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It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again

You’re Not Alone, Clarke~*✲゚*✧~*✧ (faded version)

I’ve recently 🔜 left 🚀🚀🏃🏃 a lot of my chats 🗨 on WhatsApp and I’d like more 👆 petty 👀☕ friends 👫👬👭 so if you 👊 are a petty one who’s tired 😴 of people being annoying 😒😒, you should reblog 🔂🙏 this post 📮 and follow 📢📢 me 🙋 and maybe ❓❔, I’ll put you ✋ in a groupchat 🗨👭👫👬 with me 👼 so we can be petty 👀👀👁✍ 📝 about stunts 😒😤 and baby👶gate 🚫 together

“Hey, it’s okay not to like yourself. I don’t think there is anyone who genuinely does.

But I do hope that you will love yourself. Because when you love something, you accept all of them, their imperfections and their wonderments… You are who you are and that’s special.”

So I heard someone out there wanted a Tea?

If I’m trying to comfort you and you don’t want me to

There is literally no reason to be an asshole about it.

I could seriously sit here and worry about myself still being sick and all and say “hey, I know you are sad, but I’m going worry about myself and not bother comforting you because I’m way more important.”, but I’m not..

So don’t.


Here comes a bunch