some weird real-world references and one of the characters has an interesting(?) gender issue. I don’t personally know how I feel about it but it’s worth having a mild precaution to anyone thinking of going into this series.

More than meets the eye Part 3

This one isn’t very good, I apologize. Also, it’s confusing as hell.

And so, the Pilot comes to an end, in a confusing little finale filled with robots having silly plans, Starscream being Starscream, Optimus losing his shit and people shooting at things without ever hitting. Also, it turns out all the Energon they’ve been fighting for will not be used to get back home, but to fuel a completely silly show.

What do the Autobots do, now that they’ve spontaneously (and off-screen) decided to no return to Cybertron? Find out in the next recap, where we will examine (and be severely disappointed by) Bumblebee’s spying skills, observe strange battle tactics involving cave entrances and meet up with an old friend. 

EDIT: I know it’s Ant-droids and not androids, I chose to go with the latter because I despise puns, but wanted to keep this moment in because it’s ridiculous.