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“Don’t say the ‘F’ word…it’s just a fluffy toy way of saying ‘necessary support network for an individual.’ Some of us, the weak among us, desire human warmth, encouragement, and affirmation. Someone to pretend to listen while we whine about our day. We are animals, we need sex…so we take partners. And when we get tired in life we take on a life partner. Their siblings being an unwanted complication. We become aware of our mortality and so we squeeze out children. We pat ourselves on the back for our ability to ‘give life’ when any drooling biological organism can procreate. An amoeba divides…there’s no ‘little house on the prairie’ altruism in this world, Reed. Every human interaction is a transaction. We find those who will give us what we need and we cement long-term ties with them as a result. And you call this family—by Daken.