this one's a little more lighthearted

imagine: Credence had never had the pleasure of reading anything but his mother’s printed sermons, the Bible and occasional hymns at Christmas.

so when he moves into Mr. Graves’ home (for as long as he should wish, he’s told) he’s quite overwhelmed at first. for many reasons of course, but especially because it seems Mr. Graves is an avid reader, has books in languages Credence has never heard or, topics he’d never imagined. he limits himself to asking to borrow just one book at a time, despite Graves’ insistence that anything in the house is his. and he reads, and reads, and reads.

he reads basic books on magic during the terrible rains of september and october, finds time for the occasional classical novel in the month of november, and lighthearted or deeply serious and thought provoking volumes in december.

Graves is very aware of his little bookworm, has started to add to his collection more than ever before, tries to recall books that he loved during his childhood, brings Credence books that helped him when his mother died in his teenage years. firmly clenches Credence’s shoulder when he sees a tear running down his soft cheek at that particular book, maybe not the best idea…

and on one particular evening, for whatever reason Graves isn’t quite sure, he sits next to Credence in his favourite place on the couch, plucks the book from his fingers, and begins to read aloud to him.

he’s quite shocked at his own gumption, and at the same time he wonders why he’s never done it before. Credence is obviously a little embarrassed but the marvellous boy rallies round quickly, avidly listening to Graves’ deep voice read Charles Dickens to him, Graves tells him they should finish it before Christmas, together.

imagine: Credence being encouraged to do the things he enjoys by Graves, Graves tenderly reminding Credence of human compassion and gentleness 💗

Knock, Knock -- an Emerald City Fanfiction

Sooooo as I’ve mentionned before I’m already complete Emerald City/ Dorothy and Lucas (do they have a ship name yet?) trash. I couldn’t find any fanfics for them so I decided to write one. This was supposed to be a much more lighthearted (slightly angsty) smut piece but it turned into something different. So the smut will come next time! 

Anyway! Here’s a little angsty drabble that picks up right where episode 2 left off. Unbetaed and unedited and written in the middle of the night because I couldn’t sleep and this ship was calling me. 

Haven’t written fanfic in a while so I hope you guys like it! And please reblog if you do! It makes my heart happy. 

“Knock, knock.”

He’d been repeating it for miles now. Always met with her silence. For a long time he’d continued insistently, his tone harsh, as it had been when he’d first started. Then he was quiet. And that was worse. The tension and the fear and the silence a physical, palpable presence between them. It was nearly an hour before he had spoken again. Softly this time, hesitant.

“Knock, knock.”

Still she hadn’t answered, her back to him, her pace steady, just fast enough that she knew he wouldn’t be able to catch up to her with his injuries. But still he pressed, his voice a steady, rhythmic timber behind her. She faced forward, away from him, away from the truth.

“Knock, knock.”

He believed she feared him. She knew he did. That he’d terrified her with the brutal display in the apothecary’s home. It was murder. She knew that. She’d watched a man – a man she didn’t know at all, someone she’d begun to trust – murder someone. She knew she should be afraid of him, should run away from him, shouldn’t be able to trust him. But it wasn’t him she feared.

“Knock, knock.”

His tone was soft again, desperate, his voice cracking from exhaustion and pain and something else she couldn’t name – refused to name. No, he hadn’t made her afraid of him. She’d seen him react, violent and savage, bloodthirsty and dark, caught up in a glimpse, a fleeting memory of a person he couldn’t remember being. Someone she couldn’t accuse him of being now. Muscle memory, brought on by a need to protect. No, he hadn’t made her afraid of him. He’d made her afraid of herself. Afraid of the truth, that had he not done it, she’d have done it herself, with no warrior’s muscle memory to blame.

“Knock, knock.”

She snapped. Whirled around to shout at him, strike him, silence him, silence herself. No words came. Seeing him finally – seeing him properly – his face still splattered with blood and dirt, the imposing strength and presence of him. His eyes scared, vulnerable – terrified. Her heart lurched for him, for the hollow, frightened man, small and helpless before her. A soul begging to be saved, to be cared for, to be soothed.

“Who’s there?”

Silence. He’d given up on getting an answer. She wasn’t sure he’d ever had one ready.

Finally, “I don’t know.”

A tear. A hot streak tracing through dirt and blood and sweat and pain.

“I don’t know.”

A voice breaking. A sob wracking a body. Narrow arms draping around broad shoulders. Gentle fingers running through matted hair. Rough fingers clinging to soft leather. An unwanted sob muffled into a welcoming shoulder. Home. Lucas was home.

“I don’t know.”

“It’s okay,” she hushes, soft lips pressed against salty ones. “I do.”

Thoughts on Krillin and K18 in Episode 75

Overall I really loved this episode. It was nostalgic for sure, with Krillin and Goku going back to Master Roshi for re-training. It was great to see them train side by side! (Also Goku in that turtle suit was hilarious)

But even if the episode is lighthearted in some ways, there are some moments in there that went kind of deep and one moment actually made me kind of irritated until I rewatched it and analyzed it a little more.

So let’s get this run down, shall we?!

Under a cut so I don’t spoil you too much! Also this is long!

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Previous chapter: Max Caulfield was the best candidate to mediate the disrespect and tension between Nathan Prescott and the teachers and students. Reluctantly, she agrees to help. Or tries to. 

Chapter 3: Detonate
Summary: Maxine Caulfield has never seen anybody self destruct. Nathan Prescott changes that. 

Rated M for language and dark themes. 
Word count: 1,800
a/n: a huge thank you to everyone who sent their support! it helps so much! enjoy the read!

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So, my specific cheating au aside, what about a more lighthearted one where Mattsun and Makki are little shits and love riling Oikawa up (this is actually canon, what am I saying), but anyways, they get such a kick out of screwing Iwaizumi over with stupid rumors like, “Hey, Oikawa, did you hear about that girl in Iwaizumi’s department?” (in university) and Oikawa would just tense up and go, “What?” And the Matsuhana pair just tells Oikawa these skewed stories to make it sound like there’s shit going on and gets Oikawa very antsy. It’s nothing serious; Oikawa just knows how hot Iwa-chan is and his Iwa-chan is DENSE AS FUCK so he’s not gonna know someone was flirting with him until they literally push him down and mount him. So later in the day Oikawa would confront Iwaizumi while being all distressed and at first, Iwaizumi gets irritated by the onslaught of questions, but then Oikawa would say something like, “But Makki said–” and Iwaizumi would immediately know what’s up. He sighs, takes note that he’s going to skewer Makki alive the next time he sees him, and hugs Oikawa close, relaxing into the couch because he understands what’s going on now. He knows that he needs to give Oikawa the physicality so he’s rubbing his back, nuzzling his hair, pulls him into him. “Calm down, Tooru. Haven’t you figured it out yet?” Oikawa’s sniffling, unwilling to pull away, so he just mutters into Iwaizumi’s collar, “Figure out what?” It’s funny, because in these moments, Iwaizumi forgets how to feel embarrassed. He turns his head, breathes in the shampoo in Oikawa’s hair, and says, “I have this problem where I can’t sleep well at night unless there’s this arrogant, narcissistic, annoying six-foot tall crybaby clinging to me because he’d die if he was alone.” Oikawa is quiet, but hanging on tightly to Iwaizumi nonetheless, and after a moment, Iwaizumi hears a displeased, “Iwa-chan, you meanie.” Iwaizumi laughs, the rumble in his chest vibrating through Oikawa, and he pushes Oikawa down onto the couch. He looks straight down at him, letting Oikawa see exactly what he’s thinking, and leans down to kiss him. 

The next day, Iwaizumi is ready to slug Makki when he sees him, but Makki catches his arm and pulls him in instead, and asks, “So, how was the make up sex?”

Iwaizumi chooses to knee him hard in the stomach instead. 


Alright dorks, it’s 7am! You know what that means - the first video of my little Spiderpool Anniversary Video Extravaganza! Like I said, this one’s a bit more fluffy and lighthearted, to help ease you into things before I dESTROY YOUR EMOTIONS - heh, I mean, until the others are posted. I tried something a little bit new with this vid, so let me know what you think!

Remember: we got two videos coming at around noon, and then a VERY special finale at 7pm!

Happy anniversary @ask-spiderpool!!

See you in a few hours!


Seriously though, what a wonderful science fiction movie.

This is one of those films that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. It’s true what they say that it’s divided into two completely different movies. The first one is very suspenseful, really atmospheric, and has a lot of build up; this is the one that the adults can enjoy more. The second one is more fun and lighthearted, with the protagonist flying around in his spaceship, and interacting with all the aliens he’s with; this is the part that will appeal more to kids.

Maybe that’s why I find it a little disappointing, at least when it comes to the pay off after such a masterfully well done build up, but it’s not so much that it ruins the movie for me. I’m glad I watched it, and I sure will give it a few more viewings after this. I very much recommend it, for anyone who wants to watch a very atypical science fiction movie.

And now, if you excuse me, I need a mental scan…or something. I don’t know why the computer gave those readings, I really don’t.

Featuring the wonderful Mana-Lash.

I’ve seriously lost count how many times I’ve re-watched yesterday’s robron ep now but what I failed to appreciate more than anything (amongst the crying) was the lighthearted comedy that shone through during the many moments Robert tried but failed to propose. 

  • Vic very nearly spilling the beans and drifting off with “…smokey bacon crisps” - it’s just in her nature to be the giddy one eager for news and it was so fitting.
  • Aaron doing a little spin and pointing his arm around hesitating as Robert tries to guess what on earth he’s hiding in the boot, only to then greet him with a tied up Lachlan and a “that” as though it’s just your average mishap in their daily life.
  • Robert’s one liners and the constant, general sarcastic tone of humour - “there’s a teenager in your boot”“so what now, Cain?” as Aaron looks at him squinty eyed as though Robert should be cool about this because he’s an expert, right?
  • Aaron’s “I forgot I was with the expert!” - I just find it hilariously adorable how he’d taken tips from Robert’s master plans and wanted to understand his way of dealing with issues even though he knows it never really works out well.
  • The machete/gun interaction - without a doubt the funniest part, Aaron was like a little kid egging on Robert to go along with his game plan of pretend like he was a genius mastermind and he was just parred off by Robert being a sarcy idiot again.
  • Aaron being so wound up at Lachlan - his voice turning extremely high pitched as he asks him what he’s laughing at and then if he wants to go for a swim whilst Robert remains calm and allows Aaron to return to normal mode, oh my god it shouldn’t be entertaining but it so is!
  • Aaron and Robert pretending to act dumb around the policeman - it was like watching a carry on criminal duo, you could see Aaron was playing it cool on the outside but on the inside he was screaming. Danny is SO good at versatile facial expressions it always amazes me.
  • Aaron’s “cheeky little git” when he realised the police officer thought they’d been banging in the woods - it was the perfect addition to their dynamic.
  • The final car conversation before the crash, it was just such domesticated bickering and it’s my favourite thing - Aaron grilling Robert so obliviously until he just blows the whole arrangement of the proposal because he’s done with nothing going his way. It was a dramatic end but it was so true and honest to how they function and that being the catalyst spoke volumes for their relationship!










Text Au: I Trusted You.


Final one of the night and I figured it should be a little more lighthearted. So hope you guys like them :)

(Cal) (Ash) (Luke)

-TheHuntersHuntress xx

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Legit Tip #160

Comedy is hard. Making people laugh is one of the hardest things you can do in fiction. Amp that difficulty up to 100 if you’re writing a more serious story, or you’re writing in a genre that doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to humor. Unlike more lighthearted fare, where slapstick or lighthearted moments it naturally into the prose, more serious novels don’t give you many opportunities to be funny. Trying to do so can break the atmosphere and dissolve the tension that you’ve set up.

The problem being that even in very serious stories, a little bit of humor is needed to give the reader a welcome respite from all the drama and angst going down. 

One of the ways that you can fit a little bit of humor into your stories is by letting your characters be the source of that humor. There are a few different ways you can accomplish this - let’s look at a couple of classic examples.

Genre Savvy: Genre savvy characters are able to break the fourth wall and bring a little bit of funny into a story by virtue of letting the reader laugh along with them. 

There was a sign scrawled across the wall in neon green paint: ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE. Alex pulled a can of hot pink paint from his backpack and in a flash had crossed out “HERE,” replacing it with “ur mom.” 

“Very mature,” said Kayla. 

“Yeah, well.” Alex stepped back and admired his handiwork. “Before, it was like some kind of weird foreshadowing. Now it’s just hilarious.”

The Straight Man: Not that kinda straight. In comedy, the straight man is the regular dude who reacts to all the wacky shenanigans of the strange characters around him. Having a straight man character allows the reader to react to the fact that the stuff happening in the story is really freaking weird. 

Marie opened the door while Nora watched over her shoulder. Nora’s first thought was that there was some sort of strange cloud inside the room. Her second thought was a confused “Hm?” as she realized the cloud was emitting an odd buzzing sound. She did not have a last thought. Instead, she screamed as the cloud - which she now realized was a horde of shimmering black insects - descended on the two of them. Of course there’s beetles in the scary abandoned warehouse, she thought. That makes perfect sense. 

Snark Masters: Snarky characters are fantastic. With them, the humor is derived from the fact that they are smartasses. Snarkers are funny for much the same reason the straight man or the genre-savvy character is funny - because they point out the inherent ignorance or hypocrisy of a situation or another character. The snarker is the guy in The Emperor’s New Clothes who points and says, “Maybe you should have bought some visible underwear to wear with your invisible clothes, buddy.” 

In short, the snarker snarks because he’s frustrated with the ignorance of the people around him. Their pointing out the obvious lets the reader in on the joke and pits them against that ignorance. Hence, the funny. 

I’m going to grind your bones to dust,” the werewolf said with a snarl, digging its claws into the dirt. “I’m going to rip your flesh to pieces, Hunter. Your children will weep–”

“Sorry. Don’t have kids,” said Laura. 

Its yellow eyes narrowed to slits. “Its foolish to be so lighthearted in the face of death.” 

“Yeah, you’re right.” Laura shrugged, letting her knife drop down to her side. “Because if you had shut up and stopped monologuing you’d have realized my partner had a silver bullet aimed at your heart five minutes ago.”

There are plenty of other ways to bring comedy into a story using characters. There are comic relief characters (though I advise against writing a character who ONLY exists for comic relief. There are characters who are just funny people. And then there are characters who think they’re funny and aren’t, and the humor comes from their bad attempts. 


I Need Your Love: light vs dark
↳ When I see these two videos I see the original one as a lighthearted video with bright colors showing their honeymoon stage. The second video is more of a dark side, breakup video. That inspired me to make this, and I tried to enhance it through different filters.

I feel like this Worlds, overall, was a bit more lighthearted than previous years. 

  • The organizers who set up the big gymnast introduction stage started it–it felt a little like WWE; more fun and less stuffy right off the bat. I thought it was so neat that they played different songs for the gymnasts as they came out onto the stage.
  • They also, at least during the women’s event finals, played like really awesome empowering songs about women?? I remember them playing “This Girl Is On Fire” after one of Simone’s routines, lol.
  • Then there were people like Marian Dragulescu there who just brightened up the place everywhere he went. His playfulness was so refreshing. High-fiving the officials at a medal ceremony? Who DOES that??? I loved it.
  • And the Russian women’s team had such a good time during team finals despite not doing particularly well; they were smiling, laughing, making faces and peace signs and blowing kisses at the camera. No one really got why they were in such a great mood, but I didn’t care. They were smiling instead of crying and that’s what mattered to me.
  • THE HAMISH INTERVIEWS. Grown-ass people directing their very serious interview answers toward a stuffed animal (ram??) is always funny.
  • That RIDICULOUS and WONDERFUL four-way tie for gold that made the entire stadium, gymnasts and coaches included, completely erupt with laughter. It was that warm giddy i-love-everyone-in-this-bar feeling of just having been a part of something super rare and unbelievably awesome.
  • Team GB on both sides ABSOLUTELY KICKING ASS and making history in front of the home crowd.
  • They really made an effort to show all the teams cheering for each other, men and women.
  • And of course Kohei and Simone absolutely winning the shit out of everything and smiling and cheering for their teammates the whole way through like the stars they are.

I don’t know. I just really enjoyed these Worlds.

Usually, I try to keep things lighthearted when I talk with students on here, unless they come to me with issues. And since Kink Club things are out of the way, and elections almost over, it’s time to discuss actual coursework for my class.

Every year during the second semester, I have a claim project that I require every single one of my students to do. It’s a good chunk of your final grade for the year, and it will only last for a month or two at most. Thankfully, I’ve been given permission to do things a little more intensely than I usually would. That only means that we’ll be requiring a journal to be written, demonstrations to be performed - which you should be used to in my seminar - and new for this year we will be requiring you and your partner to room together for the duration of this project.