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Hey ! Rec me some wolfstar flufffff pleaseeee thank you 💖💖

Oh, one of my favorite things to read and rec, nonnie!

Here’s a few of my absolute favorite Wolfstar fluff fics:

Shagabilty by SableUnstable (so funny, so good)

Worth the Itch by NachoDiablo (so sweet and fluffy your teeth will hurt!)

Sparks by  ssstrychnine (so good!)

Boiling Point by Persica (ho, oh so hot and fluffy)

Finest in Fairford by Bluepeony (fluff and coffee, two of my favorite things!)

Aesthetic: Trash Boys by Emalymerlywhirls (WIP, not updated in a long time, but still great)

Text Talk by Merlywhirls (I’ve recc’d it before, but it can not be recc’d enough!)

Long Live Living (If Living Can Be This) by excaliburned (so damn good and sweet)

Always Have by WolfstarPups90 (gorgeous fluffy smut)

I hope you enjoy these! I have tons of recs so feel free to drop me another ask. 

characters : taehyung x reader

genre : fwb!au, exhibitionist!taehyung, smut

word count : 2k

warnings : museum sex, oral, don’t do this if u work at a museum

Working in an art museum had its perks, the fact you got to look at beautiful paintings and sculptures all day was certainly a plus. But the job also came with the downsides, and that was the fact your boss had a tendency to spring overtime upon you without any warning. This coupled with the fact he was too greedy to hire any more people had meant you were left with no choice but to hand your weeks’ notice in. Only one more night, and you were free to leave this place as an employee and return as a humble customer instead, at least that way you wouldn’t have to associate with your asshole of a manager any longer.

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September 17 2018

Can you believe im actually excited that one of my professors put up recommended readings because im so bored and itching to take notes again lol

I have to finish packing stuff up tomorrow because im going with studybuddy to westwood on wednesday to pick up the keys to our apartments!!

studygram (ples check it out im going to be more personal and less studyblrish on there it’ll be cool i promise): @markiveelle

I have this like fucking perfect aesthetic in my head of grease monkey! Tyler. Like, oil and dirt on his hands and arms. One of those red towels sticking out of his back pocket. And old shirt with grease stains on it, that he’s worn one to many times, but it’s his favorite. Black spots on his face from when he has an itch and just could not help it. Is hair is ruffled (more than usual) and the smell fuck man. I don’t know if you ever smelled a mechanic, sounds weird I know, but that’s the best part. Like a mixture of motor oil and mens deodorant. It’s the best. Tenouttaten. Would fuck…i mean love….Grease Monkey Tyler.

@rellanka I went with the wing AU combined with some pre-Kerb cuddling! Thanks for sending in such cute prompts :D

Shiro clicked his tongue as three of Keith’s feathers came loose in his hand. They were silky-smooth, black fading to gentle gray at the tips. Beautiful, but Keith was losing an awful lot of them.

“I can’t help it,” Keith muttered. His back was turned to Shiro as he crouched on the edge of his bunk, legs tucked up to his chest. “They itch.”

Running his fingers through the long primary feathers, Shiro worked one more loose before giving up. He sank both hands into the dark masses bunched at Keith’s shoulders, where the down was soft and warm.

“Maybe if you didn’t go out to the desert every night, you wouldn’t get sand in your wings and they wouldn’t itch.” Shiro breathed the words into Keith’s ear.

The younger cadet squirmed away. “And maybe if I did, I would go stir-crazy and pull out all my feathers myself.”

Shiro made a disapproving noise and ran his hand along the shining curve of Keith’s right wing. “Don’t do that. I don’t think you’d look good with bare wings.”

“No plucked chicken aesthetic?”

One of Shiro’s wings, gray-speckled white and as big as both of Keith’s, shifted just enough to knock Keith off the bed. The smaller man laughed and tried to scramble back onto the mattress but Shiro kept him at bay with crossed arms and a pout.

“What do you even have to be upset about?” Keith asked as Shiro flared his wings and knocked him back again. “It’s my feathers.”

There was the hint of a smile lurking under Shiro’s facade as he relented and let Keith flop onto the bunk. “But I have to live with it too. And honestly? The idea of cuddling someone with naked chicken wings is just… ugh.”

Keith choked on his laughter. “I’m seriously considering going nuts, and you’re worried about cuddling?”

“It’s a valid concern. Seeing as I spend, what, a quarter of my time in your company?”

“Eh, point taken.”

Raising an eyebrow, Shiro watched as the younger man rolled onto his stomach and stayed there, wings flattened against his back. Intentionally making himself small so there’d be room on the small bed for both of them.

“Something bothering you?” He lay down and spread one wing so it blanketed Keith. The other was pinched between himself and the wall, but it couldn’t be helped. One of the disadvantages to having wings big enough for flight.

“You don’t seem worried by it at all. By Kerberos, I mean. Just thinking about it makes me…” Keith trailed off, but a shiver ran through his whole body. His feathers rustled against Shiro’s. “It’s going to be a long time,” he finished in a tiny voice.

“I know. I don’t show it, but it’s always on my mind. But it’s only for a few months, then I’ll be back and you’ll be graduating. Just hang in there.”

Keith turned and nestled closer under Shiro’s wing, pressing their bodies together under the shelter of sleek gray feathers.

“You know I’ll always wait for you, right, Shiro?”

“Of course, Keith.” Restless fingers toyed with dark feathers and another one came free in his hand.

Shiro stared at it over the pale curve of Keith’s shoulder. It was fitting, really, that even Keith’s feathers refused to stay in one place too long.

“Hey… back to what you said earlier…”

Keith gave a sleepy noise of acknowledgement.

Lips curving up into a grin, Shiro closed his fingers around the feather. “If you do decide to pluck yourself, let me have the feathers, okay? I’ve always wanted a nice down pillow.”

The elbow he got in the ribs was totally worth it.

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Hi so-xu! I was wondering who your favorite characters are..?

You probably mean Kuro characters, but I’ll take this as an opportunity to share all my babies..

my sons/daughters:
-Ciel Phantomhive (Kuro)
-Alois Trancy (Kuro)
-Sieglinde Sullivan (Kuro)
-Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)

aesthetically pleasing + walking weapon:
-Sasori (Naruto)
-Genos (One Punch Man)
-Kakashi (Naruto)
-Sebastian (Kuro)
-Agni (Kuro)


A moment on the Stan o’ War II, post-finale, where one of those better-left-buried memories of Stan's rears its ugly head. Luckily, Ford’s well-versed enough by now to handle it. Brotherly fluff with a touch of hurt/comfort because I can’t resist.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Ford paused in sketching out the ship’s course for the following day’s journey, fingers curling around his feather pen. He had a knack for drowning out background noise whenever he became intent on his writing, a habit picked up from working in rowdy New Jersey classrooms and then even rowdier community colleges.

Certainly, if he could study for his doctorate during the week leading to spring break, he could ignore his brother’s attempts at breaking his admittedly impressive paddle ball record.

After another ten minutes of continuous tapping, however, Stanford began to suspect that he’d overestimated his abilities.

He groaned. “Stanley, would you please stop that incessant racket?”

“What?” said Stan innocently. “I’m entertaining myself. No harm, no foul.”

Staking his head, Ford asked tartly, “Where did you even get that toy?”

“Found it,” Stan replied, shrugging.

Which basically translated to, “You stole it.”

His brother smirked, utterly unabashed. Ford snorted.

“Better not bring the Coast Guard down on our heads again, knucklehead.” Or as his brother so fondly called them, the Ocean Police.

“For what, aggravated paddle ball theft?”

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Sam Winchester is one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood. Ever since his first major role brought him into the limelight, he’s been the celebrity crush of thousands, possibly millions. Magazines are falling all over themselves to get him on the cover, producers and fans can’t get enough, and it feels like all the single actresses he meets want to take him out, or take him to bed.

Too bad for them he’s banging his forty-something agent, Gabriel Edlund, instead. 

(Richard photo credit to @lamthetwickster!)

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Any couple? Than 43 Genji x Lucio from Overwatch please ^^

Genji has always liked Numbani. There’s something to be said for visiting one of the technologically advanced cities in the world; things just work they way they are supposed to, the people are friendly, and it feels quietly untouched by the omnic crisis that has ripped so many other places to shreds. That, in and of itself, is worth the visit. He’s seen far too many dark and hateful places in his travels.

And, okay, Genji can admit it: he’s always had a soft spot for cities that are as green as they are anything else.

Numbani prides itself on its status as the City of Harmony, one of the few places after the crisis where omnics and humans can live side-by-side. It’s not really surprise, then, that the emphasis on balance extends to the aesthetic - clean, metallic lines offset with lush gardens, grassy parks and gleaming, towering skyscrapers. It’s a breath of fresh air, calm and verdant and peaceful unlike anywhere else.

Maybe that’s why this feeling, this longing settling underneath his skin feels so out of place, and itch he just can’t scratch.

It would be harder to resist, if Lucio didn’t react oh so beautifully.

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s t r a w b e r r y p o p

originally posted by ksjknj.

jin x reader

fluff, angst? blue neighbourhood!au

warnings: strong language

word count: 1.8k

summary: late evening talks over bottles of strawberry pop often lead to you and seokjin learning a lot about each other.

based on one of my all time favorite songs, suburbia by troye sivan (and that whole album’s aesthetic to be honest). give it a listen!


when it came to living in the suburbs, there were only two different attitudes about the situation.

there were the kim seokjins of the world, the ones who didn’t complain and went along and did what they should, and studied and partied and lived like a teen in the suburbs would, basically.

then, there were the y/ns of the world. the ones who were just itching to leave and drive off into some impossible sunset where they could escape the monotone reality of this place. they wanted to forget the sight of all the blues and grays of the houses in their neighborhoods that always blurred together into a stream of blah.

it was odd that the two of you were such close friends, since you were so different. “polar opposites” was the phrase you constantly heard attached to your name and to seokjin’s. not that you minded. it was bound to be said, with you in your purposefully edgy jackets and him in his crisp button down shirts walking nearly attached at the hip down the halls.

seokjin was the most responsible person you knew - and you weren’t exaggerating. he had his shit more in control than either of your parents or his did. he was smart, and serious, and caring - no joke, he was the self care police. he always had water for you waiting in his cars the days you snuck rides home. he was so sweet and thoughtful, to many it was swoon-worthy. how could one be so perfect?

but to you he was just “jin”. the pink-haired idiot constantly telling awful jokes and being as oblivious as humanly possible.

you couldn’t have asked for a better best friend.

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Hello loves!!! I'm always enchanted when I get to learn about mods of my favorite blogs. So, three questions~ C: What would you consider to be your aesthetic currently? S: What song that you love gets stuck in your head all the time? T: Where is one place you want to visit and why? Have a fantastic day -Val 💜 (Also 'sup Anti? How's my favorite glitch bitch doing?)

Mod C smiled and clapped her hands together with a giggle. Then she glanced at antique-trash-can again before beginning her answer. “Hi! Um… Oh, my aesthetic? Well… my current aesthetic is still Dark and Anti. But all of those new Wilford and Dark aesthetic pictures have me itching to draw again. I can’t wait to start on some Wilford and Author fanart that I haven’t done in forever! Thanks so much for your question!” C chirped happily. 

Sparrow (Mod S) walked up to join C and smiled at antique-trash-can. “I don’t know that I have a single song that repeatedly gets stuck in my head. I have, however, had Victorious by Panic! At the Disco stuck in my head for about three days now.” Sparrow laughed, eyes crinkling. The instrumental of the aformentioned song began to play in the background- because why the heck not? 

Mod T’s brow wrinkled in thought, sorting through all of the possibilities. “Um probably Ireland. Even before I found out it was inhabited by a boss, I’ve always wanted to see the rolling hills and overcast rivers. It looks so peaceful.” T let out a small sigh, enjoying the picture that the thought conjured in her mind. 

“Me? ͟Ho͝w͏ ͟am ̨I?͜ ?” Anti snickered. “I̷’͘m a͘m͝use͠ḑ to ͡saý th͢e͞ ͠l̀east͢, I͢ th̢ǫu͏ght ́t̀h͏eŕe͝ woul̢d be more ͏q͟u҉est҉ion̕s off̕e̵re͝d ͘up ͘to ͘m̀ỳ ́mod͝erat͢ors.͏ Bu͟t t̢he͠ l̴a͠ck o͠f͡ them ͢h͡as me҉ at͜ ͜a͡ bit ͝o͏f a ͜l̕os̷s͟ fo̡r̴ ͠ẁor̢d͘s. I ͞m͏ight just ̶exte̡n͞d ͞i̛t f͢o̢r aņo̷t̕he̢r ͘we̢ek͟.̡ ̨Wa͡s ̴my ad͞ve̡r͠ti͟s̕ing fo͏r̕ ͟t҉h̵e͠m ͝lac̶ki̧ng͜ s̵om͡e̢th̡in̷g? Th͟a͏t ҉i͘s̴ ̸mỳ que͢sti͜o͏n f̧òr ̢al̡l͟ ͏o̶f ̷you.” Anti slinked back into the shadows, arm raised in a farewell. 



 When Dean became a demon the thirst for demon blood within Sam grew. He couldn’t bring himself to kill his brother but now he was stuck cleaning up after his messes. Dean still hunted with him, Sam was never sure why. Now he thinks it was all because of this moment. He finally gave in. He craved the intimacy he once had with Dean and now he had it back as well as the itch for his blood finally being scratched. Apparently if all you consume is your demon brother’s blood, you become one yourself. Now, along with his thirst for blood and cravings of sex, he needed someone else’s blood on his hands. Sam needed violence and there was nothing human holding him back. Dean couldn’t be more pleased with his baby brother.

peculiar aesthetics (14/?) - Jacob Portman

And it wasn’t true, if I really searched the dusty corners of myself, that I hadn’t asked for this. Really, I’d been dreaming of such adventures since I was small. Back then I’d believed in destiny, and believed in it absolutely, with every strand and fiber of my little kid heart. I’d felt it like an itch in my chest while listening to my grandfather’s extraordinary stories. One day that will be me. What felt like obligation now had been a promise back then - that one day I would escape my little town and live an extraordinary life, as he had done; and that one day, like Grandpa Portman, I would do something that mattered. 

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I know he's not your favorite - I think he can just fall in a volcano - but how about Zeke?

I think I could write an essay on Zeke and how I personally don’t like him (my fingers itch to write the mean headcanon of him not washing his feet and that his socks stink terribly), but kudos to Isayama for creating such a complex character and keeping him so shady and suspicious. I honestly hope for this build up to explode in near future in the manga (which would also break our hearts in the cruellest ways, but well, one can’t have both a great story and zero pain).

 Zeke smokes only for aesthetic purposes. He took on a role for the Marleyan army, a slightly different one from who he truly is, and there are some role specific habits he keeps to blend in better  and keep suspicions about his persona to a minimum. Cigarettes, bad jokes, the weak sounding and halfhearted laugh, the messy hair and beard, it’s all there just to showcase human weaknesses and flaws. The majority of his superiors find his humor lame and addiction a bit pitiful, as well as his grooming habits lacking in comparion to the rest of them.Tricking them into this belief, he has more freedom to play around and manipulate as he pleases.

Send me a character and I’ll tell you a random headcanon