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Harry Styles’ new album is going to be earth-shattering. Harry is a perfectionist as we all know. He would never settle for less than a completely new innovation. He is honing his skills as a musician in order to be able to produce something beyond expectations. Judging from his widely varied collaborators, this album may very well define what music in this new century should sound like.

Harry Styles’ new album is going to shock the world. That is what fans need to hear. This album is going to be better than what music fans have become all too accustomed to. This isn’t some prefabricated formula for songwriting. It isn’t going to be something five young boys had to rush through with three months to write and record. Harry is stepping as far away from that kind of writing as possible to give fans the music they deserve.

Couldn’t attend the nearest Women’s March the other day and I’ll forever mourn my own loss but that only means more purpose for me to draw my faves obviously having been there. In this case, these cuties were travelling their way from their barnz to the city lyfe to march alongside. Country folk getting lost/explorin’ city vibe much??

A quick lil’ shoutout to Thomas @thatsthat24 for creating such a beautiful phrase that’s on Peri’s shirt that will be featured in another piece soon because what a godsend of a phrase. 


he’s been so busy lately ! which has made me busy as well :^)


Part 1

Aaaand that’s their first meeting… Mommy Muse would always tell Mikleo boy since young to avoid creepy dudes coz he’s too pretty.


Part 3

At least he’s still alive.

Based on @jiliu’s post. I hope the combined anime and ONE style looks ok!

allura and lance (brotp) concepts:

  • once lance actually gets to know allura, his infatuation with her turns into this genuine affection, & they literally become such good friends the others almost can’t believe how well they get along lol
  • they both agree that they’re the only ones on the team with any fashion sense (like, tbh) & regularly consult each other to decide if a new outfit, accessory or hairstyle looks good
    • allura, sporting a high ponytail: yes? or no.
    • lance: (taps his chin) turn a bit, lemme see your profile (allura turns) (he nods) BIG damn yes, in fact, loosen a few tendrils at the hairline & it’ll look even more gorgeous
  • and lance, missing his sisters back home, finds just hanging out with allura to be really comforting
    • allura rolling her eyes at him, sucking her teeth, telling him to stop borrowing her skincare products without asking, wrestling the holovid remote from his hands, kicking his legs off of her lap when they’re sitting together on the couch, giving him a proud smile when he arrives back at the castle safe & sound after a harrowing mission, it all puts him at ease
  • sometimes they’ll play video games together too, or with pidge
  • lance used to have tea parties with his siblings, & allura used to have them with her father, so sometimes they’ll have tea parties together with the mice
    • occasionally kaltenecker is invited to tea as well, and lance feeds him space-sugar cubes
  • sometimes they’ll talk about serious things, but lance always hesitates to bring up his family, since yk, allura will literally never see hers again
    • as it turns out allura likes to listen to him talk about his parents and siblings and their wild stories though, sometimes she’ll even relate similar memories of her own
    • the thing is, lance realizes, it kills him to imagine being in allura’s place, to lose all of his loved ones at once, so, even if she doesn’t mind it, he doesn’t talk abt them a lot for his own sake
  • also, lance is the third most protective team member of the princess (the first being coran, the second shiro) and is always looking out for her particularly when they’re out on ‘space patrol’
    • sometimes allura will get a little annoyed like ‘what are you, my personal guardian, i don’t need your protection lance’
    • and lance will be like ‘well duh, i know that. you can clearly protect yourself, i’m just. keepin watch’ but internally he’s like ‘you’re like family now okay and you already lost everything, you can’t die too, plus if i really do end up losing my family back home there’s no way i’m letting you guys down like i let them down, so let me make sure you’re safe dammit’
  • at some point, lance learns that allura is into girls, & he takes it upon himself to be her intergalactic wingman
    • the two of them meet with some potential allies at a nunvillary, & their leader just so happens to be a beautiful alien girl around the same age as allura
    • allura: (noticeably enchanted) um, hello, i’m, um… i
    • lance: what she’s trying to say is, her name is princess allura. as in, the one and only princess of altea. she’s single, smart, and she has a beautiful personality to match her gorgeous looks, haha ;) you should maybe ask her out. also hi i’m lance
  • lance, on the other hand, is in denial abt having ‘real’ feelings for anybody (namely keith) until he realizes allura, queen of hiding emotions, can’t be fooled — and he decides to start looking to her for help in the romance department instead
  • it’s around the time of valentine’s day on earth & after lance explains to her what that means, allura suggests that he make keith a card & leave it under his pillow, she can even unlock keith’s door for lance while keith is out — and lance is like: genius, foolproof, what can go wrong
    • allura, in keith’s doorway: lance hurry up! he’ll be back any minute you know
    • lance, reading the card for the millionth time: chill i’m just checking for typos, this is nerve wracking okay? & the last thing i want is—
    • keith, suddenly walking up to his doorway: uh,
    • lance: (yelps)
    • allura: (nearly jumps to the height of the ceiling)
    • lance: (shoves the card into his pocket)
    • keith: … what are you two doing in my room …
    • allura: um, (glances at lance)
    • lance: …… (subtly shakes his head at her)
    • allura: ah, well, uh, we … lance was … just helping me look for something. that i left here. yes! i lost it a while back, you know, 10,000 years ago, before you showed up. turns out it’s not here. oh well, that is unfortunate
    • keith: …… okay (crosses his arms) but why didn’t you just ask me to help you find whatever you’re looking for … since it’s my room
    • allura: oh … i … thought you were using the bathroom & i didn’t want to disturb you, silly me, i should have checked
    • keith:
    • allura: anyway … (takes one step out of the room) lance has something he wants to give to you (suddenly zips away down the corridor)
    • lance: wh-
    • lance: allu-ALLURA!!

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pls write something about thigh riding Harry when you're super horny but don't have time to actually have sex. not a request but a concept.

👀  So maybe he just got in, just landed and he’s got to be somewhere right away. maybe he’s got a show, an event, something that’s keeping him. but you’ve managed to meet him the second he called and said he was back home.

And he absolutely is not going to fuck you right now. In this dressing room or a waiting car. He’s been waiting for ages, thinking about it, torturing himself with the thought. He needs it but not like this. At home, in your bed (if you make it that far.) He isn’t looking for a quickie, doesn’t want you to come just once, he doesn’t just want to empty himself inside of you and leave. You’ve begged him to push his fingers inside you too, anything. But he shook his head and tried to tell you he wants his cock there first.

He notices the frustration on your features as you sit on his lap for the few minutes the time allows. The crease in your forehead and the way you’re playing with his fingers. Thinking about them and how they’d feel. He notices that your gaze from the bulge of his jeans back to his eyes is a silent beg. He sighs tensely, shifting you to straddle him properly.

‘Get what you need from me now,’ he urges with his fingers in the loops of your jeans pulling you towards him. ‘And I’ll fuck you properly the second I can.’

it’s not ideal, not when his cock is what you’re craving and considering how wet you are. He doesn’t have to feel to know just how wet. But you’re nestled into his shoulder with your hands around his neck as soon as he says it.

‘Harry m’soaking—’ You start, want to tell him how this won’t be enough. You need more.

‘Know you are, save it for me.’ He whispers painfully. You’re so ready for him and he can’t have you. But he slides his hand into your jeans, cupping your bum encouraging you to move. To grind against him. ‘Ride me princess, just like it’s my cock.’ He nearly begs.

You’re whining already. The ever so subtle friction against your clit. Both of your jeans rubbing against you. He’s needy now, pushing you against him, moving you up and down his thigh faster, rougher.

‘C’mon love,’ he urges pressing his hand into your bum further. ‘Just likes it’s my cock.’

‘Spank me.’ You beg quietly.

‘What makes you think I can spank you now if I can’t even fuck you?’ He groans. You’re not helping him with the pictures you’re painting in his head.

‘I’ll be quiet.’ You promise.

‘I won’t.’  

He’s frustrated but does everything he can in the situation, lifts his leg to rest snugly against your clit as you ride him back and forth. He’s holding so tightly to you, pulling you right back to him as you push back. Wants you to really ride him, take him like you would his cock. It feels good, it’s some sort of relief to what you’ve been needing for ages. You’re throbbing, your clit is aching and you’re rushing to get to the finish.  

You’re whimpering into his neck, doing everything you can not to bite down on it.  Because he’s got something after this. Your hand is gathered in a fist at his shirt, wrinkling the fabric he doesn’t care about right now.

‘Know it’s not what we need,’ he whispers cupping your bum roughly. ‘But you’re almost there,’ he manages. ‘Come for me,’ he’s urges you along, helping your needy body along. ‘That’s it love, m’gonna fuck you really soon, promise.’

‘M’—fuck Harry you’ve got another pair of jeans right?’ You ask breathlessly and he nods rapidly pushing you onto him harder. He needs this, needs you to have this. He doesn’t want you thinking about anything else, just wants you to come.

He holds tighter to you when you do, keeps pulling you across him whilst you’re coming, wants you to get everything you can. It feels different, the orgasm is different but you’re shaking, holding so tightly to him as your body jolts. You feel the fabric of your jeans are wetter than they were before. He smells like you now doesn’t he? ‘Good girl,’ he whispers. ‘I’ve got a good girl don’t I?’ He kisses the skin of your exposed collarbone. You find his lips, needing to kiss him hard after that and your lips are wet from biting on them the entire time. And he’s hungry and desperate for you now. Knowing how wet you are now, how tight and warm you’d be wrapped around him. You’re panting, still whining too but he’s got to go. But he’d promised you something when he gets back.

In some kind of AU… 🍃

There’s plantea to go around 

You Could Have

As promised – not Kansas City OTRA, but very much inspired by it. I’ve had this as a WIP since April or so, so it’s nice to have it out. That said: I’M NERVOUS AS ALL GET OUT cause they kind of… are… there’s a crude topic in this. They’re just having a go at each other, though. ACK *flips tables* Enjoy, everybody, I’m gonna hide now. x

It’s the last song when security finds you and escorts you from your seat and through the crowd. You’re a little disappointed that you don’t get to see the show finish, but knots of excitement are twisting in your belly as you are herded past barricades where no one else is allowed to go. Music and fireworks, almost obnoxiously loud, are muffled backstage, and you hear voices, familiar by this point and one more so than the rest, saying earnest goodnights and wishes of love and safe returns home to the crowd that so worships them. Preparation to tear down and packup equipment has already started around you, and you pause in the wings, shaking your head when security tries to usher you to move.

He’ll be there. He’ll find you.

Sure enough, he’s all legs and hair when he appears at last, leaping over a thick wire before it can catch his boot and twist his ankle. He’s got a towel in his hand, but it’s useless on his long, wet, curly hair. He’s all but drenched from head to toe, with most of his grey t-shirt stained with sweat and clinging to his body, and while the heat is mainly to blame for that, the water he’d been spitting and throwing hadn’t helped (although, it had probably cooled him off).

He’s tanner than you remember him being last, but that’s what months of outdoor shows and sightseeing on off days will do to him. The muscles on his slick arms look just a little bigger and more defined, too, and even the most casual twist or bend of his heavily tattooed left arm makes ink practically jump every time.

His eyes, though, are most striking, and they’re only for you as he continues his beeline in your direction.

“You’re soaked, love,” he teases you through a cheeky grin and popping dimples with a voice like honey and sandpaper.

You won’t give him the satisfaction of acknowledging his double-entendre.

“Some twat kept spitting water at me the whole night,” you inform him, opening your arms for him.

Harry grins wider – a cocky, satisfied grin. “Yeah?” His hand slides possessively around your waist for the first time in ages and you fold your hands behing his neck. “Tell me his name an’ I’ll get him.”

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