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A/N: Requests are officially open! I have a posting schedule! I’ll be posting every other day until winter break is over, and then we’ll see how things end up. Masterlist is here. Askbox is here ((i just ask for no smut, instead go to @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait for that, she’s like top 3 friend))

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Word Count: 4333 ((blabbermouth? maybe))

TW: swearing, sexual innuendos, sexual stuff mentioned, children, babies, fake love ((at first ooooo)), not being politically correct/respectful

Pairing: D. Diggs x Reader

From: Mom
Don’t forget to bring the alcohol and this nice boyfriend you’ve been talking about!

You scoffed.

That boyfriend cheated on you before your parents could even meet him.

Before you could even type out a reply to correct her, a voice interrupted your thoughts.

“You have a boyfriend?” Daveed spat from over your shoulder, his words laced with disgust.

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What Happens In Vegas: Part 13

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

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A/N: Okay everyone, here is part 13. I told you’d I’d be updating more now! This one is a doozy, so hold onto your hats. Lots of explanations (although not FULL explanations) going on here. Please let me know what you think. I love hearing from you! ♥

Word Count: 1,641

- language.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

There was silence in your apartment, as you processed Steve’s words, the slam of the door still echoing in your brain. Even if everything he said was true, why the hell would he spew it out with so much hate, knowing that it would hurt you? You don’t hurt the one’s you truly love; at least, not intentionally.

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All at once, everything looks different,
Now that I see you…

(has this been done a million times yet? lololol)


Genyatta week day 1: Firsts

The first time Genji is honest with not only Zenyatta, but himself.

enjoy 👉👉

Not for the first time, Genji feels hopelessly lost.

It’s a crushing pressure against his chest, dragging him down like weights tied to his ankles, making each miniscule movement a laborious task. The omnic, Zenyatta- his master, he supposes, but the word tastes funny in his own mouth, a lingering flicker of his pride from… before- dogs the path he cuts through the dense woods. He’s an insistent thing, Genji admits, casting a scornful look over his shoulder, but the omnic remains unruffled, from his permanent whimsical expression to the neat fold of his hands.

“Is something troubling you, Genji?” Zenyatta is also incredibly observant, Genji has learned. Frustration bubbles up and he bites back something sharp and hurtful and acidic.

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What Happens In Vegas: Part 7

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: Here’s part 7, guys! Sorry for the delay. Without going into it and spoiling it too much, hang onto your pants. This one is a doozy! Thank you to the lovely @bovaria for looking over this for me. Let me know that you think ♥

Word Count: 1,357

- language.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

Steve…” you breathed out slowly, the entire scene moving in slow motion before you. “I… we-“

You were at a complete loss for words. Literally nothing you could say right now would make any of this right. This was absolutely the last way you wanted Steve to find out, but here you were, standing in front of him with your mouth open like a fish out of water, your finger pointing stupidly back and forth between you and Bucky. Steve’s eyes were still narrowed, his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans. You could tell that they were balled into fists, tucked away so as not to punch something in his near vicinity. The way he was looking at Bucky, you suspected Steve’s target was Bucky’s face.

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so here’s what i get from the s12 promo after watching it way, way too many times:

  • dennis and charlie at the bar, cricket comes in and asks if he can shower in a leaky urinal
  • charlie takes a flying kick at mac and knocks him on his ass
  • frank and bonnie making out in bonnie’s living room, also dee appears to have her head stuck in the staircase railings behind them
  • mac and dee getting stuck in a waterslide and crashing into each other after a small child goes down
  • dennis stripping/dancing in front of mac in what looks like his bedroom in their old apartment
  • mac with a male stripper (getting a lapdance??) giving a thumbs up to someone off camera
  • dennis and charlie sitting at a desk in an office, charlie says “this one’s a doozy”
  • the gang minus dennis stood outside the bar at night, watching a car (possibly the range rover??) explode. also mac appears to be holding a rocket launcher????

that’s all i got, feel free to add/correct anything. either way, this season looks fucking WILD and idk how i’m gonna wait till january
What About Now Chapter 5: By Tragedy, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction
[AU] He's a cop who's had a rough few years. She's an out-of-towner with baggage she wished she could shake. Both have a past they'd rather not talk about. They must save each other from themselves to rediscover what had once given their lives meaning. All while danger hovers. Love and acceptance are only words until proven with action. [Two Plot Convergence] [Crime drama, lemons]

Finally got this awaited chapter out… Hold on to your hearts. The past can hurt.

Thank you those who have already given reviews :)

anonymous asked:

If your still taking fic requests how about an angsty Ryan who can't understand friendship well and really flubs it up by getting frustrated and mad at everyone. He was really trying to make friends with them as well. (BTW your writing is absolutely fantastic!)

Oh my gosh, thank you! You’re too kind. And I am always willing to do prompts for you, and this one is gonna be a doozy, but I love it:

Before Geoff Ramsey and his merry band of misfits came long, Ryan hadn’t interacted with a lot of people outside of his freelancing jobs. At the time, he hadn’t wanted to make friends with any of these people. He didn’t see much point putting any energy into socializing with anyone because he did not intend to actually see them again.

When Geoff hired him the first time, Ryan went into the job with his same old attitude and skull mask to boot. He didn’t even bother learning anyone’s name outside of Ramsey’s just in case they tried talking to him. This was going to be a one time deal because he had no intention of doing any more jobs for Geoff.

But Geoff hired him again a few weeks later, and he kept hiring him over and over until finally he offered Ryan a full time position in his crew. Something that Ryan hadn’t expected, nor did he particularly want, but his life had thrown him a few curve balls and this was just another one, so instead of outright saying no, he asked Geoff if he could think about it.

It takes him a week to finally give Geoff an answer and another three days before he actually steps foot into Geoff’s penthouse. The entire crew is waiting for him, scattered around the living room like cats, and Ryan has to fight the urge to turn around and go right back home.

“I see you found the place okay,” Geoff comments pushing away from the breakfast bar and crossing the room to stand next to Ryan. He points at the skull mask covering Ryan’s face and says, “You don’t have to wear that here. We won’t tell anyone what you look like.”

Ryan grunts but leaves his mask on, and Geoff nods. “Alright, I got the message.” He turns to his crew, clasping his hands in front of him, and smiles. “So, I’m sure you all remember Ryan.”

The others stare back him for a long moment before a woman steps forward, a kind smile on her face. She extends her hand and says, “Hi, Ryan, I’m Jack.”

Ryan glances down at her hand but does not take it, and Jack’s smile falls a little. She lowers her hand, clearing her throat. “Uh, welcome to the crew.”

“Don’t worry, buddy,” Geoff starts, clapping Ryan on the shoulder, ignoring his frustrated huff, grinning, “you’ll fit in great.”

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happy whatever-holiday-you’re-celebrating, everyone! this page fought with me the entire time it was being made from backgrounds to sketches even to dialogue, so please excuse any wonkiness. the next one’s gonna be a bit more of a doozy, and very soon, we will be OUT OF THE LIVING ROOM. get hype.

as i said before, there will be NO UPDATE NEXT WEEK, on account of the new year, so this is the very last update of 2016! i’m going to try to get a little extra together for everyone anyway, though, and of course i’ll still be streaming art! see you soon!

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