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I has a request~ hcs of how V would react to mc being kinda reckless in certain situations. Like if some ppl were messing with their friends or messing with V and mc is just like "binch fight me" @ the jerks. And like mc being smol and is about to fight these tall strong men. Like mc only gets on fight mode if anyone hurts or makes anyone mc cares about uncomfortable and mc just being kinda reckless about it lol this request is kinda weird oops sorry if I worded things badly

You didn’t word things badly at all!! Sorry it’s a little late, I had fun doing this one!! I hope you like it!
Warning: Lots of swearing

  • V had no idea that MC was the type of person to be so reckless
  • she was so sweet and patient in the chatrooms
  • he only found out when they decided to meet up one day and someone insulted her sweater
  • “Bitch what?”
  • was a little worried about it for a while but decided to let it go
  • she couldn’t leave the apartment much anyways, due to the hacker issue that still hadn’t been resolved
  • a few weeks after the sweater incident, he asked MC out to a fancy dinner
  • since MC hadn’t been out of the apartment for a few weeks she was super eager to get out
  • she dressed up in a really pretty mint blue dress and even painted her nails to match!
  • she totally didn’t buy it just because the name of the color was “mint to be”
  • V couldn’t see her very well but he still complimented her on how pretty she looked
  • after dinner MC asked V if they could go on a walk, to which he accepted
  • they were walking calmly in the park, when someone bumped into V
  • they turned around and screamed at him “HEY! Watch where you’re going you stupid blind fucker!!”
  • uh oh
  • MC’s ears got really red all the sudden
  • “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST CALL HIM YOU BITCH? V hold my fuckin’ earrings.”
  • “But ah- wait, MC!”
  • MC angrily stomped over to the guy and grabbed him by the back of his collar, keeping him from walking any further
  • she then grabbed his ear and looked him dead in the eyes
  • “If I hear you call him, or anyone else, any names like that ever again, I will make quite sure that your miserable ass will be wiped off the face of this earth. I will make it my personal mission to make sure that the rest of your life is spent miserably. Understood?
  • then cue a punch to the face and the guy running away in fear
  • V just stood there dumbfounded as MC walked up next to him, calmly putting her earrings back in
  • “So, where to next V?”
  • MC looked at him and giggled, cracking a smile
  • how can someone so pure and adorable be so reckless and..violent?
  • V eventually sat MC down and convinced her to be slightly more careful when those types of situations arose

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I was just rewatching 01x06 and I totally forgot about the scene where Eddie asks Iris why she hasn't answered his calls. She says she had to work late, but really she was meeting with the Flash. Barry's little smirk while he overheard the conversation.... gotta love westallen! Iris and Barry were kinda mad at each other most of that episode, but we still get cute westallen moments!

Yeah, I love that episode, it’s still one of my favorite eps of all time. WA trying to be mad at each other and can’t even do it for one full episode. Barry’s ass couldn’t do it at all, and he was the one that was all “maybe we shouldn’t see each other for a while” with his punk ass. 

Lately I have been feeling so up and down. I am just the most sensitive human to walk the planet, and though that is a great trait to have, it can sometimes be overwhelming. I feel things so so hard, and therefor not only do I enjoy the things and people I love with the deepest passion, I also let the little dips in life overwhelm me at times.

This summer has had so many highlights. Moving out of the dorms, moving into my first apartment w/ one of my good friends, taking Chris home to San Diego with me for the first time, visiting my sister in Colorado, a few trips to Lake Tahoe and spending a ton of time with my love/best friend. I am so thankful for those moments and memories and experiences. But I can’t lie and say this summer hasn’t had its downs. Basically living by myself because my roommate hasn’t fully moved in yet(long story, but she’s from the area and doesn’t wanna move in until school starts), having to pay for groceries/gas/food/so many other things(like my car breaking down this morning) on my own with small minimum wage paychecks, working a job I really dislike w/ people that treat me poorly, being injured/losing motivation to run, being trapped inside most of the day bc it’s 100+ degrees, missing my family/friends at home because I decided to spend my first summer in college away, being bored out of my mind and feeling anxious not having things to do/not being productive.

I know life isn’t going to always be sunshiny and adventurous. And I know that there’s going to be downward slopes. I guess I just wish I didn’t let the lows get to me so much. And I know that is something I have to practice, but also something I have to appreciate due to my sensitivity. I just haven’t been feeling myself all the time lately. I think it will get better when school starts and I eventually get a new job and new things to do. I just need to vent sometimes and remember it’s okay to do so. I cant be a happy lil pea all the time.

I just realized, when you choose to be with someone, I mean really choose to be with them… you’re gonna have to accept the fact that a significant portion of your life together will be spent arguing about things. Big things. Little things. Life-changing things. The color of the baby’s room. What toothpaste brand should you stick with. What you’ll be having for dinner. Why you got home late last night without so much of a text. Things like that. And maybe the strongest couples are the ones who knew and accepted that fact – that it’s not all roses and chocolates and arguing will be part of the relationship – and survived each of these exchanges of words without getting tired or giving up on each other.

— A. P.


for @bellamysgirl

Sara Riley & Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers - “We didn’t have a lot, but we had each other… always and forever.”

I know this is a little late, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you had an amazing one because you deserve it! You are so supportive and kind and an amazing writer! I enjoy reading Legends so much and I just have to say that you created an amazing character with Sara! Happy (late) birthday, my friend!

(& you have a couple more gifts coming b/c you’re so awesome!)

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Hi! For the drabble ask thing, 48 with kala and wolfie would be great <3

Sorry for the cheese ;p

Ever since they got married in Paris seven years ago, Wolfgang always did something spectacular and romantic for their wedding anniversary.

Lately, however, with the birth of their daughter, Katrina, Kala doubted that Wolfgang would do anything special this year. Don’t get her wrong, the love between her and Wolfgang is still as passionate as it was the first time they laid eyes on each other. It’s just that, Katrina tends to take up their time is all. Their little angle would be the first one up, would coo and giggle until one of her parents picked her up and took her downstairs to start up break fast for everyone.

Then she would spend the entire day at home trying to learn how to walk, talk and other things. She’s so energetic and would babble whenever she sees something that excites her that by the end of the day, when they put Katrina to bed at precisely seven pm, Wolfgang and Kala would be worn out.

And tonight was no exception. After spending about twenty minutes rocking and singing Katrina to sleep, Kala was finally able to quietly leave her room and head downstairs.

“I don’t know how parents handle twins!” She grumbled as she walks down the stairs. “We only have one and I’m alrea-” her sentence dies out at the sight before her.

The dinning room lights were dimmed, there were yellow candles on every shelf and counter and red rose petals were scattered around their dining table. Behind the table stood Wolfgang with a proud, and slightly exhausted, smile and with love filled eyes.

“Wolfie, what is this?” Kala chuckled in surprise.

“Happy anniversary.” His voice was low, his face illuminated by the candles next to him. He walks around the table and kisses Kala’s forehead.

“I’m sorry that this year’s celebration is lacking but I promise I’ll make it up for you next year.”

Kala shook her head, “You know, “I didn’t think you could get any less romantic.” She smiled up at him.

He smiled back.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They kiss before Wolfgang holds her hands and lead her towards the table.

“You know, I think I may have perfected my vegetable samosa.”

“Oh god, not this again.” She made a face at her husband. “I don’t get why you have to make it from scratch!”

The house was filled with low laughter and constant declarations of ‘I love you’s

Ah, shit, I’m Sorry

I’ve kinda been quite the crappy friend/follower of late. Not to lay it on thick or anything … but I do seem to have had a lot on my mind recently - literally. So I haven’t been there for any kind of support for those folks who needed it the most.

My bad.

My brain is so far behind that it’s taking a little while to catch up with everything, especially those folks who manage to reblog at a really rapid pace. Geez, honestly, how do you do it? For just one or two reblogs of mine, I’ve seen some folks manage a staggering 35!! 

But getting back on point, any time anyone wants to bitch/whinge or just generally let off steam and the little green dot is telling you that I’m available. I’ll try to be there for you.

Can’t guarantee that I won’t nod off halfway through the conversation though. That’s me trying not to be rude, tiredness WAS mentioned during one of my assessments. 

Let’s call it therapy for my brain. It’s not inconvenient, trust me on that one. I could do with a little stimulation now and then. I’m managing to potter around the house, doing little bits at a time - nothing too strenuous, trust me on that one, hubby will NOT allow me to haul heavy laundry around. Ironing I can tackle next week, it is kinda piling up a bit. That should give me something to do

I…am…nearly speechless. The Adventure Zone Balance Arc finale was…literally everything I could have ever, ever asked for. 

I got home from a rough day at work and my brother , who just caught up today, sat with me and we listened to it together and cried and sobbed like big babies.

I love this podcast…so much. No story has ever impacted me in such a way like this one. I’m so happy I was along for the ride, even if I came in a little late.

The Mcelroy family has done so much for me and they don’t even know it.

Oof….I’m an emotional wreck right now. 

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When you get this, it would be cool if you could post 10 facts about yourself and then pass it along to 10 followers

WAIT YOU SENT ME TWO OF THESE???! Thank you darling! :)

hmm 10 facts about me:

1. I have 6 tattoos

2. My favorite color is green

3. I AM CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH PERALTIAGO (they just did the dirty)

4. My nickname is Nayners

5. Miles Teller is my number one celebrity crush

6. I’m a little bi… girls are too pretty and too wonderful for me not to be


8. My favorite animal is a turtle

9. I played basketball for 7 years back in middle school and high school

10. I am currently a week late for my period and trying not to freak out TELL ME NOT TO FREAK OUT.

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pearls like omfg i literally just detangled you yesterday??? HOW DID YOU MANAGE THIS? and jaspers just   ┐( ̄~ ̄ ) ┌

it used to be so easy with you, you know?
we would stay up late and talk about our feelings and the future that was ahead of us. we talked about how we changed each other’s lives and how special we were to one another. we used to talk all throughout the night, not even stopping when the sun was rising again, indicating that another day had just begun. we used to talk and talk and talk. and still, i could have listened to you for many more hours because i always felt like i needed to hear your voice just a little bit longer.
it used to be so easy with you, you know? what happened to us?
—  e.s. // the old us.

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omg so much microfic. How about some Shiro & Ulaz & a panic attack?

how about it? ;)

“Shiro. Shiro!”

Shiro comes back to himself with a panicked start, lungs burning as he struggles for air. His heart’s pounding, fit to burst right out of his chest. His eyes skitter frantically over a blurred nothing. Where - where - ?!

“Shiro,” the voice repeats, insistent but calm. Something squeezes his hand. “Shiro, you must breathe. Can you do that? Inhale.”

Shiro sucks in a ragged gasp of air, lungs heaving, trying.

“Good,” the voice says, fierce but hushed. “Let it out. Again.”

Shiro obeys. Inch by inch he breathes; inch by inch the voice talks him down. Inch by inch his heart stops pounding. Gradually his surroundings clarify into dull sense. He’s sitting on the dirt floor, back pressed hard against two walls. He’s curled up into the corner. He can’t move his hands -

No. His right arm rests palm-up by his side, heavy and limp. Only his left hand is being held. Long fingers grip his, and the slight tip of claws brush against his wrist.

Someone crouches in front of him, their face furrowed in deep concern.

“Ulaz,” Shiro gasps.

“That is correct,” Ulaz says, quietly. His yellow eyes betray no alarm, merely worry. “Are you with me?”

Shiro’s left hand is caught up in Ulaz’s own, the Galra’s grip firm but not restrictive. Shiro’s knees are tucked tightly into his chest; Ulaz is crouched before him, immobile and steady. Even squatting down, Ulaz is so much larger than Shiro is. His knees press right above Shiro’s own, and his larger form neatly blocks Shiro’s view of the cell door. The edges of the door’s active energy field shimmer brightly around Ulaz’s form, a purple halo Shiro will see in his dreams for a week -

“No.” A hand grips his chin. Shiro flinches, bucking, but Ulaz’s claws are gentle. “Look at me. Do not look at the door.”

“H-how are you here?” Shiro manages. His tongue’s dry, lips cracked.

“I came after you,” Ulaz says, as matter-of-fact as if he were merely discussing the weather.

Came after you. But the cell door is active, and locked. That means -

Shiro fights against Ulaz’s grip, weak and shaking. Ulaz releases Shiro’s chin, but remains crouched before him, still blocking Shiro’s view of the active door. Even so - “You s-shouldn’t be here! What have you done?!”

“Do not worry about me,” Ulaz says, sharp. There’s no sign of injury on his face or hands. Ulaz is unharmed except that he’s imprisoned here, too, trapped just like Shiro. “This was my choice. Shiro, listen to me. The rest of your team is coming, but your Paladins will not get here in time. Your captors are coming for you first, unless we can stop them.”

The brief hope winging through Shiro’s chest sputters, caught. He thinks about crying: not in front of Ulaz. He thinks about running: the door is locked. He thinks about fighting -

“My arm,” Shiro whispers. His right arm is a deadweight at his side, metal fingers limp and lifeless. He cannot move them. “They - they did something-”

“I know,” Ulaz says. His calm voice is a rock, steady despite the undercurrent of urgency running through his words. “I can fix it, but it will hurt. However, if I re-activate your arm, we can use it to get out of this cell and find somewhere to bide time until your team arrives. Your captors will not hurt you.”

It will hurt.

Your captors are coming for you first.

Not even a choice. Shiro laughs, the shakiest of exhales. “Do it.”

Pride flits into Ulaz’s eyes, chased by a clear measure of confusion. Maybe laughing about their impending demise and torture through one way or another isn’t the reaction Ulaz expected. Oh, well. Ulaz should’ve thought of that before he ended up in this cell with Shiro.

“Do you understand me?” Ulaz repeats. “It will hurt. The hard reset was not designed to be easy on the host.”

“I heard you,” Shiro confirms. It takes all his energy but he pulls his head away from the wall, staring back at Ulaz with determination. “Do it. Pidge and Hunk can fix it later.”

Ulaz’s gaze softens inexplicably.

“I will assist them,” he promises. His hand hovers over Shiro’s immobile arm - and then, for the first time since Shiro came to, Ulaz hesitates. “You are sure?”

It will hurt.

Your Paladins will not get here in time.

“No other way, right?” Shiro says, hoarse. “My hand can open the door. Do it.”

“Then take a deep breath,” Ulaz says, and gently - carefully - he takes the elbow of Shiro’s Galra arm into his hands.

Our Little Secret - Part Ten

Summary: Dean wakes you up with some bad news about Vegas

Series Masterlist

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Square Filled: hand-holding  for @spnkinkbingo

Kink(s): Mutual Masturbation

Word Count: 5100

Warnings: Smut, masturbation, ANGST, torture, canon typical violence. THE PLOT GOT AWAY FROM ME AND THERE ARE SO MANY FEELS

A/N: Thank you so much for reading. I’m really loving these character and this series. Thank you for your wonderful responses. A special thank you to the people who looked this over for me.


“Sweetheart?” Dean’s voice is there, your brain groggy with sleep. You moan and hug the pillow tighter, burying your face into it.

He chuckles, “C’mon, you gotta get up.”

“Nuh-uh,” you protest, curling up more.

His hand runs up and down your side, “Sam heard of a hunt and we are the closest right now.”

You grumble incoherently, opening one eye. Deans sitting on the edge of the bed in front of you, fully dressed, looking amused, “C’mon.”

You shake your head, flipping over and pulling the covers around you like a child. You had been sleeping so damn go so you are a little put out.

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the oreo bribe

summary: You leave Bucky with your son while you’re on a trip. || ALL THE FLUFF || dad!bucky x reader

warnings: overwhelming cuteness

note: This is my apology for hurting you all with Red Wedding. Anna isn’t born in this one, neither is Rebecca, but Anna is on the way. I don’t know how intelligent two-year-old are, I’m just basing this on how my nephews were at this age.They were surprisingly well at communicating.

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Even if you come home late and I’m already asleep, just whisper in my ear one little thought you had today. Because I love the way you look at the world. And I’m so happy I get to be next to you and look at the world through your eyes.
—  Theodore Twombly, Her
Paladin Headcanons

Shiro:  Has insomnia which only got worse after he got kidnapped by the galra, used to babysit pidge when she was little, met matt when they were both 16, was overall a good teacher at the garrison, taught Keith (his adopted brother) abt astronomy when he was little and the two would watch the stars

Keith: Never really met his mom probably she left when he was a baby, is touch starved, loves watching the stars, has anxiety, loves watching space/ufo documentaries, lowkey had a crush on Fox Mulder, loves wearing hoodies, his PJs are just a t shirt and shorts or a t shirt and boxers, sleeps in all the time, stays up late, curses a lot, falls asleep easily during car rides.

Lance: Has naturally curly hair, loves kids so much and is amazing with them, his mom taught him about astronomy, had bad acne when he was like 12, helps hunk when he gets nervous, comforts pidge when she gets sad about Matt and Sam, overall really good at helping people when they need it, he surfs, he collected shells from the beach when he was little, always was the one who put on the camera for a family photo and ran to the rest of the family before it went off.

Hunk: His mom gave him his headband when he was little, has really warm and soft hands, uses lotion a lot, helped tutor younger kids in the garrison abt math, has panic attacks sometimes, he taught himself about machinery, loved learning about space in school.

Pidge: Does not let anyone touch her laptop, actually doesn’t mind dresses she used to wear them a lot, matt was trans too and let her use his old clothes, became very close with her mom after matt and her dad disappeared, did all she could to find them before the garrison,  she picked out the dog when she was like 4, loves playing video games.

so i remade just over a week ago (prev lovfx and tallgf) and i figured this is a bit overdue since i hadn’t done one on my last blog. i don’t interact w anyone much lately but i want yall to know i’m supporting each and every one of you !! you all make me so happy and make this …… time consuming hellsite a lot better

here’s a little legend: i was gonna do a thing for faves but i realized two things 1) i can’t choose faves bc i love too many and 2) yall probably don’t remember me and would think it’s weird. but anyway !! i love you all so much !!

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